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  2. Diadhuit

    Tobbe's 100 days of food freedom (part 2)

    I rembember you talking about pizza back then, and I'm so happy to see you see the progress you made! You are doing big steps that sometimes I'm a bit jealous. But to everyone their path and I know I will get there someday. You are an inspiration
  3. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Sat and Sun Goal: don't lose sanity! - down and ups... but I'm ok The level up is sort out works in the house (part of) - not much done really, but I might get a sofabed from a friend... The movement is to keep up walking and dancing. I'm usually walking 10km per day and do 3-4 dancing classes a week. I would like to run or hula hooping again, but won't add stressors for that. - 1/2 Nutrition: 1)In bed, phone off by 10.30pm - nope, but slept in the mornings 2)Eat something at 9,11,13,15.30,18 (on weekends I am allowed to skip the 9 and add have food at 20) and track it - big nope! 3)If I crave sweets drink a glass of water - n/a
  4. RES

    press start to begin

    Best thing I've read today!
  5. RES

    Mistr catches up

    I can relate to this, how bad would some of these items be if they just didn't get done? That was one of the battles my ex and I have..I say it won't get done if I don't do it and she states, okay, so it doesn't get done...not the end of the world. Very hard for me to deal with, but I'm trying it and just taking care of me, ymmv
  6. Jean

    A Druid's Battle Log

    I'm feeling you, there. It's like "hey, I'm overworked already, you know what I'd really need? To have to gather the energy and time to repeatedly explain why, no, I can't do more overtime because and I know it sounds crazy but maybe I'm human?" Take care and do take time for yourself over time for your boss. People like you are hard to make do without.
  7. It went worse than I would have liked, but better than it would if I hadn't posted yesterday. So: Vineyard Surviving at work Decluttering Survival preparations Running has been done and the vineyard isn't in too bad a shape right now. The important thing is that I got back on the horse. Dental recovery is on its way (I've waited 6 years with half-eaten teeth because of money, I'm finally tackling it. It'll take several sessions which, together with work, build pretty long weeks). Focus for this week: - run every day; - keep working on those lacking working hours (target: 5%); - vineyard (Thursday is a holiday and I've taken Friday out so no excuses there).
  8. Big_Show

    Big_Show in #OperationWeddingSuit

    It's been quite a full weekend! Friday I hit the gym after work for a Back & Biceps session, then we had a quiet night in with a "takeaway" - you can buy a bag of themed ready meals from the supermarket that just go in the oven for 20mins and barely cost a tenner, so this week we had a thai variety pack with some extra garlic bread, because garlic bread. Nice night in. Saturday was Essex Pride! A really fun day out, plenty of booze but not too much food. But lots of hay fever. But lots of Pride. Today my sister & I took my Dad out for lunch, and when I got back I did all my meal prep for the week. Looks like I'm about sorted for food & also got a solid plan for the week ahead too: - Monday: I attempt running for the first ime in 5 weeks. Think my calf should be healed by now. - Tuesday: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps session - Wednesday: either a rowing machine session or another run - Thursday: Legs - Friday: Back & Biceps - Saturday: Suffolk Pride! - Sunday: possible hangover? It's nice to have a plan. The plan for this consists of: - weekly weigh-ins, generally on a Wednesday. - 3x weights sessions : Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Back & Biceps, and Legs. - 2x cardio sessions: initally 1 run and 1 row, and take it from there: - daily yoga: I have started cycling through the NF Yoga mini-sessions daily with the goal of injury prevention - no drinking on schoolnights (and starting later on a Saturday) - check in with this thread as often as possible for accountability!
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  10. analoggirl

