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  2. Exciting! I mean the pictures. But the fajitas sound good, too. Hope you get some better sleep soon. Oh yeah, those fajitas are going on my list of things to attempt to cook.
  3. Teirin

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Hope you're ok *hugs*
  4. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Is Happy to Be Here

    Thanks. It was a real jerkface yesterday! I feel better today Lovely to have you along! I think its over (the migraine) my head is sore, but not stabby nauseating sore.
  5. Guzzi

    Hello fellow nerds

    Hey, welcome on board! I thought I would share this article with you as it addresses exactly what you are talking about. It does talk about barbell work, but keep reading and you will find bodyweight exercise advice too....
  6. Tanktimus the Encourager

    That's What I do. I cook and I say Encouraging Things (and Workout): Tanktimus' Challenge

    As I often state, Fajita is simply the word used in Spanish for a beef skirt steak. In US English it has come to refer to meat seasoned the same way that cut of beef is traditionally seasoned. Before white people figured out how good fajitas are in the 80's it was a very inexpensive cut of meat. Before I was born my father worked building a power plant in Laredo (2 hours southwest of San Antonio, on the Mexican border). He said they used to throw in a few bucks each and get massive amounts of fajitas and cook them after a work day. It was very inexpensive, even back then. As a result, by the time my father was born, he would make them quite often before they hit the mainstream. The simplest thing to do is get a skirt steak and season it with Fajita seasoning. In the event it's hard to find on that side of the pond, here are google search results for making your own: Once the meat is properly seasoned, grill or cook in a cast iron skillet till done (There should be at least some pink left in the meat, cooking the skirt steak to medium is a good idea). Cut into strips perpendicular to the grain of the muscle after letting the meat rest a bit. This is important because skirt steak can be tough. If you cut perpendicular to the grain your teeth will naturally come down in between the muscle striations and make it easier to chew. I recommend sauteing onion and bell peppers, that's a natural to go with fajitas. Serve with shredded cheese, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. Put them all in a tortilla, and you have a fajita taco. Some people use the term fajita to refer to the tacos themselves, but technically it only refers to the cut of meat in the tacos, and only to beef. The seasoning is good on pork or chicken, but those are not pork or chicken fajitas, they are pork or chicken seasoned for fajitas. A note about the tortillas, you have to heat them up first. And they can be done in the microwave, but it's way better if you use direct heat. Get a skillet hot and put the tortilla directly on the skillet (no oil). When it gets toasty, flip it. You'll need something to keep them warm, because you can probably only do two at a time. If you have good quality flour tortillas, they will puff up while warming. This is normal, just steam forming in the tortilla. It will go back to normal after it comes off the heat. Corn tortillas don't typically get those big air bubbles. People who do this all the time do it with their bare hands. Their fingers simply toughen up.
  7. You should share some genuine taco and fajita pics/recipes for those of us who live elsewhere and have probably NEVER eaten an authentic taco or fajita. I bet they’re nothing like what we serve over here
  8. Tanktimus the Encourager

    That's What I do. I cook and I say Encouraging Things (and Workout): Tanktimus' Challenge

    Friday was a good day. We had an ultrasound appointment and got some great images. Unfortunately, I can't get them in a format to post on the forums at the moment. I then went to work. Yesterday was a good day. I made some low effort high flavor tacos. I got some chicken thighs preseasoned for fajitas, cut them into strips and pan fried them. I served them in some tortillas that were a mix of corn and flour, with cheese, sour cream and sauteed onions. We had a ceasar salad on the side. No workouts, becuase I was run down, a combination of allergies and poor sleep quality. Happy Easter everyone!
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  10. Infinity.Creates

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Cats love languages are interesting :p
  11. elizevdmerwe

    Annyshay: Endgame

    A photo for you, showing Stampy trying to steal some of my seafood mix last night. His little paw was so fast, I couldn't catch it in my bowl, on a photo! I eventually gave him a small, small piece of calamari, which he promptly licked clean, then left alone! Brandt says Stampy is just showing his love by inspecting my food. He doesn't do it with anyone else.
  12. elizevdmerwe

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    As long as you could at least sleep in some? Have a great time with your brother and parents.
  13. elizevdmerwe

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    That's great!
  14. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Saturday - w0d7 Mindful Moments - one during brunch - waited until I was hungry and just had what I wanted - one during lunch - recognized that I was still hungry and had more to eat - one during lunch - ate some jelly beans in ones and twos actually paying attention to the flavors PT Exercises - traced the alphabet - one legged stands - towel gathers 2 x 60 seconds Self Care - nap - clary sage in the diffuser - Holy Saturday Vigil 2019 playlist on spotify - did the dishes
  15. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Welcome. It's the worst!
  16. Salinger

