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  2. Bean Sidhe

    Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback Part 2

    I totally get the brain being dumb. I am glad you ignored it and the orange was tasty. I think you got a good plan this challenge and I am here to cheer you on.
  3. Bean Sidhe

    Countess D'If had fun last time, so let's keep going

    I am sorry your sister took her frustration out on you. at least you know it wasn't really X but it still stinks. Hopefully today is better overall.
  4. NeverThatBored

    [NeverThatBored] She Loves A Lot of Things

    Also - went to Crossfit and fortunately none of the movements involved twisting, so I was able to work around my shoulder. It's improving every day, so I think it'll heal pretty quickly. I spent some time outside reading in the sunshine again today and it was lovely~ Lately, with the nicer weather, I keep feeling like a little kid who wants to stay out until sundown~
  5. NeverThatBored

    [NeverThatBored] She Loves A Lot of Things

    Week 0 Wednesday Update Food: Breakfast: Green smoothie with extra spinach I wanted to finish Lunch: Egg salad sandwich on my homemade wheat bread, + side salad, one sakura mochi Coffee with almond milk Dinner: Pasta with broccoli, kalua pig, and tomato sauce, one no sugar added cookie --> I'd been craving pasta for days, which doesn't happen that often, so I gave in and made some, and the sauce was SO GOOD so I was super excited to eat it! And then the pasta was weirdly chalky? It wasn't past the expiration date and I ate it anyway, but I was bummed! I think this happened last time I made this type of pasta, but I also grew up eating the exact same pasta so now I want to go get a fresh package and see if it's weird too. I ate half the pasta which was an actual correct portion. Scores: Lunch without a screen - done! And bonus - I ate outside. I did the same thing with dinner. Hunger games - Yes. I ate 3 meals and I was definitively hungry before each one. My weight came in higher the following morning, which is kind of weird and makes it feel like I lost (could also be the pasta effect). I know weight fluctuates for all kinds of reasons so I'm not sweating it, but from monitoring in the past I know I can usually see the effects of the previous day pretty clearly, so it's interesting. Dessert - I ended up having two "dessert" type foods --> one of those sakura mochi and then a no-sugar-added cookie in the evening. I was hungry enough in the evening that I felt like it was fine at the time, but now I'm annoyed because it messes up my scoring. Overall sugar awareness? - Yes - did technically have two desserts but the second was so low sugar that it was fine
  6. Jarric

    Ye Ranger Guilde Halle in the North [General Chat]

    What in the name of Bacchus? Ok, I actually quite want to try this.
  7. Sloth the Enduring

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    That new thing is pretty cool. I’m always impressed with your videos, pretty much all of them would end up with a concussion if I tried them.
  8. Challenge wrap for March-April:
  9. Jarric

    Jarric - Road to Oblivion III - KISS

    I was going to wrap up this challenge on Monday, and it's now Thursday, which is kind of the story of this challenge. Last week ended ok - I got in my Friday Crossfit, my 15 mile (24km) run on Saturday and a 5k on Sunday. Drank a reasonable amount as I went out on Friday with my dad to see an ACDC tribute band, had a couple of afternoon snooker beers and fair few evening beers in front of the TV with WW on Saturday, and a bit with WW and her mum with Sunday lunch. Was a nice weekend all told. Overall for this challenge the goals have taken a bit of a backseat. Well, workouts have been at least 6/7 every week and most of the missed ones had good reasons, so i guess I owe myself about 8XP there. Rehab goal stopped pretty early on while I wait for a better diagnosis. Budgeting goal I got somewhat close to in week 4, but still didn't get there. We've got bank holidays (UK public holidays) here on Friday and Monday for Easter, so yay 4-day weekend! At some point over that I'll get my next challenge posted, which will be my final one leading up to Oblivion.
  10. Oh yes indeed... This like an excuse for some online shopping...
  11. *glances sideways at @Cheetah* Same here. When it was made no longer mandatory for married couples to submit a joint income statement, the thing flew under the radar but I'm counting it as a win.
  12. @mu

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    Dang! New shiny The script thing is funny. Persian is written with an extended version of the Arabic alphabet - although it's an Indo-European language. It just has extra letters with dots or ligatures eg گ پ چ ژ... - on the other hand there are letters that are pronounced the same in Persian but written differently because of the Arabic origin of the word... spelling can be tough. It helps to know Arabic, like it helps to know Latin in French, let's say. It was not very complicated to learn the script overall but I find that my reading is still much slower in comparison to a Latin script or even Greek - I can read Greek without understanding most it basically. It's harder to read fluently the Arabic script without some actual language fluency (vocabulary large enough to recognize words without the short vowels indeed or having fully internalized common patterns).
  13. I'd actually intended to run last night but when I unpacked I found I'd left my shorts behind and it's more socially acceptable, if you're only wearing undercrackers, to do push-ups indoors instead of running outdoors.
  14. NeverThatBored

    Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback Part 2

    DUDE - I've had stuff like that happen! Sometimes I'll be eating out and deciding between two foods that sound equally good and one of them is healthier, so I think I might as well get the healthier one. But then some other part of my brain is so wired against healthy food decisions that it takes over and is like "ughhh no not the healthy one don't make me do that again" and I pick the less healthy one (and almost immediately regret it)... even when I thought the healthier option sounded tasty in the first place so there's no restriction or force involved??? Good job resisting that voice and having the orange anyway!
  15. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier! !!!
  16. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Wednesday - w0d4 Mindful Moments - one during breakfast - slowed down and made sure I really chewed my food PT Exercises - traced the alphabet - one legged stands - squats 2 x 10 Self Care - nap - peppermint and lemon in the diffuser
  17. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    I already do! He's such a trouble maker.
  18. Waanie

    Waanie sets a routine

    Having a tidy kitchen feels so good . I baked mini apple pies to today because, you know, apple pie tastes nice and I did not have to clear out the kitchen first. The pies are not perfect, but still very tasty. Yesterday's evening routine and this morning's routine went well, so I'll keep them like that for now. I also did my walking (to the grocery store to get apples) and chores. The weather is good for running as well, so I don't expect any problems there either .
  19. DarK_RaideR

    May the Force be with [DarK_RaideR]

