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  2. Love your list of doom, looks very familiar Good luck with everything! It's a lot, but you can do it, one thing at a time.
  3. StillStar

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    I love this! And I feel the same. I need to parent myself. I went through a long phase of childing ("but I need/want/deserve this") and now, like you say, it's time to give myself boundaries and consequences. Good luck!
  4. Hi all, It's so inspiring to read your posts. A quick intro about me: I go out way too much so I felt like drinking all the time ruined my body. You don't notice until it's too late. Well, I decided to take back control and now document my steps and my journey. Cheers! - oh, no, not cheers anymore
  5. WolfDreamer

    The Feast Hall

    Welcome to the Feast Hall! This is the place to share recipe ideas or if you tried an amazing meal and just want to share the experience with your fellow Adventurers, post about it here!
  6. KfitIN

    Virtual Gym, anyone?

    I actually change it up because going to the gym gets quite monotonous (and I don't like the stares!) I have started to experiment with different classes to find what works for me and Pilates, Aquaerobics and Body- balance are my favorites. I have one of those elastic bands for home workouts and it's really all you need. home exercise video: and a quick meditation i love:
  7. WolfDreamer

    The Trading Post

    Welcome to the Adventurers guild. This is what we like to call the trading post. This is the place where Adventurers and guests can gather for general chat and for trading ideas, motivation, music, and stories of your adventures. If you're new to the Adventurers or here as a guest, welcome to our guild and please introduce yourself. The guild leaders are myself, @Sylvaa, and @Teros, so please feel free to message one of us if you have questions about the guild and the forum.
  8. WildSonja

    Perseverance in Rehab-land

  9. KfitIN

    3 ingredients pancakes

    Easiest recipe ever! no milk, no water, no flour! My friend from Australia(he was super fit) taught me that. what? 2 eggs 2 bananas/squished cinnamon 2 scoops peanut butter how? Just mix it and fry like a normal pancake. I know it sounds so simple, but it's delicious!
  10. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    I mean, I certainly have a lot of hair and shed it all over the place, but I don't have any pets or any roommates who might shed, so it's pretty much just me and the spiders. (Do spider shed? If they do, their hairs are tiny anyway, so I really can't put much blame on them.) But it sounds like you have a serious talent for vacuum destruction. That's actually kind of impressive. That could be it. It's also loud. And growing up it was the last part of cleaning my room, which was always a dreaded multi-step effort of enormous emotional upheaval. Back then I would've washed a thousand dishes before I'd willingly take on extra vacuuming duties. But I've always liked the tidy feeling of having a clean space (and of course when I was a child the promise inherent in it that I couldn't be yelled at for NOT having a clean space) so now I'm trying to learn to manage cleaning proactively to keep the space clean without letting the cleaning become overwhelming. It's not an easy balance, let me tell you! Mostly the issue is with resetting my threshold for "time to clean." I tolerate a lot of dust build up! I did not get around to mending my pants, because I was busily responding to my rebels. I will need to re-evaluate my time allocation for those evening walks, and for NF, to make sure I get everything done. Oh, but I also went on a bug-squishing crusade tonight, that ate up a lot of time. Ideally, my evening schedule will look something like: 5:00 - get home, clean something OR get home later after running some errands, as needed 6:00 - go for walk 7:00 - study 8:00 - NF 9:00 - prep for tomorrow morning 9:30 - bedtime That unfortunately doesn't leave any room for video games or time-intensive list items, so it's definitely not perfect. I also don't get home at 5 every day (for example, on Tuesdays I have a long commute, so I get home between 5:30 and 6, but on Wednesdays there's a teachers meeting so I get sent home early, and return at around 3:10). But cleaning during the week leaves my weekends free, and I generally don't consider the blocks of time they represent when I think about scheduling, so maybe I can work something out there. HABITS, MAN It's 9:30, I'm going to bed.
  11. KfitIN

    Flat Belly

    Hey hey, well this has been my main issue. I have tried a few of those online fads. I can recommend you some that worked for me: They are all organic, so up to you, but my dietitian told me, it's not fat as much as bloat-ness, so, drink less pop and fizzy drinks, and drink more teas. 1- 2- 3-
  12. Manarelle

    Grandkai Joins Overwatch

    Grats on a solid challenge. I hear you on the temptation to keep switching workouts - sticking with one is a little boring but does give better results.
  13. Hello Everyone! yep, I'm working on the spreadsheets as we speak. A big TY for Elastigirl for defining this! I hope yall have some great goals in mind. from my personal experience (last time)- it is Def better to have ONE goal that passionately drives you than to try to much. Or in the lingo of the challenge ; don't go Chasing TOO MANY of these pokemon least you don't get Any! they are clearly pretty tricky to win!!! anyways, Good luck OR which I guess means, "do you Best!" the SPREADSHEET IS live HERE: I will continue to work on defining each week. for now feel free to sign in and work on defining your goals...
  14. StillStar

