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  2. Urgan


    Lol. Sometimes it's easy to bury unease under being so very busy. Slow down and suddenly you're staring down the barrel of a bunch of feelings left on delay. It's nice when people make it easy to know whom to prioritize...from a positive angle this time.
  3. raptron

    Amaya Buckles Down

    Wait, what are they inspecting for exactly? Either way, it is nice sometimes to have a kick in the butt for getting apartment cleaning in order.
  4. raptron

    Manarelle pays the rent

  5. Elastigirl

    Chris-Tien in the Goblin Cave

    I did try the eating less meat for a while, but I actually find I do better eating protein at eat meal and hitting a protein goal each day (100 grams, I weigh 120 pounds)
  6. Kishi


    Yeah. It felt good. I might have been lonely, but it was kind of loneliness that needs to be alone. I figure as much, yeah. It's just that there are some things - particularly my writing - that are thrown into stark relief when someone you care about is dying. Suddenly I think to myself, "Ah, wow, I really haven't progressed in this important thing and in other important things, and it feels like that reflects on me as person." But yeah, you're right, training is a huge cornerstone for me and for it to be so different now is strange. I feel more rested and have more free time; I guess I would use it on angst. Well, as far as the money goes, I just couldn't put away enough to deal with the car repairs, and I've got some money going out to some services that I'm not really using or getting any benefit from. I do keep a credit card near to hand for things like this, but it's near to its limit and I'm not clear enough on what's coming out when to know how much I actually have left. As for my Godfather, yeah, I should definitely reach out more. Need to make the time for that. * So I spoke with Ky-sensei and he's cool with me showing up. I'm not in pay status; he cancelled my payments after I'd told him that life had got hectic to the point that I couldn't train for reasons that we've discussed here. That was a damn decent thing of him to do, and it's damn decent of him to let me back on the mats even though I can't afford to pay right now. So I'm definitely off to do that tonight. Gaming and yoga happened last night. I didn't make it to the gym but I did shadowbox after yoga and also did Suitcase Holds. So it was a productive night. Anyway. Karate and weightlifting tonight. Sweet. Let's get it.
  7. J3NN

    Waanie's flexibility challenge

    Checking in, how are you doing?
  8. J3NN

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Hope you find some me time and get your balance back... Sounds like the weekend took it out of you, but at least you're painting and so that's probably a good sign. I've been stalking pinterest and instagram looking at sea life art. I have an idea in my head, but I'm not a natural artist so I tend to have to see something and then the inspiration brings it all together... wish me luck!
  9. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Hey all. 4.45pm. Depression has hit me hard. Oh man. Crying and frustration today. Ive managed to work a bit though, and worked on my new video piece. Played a bit of guitar for it. Made some strange images. Its ok. Self doubt is rife though. Ive been TRYING to research and work with this too... for an installation im building. Need to read more about it. Its tough...very technical ugh. Well it is to me, cos its something new... I lay on the sofa and Jules came over to me and was kissing me. Very sweet, think he knew i was upset. Jackson also cuddling me. Anyway, ive marinated some chicken for dinner (salad and chicken) and for lunch i forced down a pitta bread, filled with salad and cottage cheese. I really am trying not to go off the rails. Ok better get back to work. xx
  10. WhiteGhost

    Show up and do the work

    Oh no! Hope you recover quickly
  11. WhiteGhost

    Raptron Coasts

    That doesn't even look possible So cool! I guess it helps that you are able to kip from the little glide you are getting out of the shoots. I have to swing up to almost 90 degrees before I can kip up Also, I would totally read your short story about the albino rabbit warrior cult! The premise is awesome
  12. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    I wouldn't kick pineapples out of bed, but neither would I... *checks metaphor, does doubletake*... uh, neither would I go out of my way to pick them up in bars. (Maaaaybe I'd exchange numbers and go out for coffee.) I'm middling with houseplants. Mostly my issue is having periods of being unreliable at watering. This is why I'm putting in the irrigation timer and trying totally automated hydroponics. Machines can vacuum my floor and water my plants.
  13. raptron

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    Very cool. NICE.
  14. MrUgly72

    Meal Planning and Tracking Apps

    MyFitnessPal could do that for you. What I do is go into the recipes side of things and plug in all the recipes for foods I want to make. That week. (You can just import them from a website or do them by hand.) Once you have the recipes in place, plan what you are eating each day. For example, I know that every day this week I will be having my sausage casserole for breakfast and my Chicken & veggie meal for dinner.
  15. Today
  16. MrUgly72

