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    Week 0 day 1. Night shift this week so should be able to get plenty of training in. 1st bjj session of the camp out of the way. 1hr down. Only managed 4 mins Sparring as I managed to pop my lip when face met my opponents knee in a scramble. Still it's minor and will be fine by Wednesdays session. The 4 minutes were specific and high paced though so I'm happy with them. 2 mins top 2 mins bottom. Worked on de la riva passes and a de la riva sweep this class. I'm finishing that I really enjoy a knee cut pass and it's getting added to my game quite well. Hit a Lockdown from half guard to initiate a nice sweep during Sparring too. Hit a few nice passes, overall it came together quite well. I also watched around 45 minutes of an online manual on Kimuras, specifically using them from side control as a method of control and how to take the back. Diets been solid, good day 1 so far.
  3. analoggirl

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Yessss. I really enjoy the costume, and you in the costume. I was actually thinking: whew, Manarelle is really rocking that outfit! And: nice that she posted the smiling picture. That pose is not flattering for many people, let alone us regular mortals without camera crews, but it being flattering is not the goal here. It is to show that Thor loves her hammer! edit: nah I actually think it IS flattering. I really like genuinely smiling people (No disrespect to those who always get asked why they do not smile more. If that's how you look, that's how you look! (A))
  4. Hello all! Thanks for all the support, it overall went great! 3/4 goals I achieved 100% completion, and it really helped me improve my mental health on this long out of town job. SUCCESSES 3/4 I've joined a local Planet Fitness, and have started doing the 5x5 Stronglifts workout at least twice a week. My calorie tracking has gone great when I'm out of town and has really helped me pull back on snacking and drinking. Improvement can definitely be made on tracking at home, it is much harder to track homemade food rather than take out. I've been getting groceries at the beginning of the week, and have gotten into a solid groove of big breakfasts and light snack lunches like a banana with peanut butter or carrots with hummus. PARTIAL SUCCESS 1/4 One thing I failed to pull back on was social drinking only 2 nights a week. It's such an evening tradition out here. However, I've been counting every beer in my calorie tracker and been only drinking up to my daily calorie limit which I feel is actually a more sustainable plan moving forward without sacrificing socializing. I look forward to the next four-week challenge, and think I'll be joining either the Warrior Guild for working on Stronglifts 5x5 or the Ranger Guild as I am working on a large variety of goals simultaneously, not just strength training ones. Thank you all for the words of support and comments, I really appreciate it! All the best, Alex871 (I need to make a cool signature... Any tips?)
  5. Gemma

    Gemma can be flexible when she has to be.

    Hey, hi! LOL, I looked for National Lampoon's Vacation images in my original post but didn't see this one, love it! Strategy is good. Implementation of strategy is better. We shall see! Also, some funny things happened when I went to lunch with the pastor's family yesterday. These forums don't really have a dedicated "cosplay" area, so I'm just going to describe it here for the entertainment of my fellow nerdpersons. I accidentally became a mentor/adult friend to my friend's 14 year old daughter I accidentally gained a new Manga to read (which is good, because I was inexplicably struggling with Phoenix in the Read Harder challenge) I accidentally committed to go to a Con this fall and cosplay. See, this is what happens when I try to socialize like a normal person. The pastor's daughter is definitely in my people group - introverted nerd who does not initiate conversation with strangers. Her mom (extroverted people-person bundle of perpetual cheer, but I love her anyways) has said several times, "you and daughter ought to get together, you have so much in common!" But since D and I would not, either one of us, ever under any circumstances walk up to the other and say "hey, we have a lot in common, we should form a cross-generational friendship because those are cool" or however that sort of thing is normally done by extroverts who can just make friends however it is that they do it ... But D is fascinated with anime and cosplay, and has recently competed in several costume making contests at various cons around the state. I know this because her parents love to show me pictures. So, during lunch, when she leaned over to show her mom a picture of a young girl anime character, I managed to ask "oh, is that the next costume you are planning to make?" And ... we were off to the races, talking about various nerdities and fandoms across the top of her mildly bewildered mother. When D learned that I have never been to a con, she vehemently insisted that I come with her to the next one she is going to ... and dress for it. Cosplay appropriate to the middle-aged woman ... hmmmmm. D assures me that it does not have to be Manga/Anime, which is good because I don't know much about that world. Yet. So far I have: Cdr. Deanna Troi (first season uniform, long skirt over trousers) Professor McGonagall Mama Isabella (from The Promised Neverland, above-linked Manga) Effie Trinket (almost certainly more elaborate/more work than I want to commit to over the next few months but wouldn't it be FUN!) Queen Elinor from Brave (also perhaps too ambitious for a beginner) Odin's beard, what have I done? The immediate net result was that my friend a.k.a. slightly bewildered mother came away feeling a little bit better about her daughter's obsessions - she has the typical maternal concerns of "is what D is into really healthy" and "how worried should I be that she interacts with more online friends than real life ones?" But apparently she thinks that these things haven't damaged me beyond all hope of repair, so that might keep her a bit off D's back about some of it in future. I hope.
  6. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter navigates the event horizon

