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  2. Rookie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    @JessFit Eh I am not sold on anything yet lol. The laces thing worries me because its thin fake leather and the grommets might easily rip out of the fabric. I do like the idea of tightening them to my leg. The elastic thing could work but I am worried about getting my foot in the boot (I am not really that great at pull on boots haha) and that they might slip down or move a lot. But it sounds easier to try and I will need to remove the current zipper anyways lol. Not sure I have seen sheets of elastic like this though.
  3. squeakyvalkyrie

    Adam’s First Challenge

    Anytime I have questions about fitness or nutrition stuff, I search the NerdFitness blog first, Steve has generally written a long well researched article on it!
  4. Rookie

    New Thread: Here I go again (But not on my own)

    Hey! Great challenge. I am also wanting to get out of debt and lose weight I am also or was 279.6lbs lol I might be back up a few lbs. Falling off a cliff sounds terrifying. Nope nope nope. Coke Zero... hm I think that depends on your reasoning for cutting back. If it is the calories from soda than I think it counts and it is a good substitute in the mean time. Later challenges you could work on lessening your soda all together. However if it is to cut back soda in general than it goes against your challenge. So.. Up to you and your reasoning! Congrats on your milestones btw! Those are some big ones. Do you have a stage name? :O
  5. Deckard Gainz

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

    Week 1: Part 1 My irregular gym attendance bit me in the butt on Monday, because it was bench day (when following my schedule perfectly, bench is Tuesday). Trying to get a bench on a Monday sucks, always. Long story short, I ran for about 15 minutes before I could get one. Maybe I'm just not used to running with fresh legs, but 15 minutes seemed surprisingly easy! I usually struggle for my normal 12-minute mile. The workout was fine overall, and I did a little more running afterwards as well. It all added up in terms of calories burnt, and I ended up at 3,897 for the day, according to Fitbit, which is in the ballpark of 400 more than an average workout day. It might not be precise, but it's hopefully consistent at least. I had my daily salad for lunch and half of a large takeout pizza for dinner. Also, a Cadbury egg and a Reese's egg for dessert. A lot of carbs, but also a lot of running. Even with the dinner and dessert indulgence, I don't think I ate 4,000 calories (thanks intermittent fasting), so I am marking Monday a PASS. Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment that skewed my schedule a few hours late, but also allowed me almost 2 extra hours of sleep. I did not go to the gym (per my plan) but did go for a walk after work, 2,700 calories for the day. These calorie numbers by the way do include some sort of BMR/TDEE number, the accuracy of which is unclear. I ate a salad for lunch, 2 Cajun sausages and a keto roll for dinner. The keto rolls are some sort of cheese and almond flour concoction. Depending on which extremely-similar-sounding items I select on MFP, that dinner is anywhere from 600 - 1200 calories. Good thing I'm not tracking, because the deviation on that makes it completely useless! Intuition tells me that one large, fairly normal salad, 2 medium-sized sausage links, and a fluffy roll, even one made completely out of nuts and cheese, is probably not an excessive amount of food for a day, even a low energy-expenditure day. I'm counting it as a PASS. I plan to hit the gym today and tomorrow, and my 4th day would have to be on the weekend. Due to the nature of motivation on weekends, weekend workouts are always optional (but I do hit them sometimes). The last time I did squats I hit a PR (4x5 @ 355), haven't decided yet if I want to try for the full 5x5 at that weight or just see what I can do at 365. Volume hurts, and big numbers are fun. I'm watching Avengers 1 tonight to psyche up for Endgaeme tomorrow, and I'm doing this with friends from my more indulgent gaming group, so I anticipate some alcohol and indulgent eating. Volume might make a better buffer for that. BUT... big numbers are fun.
  6. Chaos22

    Chaos22 Back in the Race

    I don't schedule appointments, but yes I have books broken down into chapters that I want to read on certain days to complete the book.
  7. BlackCatMagic

    BlackCatMagic: The Power Within

    April 23: Leg and glutes day! My new barbell pad and lifting gloves arrived. Back squats sooo much nicer with the barbell pad. I was so tired that I nearly fell asleep during the last set. I skipped the planks that I usually do at the end - too tired. Plus I appear to have a pretty nasty case of tennis elbow.
  8. Machete

    Guzzi - getting a life, intermittently

    I did this at the gym once. 10 What's New, Pussycats and an It's Not Unusual. It was great.
  9. BlackCatMagic

    BlackCatMagic: The Power Within

    April 22: Chest / shoulders / triceps day. I think that bench press is one of my favorite lifts.
  10. kcaleece

    KCAleece Gets Fabulous!

