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  2. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Saturday - w4d7 Mindful Moments - one for breakfast - gratitude, sitting down, tuned in to what was in my mouth - one for lunch - sitting down, no screens, paid a lot of attention PT Exercises - traced the alphabet Self Care - peppermint in the diffuser - lots of playing around online - kitten snuggles
  3. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit's level up

    Mmm, sorry for going missing. I had some huge stresses this week, struggled to keep it together. Recap: 1)I need a clear soul, so mindfulness / prayer / any type of meditation every day (as little as asking myself what do I need in difficult moments) - 14/21 2) I will also need a healthy body, so exercise every morning (might be as little as a push up or a stretch) - 12/21--> this is the only goal I'm not happy with, but I did so much exercise I am ok with the spirit of the challenge 3) I will need a sharp mind, and we all know how important nutrition is for this. I want to pay attention at what I eat with IE diary - 14/21 4) I will have my house keys Monday week!! Next challenge will see trying to sort out works in the house, and some if/then nutrition rules. I won't have a fitness goal as I'm usually walking 10km per day and do 3-4 dancing classes a week. I would like to run or hula hooping again, but won't add stressors for that. I am going to read through the PCOS diet, and see if I can adapt it, as I have no kitchen so won't be able to follow it. Nutrition rules I want to follow: Eat something at 9,11,13,15.30,18 (on weekends I am allowed to skip the 9 and add have food at 20) If you crave sweets drink a glass of water
  4. Salinger

    Cheetah isn't worried.

    Hope all is going well and you can enjoy the weekend xx
  5. Salinger

    TGP going the distance!

    How you doing ?xx
  6. Salinger

    DaemonCorax becomes less round (incubating pt. 6)

    Hope everything is good and safe and happy xx
  7. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    ~ Challenge review ~ OMG this challenge is already over. It's so weird, last challenge felt like a century and this one feels like it has barely started. /* Challenge Log */ last P2 cycle |Deload| #1 | #2 | #3 P2: 3/3 | 1/1 | 1/1 | 1/1 | 1/1 100% Press2HS: 3/3 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 100% HS: 3/3 | 1/1 | 3/3 | 3/3 | 3/3 100% Stretching: 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 1.5/2| 2/2 95% Cirque-Physio:18/18| 12/12| 18/18| 18/18| 18/18 100% Legs: 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 100% Ball-flex: 4/4 | 4/4 | 4/4 | 4/4 | 4/4 100% Pull: 5 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 4 =19 Job-prep: 10/10| 16/10| 15/10| 14/10| 6/10 122% Drawing: 1 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 0 =7 Practice: going well so far. I'm really enjoying Kirsty's programme. It feels just right at my level and I can focus on form rather than just surviving it. I'm comparing with P2 balancing flows There is quite a big gap between P1 and P2, had I known I think I would have done first Kirsty HS programme, then press to HS, and then P2. That said, I think learning to balance is always quite intense, tiring and frustrating no matter the programme. And I still feel that but improving consistency over the past year has helped tremendously. Say in 10mn, I get a lot more good working reps than I used to. Her coaching has been spot on as well because as soon as I started following her advice, I could feel a difference in my holds. Of course, change does not happen over night, but it feels like things are going in the right direction. P2 custom feels good too. I definitely want to keep bent arm / levers / crow work in there. It's a bit lower priority but I feel that at a very minimum I need to maintain my level. A few weeks time is a bit too short to evaluate whether 1x/week is enough (in particular for bent arm strength). I will see how it goes, I might add some 1-leg crow / pike PU at the end of press to HS if I feel that I'm losing it a little. My pull activities are still minimal but that's ok by me for now. I have improved a fair amount on some Cirque Physio stuff, for instance, when I started I was unable to do child pose middle split leg lifts without a cushion and I could not hold really, just lifting was pretty tough despite the height buffer. Now I'm on the floor, butt down on the heel of my foot and I can lift and hold 4-5s there. Prone passés have also improved. The only thing bothering me a little is that I postpone stretching quite often instead of doing it in the morning. Nothing too bad, but maybe I could focus on that next challenge. Otherwise I'm now back to my pre-move rhythm. Job-prep: very good, I relaxed this week-end but I'm overall past the bout of procrastination I went through last challenge. I don't think I will need to challenge myself further on it, because I'm now definitely motivated and engaged in the process (whether my current application works out or not). Drawing/cardboard: that was a bonus item and while I did do a little here and there, I still haven't finished the second layer on my cardboard project. My mental space is a bit too busy with job search and coding to do much more than that. Edit: forgot to include today's pull
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  9. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    I did not ask, it looked too clean to be really used imo Oops, I hope the floor is solid! Cheers! I guess a deep banana qualifies as some kind of HS scorpion, it's pretty technical too Saturday Ball drill + pull + press to HS: still on free standing negatives, I tried to make them as beautiful as I could to get a video for my submission #2, however looking at the videos I could have gone a bit slower to show more control. I will try to get another take next week. Legs are also still bending a wee bit but I don't think I can fix it in a week. Out of curiosity, I tried to press with books on the side and nope. I started re-reading the material on full press and you are supposed to push legs to the side. I was trying to get my legs up straight away (that definitely did not work). In the afternoon, we went to a local support group for epilepsy and I have to say it was a bit depressing. It is supposed to be recognised as a handicap, and while care/medication is covered by social security, we were warned that care is under extreme pressure, general public knowledge about it is pretty low and it sounds like work-wise, it's going to be the same as Iran despite handicap laws. Sunday I finally managed to get hold of an e-mail address for my tax centre (when I left France everything was still paper-based, I don't have an account to do things online). I sent my new info, so that bit is done. The last bit of admin will be social security (contrary to local popular belief, neither of us are entitled until we have 3 months of residency). I expect this to be a major paperwork pain in the ass. I'd happy to be proven wrong of course Then Cirque Physio x4 + ball drill + pull + HS endurance HS was a bit of a zoo, like I had all my spirits animals in one session! I had a bit of a harder time with my ribs. A best at ~48s, an epic one, I managed to recover from a pike followed by a big banana and again pike down to tuck and up again, but I didn't last long after that. Then some free standing negative and HS down to L-sit via a straddle. When I go from straight to straddle, I tend to pike (I'm often already a bit piked), so I'm working on straightening that bit + delaying the butt roll, and then slowing down the descent as much as I can. It's tough on balance, and after the butt roll, it's a lot of abs while still pushing like mad. Pretty intense 1-rep thingy. Here is a video of my wild endurance bit + a couple of negs:
  10. elizevdmerwe