    I don't disagree, it's just that... ok stupid reason number 1 is that I tried *that one time* 10 years ago at uni and it annoyed me and it was SO awkward. I'm really not very good at talking about this feelings stuff. I have gotten a little better at it, or at least more open about it, largely thanks to these forums, but it's still really hard and awkward and why should I trust these strangers anyway? They're professionals oh pffffft. Also *that one time* they told me to go away and take meds and that really rubbed me the wrong way. I know it's a stupid reason and yes I realize that sometimes it takes time to find someone that you click with but it just seems like a lot of effort to go through that process you know? Especially because of reason number two which is a lot more practical. I'm 99% sure my work health plan doesn't cover therapy, unless I was actually really sick, and going privately here in Finland costs a lot more than I'm willing to pay at this point. I think I can claim some of it back but it's still a lot of money to fork out on a regular basis. I'm not ruling it out for the future but for now I think I'm ok enough. <3
  7. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Strickland5 gets back on the wagon

    Fellow-need-to-get-back-on-the-wagon-late-30s-person-who-does-KettleBells here.
  8. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Starpuck: Journey through the Mire

    Do you REALLY want to give me unlimited permission to unleash the hounds of Facebook Accountability?
  9. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    Thanks! I'd invite you, but it's 45 minutes North of me, so that's like super far for you! It's kind of a funny story. My husband works with this guy who is super nice, but single (by choice). Well, the one secretary has been trying to set this guy up with her niece and he told the secretary that he always goes to this place to climb, so if her niece ever wanted to meet him there, she was welcome. To which I responded (to my husband) - do you think he'd mind if I met him there? No date required! So he texted the guy and the guy was like absolutely! (again, super nice guy). So now we are FB friends and are probably bouldering Sunday - no date required. It actually works out really well. I've talked about our couple struggles with not having a lot of similar interests and then his fear of me finding someone else because of our lack of similar interests. Well, this guy is someone he trusts and he does trust me (no matter how much that previous sentence sounds like he doesn't). So I have someone else to hang out with, without my husband getting all freaked out about it. Also, we need to figure out if we are doing anything this month (July)!
  10. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    Fellow Puff here, following along to do what Puffs do, which is support one another.
  11. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    There was a thunderstorm today and I was like a kid at christmas. I did indeed manage to haul my sorry backside out of bed before midday. Not long before midday, but before. And as I was savouring my first coffee of the day, I heard the unmistakable rumble of thunder overhead and felt my mood lift so rapidly I'm surprised I didn't hit the ceiling. It was glorious. Thunder, dark and broody skies, lashing rain. Didn't see any lightning and the wind was less than howling, but overall a rather wonderful little storm. Food: Breakfast actually did happen today and it was porridge. Lunch was sausages and chips. Dinner was meatballs with veg and rice. Movement: Got some stretching in quite frequently throughout the day. Downtime: Books. Knitting. Weather watching. Illness/injury: The storm seems to have blown my headache away, but the arthritis is putting up a loud protest today. I've started putting together a challenge and I'm fairly confident that by the end of zero week I'll have it put together properly and will very quietly put it out there and see where it takes me. Hopefully further towards actual functionality... My more immediate problem now is my return to work. I don't particularly want to go back, but the rent won't pay itself. So I do need to ensure I'm in bed at a reasonable time and that I do remember to set my alarm. Thankfully I'm starting off easy with a closing shift, my one day to adjust before being hurled this way and that as I do my own job and cover sick leave in another department.
  12. JustCallMeAmber