    Don't call it a comeback

    Hey! I worked out today. Did not finish my tasks from yesterday so I have stuff that I have to find a place for on my floor. Will not allow myself to put them back and cover all my surfaces again :') Been feeling A more minimalistic setting these days. Since I have some unknown variables in my near future I think I will need that. I watched a video once about someone that vowed to never cover their surfaces and instead puts memorabilia like photos on their wall. Anything that cannot go on the wall (save a couple of decorations or practical things) just... does not stay in the room like that. I have wanted shelves for a while but am reluctant because I live in a rental. And before you know it, if you want to leave, you have to plug 100 holes! Nahhh... Also, I really have to stop postponing making a huge overview with color markers of the coming weeks of summer + next year's academic calander. In the past 2 years it helped me visualise so it is worth the time. Soooo I will wake up early tomorrow, do a quick "miracle morning" type routine - I know the author and his publisher chose those words because they alliterate... but I will call it the MM routine from now on. - and get started.
  11. Tanktimus the Encourager

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Envious you get to see Mel Brooks.
  12. Salinger

    TGP changes!

    How are you ? or did i ask that already HAHAAH xx
  13. Salinger

    jcmgm. May it end well

    You are doing great JC!!! Good job. xx
  14. RedStone

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Little beat up today from the dummy seminar over the last few days, and kinda pretty glad my mahjonng game isn't going to happen today! The last few weeks at work have been pretty light, but starting tomorrow morning it's going into hyper drive. Things I'm looking forward to include seeing Mel Brooks perform on Tuesday night, and I guess kind of getting some work done at the house on Thursday. (I'm glad it's hapenning, maybe a little nervous.) We're still working with flooring companies on quotes, and deciding what we want to do. I hope to have a decision made by mid week! Last, my shoulder is being cranky so I'm doing the shoulder things. Update complete, end of conversation
  15. You don't use them anyway, right? So you want to keep them or they just take up space? Ask yourself do you need them, do you want them (due to sentimental value for example), or you want to get rid of them. I learned this the hard way, as my parents (raised in cold war era in a Soviet block country where everything was in deficit) tend to hoard on everything, no matter what. So I sometimes feel I live at the scrapyard, and buying new furniture for example is a battle, because I need to prove to them this 50+ year old, falling apart cabinet isn't what I need at the moment.
  16. Akari

