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    Miaulin Snufs it Up

    Mooning is boss. I haven’t watched for ages though following along and cheering you on xx
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  4. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Hey all!! WOW IT IS SO HOT HERE!! 24 degrees yesterday - maybe even more to be honest. I had a busy day...i drove to the garden centre, pottered around which was lovely, and spent too much money on plants and stuff. Got home, started planting in pots i bought. Then me and Ste decided to have a BBQ so i drove to the shops to get some food. Not much was left to be honest but i grabbed some burgers and sausages. We made a salad and opened a beer and lit the bbq. I put on some music on my speakers and we chilled out. Was a lovely night. Blocked out Ste's face cos he isnt in for me to ask if i can put it up on here. Im so tired today, even though i slept till like 9am...i have a nice cup of tea and i will relax today i think. I need to pot the remaining plants and i will take a photo when done. Then my friend Billy wants to meet to watch the football. So i may head into town soon. But wont be a mad one, because im tired and want to relax. I messaged a few people about the dog lets see where it goes...!!!! x
  5. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    ~ Practice ~ Cirque Physio x4 + ball flex x1 + HS endurance HS endurance: best at 44s, not very good looking (sinking + piking), I was/am still very very tired Best endurance range for this cycle: 40-70s And that's it for this cycle of P2. Next week is deload and my upper body really needs it. Today my traps and shoulders are pretty dead, my hips and glutes are also very sore. I will take it easy including on PressToHS workouts. It's a starter workout so a priori not a killer just yet, except for the push & lean (HS press drill for the bottom part) but volume is low. I can also adjust the number of circuit runs if needed. ~ Week 0 review ~ /* Challenge Log */ last P2 cycle | P2: 3/3 | Press2HS 3/3 | HS: 3/3 | [deload] _ | Stretching: 2/2 | Cirque-Physio:18/18| Legs: 2/2 | Ball-flex: 4/4 | Pull: 5 | Job-prep: 10/10| Drawing: 1 | Practice: Well back to checking all boxes and I'm feeling it! Pull activity is currently regular but very limited and it will stay that way for a while, mostly for balance and keeping the basics in. I'm super happy about my last 2 shinies in this cycle: 1mn+ HS hold and managing a full lever spin on both sides even if it's not pretty. That's a nice P2 anniversary present. It's funny because I don't even find the lever spin super exciting as a skill to be honest. HS to L-sit is much more attractive for instance. But there is really a lot in it (bent arms strength, balance, super tough coordination and freaking glutes!!). I definitely want to keep working on that smurf Job-prep: I'm currently upgrading myself on the tools that are more prevalent here. I'm working on a little demo project including back-end / front-end / testing / deployment. Progressing well on that side. Drawing: did not happen. Cardboard was limited. I need to find guesso and paint for that one.
  6. @mu

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    No worry I will look it up
  7. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    haha Well im glad you are finally here <3 xx hehe it is very pretty!! Thanks Mia, so happy you are here again!!!! xx
  8. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Lives to Eat