    NGW Back to the Future (Weekly TV show) Held on Monday, Week 2 of July 2013 Venue: O2 Academy, Birmingham, Central UK Attendance: 2.244, Ratings: 0.70 (531.290 viewers), Shown on Continental Sports X1 With NGW co-founders next to his side, Commissioner Sebastian Krause opens the show by announcing the night's main event and what's at stake. Krause: "It'll be Edward Cornell... versus Nelson Frye... versus Sebastian Krause... versus Wade Orson, in a Fatal Four Way match! The match will end via pinfall or submission only... and whoever scores that pinfall or submission... will be granted a match of their choice... against any opponent... under any stipulation... with whatever prize they want on the line!" w The Czars (with Marat Khoklov) w The Outcasts (with Viper McKenna) Two teams with pretty opposite trajectories clash in the opening match as the Outcasts are fresh from losing the NGW Open Collective titles while the Czars managed to beat the Real Deal clean last week. The Ivanoffs' teamwork lets them control most of the match, though their opponents appear really motivated and somewhat more used to three on three stipulations. It takes some help from Khoklov at ringside, who catches Eriksson with a Moscow Lariat while the Ivanoff brothers are arguing with the referee, allowing Vidmar to hit the Bratva Bomb for the pin. Winners: The Czars, by pinfall after Marat Khoklov interfered "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko and "The Black Widow" Zofia Jankovic are standing in a dimly lit scenery as they address the camera. Jankovic: "Tonight, we will get in the ring to wrestle against our personal enemies... Geena the Warrior Princess and Anna Twirl... Tonight, I get even with Anna [Twirl] for what she did last week when she stuck her nose where it didn't belong..." Etsuko: "Geena... you stole my title while I was off injured... but I got it back! At Starmageddon, you won the Battle Royal for a chance to take it from me one more time... but tell me this one thing... every time we've clashed in that ring, no, every time I've fought anyone in that ring, I've never lost... do you know what it's called when you keep doing the same thing and expect the results to be different?" The League of Heroes (Christopher Lister, Adam Matravers & Emerald Angel) Hardcore Hernandez & Double Dutch More trios action up next and this time it's high flying Cruiserweights who take center stage as the League's competitors square off against Hernandez and the tag champs. For all their undeniable skill and experience, Hernandez and Double Dutch just can't seem to agree on how to approach this match as the Canadian is hellbent on driving a wedge between Lister and Matravers in order to pin either man while the champions seem to focus on the much less experienced Emerald Angel. This discord ultimately ends up costing them, especially since Lister and Matravers seem to remain friendly and function pretty well through the match and during an internal team argument, Emerald Angel sneaks up on Van Bon for a fast roll up that gets him the win. Winners: The League of Heroes, by pinfall with a fast roll up Standing in front of the powerhouse NGW Heavyweight Tag Team champions, Signe Lytjohan has a message to deliver before the next match. Lytjohan: "My clients need people to beat... and I need to get paid... both of which can only happen if they defend their titles at Terror Rising against someone. That someone... will be whoever wins this next match... because we've decided to offer a title shot to the winners!" Nigerian Hit Squad vs Wael Hossam & Roy Edison The Real Deal have been struggling with internal tensions for quite some time and following last week's loss to the Czars, the quartet is now split in teams of two to fight it out in an interesting contrast of the submission specialists against the big nasty brawlers. To make matters worse, Lytjohan's announcement earlier means this is essentially a #1 contender match for the NGW Heavyweight Tag Team titles so there's more than just pride on the line. The fight itself is excellent and given a few more minutes, could end up stealing the show but for now it ends with Rashid Lawal pinning Hossam after a Gutbuster. Winners: Nigerian Hit Squad, by pinfall "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko & "The Black Widow" Zofia Jankovic vs Geena the Warrior Princess & "The Steppe Cowgirl" Anna Twirl Twirl and Jankovic start the match, with the Belarussian in control thanks to a series of vicious kicks. Twirl ends up near her opponents' corner and Etsuko gets the tag to take her down and work her over with submission holds. Once she's had her fun, instead of looking to end the match, Etsuko lets Twirl go and shoves her towards her teams' corner, demanding she tags Geena in. The Warrior Princess is all to happy to oblige and the two rivals get in each others' face for a tense moment before they start trading slaps that soon become chops until Geena puts the brakes with a huge uranage! All pumped up, Geena mounts her fallen opponent and unloads with frantic strikes, before retreating and calling her to get back up on her feet. Etsuko does, but waves a finger to singal she's not going to do this here, now, like this. Instead, she retreats to tag in Jankovic to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos and the announcers wonder if we're seeing signs of weakness in the champion for the first time ever. Disappointed, Geena tags her partner too back in and Twirl comes in only to walk straight into a K.O. Head Kick. Winners: Fusae Etsuko & Zofia Jankovic, by pinfall Edward Cornell vs Wade Orson vs Nelson Frye (with Robert Howard) vs Sebastian Koller (with Viper McKenna) All four men have an excellent track record so of course this match delivers some great in-ring action on top of the drama of what's at stake for whoever wins. Fan support is split between the three Englishmen, enraging the self-absorbed Koller though some of the more fierce Midlanders aren't above booing London's Nelson Frye as well. Every wrestler has a chance to shine and pull off an exciting sequence and the match is well paced, given how everyone has to keep track of everyone. This also leads to a lot of false finishes, whether they're kick outs or a third person breaking up the pin, but the big finish sees Frye and Orson trading blows on the apron when Cornell comes from the outside to grab them both for a double powerbomb. Back in the ring, Koller is lying in wait to pick up the pieces as Cornell climbs back in but the Englishman fights out of the Hamburg Rock City set-up headlock to hit Koller with his own Black Lightning Bomb and score the pin. Winner: Edward Cornell, by pinfall Exhausted but glad, Cornell celebrates his win when Champagne Lover's music hits the speakers and the NGW Heavyweight champion walks out with a mic in hand. Lover: "Well well... Let me guess what you w..." Cornell: "You heard me last week! Me and you, at Terror Rising... for the title!" Show Rating: Confirmed matches for Terror Rising NGW Heavyweight title match: Champagne Lover © vs Edward Cornell NGW Women's title match: "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko vs Geena the Warrior Princess NGW Cruiserweight title match: Christopher Lister © vs "Mile High" Adam Matravers NGW Heavyweight Tag Team titles match: The Johanssons © vs Nigerian Hit Squad
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  21. Waanie

    J3NN Respawn

    How did the challenge end? Don't let us wait any longer in suspense!
  22. DoubleTrouble

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

  23. Yrsadur

    Yrsadur is respawning!

