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  2. Tanktimus the Encourager

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    I tried it, but didn't find the pulse. The soft spot skeeves me out a little, so I didn't try for very long. Yesterday was a good day. I went to work to cover someone (if you'll remember I was off on Tuesday because of this). Work was fine, but it was not fun being away from my family. That's life I guess. I made some roast beef sandwhiches for lunch. I put some frozen fries in the oven to warm them up, then I put some sliced roast beef (lunchmeat) in some beef broth to warm that up. That is an incredible way to warm up roast beef slices. I took a loaf of french bread that was fresh from the bakery in the grocery store and cut it open for sandwiches, then toasted the open side in a skillet. In that same skillet I heated some avocado oil and browned a thinly sliced sweet onion, adding balsamic vinegar partway through. I spread some creamy horseradish sauce on the bread, and put some Gouda on one side. I then added the roast beef and onions. It was an incredible sandwich. I didn't work out yesterday or today and I'm feeling it. I may work out tomorrow just to feel better.
  3. Fonzico

    Fonzico is the Captain of get soup

    This week is going fantastically! I've been slaying my food goals, I had a good hard workout yesterday, and my kitchen is still clean. I finally feel like I'm building momentum. This weekend promises to be fun - we have a wee little one round fundraiser disc golf tournament tomorrow to go to, with a potluck afterwards. Then Sunday, my in-laws are making up for everyone missing Thanksgiving, and doing a belated one. I have a solid plan for both events to stay on track (bring Caesar salad to share for both, plus some leftover meat for tomorrow, and stick to turkey and rutabaga -which I absolutely love- on Sunday. I'm pretty sure my goals for next challenge are going to be basically the same, the major difference being that I'm going to smash them!
  4. Sloth the Enduring

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    I looked up Wodapalooza. I’m still not entirely sure what it is, but it seems likely you’ll be wearing booty shorts.
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  6. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    This air bnb doesn't have anything I can inverted row from or hang from. I tested a couple of bars, they don't feel stable and the table is a glass one with 2 layers. That's not very helpful. Anyway, just to see if the mandarins were good (only available fruits here, unless I want to do bananas and those are a tad calorific + I need some vitamin C). I ate a Mandarin orange in the morning, sort of breaking IF protocols. Did 100 burpees hiits style with 1 min rest per 20 and the whole sequence took about 13 minutes?
  7. Doaheem

    Fall Druid Cabin

    I appreciate the thorough and patient response and I do think they apply quite well to my respawn post. I appreciate your reading that too I guess I was slowly learning that reality on my own but it's always helpful to hear someone else say it and reinforce that. Being married it feels even more magnified, when my darker parts hurt me it's not so big because, well, shame on you for being dumb. However when your darker parts directly affect someone you care about, that really hurts. I'm learning more to face up to it, little by little and grow through the process though it hurts at times and DAMN do I hate younger Doaheem for wanting to be an adult XD.
  8. Curl Brogo


    Well, nope. I haven't gone camping and I'm working tomorrow. Camping may just have to wait till spring. At least I'll be prepared. Basically, this challenge got kinda derailed. I only say kinda because part of it was to work more hours. So I mostly did that. I did three weeks above 50 hours, then one around 41 hours, and the last two have been 45 or so. Tomorrow I should be able to push this one to about 46 or 47. So not bad. And I'm caught up on bills. So good deal there. The downside is that I've been wearing myself out. I've flaked on my other goals, and the last week has seen my depression flare up. But I'm taking that in stride. It's just an annoying part of life and I live with it. It always passes. I'll enjoy my time out of it for a while. At work, I spend most of my time staring at a machine waiting for parts to come out so I can inspect them and check whether or not they go to scrap or to a customer's order. And my mind wanders, and starts putting stories together. There's definitely enough material bouncing around in there for a novel or two. Since the next challenge falls squarely on November, I will be doing NaNoWriMo, and maybe some other stuff.
  9. Sloth the Enduring

    Skywalker's Sucess

    Wow. That sounds fabulous.
  10. Sloth the Enduring

    Sloth Becomes More Sexy With Kettlebells

    My abs are definitely feeling it today, which isn’t normally true after a regular KB session. ——————- Friday 10/18/19 We all slept in. My watch said I got ‘pert near 11 hours of sleep. I had a couple of dreams, which is unusual for me. The first I was walking with the family and we were marveling at animals we saw, then they morphed into brown bears that were curious about Slothboy. I had to keep myself in between them until the big bear gave me sniff and wandered off. The dream felt significant. Maybe the hawks I was talking to spoke back. The second dream I was on a beach vacation with Deffy and TH. TH and I were having a great time together and Deffy got jealous. That one did not feel significant, just weird. We are near the zoo which we went to in the morning. I did not talk to any other animals. A couple of families met us to go hiking with us. I instead went on a mountain bike ride. Afterwards we all hung out and had snacks and drinks. I’m about to eat tacos and watch the fire. 10/18/19 I was super duper sore and achey today. I couldn’t even keep up walking with the family. I went on an easy 8 mile mountain bike ride. It felt good, much better than it should have after 6 weeks off. The ride loosened me up and I feel pretty good right now.
  11. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Likes Music With Rocks In

