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  2. Chaos22

    Adam’s First Challenge

    Welcome to the rebellion! I really like the lives idea as well.
  3. Chaos22

    Chaos22 Back in the Race

    Bench marked my 5k, so I have a starting point for improved stamina. Completed my Tai Chi as well. Tomorrow is upper body for my scheduled workout. I have successfully caught up on my reading plan, which will lower the amount I have to do tomorrow.
  4. fitbyforty

    fitbyforty's first challenge

    Day one of the challenge was a success. I was able to meet all of my goals, now I just need to keep it going. I do need to drink more water, but it was a good start. Today's Workout (lbs) (short rests) Leg press (with free weight leg press, not band) - 180x12, 180x10, 180x 8 Adduction- 100x9, 100x5, 100x5  Abduction - 115x12, 115x10, 115x8  Back extension - 100x10, 100x10, 100x6 Hydromassage bed 10 mins   Note: I cut the workout short after back extensions because I could not get my lower back to loosen up. I'll redo the order next lower workout so I can finish
  5. Tateman

    Lateral Planet Lives to Eat

    Stick a timer on the other side of the room that you have to get up and turn off every so often
  6. Tateman

    J3nn's Noomalicious

    Yup, my wife was still dealing with stuff until recently, and just a week or so ago, the youngest had a double ear infection. I think we are overcoming it in the household, but I can still hear the oldest with his cough. Good luck with the remodel. Hopefully, it goes nice and smooth
  7. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Well, it looks like all of our guild leaders have missed the start the challenge, and our food thread is languishing in the previous challenge. So here is the recipe. First, you go to the community garden and look for something green to eat. Find four-foot fronds of fennel in the community herb bed. Take three small ones. Get home, and realize they're giant, and you have like three linear feet of fennel. Cut them into small bits so they don't choke the blender. Add salt. Look for garlic, find half an onion instead. Feel retroactively personally attacked by the ghost of Terry Pratchett. Put in the onion chunks. Add enough lemon juice and olive oil to make it blend. Turn it into a pint of creamy fennel pesto. Eat on things.
  8. Tateman

    Countess D'If had fun last time, so let's keep going

    two weeks can be so long!!!
  9. Sciread77

    Oromendur: Hobbit walking-party

    Following for the hobbit walking party.
  10. Sciread77

    [Sylvaa] Is An Athlete

    It’s hard to hold you accountable for your “back in the wagon” antics because I’m too busy doing the exact same thing. Constantly. Especially when it comes to desserts because dear gods do I love dessert when I’m stressed or when it’s around. Athlete, adventurer, guild, it’s all identity and framing for me. My workouts probably fall more in line with warriors, scouts, or rangers but my goals are what make me an adventurer. I wasn’t involved in any one organized sport for most of my pre-diagnosis adult life but I considered myself an athlete and trained as such. Professional? No. But athlete, yes! You're definitely an athlete. Maybe we should hold each other more accountable, but I’m not sure how to do that. Probably a good discussion for us to have though!
  11. Tateman

    Tateman: One challenge left before Vegas!

    For whatever reason, I am feeling hungry. Really fighting the urge to go eat all the things. Maybe it was because pizza came home haha. My Miracle noodles with spaghetti sauce just wasn't enough I guess. Time to drink more water Maybe I can distract myself with working out and walking. I still haven't got that in.
  12. bigm141414

    Spezzy is back

    Oh hai there. Welcome back, there was a request for animal gifs? I'mma just camp out here.
  13. Jupiter

    A Druid's Battle Log

    Thanks. ** Fitness: - Walked 30 minutes. Nutrition: - One healthy thing: BBQ chicken wings and potato salad. Not really sure how healthy this actually is, but it's better than everything else I've eaten today LOL. Intellectual: - Ugh, chapter 13 has been bugging me the last few days. I've done nothing but rewrite and rewrite the first 2 pages. I couldn't quite get what I was looking for out of the characters. But now I think I've figured it out, and I've taken some notes so I can rewrite it (again) and flesh it out, at least the first half.
  14. Today
  15. scalyfreak

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

  16. mom2sjm

    The first day of the rest of my life

    Definitely check out C25K. I'm a reluctant runner but really wanted to do a 5K so I tried C25K. I had to repeat a week or two in the midst which extended the program from 9 to 12 weeks I think but in the end I ran that 5K without stopping!!
  17. Miaulin

    Miaulin Snufs it Up

    bahaha plot twist! quite unexpectedly some real funds came in and we were able to go get some food! it's enough to be a nice rescue and a bit of relief from our usual stress and i'm feeling really grateful (and surprised) for it!
  18. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Right. Today started out bad, brain wise, but I got 18 jobs done after work, including the dishes, washing the windows, and laundry. Also, my robot vacuumed and mopped my floors. So entropy still ahead, but I beat it back today. Also, I made some delicious fennel pesto out of the unwanted fronds from the community garden. I'm currently eating it with cheddar cheese. Recipe soon.
  19. I feel you on the shoulder pain thing, though yours sounds a bit worse than mine overall, I know how much cranky shoulders can make just about everything suck balls, and sincerely hope you get it sorted out sooner rather than later. I also feel you on the 'I worked out but only did the minimum' thing, that's a constant and challenging battle, it can be so easy to say 'Something is better than nothing' (which is true) but never really look at what that something is. I wish you continued success with doing something and then something else too.
  20. Blocky