    Akari practices consitency

    Hi all, in approximately 7 weeks I will become a mother. Moving gets already harder and harder. Sitting leads to back hurt and getting up out of a lying position isn't fun. And going up a few stairs steals my breath. Fortunately, I just need to go to work for the next week. Then I can enjoy the summer and prepare everything for my little boy. In the past, I dealt with anxiety and depression. Exactly one year ago I was in therapy. Sometimes there are still days where I feel depressed and anxious but I noticed that I improved my mindset a lot. I know that I am responsible for my emotions. And if I tell myself "my life is terrible" then I will feel terrible. My life changed a lot to the better. Since February I have a new well-payed job which I really like, I have a new apartment just 10 min away from my job and I have full support from my family. There is just one thing I worry about. After my little one is born I need to deal with my ex-boyfriend. For now I broke every contakt because he was so hurt about the break up that it was impossible to talk to him without him insulting me. But I took action. I read the book "Crucial Conversation". This book is really amazing. I can recommed this to everyone. The authors define a crutial conversation as a discussion between two or more people when stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions run strong. Everybody know those kind of discussion where suddenly everyone gets mad, yells at each other or runs out of the room door slamming. I realised that I and my ex-boyfriend had a lot of conversations in our relationship which did go wrong. Sometimes even about such simple things like who will wash the dishes. In the last few weeks I watched my behaviour when talking to people. A good training for crucial conversations is talking to my little sister. She doesn't like me and she hates that I will live together with her in our parents house for the next few months. I will continue watching my behaviour and applying what I learned from this book so I am prepared when I met my ex-boyfriend again. The last time I had a lot of free time was at the beginning of the year: one and a half months without work after I finished my apprenticeship. I almost lost all motivation to do anything because I had no goal besides finding a job. I don't wanna waste the coming two month or fall back into depression. I want to enjoy the summer and do something that makes me happy and that I can be proud of. Learn trumpet: 5 years ago I made the attemp to learn the trumpet. I foun a teacher and bought an instrument. But after one year I had enough because the teacher was demotivating. He cared more about his job at the theater than about his job as teacher. Now I have plenty of time so I can find at least 15 minutes to practise. And if I practise 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening then this are 30 per day. I already promised my mother that I will play together with her in our local music school in november. There will be a concert where only adult students play. My mother will play the piano and I will play clarinet. We have already a piece which I played once with the clarinet more than 10 years ago. (Time is really passing by) Learn Japanese: I like animes and one day I want to understand them. It's a long way till then but who doesn't start can't get to his goals. I know already hiragana and around 200 words. I also know the first 80 Kanji. I just can't talk Japanese (yet). Two weeks ago I found a pretty good Kanji app called "Kanji study". You can learn with flash cards, practise writing in it and take quizzes for meaning and pronaunciation. It was quit easy to learn the first 80 Kanji so I bought the upgrade to unlock all Kanji. With just 12 Euro it's pretty cheap for such a good app. My goal is now to learn each day 5 to 10 new Kanji. And to work my way through the 4 books of "Japanese from Zero". One hour practise each day. Relearn French: I had five years of French in school but didn't use it for 10 years. I picked up a story book for beginners (Level B1) and I will read and translate at least two pages per day. Any new words I will put into a selfmade Memrise course and practise them. Moving and Nutrition I tend to eat out of boredom, frustration or simply because it tastes good. This won't help me lose weight after my child is born. For the past two weeks I tracked all my food without restricting the intake to get a feeling for how much I eat. I've read that I should eat 2200 kcal due to my pregnancy. But I noticed that I am not hungry with just 1800 kcal. I like to eat bread with salami or cheese in the morning and evening. For lunch: potatoes, pasta or rice with protines and vegtables. I wrote moving becomes harder with that baby belly but going by bike is easy and fun. When I move to my parents I will take the bike and walk our dog 3 times a day. two weeks ago I vacation and did that already. I love beeing outside and I my dog. Unfortunatly I couln't take my dog with me in the past few years. He would be alone for 10 hours per day. But he is happy at home. Going each day to work together with my parents and sleeping all day in the office. Bevore I can move to my parents I need to clean my apartment from top to bottom and pack all stuff I want/need to take with me. That's the goal for the next week. Today I cleaned the bath and washed clothes. Tomorrow I will clean the living room.
  17. aramis

    aramis on his way

    June 16th sleep - tbd workout - none (rest day) veggie in every meal - done protein - lunch 60g, dinner - 14g, supper 46g - 120g total. Low. I overate on fats in lunch (yummy, yummy bacon), dinner was low on protein (but lots of stewed cabbage - I love it! ), and wasn't really able to throw more protein in the supper without overshooting my calories. Nothing to cry about tho.
  18. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    June 16th. Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - bacon and grilled quark omelette, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce - 935kcal, 57g protein Dinner - potatoes, fried mortadela in batter, stewed cabbage - 412kcal, 14g protein Supper - grilled eggplant with mozarella, smoked cod rolls in lettuce leaves- 416kcal, 46g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 100ml whole milk - 60kcal, 3g protein Total 1823kcal, 120g protein. Low on proteins. I overate on fats in lunch, dinner was low on protein (but lots of stewed cabbage - I love it! ), and wasn't really able to throw more protein in the supper without overshooting my calories. I still think "no harm done", since I keep my proteins high on a daily basis. Tomorrow it'll be back at target level. Workout - none (rest day) No workout, but had lots of move - first I needed to examine why my car won't start (some acrobatics to get to fuel pump), then some house chores and finally grilling eggplant for supper (and for my wife to take it for nightshift) and prepping my workweek lunch. Not much sitting on my ass anyway.
  19. jcmgm

    jcmgm. May it end well

    So... out of the blue, I had to deliver a talk about Wildlife Conservation in Ports, which was difficult. Really not in my comfort zone talking to a room full of people, with a mic. I'm more used to have a small group of students while sharing a mate. I've been to crossfit twice this week, and some yoga classes. I've been feeling better but my pubalgia is still lurking there. Luckily it hasn't worsened. I have joined the new National Association of Wildlife Photographers, I've sent a poster for a congress! Still, some things I haven't been able to get myself to do them.
  20. Which there's at least one she wants back, but the rest are probably fair game even if they were from her house.
  21. aramis