    StillStar starts

    Final round-up: - I did the BW workout at least twice per week. I surprised myself: keeping in mind "never twice in a row" was the key. What I learned: I CAN keep up regular exercise if I plan it in properly. - fast 22hrs at least once per week. I managed 3/4. For the next challenge I'm going to try the other fasting pattern 16/8. What I learned: Meal planning is going to be important, I can't keep winging it. - meditate for at least 15min at least once per week. Total fail. First week was fine, but then all the headfuck started and meditation got left by the wayside. What I learned: meditation was supposed to help me deal with the hf. Prioritise meditation over Netflix. Just do it. - trying out new stuff was also a fail. But: I have booked a camper van for this weekend, which I've never done before, so that definitely is a new thing. Not strictly speaking during the challenge though. What I learned: new stuff is so hard. I kept looking at all the class timetables and making excuses not to go. Planning will be key. - business: it's on its way out. I am looking at the finish line and I can't WAIT to be rid of it. What I learned: when it's time to move on, just move on. Additionally I learned: I love tracking stuff. I love tracking my weight (3.5kg down from beginning, woot!), my calories, my exercise.. I could spend hours tracking stuff. I learned that I need to eat more protein, so I bought some brown rice protein and stir it in various places (coffee, porridge, soup). I kill the calories on the snackage. 80% of days I consume more calories in snackage than any single meal. I mean, coffee: 200c!! gross. Trying to stick to 1500 per day was hard, but not impossible. Eating the right things to fill me up was a good thing to learn. Also, it made me want to move more, so that I used up more calories. So I could eat more. It's not even BAD snackage, it's just extra calories. Also: don't celebrate a mostly successful challenge by playing Eurovision Song Contest Bingo with your friends. Gin shots - gahhhhh.
  15. TGP

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Hey Liz! I'll certainly be following. looks like a good list. You got this day! keep "no SELF-HATE" up there in your head, as it doesn't help you reach your goals.
  16. KfitIN

    I have no idea where to begin

    Hi newbies, Don't despair! I love this quote: the way to changing our lives is by changing our days. I also tried to remain active while traveling around Asia and here are some tips: -lift your backpack as you would lift weights when waiting for a bus -you are already walking and exploring a lot, and hopefully swimming, so don't feel too bad! -try to drink less alcohol, it has so many calories :S
  17. Manarelle

    mom2sjm Spring Cleaning

    I see several postings of success, so I'm just going to sit over here and keep believing in you.
  18. Wobbegong

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    Get it, Whisper! I hope you went straight to bed after posting and are now a few hours into your day, refreshed and well-rested! Jk, unfortunately I know as well as you do it doesn't happen overnight. But one thing that does happen is the first link in a chain of habit-building, so keep at it! Regarding snacking, when I was struggling with crap grazing, I found that fatty and fiberous snacks were easier to use as a replacement than reduced-sweet options. I am a huge milk chocolate hound, but having dark chocolate around is no temptation at all: apparently I'd rather not eat than eat dark chocolate. (Seriously, craving-brain? Are you seriously THAT picky??) I ate a lot of string cheese, almonds, and cashews in those days. But that's not to pressure you into changing your snack choices for the challenge! You should go for it with the rules that make the most sense to you. Best of luck! I'll be cheering for you!
  19. Wobbegong

    Dalish Clings to the Wagon

    Good luck! Chest infection sounds scary, I hope it is truly the tail end and your recovery is swift and smooth. I know what you mean about eating the same food daily. I definitely get into food-cycles where I just eat one thing for breakfast or lunch every day for a month, and then the next month switch to something new. I think it's perfectly reasonable to work on establishing the habit of eating regularly by taking the "but what to eat???" decision despair out of the equation. Good luck! You're gonna do great!
  20. Today
  21. Unfortunately, I can't. I've reserved a space at a parking lot swap-meet on June 1st and am scheduled to be out of my storage unit on the 12th. I need to get at least as far a as keep/sell/trash by then.
  22. Wobbegong

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    Here! Following! Wobbegong tagging in! I like your wordplay title! Maybe use zero week to get a sense of what exactly you're snacking on, how much, and when? Then you can try substituting snacks or eliminating them from that baseline. Just a thought. I hope so!! Poor sweetheart. Please give him some cuddles from me! It's gonna be a fantastic, kick-ass challenge. Let's do this!
  23. GLs no longer have the mod powers to change titles (they apparently did, but before my time), so my part was just putting in the request for you. It only just got changed Friday, so don't worry about not noticing it. I just wanted you to have something nice as a congrats for making it through finals, and a reminder as you keep pushing on. I'm glad you like it. <3 I usually use this logic and I usually feel overdressed, BUT a wise woman once said to me (when I was panicking before a blind date) "Would you rather feel overdressed, or underdressed?" And for me the answer is definitely over, because at least then people look at me and (if they think about me at all) think, "she put in too much effort" as opposed to "wow, what a slob." Good luck! You're gonna kill it, even if it is database migration. You got this, Chaos-master! So here for this! You're gonna rock this challenge, Bean. Following <3 <3
  24. WhiteGhost

    Press to handstand cont.

    I am planning to do my updates blog style as well
  25. Thank you. I hope I can juggle all of this. Right now, I want to go hide in my bed and not do this.
  26. Sadly, I did just get my hair redone but now it is more a red/brown than glowly and cool. And I lost my colors. Thanks for the good luck. I am hoping for this to go well but right now I am just hoping I don't fall on my face, make a complete idiot out of myself, or break anything.
  27. Okay before responses I am having a moment. I couldn't find anything to wear this morning and now I am in a white shirt that mostly fits under a lighter sweater. Youngest Agent gave me a dragon necklace that looks way too young, but I am wearing it and I will just blame here. I really don't feel like I am ready for this or dressed appropriately. I mean I remember them all in polos and jeans, so I am hoping I can wear that tomorrow, but first day I should probably be nicer right? I do know I am working on the database migration today. Which is the same class I had the issues with at the end of last semester. I totally need to scream but can't because kids and things. Please don't let me make a fool of myself.
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