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    Yrsadur is respawning!

    Alright, so this is about my second week after respawning. The first week I've been going bouldering with my sister, tho the place was quite far away we had a great time. I could definitely feel those extra 20 kilo's since the last boulder session about 4 years ago, which is a bit frustrating but as long as i avoid any steep overhangs I'll be fine. I guess it gives me even more incentive to get rid of the extra weight. Also went running once, which was really nice. I can feel my overall shape starting to improve, and I'm not as tired anymore afterwards either. Me and my BF signed ourselves up for a 5K in july, and my goal for now is to run that without stopping, no matter how slow my pace. His goal is to crush his previous 5K record, so if I dont step up my training game we wont be running it together. Also great motivation. On top of that I'm making it a point to go places on foot, to get some of that extra movement in. Really liking that so far as well! The second week has been an absolute blast. I started the week with a running session of about 30 minutes, had a rest day on tuesday, did some mild hiking on wednesday, and went climbing again on thursday! We went to a different boulder hall this time, which was closer by, and we had a blast again! We'll definitely be coming back to this particular place. In the evening i also did a floatfit class, and accidentally ended up in the experienced group. Boy was that tough! I could feel my abs 3 days after haha! It was great fun tho, i didnt expect it to be this intense and also to be this fun! I'll do this again as well, for sure! And to top it all off, me and my BF went on a bike tour on sunday. The weather was amazing, i really missed roadbiking. It was actually a tour set up for older people on e-bikes to enjoy a nice day outise, but we decided to go for it anyways because why not? It was free and incredibly well organised, the weather was great and we made it all the way through 51 kms, even though the last 15-20K was dead against the wind. BF's legs were really burning towards the end and i felt i needed to pace myself as well in order to make it to the end, but we did it! The start of week 3 hasnt been as spectacular tho, as i've gotten a pretty bad cold from the roadbike-adventure. So far I've been sleeping, resting, and sleeping more. My appetite is also at an all time low, which is frustrating because i really try to stick to my diet plan. Today I'm thinking of going on a short workout outside, but I'm not sure about that yet since I'm not feeling my best being out of bed, sitting at the computer. I made a pact with myself to stick to working out, with only three exceptions: important events that can't be rescheduled, too much soreness from a previous workout, or being ill. So right now I'm technically ill, and i think i need to figure out why i'm even thinking about breaking my own pact. Something to reflect on! In the meantime, I graduated! The official term is that i now have a bachelors degree in Social Work, from university of applied science. Also landing me a job, I just had the second interview yesterday and it seems like a great company i'd love to work at! Today or tomorrow they will contact me about their final offer in terms of salary and my starting date, and if i agree to that I'll have a job! Its a job coaching and helping people of all different sorts of backgrounds, and on top of that i will be a part of a new team that will be developing new kinds of social work, for example digital coaching, which can be done over distance. Not only will i be developing the actual programmes, but the organisation on a larger scale as well. All in all, I'm very excited and, despite being ill, bursting with energy to start my new job, to be graduated, to committing to a healthy lifestyle and to being a better, happier person! You'll be seeing me in the next 4 week challenge! :D
  3. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    Thanks! My cat is not even 2yo yet Re-not-piking, yes it' coming little by little! There are defo 2 helping factors: (1) relaxing a bit the abs, and (2) feeling strong enough in my shoulders / upper back to not fall backward, sometimes it almost feels like there is a little wall there, meaning less fear. I still do fall backward... but not as often as before. <3 Thanks! Yes it's a big cramp generator (like straddle holds on the floor) Thanks! Yes it's much more fun too. I remember P1 being quite fun but it was still a lot of push-ups! And now with HS shaping up, workouts are getting really interesting and fun (more skill work). ~ Job prep ~ Quite a few hours of coding yesterday, in chunks, interspersed with some errands, including 2 bike rides. My legs are managing with the bike but my bum is only mildly entertained I have to say. I will give myself 3 points on the job prep although it took more time than say 3 Java quizzes. It will be easy to get 10 points this week because I'll focus a bit more on coding. I'm so used to having my rest day on Monday that I'm very confused right now. Today feels like Tuesday? ~ Practice ~ Cirque Physio x1 + Hanging raises & straddle-ups (back is starting to activate again!) + PressToHS assessment & mini workout + P2 elbows + silks alignment PressTOHS Assessments: overhead positions Those were a bit difficult to assess I hope I'm not putting my foot in my mouth: Range of motion => 9/10 (NB: my arms are not bent, it's cubitus valgus in action) Loaded positions => 7-8/10?, I submitted 7 just in case With some extra buffer from cubitus valgus, reaching the wall with my hands is not hard... If anything the wall prevents me from going into a full extension. But my mobility (angle torso / shoulder) is the same as the 9-10 reference pic, with the beginning of some rib flare. The main difference when loaded is that I will tend to sink quite a bit. P2 elbows The big news today is that I managed SEVERAL FULL LEVER SPINS!!! Not pretty yet but I managed a few without any foot help at all. I was due a ref video and here it is below. Put my best spins but also included the flops and a lazy last rep for a realistic view. You can see on the lever switches that the single bar ones are still a struggle.
  4. @mu