    The Long Night

    We'll see, maybe I'll manage to convince my friend to rivets, or at least recessing screws a bit when he'll feel those biting in his palm. For now, it needs to stay as it is due to his strict request. But yeah, if I'd do it for myself, it would be rivets or tubes. Or some dark wood inlays. Or... oh, nevermind.
  22. jcmgm

    jcmgm. May it end well

    Well... it kinda fell off. Reasons: The research group I'm part of has seen many 'casualties' haha. We've got some pregnancies, medical leave, one is having a project abroad, other two in other cities. So the group workload kinda fell on me and on my companion. We were traveling and giving some talks. My idea is to read short stories at my current level of French and listen to some podcasts I've found to be clear and easy to follow. On the Italian front, I read newspaper and books, without concern, and listen to music and watch movies. English, well. I don't want to say that I can't improve in it but it's part of the daily work of a scientist.
  23. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    I gave my mind the day off today, and it seems to have worked quite well. Sure, nothing of anything got done, but I feel a little more mentally refreshed and ready to head into tomorrow's arduous shift. Food: Mostly grazing. My one 'meal' consisted of a couple of packets of instant noodles with a pittance of veg thrown in. Obviously not good enough, but a step up from eating nothing at all. Movement: Not too bad on this front, mostly consisted of keeping myself mobile or not in the same position for too long, something my aching joints have thanked me for. Downtime: Got my nose wedged firmly into a book and kept it there. Illness/injury: Not so much coughing, plenty of generic bone ache. I can see this going downhill already, but at least it's something I have actually noticed. Yes, I've had a few off days, but I know I can start picking things up again and making things better for myself.
  24. Jean

    "Smart" guy looking for financial guidance

    My personal trick? Change your focus. You're considering things in the now and are having regrets over what you've done and not done in the past. Switch it. Put yourself in the future and watch present you from there. Will you have regrets because you didn't tackle your debts in the present? Will you be oh so glad to be debt free and have more availability for, for example, raising your newborn children? I'm 34, life hasn't ended for me and what I did and did not do when I was 30 does impact what I can and cannot do right now. You've got 35 years of working life ahead of you, are 4 years of sacrifice worth more freedom for the 31 other of them? Motivational speeches have helped me a lot in the past. Here are a few of those I'm still listening to when I need a little boost: Vision: to project myself in the future and look at present me doing his choices; Dream: to help me keep a broader vision and aim big; Failure: to remind myself that we are all failing all the time - other people just don't show it but we can't hide it from ourselves - boosting my sense of self worth (because others are just as covered in shit as I am and what really matters is to just keep going forward). Willpower is overrated. What really works for me is building a system and having choices precut for me. That's what you get with automation. All it really requires is one meeting with your bank advisor, putting things on the table and requesting your accounts to have a hard line at $0 not allowing you to dig in them below that, ever.
  25. RedStone

    Mike Wazowski: Settling Back into Routines (or "Routines")

    This year you gave me the courage to stand up as a Huff, and acted as the model to be proud of it. <3 you boo. (Even though you made me walk up and down Manhattan like 5 times in the same day )
  26. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Hi all. 7.15pm. what a tiring day. But enjoyable. The drive was fine, good in fact. I did well. Meal was awesome, lovely beef roast dinner. mmmmm We ate at 2pm. Im hungry again so may have a salad or something. I need to plan my food for this week...(on MFP) Oh i got a blender, it arrived!! I will get some stuff to put in it, tomorrow. (shops shut at 4pm on Sundays) My first workout with the trainer is tomorrow at 11am. I AM TERRIFIED. Hope everyones ok x
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