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  2. Murphy's Roommate

    Murphy's Roommate Keeps Trucking

    I am getting tired of looking at houses. Saw another one today. It will be nice to not have my life revolve around house hunting eventually. - Murphy's Roommate
  3. bigm141414

    Raptron Ramps Up

    As we all do. Yeah you did! Your deadlifts! So strong! 3 plates is a huge milestone! My exclamation point key is wearing out1111111111
  4. Rinna

    Save yourself.....Rinna looks within.

    Basically a horse tranq. It’s an anesthetic. Street use is ecstasy. But this is doctor administered, sub anesthetic levels. Not sure if I’m interested. My hubby is more open minded than me.
  5. Elastigirl

    Save yourself.....Rinna looks within.

    What is Ketamine? I definitely wouldn't be ready for snow yet! We had super cold weather, but at least it was sunny(super cold for me means icy at night and in the morning) Getting walking in is great as is taking care of your family.Hope the next days start to look brighter for you
  6. Psyched that you got Hu tickets. I think you need something great to look forward to. Hope the finances ease up.
  7. Elastigirl

    Sloth Becomes More Sexy With Kettlebells

    Sounds like an intense workout. I think one thing that has helped me with the double cleans is really focusing on form ,so I don't have a lot of wasted movement and energy.Dan John says you need to keep your elbows tight to your side when doing cleans. I've been working on doing that, and it does make it easier (though not easy, just maybe less exhausting)
  8. Rinna

    Save yourself.....Rinna looks within.

    Things......are. But there is a light, and I’m pretty sure it’s not a train. I have spent the last few weeks not giving any f@*%s. Everything has been an effort. Doing the bare minimum here. I realized the other day that I might need to go back on my meds. The why bother attitude, tears for stupid reasons, anxiety, and paranoia have been creeping back. I finally made an appt. (wouldn’t you know there’s one the next day, for this.....) and have gone back on antidepressants as of today. It’s been 2 years, since I quit, and I guess I wasn’t doing as well as I thought. So, hopefully they’ll work sooner rather than later, and, well, just work. It’s the smallest dose, and if after 30 days no workie, I can up the dose. But it worked before, so no reason to think it won’t. My hubby thinks I should try ketamine infusion therapy. Folks say it works wonders, but how can getting stoned help long term? I dunno. I’ve managed to walk, on average, 4 days a week. Sometimes 5, and last week we made 6. We even walked in 20 weather, just to see if we could. It actually wasn’t horrible. We had our first snow, which was horrible. Not literally, I’m just not ready. So, in a nutshell, the only f@*%s I have in me to give right now are walking, and the shit I have to do, like feed my guys, and make sure their clothes don’t stink. Sorry for any typos, this subject makes me cry, and I can’t quite see what I’m typing.
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  10. Keifer

    Sloth Becomes More Sexy With Kettlebells

    Kettlebell Ladders are fun and deceptively hard. Awesome job!
  11. That was really cool!
  12. Keifer

    Keifer's Daily Battles

    They are really fun to workout with, and learn to use properly.
  13. Xena

    Xena enjoys 'Hero Season'

    You are right about the pushups. And your suggestion is really good. I'm gonna finish out this goal somehow, but then yeah, I should focus on something that motivates me more. Today was kinda brutal in a good way. I was slated to run 8 miles. Did it, but my quads are pretty darned sore from this weekend. I noticed them for sure, but it felt good to know that I could work through it.
  14. SkyGirl

    Illumination: The Protector Rises

    Aiieee, this evening was a small adventure!! Let me preface it by saying that wiser people and mothers will probably realize immediately that I am very gullible and could have been getting myself into a bad situation; I did realize that after I got home - and, unfortunately, about 30 seconds after texting the story jokingly to my mom, who responded by sending me a book excerpt on how to recognize if people are trying to kill you. So there's that. I'm older and wiser now. But anyway, the short version of the "adventure" was that while I was on my evening walk, I ran into one of the elders from my church, who is also one of the most effervescently extroverted and unstoppably talkative people I have ever known; and since I was walking and he was on his cool-down, he asked if he could take the last lap along with me. I know him and his wife pretty well and said yes, of course. So after we finished the lap (which was my second, and therefore I had already gone twice as far as usual), he started to leave, then asked if I'd like to come along with him and see his wife, who was home with the cats. It was only a short way, he said, and she'd be glad to see me. (That was the part where my mom's alarm bells would have gone off and she would have been sure he was luring me to my death or something. I, however, thought of seeing my friend AND cats, and said sure, that sounded nice.) The elder was a complete gentleman and talked expressively the whole time about his grandiose dreams to upgrade the church building into a beautiful haven to which everyone in the community can come and be welcomed one day. Turns out, however, that "a short way" in this athletic man's mind was another 20-minute walk, through some woods that reeked of marijuana, down two cul-de-sacs and up a steep hill. His wife was, in fact, home, and her cats had just caught a mole, so I got to get some water and be part of that excitement, pet the brave kitties and sympathize with my friend about the miniblind repair man who had not arrived. I've been feeling a bit lonely since Lily's husband arrived, so it was very nice to see her and be reminded that I'm definitely not alone or friendless. By that point, however, it was almost dark, and I said I needed to leave. My friend and her husband both offered a ride; but I, being proud and foolish, said no, I would just jog home. They said it would be more direct for me to go toward the outer road instead of through the weed-smoke woods; so I grinned and waved and took off running to parts unknown. Now, it really wasn't that far, only a little over a mile, and I've been through all those neighborhoods before. But I have never been through them on foot, I have never been through them headed that direction, and I have never been through them at night. So I ran as far as I could, walked until I could my breath, and ran again. Twenty minutes later, I arrived home without incident and was very proud of myself for quite calmly and rationally navigating unfamiliar sidewalks AND for spending so much of the time jogging. I basically had not jogged this year, before this week. Would I do all that again? Probably not, no. And even though I still trust the elder and trust my gut instinct that said he was safe to be with, I probably should stop and think twice before cheerfully going along with any man who invites me to come on foot to his house. But other than my incredibly sore and upset knees and hips, everything turned out just fine, and I admit I'm still a bit proud of myself. My total for the day was 6.5 miles and 15,000 steps. Off to watch a movie and crochet for a while. I'm incredibly close to finishing my friend's afghan! Just another day or two!!
  15. Xena

