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    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

  3. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    Challenge accepted
  4. DarK_RaideR

    Xena's Triumphant (?) Return from Sea

    Mandatory song post
  5. DarK_RaideR

    Emerald Eagle prepares for a parasite - Part 1

    That. Is. Impressive. Welcome back to the forums!
  6. KB Girl

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    Congratulations! Thats so cool, I like how they put some humour into something that's also pretty serious.
  7. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    I'm going to go for my walk now, because I definitely won't once it gets dark. Already my inertial resistance is kicking in, telling me to just stay in this chair on NF. But no. I will walk down to the ocean at least, and then if I'm enjoying life out there I'll do the promenade, and then I can come back and sit in this chair and hang out on NF clean my room. (Just tidy! We can leave the dreaded vacuuming for tomorrow. Does anyone have any insight about why I hate vacuuming so much??) Ready, set, GO!
  8. KB Girl

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    that's impressive! Ok next time you feel like going a little bit heavy, try this; 5x35kg 3x40kg 1x45kg 5x40kg 3x45kg 1x50kg 5x45kg 3x50kg 1x55kg 5x50kg 3x55kg 1x60kg It's meant to be failed, it's just a question of where. If you don't fail then just walk away happy and I'll make heavier suggestions next time
  9. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Humbly Returns

    I actually woke up on Monday when my alarm went off feeling light and fresh and wakeful for the first time in a while. Even on the weekends, I didn't have an alarm and woke up feeling groggy. But today was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed morning. Now I just have to pray that magical feeling holds for the rest of the week. Tanktimus the Never Ending Source of Encouragement to Do Better and Be More Engaged sent a fb reminder to GLs to set up the new challenge threads before they went live. I don't go on fb often so I overlooked it for a couple of days but thanks to my SUPERIOR TIMEZONE I was still able to make it in under the wire. If you're still watching this thread, thanks for the reminder, Tank! I'll spontaneously remember all my GL duties someday, I promise.
  10. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    That should have been read with a heavy dose of sarcasm. I also thought a mental challenge would be better for me than trying to go heavy. 41 kg, I did make it but the reps were very wobbly. To be fair they were wobbly from the very first set :/ Just not my day. But I made it!
  11. Today
  12. DarK_RaideR

    Take it Outside ll: Electric Boogaloo (djtrippyT)

    Fixed that for you. There is absolutely no reason to feel bad or be embarassed about it. You gave it your best, lived to tell the tale and learned how to do it better next time. Remember, there are many people who are afraid to even sign up for a 5k or Spartan race and then afraid to show up for it. I'm sure it's the "fresh from the race" disappointment talking, as the post-race blues go away you'll wrap your head around what you did and realize how awesome you are.
  13. KB Girl

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    I don't quite understand how that second sentence comes after the first xD It is terrible isn't it? It's definitely helpful though. What weight did you use? And did you make it?
  14. It does indeed, my friend. Tune in to my live stream at 6pm GMT!
  15. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    Today I was carpooling and paid special attention because after I wrote that I was like "it can't REALLY be true though, surely I've been thinking it was worse than it is all year." No. The speed limit on the only through-way, which is a road clearly intended for driving only (it is quite perilous to walk along its side, let alone cross it) and which has exits and onramps but no cross-streets, qualifying it by my metrics as a highway, IS FIFTY KM/H. People do speed on it (this morning we were going almost 70!!! and the person driving clearly felt that was a bit too fast and refused to keep up with the car in front of her) and I've never seen anyone get pulled over for speeding (there's no shoulder so you can't really pull over anywhere, which might factor into it). However, people also just drive the speed limit sometimes (like on our way back), and everyone's cool with that too. It's ridiculous. I think in general people go about 60km/h on that stretch of road and consider themselves wild things. I have a coworker who went to LA last winter and when he came back I asked him how it was. He excitedly told me that he drove really fast on the freeway. I'm not sure if he left LA to find a road with light enough traffic to drive fast or if he was just impressed by the theoretical speed limits, but regardless, that was literally the highlight of his trip. So again. I'm gonna be super stoked to go back to America and drive my car. Yay! Welcome, Bean! .... I have so many responses, but decided I will just leave this alone because well, People are now staring at me expecting me to respond... We're just playin'. Kinda. Maybe. I'm not sure if this emoji or this one is more appropriate for this conversation lol
  16. Ann of Vries