    JustCallMeAmber and the brain

    Week 4: Bring some ferocity to training days. Remember when you first got started and you could hardly wait to get moving? Yeah, THAT is what is needed right now. Quit dawdling. Work towards shorter rest periods. Well, I completed all of my scheduled work, but also ran roughshod over my usual 'be done no later than 7:00' timeframe. Focus on THIS set, not how many are still to go, what lift comes next, etc, etc. Check! This seems particularly effective for BSS because we hates them, preciousss, and I don't WANT to know how many more I've got to do to be honest. Squeeze in extra upper body accessories wherever feasible. Not much got done here once again. But I did do SOMETHING, so win. Be present. Piece of mind or peace of mind. 5 min. Check! Been doing much better with just remembering to do it. Moar pushups! Week 1 accumulating a total of 40 incline. Last peg total: 60. Got the last of them in on Saturday and then some. 10 minutes out of my work day for a short walk. Check! LOVING this. One thing I need to do a bit more poking around before properly goalifying is that I’d like to do some brain work. I was asked to help with some excel formulae recently and found I’d rather forgotten quite a lot of the maths I did in school. (Sad Amber is sad. I used to be good at this stuff lol). Abandoned for now. Revisit when I feel I've got some brain cells to spare. It would also be beneficial in a fun way to just do some crossword puzzles again. Check! Misc. Don’t forget that the car is due for oil change/ tire rotation. Need to make sure the floofballs get at least a few minutes of exercise daily (that does not include Radar ‘helping’ me with yoga.) I haven't gotten them quite back to EVERY day, but much better than once or twice a week. Need to update measurements, etc. Check! Apparently my calves grew 0.25" since February. Dem gainz. Want to buy a swimsuit this summer, since mine have all died. Check! Also took it for a test drive, with what seemed like the entire population of winged, stinging insects in the county. Good thing my new suit isn't fairly bright, bold colors with flowers. Daily Devo 7/7 Daily duo 5/7. Bonus: 5. Memo to self: just because the app SAYS the best time to practice is before bed does not make it true. My brain does not function well at that point. Skin care 4/7. Slightly better than week 3. Now I just need to do slightly better than that. Walking. 7/7. 8k steps 86 weeks straight. 10k bonus: 6. If I'd realized I had walked 10k everyday already, I would've made the effort to get 10 more minutes in. Oh well. #Yoga365 730 1095 . 7/7. Bonus 4. Possibly 5? Conflicting reports. Don't forget front split practice Finally got this in! No surprise, I lost a little ground here. Can I just say I felt 100000000% better during week 4 than what I have been? Like, practically skipping down the hallways at work levels of unicorn sunshine sprinkles better. I have no idea WHY (yes, the question has to be asked. Because if you can't replicate the results, it's not science.) I felt so much better this week. I didn't sleep any longer or more deeply, nor did my eating habits change much if at all. But I FELT rested. Here's hoping my spunk doesn't peter out too quickly. Alright, folks. That's a wrap for this round! All things considered, this was a good not great challenge. I did make a tiny bit of progress on most of my goals, and got non-challenge stuff done. I do seem to be finding a bit of success with a couple of things; turning on the overhead light as soon I wake up does seem to help wake me up faster and actually telling myself (woo woo as it sounds) that I am EXCITED to lift as I get ready to go does actually translate into a better headspace for me. And thanks to MikeW, I have given myself permission to vent in a safe space whatever I feel, so we've got a plan moving forward. So, yeah. Not too shabby
  13. RhiaWolfe

    [Wolfpool] The Unchained Predator

    Mmm... shake.... Mmm... Chris Hemsworth... I've thought about getting out my blender and start making shakes and smoothies. I'll need to look up some good recipes. Most of the ones I know are fairly high in sugar because they have juice as a base.
  14. Eira

    I got a job offer!

    Thank you!!! It turned out ok, and I'm starting new job next week.
  15. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    That right there is basically the mindset I'm trying to get into. I did need this time off, and I did need to do not much of anything, and I do indeed feel a little better for it. It'd be better without the guilt cloud following me about, but I'm working on somehow getting rid of that.
  16. Eira

    Battle Log: Eira vs stuff

    Thank you! I start the new job next week, I am kinda nervous. Week 2 of walk->run training done! The last day was harder, because the day before I ate lots of ice cream and a giant "sushirrito" (a sushi made in the size and shape of burrito). It was very good and way too big.
  17. NeverThatBored

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    Moving - woohoo! The packing part sucks, but setting up a new place is so fun!
  18. NeverThatBored

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    Lol, this is so real. This seems like a very good challenge for you and I'm excited to see where it goes! Also - bouldering, how exciting!!! I hope you have a good time!
  19. bdwilson

    BD's Going to Give This a Try

    Right! End of challenge check-in Quests for this challenge: Do the Nerd Fitness Beginner Body Weight Routine at least once per week. Cook at least three of my dinners per week and bring my lunch at work at least four times per week. Meditate five minutes every morning. Create a budget before the month starts and stick to it to within 10% at the end. Not bad overall. I might have to re-evaluate the cooking thing based on my schedule and the things that tend to creep up that throw off whether I'm home to cook or not. I think I pulled off 2 nights every week this month, but being there for the 3rd night was a coin toss. Going to set that one of the back-burner for the next round. I think I'll pop over to Rebels for the next challenge, since I still haven't really focused
  20. Today
  21. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    Sounds like you can play the ignorant foreigner card here.
  22. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    While I think my program is going to get longer next time. hello recent nerve tension
  23. Manarelle

    Recovery and down time [Manarelle]

    Finished a rather lengthy, large project last week, and while there are still a few minor tweaks left to do, it leaves behind a large chunk of time and attention that is no longer spoken for. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it's done, but there are a bunch of little things that I've been putting off and now should probably get sorted. So, new priorities: State of the hobbies: 4 hobbies I allow myself and where the focus is. Languages - French and Russian daily practice, R tutoring every other week. Try to memorize another song. Exercise - Trying out alternating full-body workouts; give it a moth before I re-evaluate and make any changes. Crafting - Thor is overall finished; a few minor tweaks remain. Start on work pants/ jeans. Learning - Finish the Russian governance class. Other to-do: Returns/ donations (minor house clean involved) Dye skirt(s) Clean up the backyard (should be quick, now) Make dr's appointments Break in cosplay shoes It feels like there should be more, but that's all I can think of right now. There are also some tasks that will come due once fall hits, but for the summer, I'm in pretty decent shape. Gonna actually give myself down time/ a mental break this time, and even out a couple things before diving into the next costume. This may be a boring challenge, after all the excitement last time.
  24. Deckard Gainz

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    I was actually going to make the comment that it should've been Neville's. Good call. His glow up was definitely more significant.
  25. Mad Hatter

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    Excited to see this!
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