    Week 5 Day 5 I'm still feeling kind of sick. Sore throat and stuff. So tonight is going to entirely be about drinking tea and eating stew till I feel like resting. Maybe playing with some plant pots, because I'm going to have transplants tomorrow, getting pulled out before the cold weather hits. But basically it's about not being sick and resting. I'm feeling super tired right now, so this may not be hard. Snacks: Pack a lunch DONE Order groceries for delivery tomorrow DONE Make dinner DONE Find the giant bag of chai and make a full pot of tea DONE Drugs Take meds Rock-'n'-roll: Meditate Wear my gardening clothes to bed Go to bed early with a playlist of audio stuff to keep me entertained I'm cutting down my smoothie habit next week. I'm currently at "as many as you want, man; it's minimal carbs for lots of hydration and deliciousness, and, I dunno, vitamins or something". Next week, I have one bag of frozen fruit, so one a day. (Or two with half the fruit.) I'm probably just gonna let Vetinari choose my next challenge. Whatever. No idea what he'll pick. I might let him start tonight.
  12. Skywalker

    Skywalker's Sucess

    Well it's now 2019 and I'm just back from doing Wainwright's Coast to Coast in England. It wasn't just a 15 day walk though, I had a lovely 9 week holiday including time with hubby and his English family and climbing 4 mountains in Scotland in a week (which wasn't really pre-planned). I did a bit of hiking exploring of Hadrian's Wall as a pre-cursor for the activities to follow and then signed up for a week long exploration of the North West of Scotland. Now bear in mind that I hadn't even stepped foot in Scotland I figure I picked (or fate + google) a pretty inspiring part of Scotland to do my deep dive. It was WELL out of my comfort zone but I just took each day as it came and now I can say I've stepped on the top of these Scottish Mountains that I hadn't even heard of before I signed up. Suilven (Oh, WOW - definately a highlight), Stac Pollaidh, Ben Mor Coigach, Cul Mor, Quinag. This was before having a couple of days off and then starting the Coast to Coast walk with my hiking buddy who flew to England just do to this walk with me. (She's a legend!) What is Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk? Well it was 'created' by Alfred Wainwright in the 70's when he sat down with OS maps and worked out how to walk from Coast to Coast using mostly tracks, footpaths and right of ways. He was a lover of the Lakes District so that is definately a feature of the walk. His idea is that anyone could do something similar and that the planning of such an endevour was part of the thrill. It's a little ironic that now his path is followed almost religiously, but I like to think that I kept a bit of his original intent in mind. Starting at St Bees you dip your boots in the Irish Sea and walk each day until you can dip your boots in the North Sea at Robin Hood Bay. Around 190 miles or 300 km - give or take a few off-track adventures (some planned most not). This is a huge tick off my hiking wish list - to such an extent that I've yet to put another on it. I'm open for ideas
  13. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Likes Music With Rocks In

    Yeah, I was wondering if it was something like that. There are a lot of things where you don't really feel the effects till after you take the pressure off. Basically, hot chili pepper. I've got a spray that's basically a concentrated crushed pepper tea, and I practically mulched my seedlings in crushed red pepper flakes last week. We'll see if it worked.
  14. Sloth the Enduring

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Congratulations on running faster than last time.
  15. Keifer

    Keifer's Daily Battles

    KB Ladders 3 Rungs (1,2,3=6) 24 kg DB KB Clean/Press 24 kg DB KB Squats 24 kg DB KB Rows Chip Ups 2x5 Close Hand Push Ups 2x20,17 Sit Ups 2x20,15 Push Ups 2x20,15
  16. Sloth the Enduring

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    The first time you do a diet where you cut out a category of food you are almost always under caloried because you don’t know what to eat. As you go on you find things you like and it becomes easy to get enough calories again.
  17. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    Thanks man Examples of real dry-cure ham are prosciutto di parma or dark forest (Schwarzwälder) ham. It is cured with salt and other seasoning rubbed in dry meat (no soaking in brine) and smoked or left to air dry. It can take from months to even years of drying, depending on specific type. My ham preparation though is way simplified. I actually use brine-like process (one day in sugar and one day in salt) for removing as much water from the meat as possible (and as a bonus - salt prevents bacterial growth later). Then I cover it in seasoning, put in stocking and hang to air-dry in warm place for two weeks. The meat loses about one third of it's weight and "soaks up" the seasoning in this time. I wouldn't compare it to jerky. First - it's pork, not beef, so taste and texture is very different. Second - it's not crispy like jerky, the meat remains soft and flexible, although much denser than regular ham. I will provide a photo if you like. And it could be kept in room temp for quite the time until cut open due to dried outer layer (after cutting I prefer to put it in fridge "just in case").
  18. Elastigirl