    OK so my last challenge came to a pretty abrupt halt. Context has been spoilerised because it's sad, so you can skip it with my blessing: The last couple of weeks have been a real rollercoaster but things are starting to calm down again so I'm going to have a go with a small challenge just to keep my head in the game. My wedding dress is expected to arrive in the next couple of weeks and if possible I'd like to at least get back to the weight I was the day I tried it on! I've been sort of yo-yoing since late January, and I do have some amazing shapewear but I don't want to test its limits too far. For this challenge I'm going to focus on my nutrition habits. Last time I was sort of easing myself into intermittent fasting, with mixed success. By that I mean I'm pretty comfortable with the timing of it and I don't mind skipping breakfast, but I really need to be more mindful of the quality of food I'm consuming. I won't get far if I'm spending the whole eight hours munching Easter chocolate! 1) Intermittent Fasting. Aim for a 16:8 pattern, between about 1pm to 9pm. 2) Track all food. Recording everything will keep me mindful about how much I'm having, and particularly how much I ought to be having. 3) Any exercise at all is a win. My running buddy is more limited than usual so I'll just have to see how I go. I was planning to get back into running this challenge, but maybe I'll get back into knee pushups instead?
  9. Saturday Update I didn't get much sleep Friday night, probably because we were working around the house until quite late and as a recovering insomniac I need a good bedtime routine that includes a lot of wind down time before I feel sufficiently relaxed to let sleep take me. Because of this, I was tired af on Saturday morning and I was working very early. We were already struggling for staff with it being Easter weekend and we had a bit of sickness that I couldn't cover so we knew we were in for a bit of a rough day and it certainly delivered. I was supposed to finish early but since I had to ask some people to stay late there is no way I was going to go "SEE YA!" and check out early because that would be all kinds of wrong so I stayed until the bitter end and didn't take my full break entitlement. It made it a pretty long day. On my journey home they had closed more roads so I had to drive an extra mile or so around the wrekin which was extra annoying because I COULD SEE THE ENTRANCE TO MY ROAD I just couldn't access it because of traffic cones. This is going to be a massive ballache and it's most annoying because they just came and put the traffic cones up to block off the road and then fucked off home. It's Easter weekend, they aren't going to be working today or tomorrow. What kind of sadist does that. I got in and TH had entertained a number of beekeepers during the day, who all came out and told us different things. Whichever way you slice it, I don't think they're honeybees so I don't feel as bad removing them if it comes to it. TH had also cooked us that amazing dinner (remember when he said he couldn't cook...) but even having eaten that my cognitive function didn't resume as I hoped it would, no doubt because I was exhausted by my very busy day and lack of sleep the night before. I was struggling to even converse properly so I just gave up and went in the bath. We tried to properly catch up on each other's days in bed but I immediately fell asleep on him. And I was talking such a good flirting game in the morning before I left for work - my mouth needs to stop writing cheques my body is too tired to cash later on in the day... Food wise, I fasted until lunch which was around half twelve when I ate my salad and apple. Then I had dinner which is hard to track when I haven't cooked it myself. I did my best and anyway I had a lot of calories left over from the snackbox items I didn't eat. I think I ended the day on around 1605 calories but I am less sure of this than I usually am.
  10. zenLara

    UnquietBones does favors for TomorrowSelf!

    This is very good news! I've seen you here now and then trying to get back on track but it seemed you had a lot to deal with. Wishing you luck in this new stage!
  11. Terah

    DrFeelgood: Waverider

    I want to see that one too! Hopefully it's still in the cinemas next week when SH and I have an evening without kids
  12. Greenstone Trout

    Greenstone Trout- virgin challenge-

    Hi It's my first one ever. We did a training run of the 35k section last week and it's taken me ages to recover. I thought it would be flat path but it wasn't it was metal ladders screwed into the walls and massive drops and climbs. Perth would be next level in the heat.
  13. Guzzi

    Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I think my real life super power is - putting on a load of washing then forgetting about it until it’s time to go to bed. *sigh*
  14. Red1263

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    Oh wow! I can't believe I completely missed those! Excellent tattoo, by the way!
  15. Shotokan

    Shotokan turns it around

    Week zero day six: 15 more katas, the core workout and 12 Iaido katas. It was an active with many steps and a few hours waxing a car.
  16. Morag

    Thom coaches himself

    I will have to look into this word magic you speak of. Curious indeed. Glad you are here and doing the thing. As always, with my pompoms and my broomstick. Katrin send from my new phone, bear with me.
  17. Morag

    Ye Ranger Guilde Halle in the North [General Chat]