    Sloth Becomes More Sexy With Kettlebells

    I read up on this plan of yours, and I learned that it involves getting ripped without the "dishonor of aerobics" :-( (gotta love some Pavel though)
  16. Sloth the Enduring

    Keifer's Daily Battles

    I did my first double KB workout today. It was a killer at 16kg. I’m even more impressed with your log now.
  17. Sloth the Enduring

    How does this work again? [maegs]

    Oh man, I love the demolition derby. Good job gymming.
  18. Xena

    Level 1 - Kokiri Forest

    Your writing plan sounds awesome! And I'm glad you liked the yogurt :-)
  19. Rinna

    » shaar channels the dirgesinger within

    Wendy is my guilty secret. We watch her show almost every day. I swear, I think her bosom will explode at any time....(she has enormous implants). You can’t not look at ‘em. I bought a pair of faux snakeskin booties because I saw some cool snakeskin boots on her show.
  20. maegs

    How does this work again? [maegs]

    HAI I kept meaning to update and then forgetting! What week is it even? Week 1 Physio - Yes! Sleep - Mostly! (6/7) Gym - Yes! Running - Yes! Week 2 Physio - Yes! Sleep - Not so good (3/7) Gym - Yes! Running - Sort of! (1/3 due to sore foot) Week 3 Physio - Half done! Sleep - Bad! (1/7) Gym - Yes! Running - Yes! (2/3) Week 4 Physio - Half done! Forgot because of not running Sleep - Not so good (3/7) Gym - Yes! Running - Sort of! (1/3 cause I got sick) This weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canadia. Had lots of wholesome family fun, went to the fair, etc. We were talking about fairs and how they're a really Canadian/American thing (my mom is Irish and says they don't have anything like it in Ireland/the UK/Europe that she'd ever heard of, at least). There's a bunch around here, but the one on Thanksgiving weekend is the big one - a few years ago they said there was about 50 000 visitors over 3 days, and there's always people coming to compete from all over Canada and the US, and the Ontario Clydesdale Championship got moved from the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto to this fair a few years back. We saw: rabbits, turkeys, chickens, pigeons, ducks, pigs, cows (many kinds), sheep (including a shearing demonstration), goats, bees, alpacas, horses (draft horses, carriage horses, western riding, jumping, etc), all kinds of vegetables (tallest corn, ugliest carrot, biggest pumpkin, etc), all sorts of handcrafts (knitting, sewing, wood carving), art (painting, photography), baking and preserves (tried to figure out how to steal the winning butter tarts and peanut butter cookies, but alas there were too many people around). And then there was the midway and food and rides and entertainment and demolition derby and .... I've picked up a cold - over the long weekend I had about every different symptom you could think of, all coming and going and coming again! Sore throat, sinus headache, runny nose, achy, cough, etc. I took today off work since I was still quite tired and stuffed up. I have been taking advantage of the old saying "feed a cold, starve a fever" though since it's Thanksgiving!
  21. ladyofthebog

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    also coven is fun.
  22. ladyofthebog

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    darn it, i'm so behind and there's so much i want to respond to but honestly i'm here because i needed to third the peeing strategy!
  23. maegs

    The Doodlies are at it again!

    Great timing, I'm in need of some extra motivation!
  24. Mortimer

    My way towards OCR

    Yes I know... I'm here and I jogged up the hill nearby my office yesterday then did 30 burpees and ran down,though I did break them up into 20, then 10. I can do 30 burpees straight but I need to be fresh. Jogging for 1.4 km(some part of it uphill) does not count as fresh. Unfortunately monkey bar practice was >< today and I only managed 3/4 way across the bars. So that's a potential burpee spot in the making. I will try to shorten my burpee rest time to 1 min between sets of 20. One of the instructors said at the gym, "What does not kill you makes you stronger. What kills you doesn't matter anyway." Issue I find is that if the weather is bad, sitting at home doing nothing isn't good for your cardio fitness - again I prioritise this quite some since I have a half marathon to run on 3 November so I dare not let myself get out of shape. Burpees is as good as any way to keep up with cardio. I mean we don't want incidents of you running in a blizzard or something crazy. Science says for cardio, your heart doesn't care if you're running, swimming, cycling etc, it still helps - which is why many runners cross train swimming because it's non weight bearing and still gives cardio workout.
  25. Whoa whoa whoa, you know how to grow bonsai trees from seeds? That's so cool! That is a very smart thing to do (note to self, be like Morag )
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  27. Countess D'If

    Depression fights Countess D'If

    Thanks! It's always so weird when I'm feeling back to Ok to look at things I write when I'm down so far. Depressed Countess and Not Depressed Countess look like the same person and Depressed Countess can fool about 99% of people into thinking she's OK. But holy carp, I am such a different person when I'm depressed. I don't even recognize me. I can't stress enough how important it is for me get help when you hit the bottom like that. Therapy or counseling, or going to a doctor. Or even just reaching out to friends and family. It's figuring out that I'm a mess and asking for help that takes for ever.
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