    Alright, so this is about my second week after respawning. The first week I've been going bouldering with my sister, tho the place was quite far away we had a great time. I could definitely feel those extra 20 kilo's since the last boulder session about 4 years ago, which is a bit frustrating but as long as i avoid any steep overhangs I'll be fine. I guess it gives me even more incentive to get rid of the extra weight. Also went running once, which was really nice. I can feel my overall shape starting to improve, and I'm not as tired anymore afterwards either. Me and my BF signed ourselves up for a 5K in july, and my goal for now is to run that without stopping, no matter how slow my pace. His goal is to crush his previous 5K record, so if I dont step up my training game we wont be running it together. Also great motivation. On top of that I'm making it a point to go places on foot, to get some of that extra movement in. Really liking that so far as well! The second week has been an absolute blast. I started the week with a running session of about 30 minutes, had a rest day on tuesday, did some mild hiking on wednesday, and went climbing again on thursday! We went to a different boulder hall this time, which was closer by, and we had a blast again! We'll definitely be coming back to this particular place. In the evening i also did a floatfit class, and accidentally ended up in the experienced group. Boy was that tough! I could feel my abs 3 days after haha! It was great fun tho, i didnt expect it to be this intense and also to be this fun! I'll do this again as well, for sure! And to top it all off, me and my BF went on a bike tour on sunday. The weather was amazing, i really missed roadbiking. It was actually a tour set up for older people on e-bikes to enjoy a nice day outise, but we decided to go for it anyways because why not? It was free and incredibly well organised, the weather was great and we made it all the way through 51 kms, even though the last 15-20K was dead against the wind. BF's legs were really burning towards the end and i felt i needed to pace myself as well in order to make it to the end, but we did it! The start of week 3 hasnt been as spectacular tho, as i've gotten a pretty bad cold from the roadbike-adventure. So far I've been sleeping, resting, and sleeping more. My appetite is also at an all time low, which is frustrating because i really try to stick to my diet plan. Today I'm thinking of going on a short workout outside, but I'm not sure about that yet since I'm not feeling my best being out of bed, sitting at the computer. I made a pact with myself to stick to working out, with only three exceptions: important events that can't be rescheduled, too much soreness from a previous workout, or being ill. So right now I'm technically ill, and i think i need to figure out why i'm even thinking about breaking my own pact. Something to reflect on! In the meantime, I graduated! The official term is that i now have a bachelors degree in Social Work, from university of applied science. Also landing me a job, I just had the second interview yesterday and it seems like a great company i'd love to work at! Today or tomorrow they will contact me about their final offer in terms of salary and my starting date, and if i agree to that I'll have a job! Its a job coaching and helping people of all different sorts of backgrounds, and on top of that i will be a part of a new team that will be developing new kinds of social work, for example digital coaching, which can be done over distance. Not only will i be developing the actual programmes, but the organisation on a larger scale as well. All in all, I'm very excited and, despite being ill, bursting with energy to start my new job, to be graduated, to committing to a healthy lifestyle and to being a better, happier person! You'll be seeing me in the next 4 week challenge! :D
  24. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    Thanks! My cat is not even 2yo yet Re-not-piking, yes it' coming little by little! There are defo 2 helping factors: (1) relaxing a bit the abs, and (2) feeling strong enough in my shoulders / upper back to not fall backward, sometimes it almost feels like there is a little wall there, meaning less fear. I still do fall backward... but not as often as before. <3 Thanks! Yes it's a big cramp generator (like straddle holds on the floor) Thanks! Yes it's much more fun too. I remember P1 being quite fun but it was still a lot of push-ups! And now with HS shaping up, workouts are getting really interesting and fun (more skill work). ~ Job prep ~ Quite a few hours of coding yesterday, in chunks, interspersed with some errands, including 2 bike rides. My legs are managing with the bike but my bum is only mildly entertained I have to say. I will give myself 3 points on the job prep although it took more time than say 3 Java quizzes. It will be easy to get 10 points this week because I'll focus a bit more on coding. I'm so used to having my rest day on Monday that I'm very confused right now. Today feels like Tuesday? ~ Practice ~ Cirque Physio x1 + Hanging raises & straddle-ups (back is starting to activate again!) + PressToHS assessment & mini workout + P2 elbows + silks alignment PressTOHS Assessments: overhead positions Those were a bit difficult to assess I hope I'm not putting my foot in my mouth: Range of motion => 9/10 (NB: my arms are not bent, it's cubitus valgus in action) Loaded positions => 7-8/10?, I submitted 7 just in case With some extra buffer from cubitus valgus, reaching the wall with my hands is not hard... If anything the wall prevents me from going into a full extension. But my mobility (angle torso / shoulder) is the same as the 9-10 reference pic, with the beginning of some rib flare. The main difference when loaded is that I will tend to sink quite a bit. P2 elbows The big news today is that I managed SEVERAL FULL LEVER SPINS!!! Not pretty yet but I managed a few without any foot help at all. I was due a ref video and here it is below. Put my best spins but also included the flops and a lazy last rep for a realistic view. You can see on the lever switches that the single bar ones are still a struggle.
  25. @mu

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    That bullet journal is looking even better every day, loving the illustrations! 1 million metres? ouch ouch *running in fear*
  26. Nope, it doesn't make a difference here unless one of you doesn't earn enough to exceed their tax free earnings amount and we both earn too much for that. Seriously, it's just the great dress, cake and holiday. No other motivation.
  27. Ann of Vries

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    Here for the adventures and making awesome things! (I love your garden.)
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