    Morag comes through the door, hangs her flowing black cloak on the peg on the wall. Slips off her warm, beautifully warm boots, with a small gesture magicks her slippers back onto her feet where they belong. She walks through the room with a proud curve to her back greeting those wonderful people with real warmth in her face. She walks up to the bar, pulls her offering/gift to the host out of a bag too small, what gift she gives the man is between him and her. She grabs her own pint of sweet mead and delicious plate of food as the inkeeper places them before her and ventures over to Thom to have a sit and a meal and a chat wonder who besides the two of them will show up this fine day. She waves a red-wooded wand and a draft from the fireplace hits just so, and the warmth of the fireplace hits her feet just right. And for the first time these last few days she is finally, thankfully, blessedly warm from the toes up. After a quiet chomping down on delicious meats and cheeses and freshly baked bread with olive oil and a Pile of delicious (grilled) veggies she sighs contentedly and a quiet conversation starts up. How are you, how is life, look what I found, what that is - spell ingredients - of course, no I know, full moon was beautiful yesterday, yes I went, have been readying potions ingredients, just waiting for the plants to be ready to be harvested, how's your rune studies coming along, what is new? Good to see you, dear friend! send from my new phone, bear with me.
  18. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    Saterdag 1. Parkrun. I was not stupid enough to run, but I volunteered and handed out tokens to the runners. 2. Meditation? 3. Bed at around 10. Dreamed a lot Awake much too early. 4. Parkrun, workshop, read. Saturday night movie was Shrek the Third. Meh Kittens now three weeks old.
  19. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    "And that is the full extent of your report, Mr Ketch?" said Vetinari. "Yes, sir, except... except I'm not sure she's well, sir," said Ketch. Vetinari raised an eyebrow. "Goodness. Have you taken her to the infirmary?" "No, sir," said Ketch patiently. "Called in Dr Lawn at the Lady Sybil Free Hospital?" said Vetinari. He templed his fingers. "No, sir." "Ah," said Vetinari. "Dare I suggest Donut Jimmy and a supply of oats?" "No, sir. Not well in herself, I mean," said Ketch. "This isn't like her, not exactly." "I see," said Vetinari. "Well, I daresay you're right. She's capable of a great many... inefficiencies, but this has been a week of unusual extremes." "That was my thought, sir," said Ketch. "Mr Ketch," said Vetinari, "I'm going to give you an instruction I rarely give. I want you to take a few dollars on expense, buy two Klatchian takeaways and a bottle of wine, and proceed to get her fairly tipsy and put her to bed. You're dismissed." Ketch nodded politely and left. Drumknott cleared his throat. Vetinari looked up in surprise, and noticed the clerk standing by the door with a folder in his hands. "Yes, Drumknott?" "Are you entirely well yourself, sir?" said Drumknott. "Entirely," said Vetinari. "Why do you ask?" "I have often heard you say, sir, that drink is a mocker," said Drumknott primly. "Indeed it is," said Vetinari. "Indeed it is. But I daresay Miss Kingdom could use some levity." He paused. "Certainly, she will have little after she meets with me."
  20. Kharissandra

    Chapter 7: Late to the Party, but I Brought Ginger Beer?

    Alright, kinda delayed on the update, but I'm here. The good news is, I'm moving into an apartment with 2 awesome people! The less good news is that I lost touch with a lot of the self-confidence I'm working on, and I let myself slide into less healthy habits to facilitate adulting as usual. I've been walking to work a lot though? There's not a lot to say right now on my goals, because to be honest, I haven't been pursuing them with my usual vigor. Thank you guys for being here <3 I'm working it out, but it's taking a while. Much love. Khari
  21. Tova the Vibrant