    [Keeper of the Flame] Merry & Pippin

    (With apologies to @oromendur) I'm Ann of Vries, aged 39; a diarist, a fiction writer, a fiber artist, a LARPer (also TTRPG, board games), a traveler, a hiker, and a first time mother. I’m madly in love with my partner, Mr of Vries and my son, Rowan of Vries. I live in London, after having emigrated from Seattle three years ago. I love it here, although I’m still trying to find my tribe (outside of the House of Vries, of course). I've been spending a lot of time with the Rangers Guild of late, but as @Sciread77 says--once an Adventurer, always an Adventurer. Although in many ways my adventuring goal of late feels more like "coming home" (or maybe it's "finding home") that is still part of that pesky heroic journey. (Also, I love you Rangers, but I cannot keep up with your forum.) I blinked, and suddenly I went from having a sleepy newborn baby to an energetic toddler! Being a curmudgeonly wizard who wants to sit cosy in my tower with a book and maybe I’ll go out tomorrow or next week or next year, I’m finding it a stretch to keep up with this little creature of chaos that wants to eat five times a day, frolic out of the house, get into mischief, and generally enjoy every moment of life… right now! I feel like I’m living with Merry and Pippin rolled into one cute package. Or maybe, I should see it as the pair of us being Merry and Pippin. I could fight that, but it’s not a very fun way to live, so if you can’t beat them, join them. As such, I’m heading back into the Shire for this challenge, except.... This Challenge Starts with a Proper Adventure! Part way into Zero Week into most of Week One, we’ll be taking Rowan on his first trip to America. And his first plane flight. 10 hours each way. Yikes! We’re on our way to Austin TX to spend a week with my paternal family. Talk about an adventure! I don't have specific goals for this trip except enjoy the time with my family. Once we’re back from that, the rest of the Challenge kicks into full swing. Frolic and get into Mischief Today Summer is coming, the weather is great, so lets get out, get active, and have some fun! Enjoy playing with my little hobbit. Get out at least once a day—to soft play, the story centre, park playgrounds, playgroup, etc. (Usual free pass for illness or particularly inclement weather.) Play with him at home, too! Clock in 10k+ steps a day. Eat Well Today Much like the hobbits, the House of Vries enjoys gathering around the table and eating good food. Cook healthy, diverse meals for the family on the weekdays (Mr cooks on the weekends). There may be food writing. I’ve been going through one of my “rely on sugary coffee drinks in the morning because I’m tired” phases. (This is the only way I like coffee.) I want to cut down to one sugary coffee drink in the morning, ideally eliminating it entirely, except on the worst of days. I can drink all the tea (as I don’t add sugar or milk to my tea) and fizzy water I want. Live Well Today Gratitude lists don’t really help me much, but I still need to remind myself I’m living a charmed life. I haven’t always. There’s been some really difficult times in my life. But right now? This chapter? A bit challenging, but absolutely charmed. So love it and live it to its utmost. At the minimum, mentally note things that are going well each day. Ideally, write them down. Going out all the time for toddler activities cuts heavily into getting any housework done, though, and we like having a tidy space to live in. So I want to utilize 5 minute tidies to try to keep up so everyone can get to the fire exits in case of emergency! 2-3 short tidies a day. Love Well Today The first year with a baby had our marriage functioning in basic survival mode most of the time. Now that Rowan is getting older, I want to spend more time with my husband and work on higher level aspects of our relationship. Make better use of the time after Rowan goes to sleep. Play games together, at least once a week. Make time to talk, at least once a week. Try to get some walks in green places in, at least once this challenge. (Ideally, more.) Be a Wizard, Sometimes We’re currently negotiating with a childminder, which should start in early June and will afford a few hours of “me time” a week. (Final schedule TBD.) I want to make good use of that time—working on my writing, my knitting, other enriching activities, and also on some family projects that fall by the wayside chasing my little Merry!Pippin around. At least 20 minutes of “Wizard” activities during a nap time during the week. At least 1 hour on childminder days (once he’s in full attendance). I think that's plenty to fill my days!
  17. Sunday I made it to the gym despite being pretty stiff from the half marathon. Bench 70kg 6,6,6,7 Pendlay Rows 52,5kg 6,6,6,7 Squats 60kg 6 reps, 65kg 4 reps, 70kg 3 reps, 75kg 2 reps, 80kg 1 rep Chins 4,4,4 BB curls 30kg 8,8,8,8 Came it at about 3,000 cals including some red wine for dinner
  18. Ran a half marathon saturday. Time 01:39:13 which I was happy with. Ate about 3,000 calories incl. some alcohol we went out and celebrated in the evening
  19. Mad Hatter

    Press to handstand cont.

    As long as you keep posting videos and updates I'll be happy if even if you don't track details.
  20. DarK_RaideR

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    I don't know about the bible, my friend, all I'm hearing is that Bob Dylan song now...
  21. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    Me too! Awesome that you signed up for the program, I'm really curious to see how you'll get on with it! I really hope you'll find it useful after all my hype haha. Have you thought about how you want to structure the program modules yet? Looking forward for some inspo as I'm planning to pick it up again this challenge after my long period of slacking.
  22. DarK_RaideR

    Ranger Tavern, Inn and de facto Guild Hall [General Chat]