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    That bullet journal is looking even better every day, loving the illustrations! 1 million metres? ouch ouch *running in fear*
  5. Nope, it doesn't make a difference here unless one of you doesn't earn enough to exceed their tax free earnings amount and we both earn too much for that. Seriously, it's just the great dress, cake and holiday. No other motivation.
  6. Ann of Vries

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    Here for the adventures and making awesome things! (I love your garden.)
  7. Today
  8. Oh and I finally booked the courses I wanted to book some weeks ago (25% off at the moment!)
  9. Ann of Vries

    [Keeper of the Flame] Protector

    So far, so good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ...after reading this, I actually did a set of push-ups.
  11. Emma

    Emma sweats

    Thanks, and good luck to you too!
  12. Wednesday Update The scale was a little nicer in that I had dropped 2 of those 3 lbs I gained overnight by osmosis or whatever. Still not great because ffs but again, whatever. As I was driving to the station they had closed lots of roads on my way so I had to divert myself and I got a bit lost and ended up in the hospital. Not, like, injured. Like, lost and driving around the grounds. I missed my usual train but since I get the train 3 trains early because I am so punctual it hurts, I was just fine and I stopped off at Boots and bought a different elbow support in the hopes I wouldn't be allergic to this one. It's definitely one of the sexier accessories I have bought and it complimented my outfit lovely. Form an orderly queue, gentlemen. I fasted until lunch time which was pretty late at a quarter to three, then I ate my salad and the oatcakes. I noticed I had a huge ladder in my tights and as I was changing my underwear in the staffroom where just anyone could walk in it occurred to me I am way too comfortable there and should probably leave soon. Why I didn't think to do it in the privacy of the toilet or even the office where only I and one other person had access I do not know. I got home a little later than planned since I got held up again and TH had been fretting about bees/wasps all day because he had been in and there were some bees/wasps in the house. We have a bush outside that seems to be the local bee/wasp community centre since it started flowering in the lovely weather yesterday and there were lots of bees or wasps around it. We're not really sure exactly what they are, but TH kept finding one in the house about once an hour. I think he found 12 in total, but to me that isn't enough that the nest is inside the house? It's more like they are getting in somehow? So today I am going to do some investigatory work to find out what the situation is with that. We also have a toad who has decided to come and live by our outside toilet. He's a very quiet chap I have named Scoot McNairy. He doesn't move much but I don't think he's dead. I might poke him later today to make sure. I don't really have time for a toad funeral today, I got beewasps to deal with. We had Ikea meatballs with fries, peas and cream sauce and I had the mini eggs after it. I finished the day on 1418 calories.
  13. deftona

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    The mental image this gave me was just hilarious.
  14. deftona

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    Isn't it weird how we have to keep relearning lessons in this? I feel like this is the only thing in my life where I forget what works and I muddle about for a while before hitting on it and then I have a big "....oh yeah!" moment.
  15. I'd be fairly shocked if I'm honest. We both think it's a bit unnecessary given it won't actually change much. TH already won't let me sleep with other people (lol) so by all intents and purposes I guess we are sort of married anyway. The only real reason I'd want to get married is to buy a really lovely dress, a giant cake and to go on an amazing holiday and I can do all that anyway, whilst staying a "girlfriend" and not a "wife" because "girlfriend" sounds so much more fun and so much more me. This might change if we decide to have children, although I wouldn't take his name anyway so I am not sure it even matters then either. Don't everyone buy their hat just yet
  16. fleaball

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Yeah I was kind of ignoring those since I don’t plan on getting married abroad anytime soon. I’ve seen things pop up from time to time on but they’ve definitely been exclusive to spouses and people already in country. So until I hit the lottery and can afford to move somewhere without a job, meh.
  17. Ah, that explains why I often see peeled cucumbers on places like MFP and in recipes. There is no need to peel the cucumbers I know and love so I assumed everyone had way too much time on their hands.
  18. WhiteGhost

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Not true. There are loads of positions in embassies that are not FSOs, although they are difficult to come by and it really helps if you are already in country to apply. In the embassy here in Beijing these typically go to spouses or locals who have right-to-work status. I have thought of applying for some of them, but that kind of bureaucracy would kill me. The benefits are good, though.
  19. WhiteGhost