    elizevdmerwe - It's about nr.23 & Countdown...8

    One night with no trouble. More shots, more break ins, but no more riots or protests. No one even tried to go through our property. So ... I would call that a win for us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- WEEK 4 --> CHALLENGE SUMMARY HEALTH BIBLE STUDY - Most weeks I had some quiet time/bible study in the day. WATER - Struggling to get more than one bottle in per day, except on really hot days. We still have days above 30C, even though it is definitely autumn and moving on to winter. SLEEP - Not too bad, except for the last two weeks where I went to bed late about as often as I went to bed early. Sleeping in on the weekend definitely helps. FOOD WILLPOWER - Small slice of Tiramisu on Friday. Chocolates was a problem, but not too bad. First two weeks of the challenge was a lot better in everything than these last two weeks. STAYING ACTIVE Strength Monday AND Friday mornings. 3.6km walk on Wednesday. No exercises during week 2, otherwise I did something or 2x strength workouts every other week of the challenge! Also managed to walk at least once a week. THE PLAN...COUNTDOWN - 8months to go Finances: Dailies DONE. Monthly - NOT. CV & cover letter: DONE. Waiting for reply on application. Thought they would have acted faster than they are doing. House plans updated: DONE for now. Fire arms licenses research: DONE. Driver's licenses research: DONE. Kitchen cleanup: One top cupboard left. I had a quick look through. Brandt's old skydiving and some other gear is in there. Can't do anything with that now. Some baby things like a feeding seat and other toddler things! Then only things that need to be sold, like a yoghurt maker we got from someone, but never used. Basically DONE. Home Affairs: DONE, except for marriage certificate. In Summary: Went average to well. Good enough to keep me going and coping. I actually felt a couple of times as if I had some free time and could just relax. Which is good. Next challenge will follow the same plan.
  11. elizevdmerwe

    TGP going the distance!