    Wodanier's Battle Log

    App type journal or blog or other? I'm always looking for something to keep me honest. I think the MapMyFitness site is about as close as I can get so far.
  17. raptron

    RogueLibrarian trains like a Jedi

    AHHH, yes to Good Omens cosplay! And yay for your 5k and nice weather. Sorry you're having a lot of brain weasels about writing for the LARP. That dang imposter syndrome. Can you trick yourself into pretending you're writing it for something else?
  18. Tobbe

    Tobbe's 100 days of food freedom (part 2)

    Isabel Foxen Duke is on-point again! I'm not going to the beach because I don't want anyone to see me without my shirt on. So yeah, I probably need to challenge myself and do it anyway.
  19. WhiteGhost

    The Long Night

    I had a big list of Things that I had been putting off, but two of them were the big ones that I immediately thought of when I saw this challenge item. I ended up doing a whole bunch of the Things on my list, but the two identified for this challenge got procrastinated. Again. Fail I at least got one of the two done today, though.
  20. WhiteGhost

    Manarelle pays the rent

    That helmet is looking really good. Boo on the dress code drama, I have worked in a few places that were like your current environment but constantly so. Drove me nuts
  21. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    6/16/2019 Juggling tasks like 武士道 (ぶしどう) Justice/Rectitude Within: Samurai Don't Complain (in fitness or in the meeting room) A little bit of whining in the meeting room.... Without: Giri Mop floor Back up laptop HD Schedule eye exam Clean shower Clean kitchen table Clean toilet Clean tub Clean sinks Courage Within: Crying in the Dojo Technique Review - 8/16 Buki Waza Review - 2/4 Without: Keep heizen and carry on Call Computer Shop Audit Power Bill - $116, $108, $116 Benevolence Within and Without: Love Dad Training - 2/4 9:00 Dinner - 4/8 Cat grooming - 2/4 Politeness Within: Rēsetsu Curse Count - 0 Silence is Golden - 6/19 Without: Do 道 Drawing Japanese Characters - 4/8 Honesty Within: Shinjitsu for Me - Without: Matomo for Thee Say (Only) What You Mean - 11/28 Honor Within: Sotsugyu Already Update resume (again) Meditate on Proportional Response - An ISO Documentation training meeting is coming early in July. I fear for all our souls. Without: Battle With Meiyo and Humanity Clean grandfather's books Clean the office desk Take down posts of eBay sellables Gather all donations in one place Remove non-office things from the office Protect the surface of the desk Clean the floor - New bench 5RM PR of 93lbs, survived work, dropped off part of my gi to get a patch sewn onto it, decided to skip dojo tonight just for the rest day. That double weave though. Stopped by my parent's house to deliver a Father's Day card and acquire a small marble table that was languishing in the basement doing nothing to sit in the place of my precarious pillow mountain. Husband will need to re-bond the marble to the brass base, it popped off a while back. However, the size of it is perfect--height could be a little taller, but beggars and choosers and all that. Dad is having some trouble making time for the gym recently, but at least we're up to date on what he has done, so I'm counting that. Doing aaaaabsolutely everything you can up until the point where he has to make the call on whether an item stays or goes will increase the odds of success.
  22. WhiteGhost

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Yeah, but also pineapples. Also, I may need to avoid this thread before I start doing research on how to grow my own home garden. I really don't need that, because I have the opposite of what people call a "green thumb" I can't even keep houseplants alive.
  23. Hiroro

    Hiroro Gets Cooking

    Thanks. It's hard for me to separate actually needing rest from just being tired and making excuses, but I'm erring on the side of going easy for now. That's a good idea. I actually had a couple sips of wine in Italy (because when in Rome...). And I had a couple sips at my parents' because being sneaky. And when I faked it at the wedding I'm sure I consumed a tiny bit even though I was pretending. But I probably won't intentionally drink. I think my feelings about it are so depending about my mood at the moment, heh.
  24. Hiroro

    Hiroro Gets Cooking

    Good to know it's not just me losing my mind, haha. Thanks. Should be better in a couple weeks. I just keep telling myself it could be worse - I could be puking multiple times a day...
  25. raptron

    Asa Pond Recovers from the 10 Rings (Mark I)

    :(((( Ugh, that is very frustrating. Good call.
  26. AmayaDances

    Amaya Buckles Down

    I would love to do that - perhaps once my friend’s littlies aren’t so little [emoji23] But, honestly, I’m kinda welcoming it. It’s a good prep for a KonMari Style decluttering that will be happening in the near future.
  27. WhiteGhost

    Norgaard - a new quest

    Good luck! What kind of restaurant?
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