    Official countdowns:22 school days left48 days left until we go to Mexico Challenge updates: Quest 1: Combine shelving in 2nd bedroom 3rd shelf cleared! 2 more...but these two are the most full. Thankfully, those two shelves are all children's books, so I don't have to find spots in the rest of the house for them necessarily. It might help a little if I find a good spot in the room for them? Maybe? Quest 2: Keep coffee table clean (6/8 days) Re-cleaned it off last night, woohoo! Quest 4: Defeat the sugar demon! I haven't actually done any dessert-less days so far, but man I'm struggling with this one lately. I'm fighting just to make it to 1:30, much less the entire day. Wednesdays are terrible days for me, just schedule-wise, and stress/emotional eating is by far my biggest issue...but I'm really super going to dig deep and try for day 1 today. Cheer me on? Please? Psychic high fives and pats on the back are always welcome Quest 7: Personal care task (6/8 days) Done! Quest 9: Clear out box in the master bedroom I...kinda started? I got 4 things out of the box before my husband came home with my son and he (the baby!) of course immediately needed me in the living room to watch his favorite music show with him, but that's 4 things more than I had before that. Hopefully it's not cheating if I just threw 2 of those things into the laundry to try after a wash...I'd have to wash them regardless of if I was donating or keeping them, right? One was a cardigan which wasn't exactly super stylish but I might end up keeping it because I'm always cold and maybe it can work until something better comes along. The other was just a green t-shirt but who knows, maybe it'll fit well or maybe it'll end up in the alterations pile. (Side note: I think I need to put the purple t-shirt I'm wearing today into the alterations pile actually...much like I expect that green shirt to be, it's a bit shorter than I'd like and just kinda shapeless and boring. But I like the colors of both of them, so they might be worth cutting into.) Quest 13: Maintain job applications Final decision made last night - we're officially trying for baby #2 and I will only apply to either super high-flying schools or French positions from here on out Quest 14: Family trip prep (1 busy book page started, 3 months photo backup done) Whew, finally backed up October pictures last night! Yeah! That officially brings me to the 3 month goal, but I feel like getting 2018 done is soooo close, so that's what I'm going to expand my goal to - 5 months to cover all of 2018 (at minimum, hopefully that'll be fast and easy and I can start including 2019 - I know I need more space on my phone for the Mexico pictures than I currently have!)
  11. BlackCatMagic

    BlackCatMagic: The Power Within

    April 21: Legs and glutes. Up to my max weight (by max weight, I mean weights that I own) on kettlebell swings and barbell RDL.
  12. BlackCatMagic

    BlackCatMagic: The Power Within

    April 20: Took another rest day. So tired! Got some laundry done though.
  13. BlackCatMagic

    BlackCatMagic: The Power Within

    April 19: Back and biceps day!
  14. BlackCatMagic

    BlackCatMagic: The Power Within

    April 18: Another rest day.
  15. Rookie

    Waanie sets a routine

    Wow that is some spicy running music! Love your goals I too am working on routine/habit building and I hope to PokemonGo more! Wanna exchange trainerIDs? :O
  16. BlackCatMagic

    Rip The Start - Remix

    Day 2: Didn't get home until almost 7:30, but still did my workout. Nearly fell asleep in between hip thrust sets! Legs / glutes day 9,000+ steps 100 oz water journaling
  17. JessFit

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    Yes, exactly. It is much less work than lacing them or trying to put in a new/modified zipper. If you're really in to the appearance of either of those previous ideas then I totally get that too.
  18. JessFit

    JessFit goes full warrior

    Guyyyys, that date is tonight. Why are dates so awkward? I was supposed to lift last night. Didn't. I felt bleh, decided sleep was more important, and went to bed at 8 instead. I then came in to work an hour late because I felt gross this morning. I'm unsure if it is allergies, fatigue, or illness at this point but I'm trying to power through. I finished another PHD, I reshaped a civil war bonnet, but I basically did nothing else relevant yesterday. Maybe oodles of sleep gave me longer to get dehydrated, but I weighted in at 150.8 today. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I haven't been this light in about 5 years, and I'm sure that I've never been this strong as this body weight before. Yay for small victories. Goals: 1: Lifting sessions 3/12 2: Pull-up/Chin-up work 5/15 3: Greater than 95% compliance with the Renaissance Periodization diet. 98.16%/95% Weight: 150.8/148 4: Recovery and mobility. 5/15 5: Skincare 5/20 6: Projects half done 3/5
  19. Guzzi

    fitbyforty's first challenge

    Ugh, yeah! Been there too, lol! I think sometimes it’s like a viscous circle/virtuous circle thing. The more you do of “Thing A” the easier it is to do “Thing B” but the less you do “Thing A” the harder it is to do “Thing B”. Which, when you consider that the less you do one thing the more important it is to do the other, just plain old sucks! That’s a really good place to start then! I always find that eating healthier and exercising get easier the more you do it so cutting out the stuff now that doesn’t matter so much helps to make it easier to say no to something really good further down the line.
  20. NicTheRugger

    Reset, Recenter, Rebuild

    I did! I've been 2/2 so far this week, and I'm already halfway through for today's 50!
  21. NicTheRugger

    Cheetah revels in a small measure of success!

    Hooray sleep!
  22. jcmgm

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    I agree with this
  23. NicTheRugger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Heck yeah it's a win! Meetings after 4:30 pm should be illegal.
  24. scalyfreak

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    If Mark Twain was alive today he'd probably write for either SNL or something like The Today Show....
  25. NicTheRugger

    Elastigirl Has A Joy Filled Challenge

    Awkward confession: I've never seen Inside Out! I know, I missing out. And you're getting pretty close with your crow pose. You can do it! I believe in you.
  26. Rookie

    Butternut decomposes

    RIGHHHHHHHHT?!?!?!!? Its the most recommended in my horse community with the well endowed ladies. So if it pasts the horse test.... you know it has to be good. The issue I have with my Enell is after a year or so I find it stretches a bit and the brackets on the front start to rust and go. And that seems like an issue I will not have with the SheFit.
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