    Welcome back!
  23. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    Yesterday I was really, really frickin' sore, don't know if it was the lifting or the jumping or the combo but my legs and my back were DEAD. I did a few handstands outside and that's about it. I also went for my first swim this year!!! It was awesome. Plus did some project work. Good day. Today my legs are STILL DEAD! I also feel generally shitty, lack of sleep but also something else. So this morning I decided it would be a good idea to try @KB Girl's suggestion of doing a 1-10 rep squat ladder. It was terrible. 10 reps is sooo many. I was super impressed by my friend though, because she did it at the same weight as me, but did not really struggle with the numbers. I think her strength endurance is way, way better than mine, even had I've not had such an off day. I've heard many times that women can often handle more volume and longer sets, but for myself I've never found it to be the case. I think she is one of those people though. It's impressive. New classes are starting tomorrow! Yay! Acro on Tuesday and parkour on Wednesday. Exciting! Just hope my muscles will recover.
  24. elizevdmerwe

    elizevdmerwe - It's about nr.23 & Countdown...8

    Dear Diary... A social worker from the retirement home phoned just now.
  25. @mu

    Press to handstand cont.

    TL;DR Maintain training consistency without tracking on NF (end of challenge evaluation) Train in the morning Daily reading in Persian Bonus: finish 2nd layer of guesso on cardboard project Current training focus: parallettes, handstand, press to handstand ~~ Last challenge, I started working with Garage Gym Girl's press to handstand programme. I went through assessments / handstand line / negative presses (wall & free) and I'm now working on elevated press. Most of this challenge's topic is likely to be focused on that because I'm very excited about it! I also do a custom session of GMB Parallettes 2 (bent arm work), some stretching and complementary work, some pull (background in aerial but not doing much at the moment because I'm very focused on press). I have been tracking all of this for ages here. I have been fairly consistent and I maintained the habit despite a big life change (international move). The challenge will be to see if I can maintain that without having to be accountable here. I'm curious. I do maintain a workout plan & log for myself, let's see if that's enough. I will see at the end of the challenge how it went. I'm still very likely to spam you with progress (or lack thereof) but it will be more blog-like than actual tracking. I pondered about having a daily battle log but I kinda like the challenge format better. There is one thing that I do want to track & challenge myself on a bit: I usually train in the morning but these days I tend to postpone my training sessions (stretching in particular) and it's not working for me (more tired, less focused, and sometimes I postpone so much that I end up skipping...). I will make training in the morning a challenge item. I do think it's ok to have some flexibility to deal with life impromptus, and doing it in the evening is better than not doing it all. I don't need 100% to pass, but I don't want it to happen too regularly basically. Life-wise, E., the cat and I moved countries a couple of months ago. I'm looking for a job (IT related) and it's a bit stressful of course. I have been quite good at prepping for that (CV, daily coding, market research, motivation letters, interviews are starting to come up etc). I don't think I need to challenge myself further on that item because after a little moment of doubt, fear and procrastination, I'm now definitely motivated and engaged in the process. But I might still do some regular venting here I will also leave out anything creative like drawing because I'm not in the mood at all, no point trying. If I manage to finish my cardboard project, it would be great though because it's still taking a lot of space in the living room. At least finish the second layer of guesso, so that I can move the furniture to its place until I can get on with decoration. That will be a bonus goal again (I did not manage it last challenge...). There is one last little item that I do want to challenge myself on, and it is reading in Persian. Back in Iran, I always had a bit of reading to do no matter what (work being a big one) but these days of course not so much. I always have a daily read in English without thinking about it (primarily international news, tech and training stuff, sometimes a book). In Persian, I still read social media + messages/e-mails, I read some news. But on a daily average, I don't think it amounts to much. Compared to English, I don't read as much literature either. And I noticed that I have started using more fenglish (f for farsi aka Persian, written with the English script) when I need to type. So let's try to read proper Persian a little bit every day. I won't be measuring volume / time for now, just a daily pass (social media / messaging do not count).
  26. Blocky

    Blocky is Knee Deep in the Dead

    Week 0 - Monday Beating the hell out of demons: Squat: 80kg x 5, 85kg x 5, 90kg x 5, 95kg x 5, 90kg x 5, 85kg x 5, 5. Sumo Block Pull: I meant to go for 165kg, but misloaded one side and pulled 167.5kg... So I said fuck it and went for (what turned out to be) an easy 170kg. Then triples at 145kg. Leg Press: 4 x 8 at 160kg. Back ext: 3 x Max at body weight (19, 16, 15). Out thinking the Spidermind: I'm going to be up late tonight bashing together a chem report (I need the tutor to look it over tomorrow). I have started putting my chem notes together and doing the practice questions. Scorecard: Punch the cyberdemon in the nuggets: 1/5 (I'm counting the DL today as pushing past my comfort zone) Look as good as the pig demon: 0/5 (I've eaten erratically today) Talk to the Imps: 0/5 No progress Outhink the spidermind: - Battleplans (study notes): 0/1 - Moar battleplans (organise schedule): 0/1 - Study demon biology: 0/1 (close but needs some work).
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