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    Low carb is how I lost weight when I started. It also had the appeal then of novelty-eat all the fat
  19. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    Does this mean I can eat all the butter I want? Butter is gluten free! yeah it’s such a frustration. I did really well on low-carb the first time I did it, but I was only doing strength training. Now that I do more stuff the misery index goes up in a hurry without some sweet potatoes or something. I don’t know how anyone who’s into fitness does keto; it makes me want to die mid-workout.
  20. deftona

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    I feel like this has been a frat boy's go-to line more than once.
  21. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    “Come” means “eat” in Spanish so “tacos and come” is actually not that naughty... I’m still giggling I’m not doing the open this time; I didn’t want to train for it so soon. Next year I’m gonna flatten it so I can qualify for Wodapalooza as a masters athlete.
  22. aramis

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Rectification - by running in the fields I didn't mean actually through fields... I could damage someones' crops. I meant dirt roads that lead between fields. And by "dirt" I mean all sorts of unpaved roads used by tractors and other farm machines. Some are covered in gravel or rocks, other are sandy or just overgrown with grass and weeds. And I, on the contrary, have never ran in the forest. Only did hiking and walks. I think I need to look closer at my nearby forests to find a track for winter. I suppose lumbermen and foresters will keep roads passable even when snow falls - after all there is lots of work in the forest at winter. And keep it up! What distance have you covered in this image?
  23. TGP

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    boy your doing good these days. its awesome- go aramis go!! incidentally, what is drycure ham? I'm not too familiar with that. does it make it a little like a jerky , no refridgeration required??
  24. TGP

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    I LOVE that you were drinking apple juice. its the apple juice drinking crowd that you Don't want to mess with! anyways. not so good that your struggling with the stress- but it will pass. and getting a packed exhibition is a BIG win. also, isn't London- like England's version of NYC. "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!..."? I think that your doing so well in a really BIG city (full of artists) also is pretty awesome.
  25. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    Friday, Oct. 18th Today I told myself I WILL spend more time with boys, even if it's only watching them play Minecraft, so I did. Also watched with them a bit of cartoons. Later wife came back from her family (there is a situation with her Grampa's health so she went to help manage things) and took over kids. They asked her for bedtime stories, so I used this time to do my workout and a bit of Domestic Rangering. I kept food mostly in check, only overate like 100kcal on lemon caramel wife made earlier... Sleep is okay. In my head, I feel better. Did some productive stuff throughout the day, scratched off some tasks from to-do list. And tomorrow I will check my self made dry-cured ham. Can't wait
  26. Cool! do you Know I've never run on grass or in a field? I wonder what that is like- I imagine its pretty awesome and beats the dirt roads I'm running on. oh well, still VERY much enjoying my running. another fun run this morning. I tried to run out the same route as that hike on saturday (or most of it- i didn't have enough time to run the WHOLE THING) and what do you know, I missed up an intersection. I told ya it was maze like! the fun thing IS though I still managed to keep my head by observant and learn the trail system a little better. ... the wooden Arrows from last week still are on the road BUT it was early and dark this morning. they are not the best way to mark and early morning run. I'm faster than Last run but still SLOW. the great thing about all this is the feeling of exploration I'm having as I plunge into the woods crisscrossed with oil roads. and anyways. regarding my "transition to trails/dirt roads" I think It might be more of a WHOLE body workout to be on there rocky, gravelly roads. I've noticed that parts of my body has to work harder to compensate for all rougher terrain. I have one last little visual hints of the complexity of these paths. I did not know it; but my polar watch can show my route overlayed with the satellite view: there are many, many roads in this picture. but there are often obscured by the trees. that's why; learning them demands a careful geographically aware explore... I want to keep running this tell I know this area like the back of my hand
  27. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Oct. 18th Workout (back): 3x superset: - pull-ups followed immediately by assisted pull-ups (4+5) YAY! Progress! , - 10x face pulls (7kg / 15lb on cable), - 10x trap raises, - 10x body rows with feet on chair, - rest 2 min 20x KB swings (16kg/35lb) 10x per side KB clean and press (alternating arms for each rep) Stretching Trap, tricep and shoulder stretches, Sun Salutations. Food: 2804kcal, 155.5g protein. Couldn't resist home made lemon caramel...
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