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    Weight: 213.5 lbs Sleep: 6 Hrs Water: 1 Gallon Macros: 140g Protein, 120g Carbs, 70g Fats Calories: 1750 Calories Meals: 7:00am - Egg whites & veggie omelette, vitamins, coffee 9:00am - Egg white delight & coffee 1:00pm - Greek yogurt, honey, craisins & almonds 2:30pm - Protein Shake, pb honey banana sandwich 6:00pm - Chicken Breast, 2 cheese sticks & veggies Fitness: Training - 45 min Boxing 800s - #1: 4 min 36 sec #2: 5 min 57 sec #3: 7 min 20 sec #4: 7 min 58 sec Conditioning - Footwork & Stretching Notes: Dialing in the bi-polar meds and some concerns came up over some repetitive thoughts and activities. Looks like I may have low spectrum OCD as well that was being hidden by my Bi-Polar shenanigans. Not what I wanted to hear today but there are a lot of things associated with this that treatment may address and give me a better quality of life. Onward to another day.
  3. Teirin

    Mistr works on her base

    I am struggling to comprehend turning down homemade ice cream.
  4. Cheetah

    Cheetah gets back to business.

    After all that I forgot yesterday's update. Monday - food was good, exercise was no. Tuesday - food was good again, exercise was still no. Sorry I'm short on detail, but I'm also short on time. I should find out something about the promotion tomorrow. I have a meeting with the boss at 2 pm.
  5. LovelyBouncer

    NextChapter - Respawn Again

    Welcome to your chapter! How are you keeping up with your goals?
  6. fleaball

    Diadhuit - Counterintuitive?

    I'm super late but happy belated birthday!!
  7. fleaball

    [NeverThatBored] After Enlightenment, The Laundry

    bookmarked! Thank you!
  8. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    Today is a good day. We got a gift off of our baby registry from one of our Rebellion friends (you know who you are). We sent them this on a messenger service. Sra Tanque is so beautiful in this pic!
  9. Thanks. I like to complain but I've eaten enough, there was a roof over my head when I went to bed and war wasn't raging on the streets so it was still a pretty OK day. Today has the means to be more productive, we'll see how it goes.
  10. Tanktimus the Encourager

    WolfDreamer Pushes Back

  11. RedPandaOne

    Cute cat pictures

    Selina typically has that face, so I believe you.
  12. Xena

    Xena makes a new start

    I'm not sure if we're allowed to drink on the "Scouts Beach" or not. I'm new around here and such a rule follower. (Furtively pulls out pink sparkly flask, raises it in a quick toast and downs a swig). Start of the week going fine. We've had some less humid weather, so running has been really nice. Tomorrow some friends are organizing a fun timed mile at the track in honor of the moon landing. Not exactly sure how the two things are related, but happy to do a run with friends.
  13. Today
  14. Xena

    Scouts Camp 2019 : From jungle to the beach

    Thanks Sloth! Will look into these. You are right of course. (but I'll probably still stubbornly use that stuff up) ETA: Just looked at the links and am revising my opinion...will look into the commercially available options. :-) Yeah, something like that. I've got a bottle of goldschlager in mine. No idea when I think I'm gonna drink that stuff.
  15. Sounds great to mix it up!
  16. Xena

    Sloth gets some miles in

    Have you ever seen an animal actually crossing at the appropriate sign? Just curious. The eyepatch is cool (and goes well with your pirate yoga). The double vision and bumping into trees, not so much.
  17. Xena

    Hiroro Grows and Grows

    You really seem to be thriving on the schedule you are on, so I would just enjoy it!
  18. I think you are right, that it is easy to underestimate how hard something is , and how long it will take to get it. However, it can be super fun learning! I felt the same way as you, I wanted to be not just strong, but also have control in my body. I really like GMB's programs. If you go to their site, and look under their articles and tutorials banner, you can find lots of cool free tutorials. They also have fee programs, which are excellent at combining mobility and strength, and well worth the money (if you are in a position to afford it) Nerdfitness, if you search their site, also tutorials on handstands and muscle ups. And their programs to buy are also really good, They focus on learning a specific skill, such as handstands.
  19. delalana

    Respawn : bleu rises again

    You've got some gorgeous scenery out there. Thanks for the pictures!
  20. Xena

    Mistr works on her base

    Interesting to read about the difference in testing standards. Sorry it's frustrating, but glad that you had a good experience at the seminar anyway.
  21. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl: Just keep plugging along

    Training log I don't have the daily dares listed, but I have been doing those. And walking. Today I also cut some Dahlia's from our yard, to make a pretty flower arrangement. And ha some fresh Kale from the garden. On Sunday my elbow was slightly sore, So Monday’s workout I decided to ease up on the pull ups. Instead of doing both pull ups and reverse rows I just did pull ups. warm up crow practice- did only one set of presses, stopped before I was tired (to be gentle on my elbow) 4 rounds of each super set : do superset 4 x then move on to the next dip- strong tuck hold- focused on sitting up straight pull up (only three rounds) plank hold knee push up- focused on keeping hands to side straight body top position hold-squeeze legs together wrist stretches today crow presses and hold- tried just raising and lowering my rms, not sure if I’m doing it right, I need to re-watch the tuturoial 5 circuits jump squat- a little weak feeling single leg deadlift 25 # (30 last set) first one wobbly, the rest solid double leg roll to squat with 15# kettlebell -worked on planting feet firmly and not caving legs in wrist stretch
  22. Xena

    Simplicity: DJTrippy T

    I did. I'm into shanghaiing my NF friends these days. My pirate streak may not be done... It's like she's missing a hip or something.
  23. Jupiter

    Return of the Lost Jedi

    I feel you there, I struggle with those too (except for the cat, LOL).
  24. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Ran 3.1km there and 3.1 km back with doing hiits in between. I'm still trying to gauge the timing/km for my 10k run. I think I will try for a 6 min 30 sec/km pace. Dinner last night: 120g chickpeas 90g sesame chicken 150g cauliflower 100g brocoli I think I didn't quite eat enough or something (despite hitting the nutritional requirements - but possibly not calorie) because I polished off a pack of pretzels. Supper: 1 glass of milk Half an orange 3 almonds 3 apricots Also stayed up late and played too much hearthstone because I was trying to finish the Blackrock crash brawl before it ended. Elder togglewag and the duplicate card did the trick, but do NOT duplicate before you hit the rock guy or all those rocksworn will kill you. As a result of sleeping late, I woke up later and decided not to go for morning gym class. They're doing bring sally up, bring sally down push up version. I get only to the end of the 2nd iteration before I need to drop to knee push ups =( Anyway my shoulders, waist and thighs ache from yesterday's workout change. Breakfast: 4 eggs with 26g spinach 1 orange 375 ml of rice milk with cinnamon 10 longans
  25. Sunday: Knee elbow thing with EC. Mon: O-hold with EC...I was pretty good at that one. Today: "noped" the windshield wipers. Those make me nervous b/c it's easy to strain the lower back. I'll eventually do a modified version just for fun.
  26. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl: Just keep plugging along

    I live in Washington state
  27. I'm sorry today wasn't a very good day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
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