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  2. Have any of you tried nutritional yeast? I see it all the time in the "vegan cheese" recipes (like this one) but I've never tried it. I wonder what it's worth.
  3. Last challenge we were also talking IUDs and I think we all agreed these women’s health issues ought to be an open topic. Glad you know what’s going on now! Do you think it’s also increasing your need for the strict diet? And are you getting the IUD replaced as a fix?
  4. Good to know. Thanks for the recommendation! We have another board meeting on Tuesday where they told us the subject is opening branches, so perhaps I'll wait until then to make a decision. I'm leaning towards this being too expensive a purchase for the amount of time I would use it atm.
  5. I've never read any space opera, but I have checked some of the recommandations from both of you and I think I might give it a try!
  6. Congratulations on the running PRs.
  7. As a dedicated skirt wearer who lives in a cold and snowy place, there are tricks to wearing a skirt all winter. First, full skirts, ankle length or near touching the top of the feet. It traps a bubble of warm air around you. Even a small height increase (or high heeled boots) can ruin the bubble. Second, fabric the wind can't blow through easily. Lining helps but is not essential. If I stick to those two, I never have a problem with everyday cold, and I can be outside all day no problem if I throw a pair of long underwear underneath. I do better when I make my habits every day as well. What do you have planned for your workout splits?
  8. Wow. I wanted to comment on the body glitter, but that seems so trite in light of so much fabulousness.
  9. The painting looks great! Thanks for the recommandations! I decided to make my Thanksgiving dinner next week-end
  10. I did the 2 things I had picked up to make my week special (taking a walk with a co-worker and buying clothes). Next week my things are: speak with one of my co-workers at least once a day prepare a fake Thanksgiving dinner make a transplant from my basil which is getting sick. The "moving body" intention is going great for the "getting outside" part, but I am not doing my workouts well. This is partly due to my neck getting stuck again, but I haven't tried much either. I am going to try an upper/lower body split this week. This way my upper back will get more time to recover between workouts, but I'll have some physical activity everyday. I am way more consistent this way than when I workout every other day. Not challenge related, but we had a Halloween Zoom party at work yesterday, and it was really nice to socialize a little.
  11. Running through the neighborhood
  12. Got through my first week, looking forward to next week! Had some fun with hair and makeup today.
  13. Ah you guys. Lockdown Two starts on Thursday so I was supposed to start getting sexy but my back didn't get the memo.
  14. Ah! I thought I did, but on Google Maps the enter is not where I thought it was. It is close to the underground shopping malls I know of, but it may be bigger than I thought. I am wondering if it looks different in other parts, I need to explore more! Thank you for the suggestion! I got a skirt and boots, and it's amazing! I am confortable all the time and it looks good! This is going to become my new "default" style, I definitely recommend! Thank you for asking! I am answering a little late. My back was still stuck on Wednesday, so I let it rest for a couple of days and I worked out again today. The mornings after workout days are especially difficult, so I'll see how it feels tomorrow. I am starting to feel better. I guess several of the things I am now doing on a regular basis (going outside, 15 minutes of mental health...) are useful. I have also been quite busy, which usually helps. The downside is that I am feeling a bit stressed out by the amount of things I am trying to do (especially related to my career) and not having enough time in my days to do all of it. I'll try to manage that better next week! I also had a "I'm not feeling so well" talk with my supervisors and they were very understanding. I think it helps me to know they understand, and are not expecting crazy output from me right now. But to be honest, I don't think they were expecting crazy output before. I was the one putting too much pressure on myself.
  15. That was a most incredible post. I'm sorry about your friend. It's such a shame when people disappoint you but you're totally moving on to bigger and better things.
  16. Don't know why it put my Saturday update and the story time inside the spoiler tag like that and I can't edit it.. Ugh
  17. Friday Gym in the morning. After classes I had rushed home to feed the baby and then went back to the gym to get some admin work done and do some squats. My star athlete also came in to do a training session, it was nice to see her. She spotted my back squat max attempt and I got to see a few sets live instead of on video for a change. In the afternoon I did some household chores with Emma and we also had a little evening stroll around the neighbourhood, picking up pretty leaves and berries etc. Backsquats; 5x35, 4x40, 3x45, 2x50, 1x55, 1x60, 3x50 last set was a max attempt, I'd hoped for 5 but failed at the 4th Assisted ring pullups, 3x5 and 2x3 with pauses at three points kettlebell snatch 10kg, 60/60 - in 6:30 glad I got some of these in- I lost some ground actually, was able to do 70/70 six months ago.. come back goal for competition is 120 with 16kg.. ugh.. uploaded the video from my snatch set, sharing with permission from the badass in the background doing jerk sets with 2x22kg.
  18. Walking: 5/25 - We went for a 2 mile walk today to make up for me missing yesterday due to an impromptu Halloween luncheon at work. Blow Meals: 2/5 - I was good today, on Halloween, my favorite holiday. Of course, I managed to save enough calories for 2 s'mores over the fire to celebrate!
  19. Today
  20. I ran the 5k! Walk/run intervals the whole time, but I didn't stop. Took me 49:33. Probably could have done it faster if I wasn't very under-recovered and on the dehydrated side, and running at noon. Fastest 5k ever! Also, the first one I've ever run, and the farthest distance I've run. Happy Halloween!
  21. We're leaving the porch light off and not giving out candy to the neighborhood kids for the first time since we moved in, over a decade ago. It's just not worth the risk.
  22. I like that one to, and I am enjoying the process of searching for and finding something to do that makes me feel useful and give me a tangible sense that I am making progress on something. The pod cast I'm currently spending a lot of time on says a part of that is because the activity releases the stress chemicals my body has loaded in anticipation of running for our life from the stress we live with, which makes sense, and that's additional incentive to continue with it.
  23. Not TMI at all, hormonal issues are a big part of our healthy, and affect us so much. I hope that you gets yours straightened out. The reason I got into fitness in the first place was all the problems I was having with perimenopause.
  24. Love that Venn diagram, very good reminder I think your second goal (creating a sense of accomplishment) is also something that works (at least partly) because it gives you a sense of control. Well, all (NF) goals do that, but I liked that one in particular. The bold part is interesting but entirely foreign to me. But what you're describing as what god would have you do- that's exactly what I mean, it's a double whammy really, you've got something to focus on and give you a sense of accomplishment/control and it strengthens the connections you have with your community which is like a soul balm.
  25. You've told me time and time again that these are the ones which matter most, so I'm here to remind you of the same.
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