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

    Mrs Blocky makes an amazing low carb pizza base that is essentially shredded chicken, an egg and parmesan cheese. Smoosh it flat and bake until firm.
  21. Day 1 Report: Posted my challenge. First hurdle accomplished! Day 2 Report: Didn't do the strength workout I meant to (Goal #1) -- I need to get back into the habit of doing the workout as soon as I come home. Once I sit down on the couch, inertia has its way with me! But I did hit 10,000 steps today, and I spent the evening having dinner at a friend's house (Goal #4).
  22. DJtrippyT

    Take it Outside ll: Electric Boogaloo (djtrippyT)

    Or, as Lewis Black puts it, “One day your neighbor says he saw a bear in the back yard and you’re like, ‘That guy’s an idiot’ but the next day you look around and there’s f$&king bears everywhere!” this is is a true story: probably because I work in some weird intersection of advertising and I’m exposed to a lot of... I was going to say actors but maybe “performers” is better term, I used to be this weird magnet for Elvis Impersonators. Seriously. I knew people who did it for a living, I would run into them on sets, I was literally in the Louvre (yes, that Louvre) with a photographer I’d worked with for years and I was pondering some piece of art when I heard him say “No. F$&king. Way.” And I looked up and there was a guy in full Elvis regalia earnestly contemplating the Mona Lisa. And my photographer friend looked at me and said “what IS it with you?” Like I was going around passing out peanut-butter and banana sandwiches to random passerby in the hopes of drawing yet another one into my orbit. We counted up later and figured out that I had met 47 Elvis impersonators in my lifetime. I attract random things. I think that’s the point I’m going for.
  23. oromendur

    [Oromendur] Denouement

    Sorry to necro-post on my own thread, but I wanted to close out the saga of the Writer’s Games competition, and I’d rather not clutter up my new thread with these ruminations. Anyway. As reported earlier, I won Event 1, didn’t place in Event 2 or Event 3, and took fifth place in Event 4. In further news, it turned out that I placed second in Event 5. The way this contest is structured, each entry in each event earns a numerical score, and the winners of the individual events are those who earn the five highest scores in that event. At the end of the contest, all of an entrant’s earned numerical scores are added together, and the overall contest winners are determined by who has the highest cumulative numerical score. I, um, sort of won the overall contest To be perfectly honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. On one hand, the validation is wonderful I’m definitely thrilled to have some impartial external confirmation that I am reasonably close to as good a writer as I think I am. But on the other hand, such validation takes away a lot of my excuses. If I am good enough to win something like this (and apparently I am) then I can’t really blame the quality of my craft for the fact that the writing career I have been fantasizing about for years still eludes me. Of course my skill can be improved — it will bear improvement for the rest of my life — but this contest shows that my own assessment of my writing is correct, that it is well above a certain quality threshold. My problem clearly doesn’t lie in my writing. If I want to be a full-time writer, I have the capability. What don’t I have? The discipline to finish things, the courage to submit them, the persistence to continue submitting them after they are rejected, and the overall fortitude of character that would let me continue on an uncertain financial path after so many years in the grad school grind. I don’t think I want to face any of this just yet, but it’s certainly food for some uncomfortable thought in the weeks to come. I am really going to have to take some time and reassess this whole concept later in the summer. For now, though, I’m consciously and explicitly setting aside any decision-making requirements and leaving my hobbit hole behind for some adventures in the big wide world, as detailed in my next challenge here: Hobbit walking-party Here’s to that #adventurerlife!
  24. Hi, RES! Love your tagline -- live days worth dying for. That's goosebumps-up-the-spine worthy.... I borrowed the catering meal prep idea from someone else. I've been talking about trying it, but am using this challenge as a way of ACTUALLY making it happen (not just in my head). I'm very good about thinking ideas but not actually making them so.
  25. Any warmup that takes longer than 10-15 mins is stupid or ineffective or both...
  26. SkyGirl

    Lightbearer: Present

    It's more like, I never give myself a chance to even tease apart that nuance. (Your nuances continue to wow me - your emotional intelligence is off the charts!) From the second I plop into a seat on the bus to the last few seconds before I fall asleep, I'm staring at my phone or my laptop or my TV. That doesn't really count as being alone, because I'm constantly elsewhere mentally. I'm trying to find ways to - not even enjoy where I am, but just notice it. Am I actually lonely, or am I bored? Why am I staring at my phone? Why am I on my laptop? What could I be doing instead? But I do want more people in my life too. If you have, I don't remember! I do both knit and crochet, but I'm better at crochet. Once upon a time I also did cross-stitch, but I don't have the attention span for that level of detail these days. I promise I'll share when I've written it!! This was my first time ever and I learned so much! The competition is super loosey-goosey! They even have calculators on the website that turn other activities (weights, swimming, etc.) into steps to count for the challenge. They're trying to use competition to motivate us to be healthier, so they don't care what we do or where we do it, just that we do something!! I actually think I caught it on the train??? The reason I say that is because I ran into another lady on the grocery store who was sick with the exact same thing, and she said she had been on the train right around the same time as me and thought she caught something at the station. So maybe someone sneezed on a railing or something??? There is a TON of pollen in this area, though, so I guarantee that didn't help!! Yep, and I haven't been as rangerly as I would like this past while. Spring is here - no more excuses!!! Yes, that mismatch between the monthly bill schedule and biweekly pay schedule is what keeps throwing me off. I meant to work on my budget tonight, but I wrote letters and texted with my mom instead. Another attempt will be made tomorrow.
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