    Miaulin Snufs it Up

    Mooning is boss. I haven’t watched for ages though following along and cheering you on xx
  17. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Hey all!! WOW IT IS SO HOT HERE!! 24 degrees yesterday - maybe even more to be honest. I had a busy day...i drove to the garden centre, pottered around which was lovely, and spent too much money on plants and stuff. Got home, started planting in pots i bought. Then me and Ste decided to have a BBQ so i drove to the shops to get some food. Not much was left to be honest but i grabbed some burgers and sausages. We made a salad and opened a beer and lit the bbq. I put on some music on my speakers and we chilled out. Was a lovely night. Blocked out Ste's face cos he isnt in for me to ask if i can put it up on here. Im so tired today, even though i slept till like 9am...i have a nice cup of tea and i will relax today i think. I need to pot the remaining plants and i will take a photo when done. Then my friend Billy wants to meet to watch the football. So i may head into town soon. But wont be a mad one, because im tired and want to relax. I messaged a few people about the dog lets see where it goes...!!!! x
  18. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    ~ Practice ~ Cirque Physio x4 + ball flex x1 + HS endurance HS endurance: best at 44s, not very good looking (sinking + piking), I was/am still very very tired Best endurance range for this cycle: 40-70s And that's it for this cycle of P2. Next week is deload and my upper body really needs it. Today my traps and shoulders are pretty dead, my hips and glutes are also very sore. I will take it easy including on PressToHS workouts. It's a starter workout so a priori not a killer just yet, except for the push & lean (HS press drill for the bottom part) but volume is low. I can also adjust the number of circuit runs if needed. ~ Week 0 review ~ /* Challenge Log */ last P2 cycle | P2: 3/3 | Press2HS 3/3 | HS: 3/3 | [deload] _ | Stretching: 2/2 | Cirque-Physio:18/18| Legs: 2/2 | Ball-flex: 4/4 | Pull: 5 | Job-prep: 10/10| Drawing: 1 | Practice: Well back to checking all boxes and I'm feeling it! Pull activity is currently regular but very limited and it will stay that way for a while, mostly for balance and keeping the basics in. I'm super happy about my last 2 shinies in this cycle: 1mn+ HS hold and managing a full lever spin on both sides even if it's not pretty. That's a nice P2 anniversary present. It's funny because I don't even find the lever spin super exciting as a skill to be honest. HS to L-sit is much more attractive for instance. But there is really a lot in it (bent arms strength, balance, super tough coordination and freaking glutes!!). I definitely want to keep working on that smurf Job-prep: I'm currently upgrading myself on the tools that are more prevalent here. I'm working on a little demo project including back-end / front-end / testing / deployment. Progressing well on that side. Drawing: did not happen. Cardboard was limited. I need to find guesso and paint for that one.
  19. @mu

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    No worry I will look it up
  20. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    haha Well im glad you are finally here <3 xx hehe it is very pretty!! Thanks Mia, so happy you are here again!!!! xx
  21. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Lives to Eat

    OK so my last challenge came to a pretty abrupt halt. Context has been spoilerised because it's sad, so you can skip it with my blessing: The last couple of weeks have been a real rollercoaster but things are starting to calm down again so I'm going to have a go with a small challenge just to keep my head in the game. My wedding dress is expected to arrive in the next couple of weeks and if possible I'd like to at least get back to the weight I was the day I tried it on! I've been sort of yo-yoing since late January, and I do have some amazing shapewear but I don't want to test its limits too far. For this challenge I'm going to focus on my nutrition habits. Last time I was sort of easing myself into intermittent fasting, with mixed success. By that I mean I'm pretty comfortable with the timing of it and I don't mind skipping breakfast, but I really need to be more mindful of the quality of food I'm consuming. I won't get far if I'm spending the whole eight hours munching Easter chocolate! 1) Intermittent Fasting. Aim for a 16:8 pattern, between about 1pm to 9pm. 2) Track all food. Recording everything will keep me mindful about how much I'm having, and particularly how much I ought to be having. 3) Any exercise at all is a win. My running buddy is more limited than usual so I'll just have to see how I go. I was planning to get back into running this challenge, but maybe I'll get back into knee pushups instead?
  22. Saturday Update I didn't get much sleep Friday night, probably because we were working around the house until quite late and as a recovering insomniac I need a good bedtime routine that includes a lot of wind down time before I feel sufficiently relaxed to let sleep take me. Because of this, I was tired af on Saturday morning and I was working very early. We were already struggling for staff with it being Easter weekend and we had a bit of sickness that I couldn't cover so we knew we were in for a bit of a rough day and it certainly delivered. I was supposed to finish early but since I had to ask some people to stay late there is no way I was going to go "SEE YA!" and check out early because that would be all kinds of wrong so I stayed until the bitter end and didn't take my full break entitlement. It made it a pretty long day. On my journey home they had closed more roads so I had to drive an extra mile or so around the wrekin which was extra annoying because I COULD SEE THE ENTRANCE TO MY ROAD I just couldn't access it because of traffic cones. This is going to be a massive ballache and it's most annoying because they just came and put the traffic cones up to block off the road and then fucked off home. It's Easter weekend, they aren't going to be working today or tomorrow. What kind of sadist does that. I got in and TH had entertained a number of beekeepers during the day, who all came out and told us different things. Whichever way you slice it, I don't think they're honeybees so I don't feel as bad removing them if it comes to it. TH had also cooked us that amazing dinner (remember when he said he couldn't cook...) but even having eaten that my cognitive function didn't resume as I hoped it would, no doubt because I was exhausted by my very busy day and lack of sleep the night before. I was struggling to even converse properly so I just gave up and went in the bath. We tried to properly catch up on each other's days in bed but I immediately fell asleep on him. And I was talking such a good flirting game in the morning before I left for work - my mouth needs to stop writing cheques my body is too tired to cash later on in the day... Food wise, I fasted until lunch which was around half twelve when I ate my salad and apple. Then I had dinner which is hard to track when I haven't cooked it myself. I did my best and anyway I had a lot of calories left over from the snackbox items I didn't eat. I think I ended the day on around 1605 calories but I am less sure of this than I usually am.
  23. zenLara

    UnquietBones does favors for TomorrowSelf!

    This is very good news! I've seen you here now and then trying to get back on track but it seemed you had a lot to deal with. Wishing you luck in this new stage!
  24. Terah

    DrFeelgood: Waverider

    I want to see that one too! Hopefully it's still in the cinemas next week when SH and I have an evening without kids
  25. Greenstone Trout

    Greenstone Trout- virgin challenge-

    Hi It's my first one ever. We did a training run of the 35k section last week and it's taken me ages to recover. I thought it would be flat path but it wasn't it was metal ladders screwed into the walls and massive drops and climbs. Perth would be next level in the heat.
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