    Hope the little walks are going along and that you are still on track for the A100. We have a couple of the wild mustards this side too! Those are one of the plants I can feed Breeze, our bearded dragon, but she doesn't like it. Then again, she is like a typical child, give her the sweet part of the plant and she gobbles it up! Flowers and fruits don't last, but her greens! Glad your chess playing is coming back and improving again. Adam says he prefers to play on GCompris (an educational game I installed on the computer, which they use for various practices of their school work) now. Things will fall into place as your focus shifts, after A100.
  12. zenLara

    Where did all the adamantium go?

    18.5.19 ACTIONS TIME SPENT SENSATIONS AND FEELINGS YOGA MUSIC PRACTICE 1h Work is paying. HANGING. PUSHING. WORKING OUT ICELANDIC Only listening, 1h20m WRITING GYM MOBILITY OUTDOORS 30' My boyfriend wanted to take a stroll. I didn't enjoy it much, because we stayed in the city. READING 1h30 + 1h Book is over. I don't think I'll read the whole series. SKETCHING WH BREATHING 15' Nice and well. BREATHING. MEDITATION Total time: 4h15m. Yesterday was quite a lazy day. I wanted to do all the things, but in the end I was too tired from the gym and the work week.
  13. elizevdmerwe

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    Sounds like my husband, and only if he has worked hard, building on the car, or strength training, or cycled to work and back. Otherwise he sleeps even less. Jakkals, I don't think your parents have any idea in general how unhappy you are. Never mind that you don't like eating with them.
  14. fleaball

    Flea Hates Everything

    HELP THERE WAS A SPIDER ON THE CEILING ABOVE MY BED AND I LOOKED AWAY FOR TWO SECONDS AND NOW IT’S GONE. I hate spiders y’all. Haaaaaate. Cannot deal. I’m gonna have a bitch of a time getting back to sleep because every random itch or tickle is going to make me panic that it’s in my bed. Fuck. I asked my brother to kill it for me but he ignored me because instead of mellowing out after smoking he just becomes an even bigger asshole. I’ll just have to hope Fat Kitty gets it if it comes anywhere near us. While I'm here, sorry for being MIA. I’ve been driving a ton since Thursday to get some bonuses since they hardly ever get offered anymore. And then I come home and faceplant in my bed because people-ing for that long is exhausting.
  15. Ann of Vries

    DaemonCorax becomes less round (incubating pt. 6)

    Ditto. At least they've waited until the end of the challenge!
  16. @mu

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    This is all very technical! I love the slow mo one, especially when the earth shakes at the end! It looked like the beginning of an epic magical fight Mad Hatter has entered the forest!
  17. Xena

    Xena plays the Long Game

    I've been on a work trip for a few days and will soon be out of email contact for a few days. My internet connection is slow here, so I'll do a big thread catch-up when I get home. so far.... Run 100 miles. By the end of week 3 I was up to 83.6. So far this week, I've hit 20.1, bringing me to 103.7. Goal accomplished! I was hoping to get more miles the past couple days but it's hard. I'm here for work, and my schedule is not really up to me. Cook 10 new recipes or storage meals. Have been traveling, so still at 5.5/10. Luckily the goal has no deadline :-) Plank 60 min. By the end of week 3, I was at 24.5. Over the past couple days I've done 5.5, bringing me to 30 min. Luckily this goal also has no deadline. Not sure whether I'll be able to work on this over the next few days or not. Will do the best I can. Sushi list....still at 7/10. Can't work on that remotely. Getting ready for a few days of field work. I'll need to be on the night shift (midnight to noon), so I've been shifting my hours. It's hard, but I'm glad to have had a few days to work on it.
  18. Ooooh, I’ve been meaning to try that for a while, must have a go.
  19. Xena

    The one in which Fonzico does not go crazy.

    Hope you have a great tournament. The custom shirts sound really cool!
  20. Congratulations on making it to the other side!!
  21. Xena

    Ladylydia's 90 day challenge- Part II

    Good job getting it in. Did you make it to jujitsu? That seems like it would be a great workout, and nice to have something scheduled.
  22. Xena

    Cheetah isn't worried.

    Sounds like you are ready for a weekend. Glad your back is feeling better!
  23. I'm sorry to hear that Tank but it obviously wasn't meant to be. I bet the house you get will be much better - this is what happened to us
  24. deftona

    Take it Outside ll: Electric Boogaloo (djtrippyT)

    I am rapt for this report!
  25. BryanEnojo

    Which one should I pick

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  26. BryanEnojo

    Hoi. My name says it all

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