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Spanish and Sign
  20. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    At this point the only other language I am even partially serious about learning is Spanish. I have interest in learning Arabic and Sign but those are so low on my priority list that I don't realistically think it will ever happen. I will play around with learning the Arabic alphabet just because I like being able to sound out words even if I don't know what they mean. I don't think I will ever go beyond that (but hey, who knows). In the past I have spent extensive time studying other languages although right now I only consider myself fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese. At one point I was certified to translate Russian and Korean (through the military), but both have receded far into the recesses of my brain. I spent 5 years learning French in Jr High/High School but that is even further gone I have some working knowledge of Spanish from growing up in a part of the US that has a lot of Spanish speakers, and also was the only non-native Spanish speaker on the construction crew I worked with while I was at uni. When I was living in Japan I picked up Japanese Sign and volunteered as a translator, and then took a few ASL classes at uni. Other than that just a smattering of simple greetings and phrases from a bunch of other languages just from living in an international environment for the last 20 years. So basically I think I have enough experience on the language side and should probably focus on other things now Doodling - I didn't doodle anything yesterday. I was going to do it after Ghostlet went to bed but by then I was too tiered and had other things to do so I skipped it. Exercising - I went to the park yesterday and played around on the high bar for a bit. It didn't feel too strenuous at the time, but I woke up with some serious DOMS in my lower traps this morning. Eating - Yesterday was a good food day. I made myself some salmon pasta (substituting salmon for the shrimp in that recipe) for lunch and then some meatloaf for dinner. Both were very tasty Playing - No playing, unless I count playing soccer in the yard after school with Ghostlet and a bunch of neighbor kids. It was fun, but I had to stop because there were so many kids running around that every time I moved I knocked one of them down.
  21. Guzzi

    Paleo Pancakes - help please!

    I used to to make them this way but I much prefer them with a little flour, they can be a bit soggy otherwise. However I have never tried adding cinnamon, this must now happen! This is was my main reason for trying it with coconut flour, to increase the fibre, and they work ok, but still a little soggy. Have you tried any of these? I don’t have any of them and don’t want to go buy a load of stuff that I may never use, although having chickpea flour would mean that I could make pakoras...... Hmmm
  22. Waanie

    Countess D'If had fun last time, so let's keep going

    That sounds like a tough work-situation! Just a few weeks to go until the awesome job, you can do it .
  23. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit's level up

    To be honest it's exhausting more than exciting right now. In Ireland everything seems based on 'ah, it will be grand', included having a list of content, a date on where you have the keys, a crack on the chimney breast. I am getting really nervous about spending huge money this way, trusting the vendor not to leave crap inside, not to break something just for the sake of it.
  24. Waanie

    Waanie slowly builds up the mileage

    New challenge is up!
  25. elizevdmerwe

    elizevdmerwe - It's about nr.23 & Countdown...8

    I forgot my age the other day. Had to fill it in on a form, mumbling "How old am I? 42,43?" Then did the calculations and realised I'm 44 turning 45 end of the year! Yikes, time's flying! Week 0 - Wednesday HEALTH BIBLE STUDY - Quiet time. WATER - One full bottle and strong, big mug of rooibos. SLEEP - A little late around 22h00. Was proof reading a book, and wanting to get it back to the author before the weekend starts. There's a serious discrepancy in the story, and she's going away for the weekend. FOOD WILLPOWER - Managed NOT to fall for chocolate craving. Had a small bite of Rocco's Easter cupcake that Dy at Lego baked for the kids. She always has something for the class after each lesson. Also didn't finish my dinner. Left a little bit of meat and rind (pork chop). STAYING ACTIVE Walked yesterday: really just tried to relax. Did 3.6km in just over an hour. First heard a pair of hawks crying for each other, one circling close by, the other probably sitting in a tree, but I could hear both. Then saw a bird flying lowishly over me (didn't have my glasses on, so could only make out form - long neck, long legs - and colour - grey/blue, which might have been a Goliath Heron. Then... then I heard a Fish Eagle. There is no mistaking that sound! And I heard the words "You are free" twice in my head. It was a good walk. THE PLAN...COUNTDOWN - 8months to go - Finances: Weekly and monthly: Monthly will need to be done next week again. CV & cover letter: In the queue. House plans updated: Waiting for new month (money). Fire arms licenses: to be researched. Driver's licenses: to be researched. Kitchen cleanup: I'm looking at everything and thinking about it Home Affairs: My passport is ready for collection too! Just have to phone and find out about the boys', then need to organise a day for all of us to drive up to New Hanover again to fetch. We all have to be there again.
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