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  2. Maybe we should do a mini! Do you think other people would like that too?
  3. Stop beating yourself up for what was. This keeps you stuck (speaking from experience). Move Eat 1 healthy meal today Give yourself 1 compliment today Repeat. You can do this. The past does not have to define your future.
  4. I'm glad it went well. That is a lot of scanning. I'm glad it's for something you're finding interesting!
  5. Scary but EXCITING!!!! Like raptron said. Super psyched for you!
  6. Not sure if magic or science. ThoughI suppose if it were magic it would be geometric dimensiomancy and toleromancy. And what??? You can eat raw sweet potatoes??? But they're hard and sappy? Anyway, the lunch and breakfast sound good. I've never made pulled pork. Might have to look into it.
  7. bdwilson

    BD Starts Over

    No decluttering yesterday, but I did get in a walk. I'm running out of time on that last one. I need to see what I can do this weekend, though it's reasonably booked already. No cooking tonight, but I'm going to try harder to order something in a keto/low-carb style. Unless we order pizza again 😝
  8. Getting there is better than staying elsewhere! 😜
  9. Oddly enough I feel like I failed this week even tho I have 3 (2.8?) full days and plenty of time to finish. Really, all I have to do is get in a strength session today and Sunday, and one more run. Booze has been handled for the week, and mindfulness continues to develop. OH WAIT it's the writing that I haven't done! That's right that's right. I do have a chance, but it won't be to compliance exactly... I would have to put in 4 sessions between today and Sunday, and I'm only supossed to do 1 session a day... but I could still get the work done at least? I'm... having trouble prioritizing the book.
  10. Glad your seeing some changes from crossfit. It doesn't matter what the number on the scale says if you look and feel better for it. I hope the foot gets better soon.
  11. Have you tried Barges Cement? I've used it to attach fabric to foam for strapping with no issues. I also recommend using a heavy gauge wire to be sure it can support the weight in any position you want it.
  12. How's the busy week going? Sending you good thoughts and hoping you've been able to at least breathe fully and eat regularly!
  13. Well, the results are usually the same - you get fitter and stronger/more flexible. Mentally there are different effects for me honestly. I usually like yoga because it calms me down, and since I started doing it I've been calmer in general, but this time it didn't work like that and I've been 'just getting it over with'. Which is not good. I like strength training because it gives me a boost in confidence, and running and hiking can be relaxing. I force myself to finish a lot of stuff I don't like. Heck I've only recently managed to stop watching shows I don't like without guilt. Good thing is if I say I'll do something you can trust me to do it, bad thing is wow do it causes a lot of stress. Coupled with my inability to say no (I've gotten better at that too) it can turn awful very quickly.
  14. So soothing! Thank you for the reminder that knitting (or the single focus of choice) is good for the soul, I needed that today. I also love the background violin.
  15. Week Four Day Four: Food: I feel good about my food choices - sausage potato soup and quinoa with roasted veggies for lunch and chicken drumsticks with Greek salad for dinner. No snacking! I actually felt satisfied. While I could have done better with the mindfulness aspect, I am feeling some progress happening here - even when I'm not actively practicing, I'm not feeling so mindLESS. Today is snack day at work. I brought "cowboy caviar" (basically a bean and corn heavy salsa). Even though it's not terribly unhealthy, I am going to hold off on having any in the morning, because I don't want to end up on that rollercoaster all day. I got this. Workout: yeah yeah yeah So yeah. I've worked out every day this week. WTF! Who am I? The workouts are intense enough to feel like I'm accomplishing something, but not enough to totally drain me or make me overly sore, so it's a nice balance. This weekend is going to be busy... I have a bunch of shirts I need to start making (no procrastinating!) Which is the plan for tomorrow. Sunday I'm taking my sister and her pup for a meet and greet at my friend's kennel. Then I would like to go shopping for the rest of the stuff I need for my workout space Probably no sushi list stuff until the shirts are done 😕
  16. I have a feeling the crunch time is exclating the stress higher. You know for sure how short 4 years, after just 6 months of me following along. That went by quickly. I do hope you are able to get all what you need to do! Glad you are getting sometime in when you can. More than understand the VISA worries, and a comment on NZ having issues with furniture. By a show I found on how NZ ran their customs, they are trying so hard to keep certain issues out of their country that is easy to be vunerable (I mean companies are forming drugs compents into toy pianos...). Just makes it tough when you are actually being honest, since so many people abuse the system. I just can't wait till your Elvin family gets to the Shire!
  17. This week was better! I still felt nauseated on monday, but then on tuesday it was like if someone had turned off the nausea and pressed the HUNGER switch . Spent 24 hours eating like there was no tomorrow, even needed to get off the bed in the middle of the night to eat because my stomach ached from hunger. A colleague at work told me this usually happens when the kid is going through a growth spurt, and I can swear it's true, my bump is suddenly bigger 2 days after (until now it was bearly noticeable, now there's no way to hide it, no matter the clothes). Now I feel more or less back to my normal me. I still find it difficult to eat fish and meat (not during those 24 hours, though), but I've been slightly more active: did 10 minutes of yoga everyday, was able to go groceries shopping twice, have been drawing and playing a bit my flute. I was supposed to receive a call from the hospital last week, regarding my appointments, but it never happened and it was weird. Then, on wednesday I saw on the news that a computer virus had spread through the whole hospital's computer system and everything was down. We drove there this morning and they seem to be managing more or less well. They're not giving new appointments unless you're really sick, but luckily the other exception are pregnant women, so I got my visits scheduled. It was the weirdest thing to see the girl at the desk consulting planners and handwritten documents, and needing to call the doctor to check the information she had was accurate (apparently it was not, because later in the morning I received a text message saying my first appointment is sooner than she said).
  18. Biiig things are happening, gang. Like groundbreaking, earth-shaking T-Rex in a bounce house big. I'm really, really fired up for this one. I honestly think that if this is what I think it is, NF will never be the same. Just keep your eyes, ears, hearts, and minds as open as you can. I feel like we'll need everyone's support for this one.
  19. Week 3 Friday Operating at 100% health bar, the plan for today is as follows: Warrior's Barracks: 3.5 minute plank Butt Lift Challenge D24 Exercise --bodyweight  Room of Ritual: To-do list: --shopping --cooking --vacuum kitchen✔ --swish n swipe✔  Monk's Temple:  100% goals are daily 100% goal - meditate - read 1 chapter of Living Simchat: Finding the Joy In Everything by R. Hadar Margolin -2 minutes of silence 10% goal -read 2 chapters per week --2 minutes of silence 3x per week  Non-negotiable: 1 Bible chapter per day ✔ - Mussar practice  Parlour of Predetermination  100% goal - write 5x per week ✔  10% goal - write 2x per week   Athenaeum  100% goal Hebrew practice 5x per week -flashcards Music practice 3x per week  10% goal Hebrew practice. 2x per week Music practice 2x per week
  20. I did end up doing the Butt Lift Challenge, Bible, & Living Simchat last night. 😊
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