    Tova is feasting on life

    Saturday: Today was a pretty awesome day. I didn't have to work and Mr. Vibrant didn't have to study/do homework, so we got to spend the whole day together. First, he cooked eggs to put on everything seasoned croissants from Aldi. It was delicious! I picked up a bit while he was cooking. We went back to the craft store, over to Target, and then the grocery store. We were both getting light headed so we opted for lunch out. I got a bunless blue cheese and bacon jam burger from a local grill. We set out on our bicycles to enjoy the nice day. This was a huge ride for me for several reasons: 1) I didn't hate myself into cycling for exercise like I used to - which made cycling no fun for me and me not fun to cycle with, 2) my lungs/cardiovascular health cooperated so much that I didn't have to stop once, not even on the ramps up and down to bridges/overpasses, and 3) my hip flexors were chill enough that I could get off my bike like normal when I was done with 50 minutes of biking (in years past, I would have to lay the bike down and snake my way off because I couldn't flex my hip joint at all). I worked on my furniture, while Mr cut his hair. Got cleaned up and then we both went to couples yoga at the studio. It was just as much fun as last time, possibly even more so since we tried a few acroyoga poses! Appetizers: 2 Drop and do a plank, lower as far as I can with elbows in Facial stretches for jaw pain Salads: 10 Read something for fun Entrees: 20 Go for a bike ride (#1/14) Dessert: 30 Work on striping furniture (10 each time) Have date night with Mr. Vibrant #4 (20) Total: 62 I really like the menu for points set up, rather than the usual movement/nutrition/life categories. It really highlights the time/effort put in. I can continue working on self improvement, but not feel self-imposed pressure to finish a certain category. This is similar to my realization a few months ago that I can have several books going at the same time, and just pick up whatever I'm drawn to that day (therapy, yoga, Italian...) I'm planning (right now at least - new format, so anything's game) to track daily points, then checking both a week total and a week's daily average. In the past, I've gotten hung up on doing "enough". When I initially set a certain number of tasks/points I wanted to get to in a challenge, I was getting a "grade", and that triggered my perfectionism. Moving toward a rack-up-the-points system was better, but felt kind of willynilly. I'm hoping a combo of weighted points plus do-whatever-I-can-in-a-day keeps my brain happy.
  22. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Week 0 Day 6 Do the Job That's In Front of You: Showered Got dressed Fed myself Did a little walking Did a small job That doesn't look like much, but it was surprisingly challenging, and has been a lot of this week, to be honest.
  23. Tova the Vibrant

    Tova is feasting on life

    Friday: Boss is still dumb. We were busy in the morning, which is both good and bad. Good: we have business. Bad: my boss is not planning on replacing a receptionist who just left, so we're short staffed. Then he gets grumpy when he doesn't have help or when the phones are ringing too much. Then everyone else gets grumpy cause he's being an ass. I was a cranky monster by lunch, but was able to 1) take a few deep breaths and calm myself down, 2) realize that bringing myself back to calm is a recent addition to my mental state, and 3) really appreciate that it exists. After work I was feeling crafty, and stopped by the store to get some supplies. After dinner I started setting out the project (a wreath made from the cotton bolls that we grew during our 2nd wedding anniversary year... which was 3 years ago...) but did not complete it yet. Mr. Vibrant and I shopped for new pens (he's slowly turning me into a pen snob) and caught up on Crash Course videos after dinner. Then laughed hysterically watching old Vine compilations. This one still gets me: Points: 3 Facial stretches for jaw pain Take a breath and think before eating In-the-moment meditation
  24. In our case, I think they’re both keys to our long-term happiness and health. I’ve always been interested in some degree of homesteading, mostly in growing my own fruits and vegetables. Now that we have enough sunlight in our yard, we’re planting fruit trees and bushes (for future years) and soon will be planting vegetables. I’m personally most excited for broccoli and carrots from our yard. Our kids are looking forward to watermelon and pumpkins. In a few years it’ll be the cherries. We are heading up north to pick up two more varieties of cherry tree and hopefully an apple tree or two, a plum tree, and a nectarine or apricot tree. So that’ll be good. No truck yet, and I’m not sure when we’re going to be able to get one. But we’re going to be at the Pride parade/festival this year and we’re getting some birthday orders so I hope the bakery takes off and word spreads. We’ve been happier and generally healthier lately spending evenings and weekends outside gardening. We’re constructing a playset right now. I have been gaining weight as we’ve been barely hanging on in a few ways timewise so we’ve taken the easy, fast food way out for dinner. I have been eating lots of fruits, veggies, grains, and seeds. If dinner were proper I’d be completely and easily vegetarian, which I largely enjoy even though I like a good steak, bbq, etc now and then. More to follow. Like actual goals!
  25. Manarelle

    Challenge for life, challenge for now [Manarelle]

    Skirts are done. Final time: 8.67 hours. I'm beyond pleased, even if the front piece is a little crooked. I forgot to take my shirt off when measuring where "center" was. Oh, well.
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