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  2. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Kicks Off the End of the World as We Know It

    This, my friends, was a good day in culinary self-care. Close enough for government work on the fasting. Dinner is a burger with homemade pesto and cheddar, and a giant salad made from mainly chard leaves from the garden. This variety has really mild, tender, spinachy leaves, so it's great for salad raw. (I planted it so I could have summer salad.) When I went to the home space farm for some green onion, i noticed the kale in there had started thriving when I wasn't watching it, so I took some of that for texture. Homemade balsamic vinaigrette. And in the interests of better hydration, I added some electrolytes and vitamin C to my water, and yeah, that's going down better. If only I could grow my lemons and limes for juice. Oh well. Also, my oldest chard plant is a freaking monster. It has at least four thick growing bases now, between an inch and three inches in diameter. And the daytime weather has cooled down from averages of 100F to around 90F, so it's decided it's cool enough to pump out leaves at its normal rate, rather than its summer vacation rate. I'd be really surprised if that thing isn't giving me chard till next summer. It might eat all my other plants. I will definitely save its seed, its genes deserve to live on.
  3. LovelyBouncer

    Bouncer Connects with Food

    Whelp I feel like an idiot for not finding a free clinic. The symptoms aren't going away and hoping to figure out to get in somewhere for a cheapish prescription or an answer. My mom lectured me in not finding a free clinic up here and I'll be starting school with this as I fill out insurance forms... (Been getting by uninsured and have littlr to no money saved). There are two clinics I can try to get into early next week that will let me in. While an urgent care thats questionable. Packing up my stuff tonight, hoping to get things in my car. Called my manager after work to let him know I have an infection and needing to go home instead of work, and would like to finish paperwork and go home. I let the head person know before I left I won't be working... This is a consequence of a number of things, my mom lectured me for not be on top of my health so I can show up for work. And I hear my old therapist in my head that this sucks, but part of learning and development of becoming an adult. Interesting how life makes certain goals come first
  4. DJtrippyT

    DrFeelgood - Somewhat less broken

    But this way it counts as a vegetable!
  5. Mahalak

    Mahalak - Square One Looking Good

    A win for today! Planned to go to gym after repairperson left at 9am. Except he didn't show up until 11am. But instead of just grousing (though I did plenty of that to be sure), I did a series of Steve Kamb's recent bodyweight recommendations! I wish I'd done more reps/sets, but it was a good start!
  6. DrFeelgood

    Nesting: Tanktimus and Sra. Tanque prepare for Baby Tank

    Plus 9/9 works in America and Europe.
  7. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Gets Ready

    2 miles in today! the weather is gorgeous! I'm super grouchy today so that's it for me! have a good weekend!
  8. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Kicks Off the End of the World as We Know It

    To do list: Pick up package - DONE Hydrate - DONE Meditate - DONE Migrate mints to the trial mint fountain - DONE Put chocolate mint sprigs in the mint fountain - DONE Trim pots for new planting - SKIPPING Set up new irrigation pump and test - SKIPPING Laundry Hydrate again Make dinner - DONE Make salad dressing - DONE I'm doing the fun jobs tonight, because it's Friday. ETA: I now have a cascading fountain of mint and lemon balm. I think I've found a way to anchor the roots for now, though they're not totally contained and might attack the pump. It does need some aesthetic cleanup around the lemon balm, but the mint is super happy. Tomorrow I'll have to clean up the space farm, the lemon balm dropped a lot of leaves.
  9. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Kicks Off the End of the World as We Know It

    I'm tired and I don't have a weekend. I do, however, have two more melons about 75% grown (since Monday!), so maybe I'll have melon the middle of next week. (Also, tons more starting to form.) And I have one single currant tomato coming in. So excitement.
  10. Thom Stépan

    Run Thom Run 3

    Thank you for stopping by@theophilus. Thank you for your words of kindness. I wont say it is easy. Because it isn't. Having a child who wants to kill herself because she feels she has no value and no voice is heart breaking. That she thinks you consider her siblings more important than herself rips you apart. You got to be ready to face such judgement of your actions and not be defensive or angry at those words. To accept them as the reality of how you present yourself towards your child. But for now, spend ten minutes one on one with your children. Let them direct the play, have no ulterior motives other than to play with the kids. Learn to play minecraft if that is their thing, or build lego kits, hang off monkey bars. Play some weird fantasy game that you dont get the rules to. That is the foundation to having kids turn to you and tell you they feel like shit. It is hard, trust me I have six of the buggers. But you need to somehow do it. It is something I wish I was more consistent with. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  11. J3NN

    Rebel Mini - Art Collaborative

    I'm not sure if I'm finished, I feel like a little highlight here and there is still necessary, but this is where I'm at now.
  12. elinox

    Elinox Travels to Yellowstone

    5: 19/31 Yoga: 19/30
  13. Yesterday
  14. Tanktimus the Encourager

    DrFeelgood - Somewhat less broken

    May I also say that those carved radishes do not appear rose-like?
  15. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Cheetah might actually get caught up soon.

    Like, we use the same shade of lipstick?
  16. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Nesting: Tanktimus and Sra. Tanque prepare for Baby Tank

    Exactly. Twould be a great battle song we could sing for her.
  17. Thom Stépan

    Run Thom Run 3

    The joking stuff aside, I can see Emmy working to end homelessness, or as an environmental activist, or both. She literally cares that much. Her question is simple why do things that hurt other people? Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  18. Elastigirl

    Annyshay Covers Her Bases

    Hugs and prayer for you and your family. Ugh, I the people's comments about how I spend too much on food (or anything) I know I shouldn't let it bother me , but it does. I'll be telling some friend about how husband and I ate out at a cool place, and they make some comment about not spending that much money. Which somehow makes me feel guilty, even though it shouldn't , because we budget, plus like Tank says why do they think they have a say. I always spend more on groceries at home too, I don't know, some things I scrimp on, but unless I really cant afford it, I'd rather pay for the food that tests better
  19. My next mosquito (or general all-pest) killing spree will be dedicated to your speedy recovery.
  20. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood - Somewhat less broken

    ...or view, or think about, or generally even acknowledge the existence thereof. They're a relic of the dark times of early industrial foods and the rise of consumer marketing; a part of human history best forgotten. They're proof that time travel will never be possible because I'd've already gone back and uninvented them. Thursday wins: One Dr Pepper, excellent meals with a decent amount of deliberate fasting, no real exercise apart from band practice, slightly late bedtime. I'm waiting for everything to get dotted and crossed, but it looks like the seller is going to accept our recounter. Next week is going to get busy real quick, but at least it's supposed to cool off quite a bit which will help with inspections and whathaveyou. Tonight is chill time. Do some computer stuff, play some games, hang out with Bubbles and Butch while Brick and Boomer are at a teen boys' bible study with some of their friends. Gonna try to get to bed early 'cause I'm pooped.
  21. Harriet

    Millennial Mike's Meritorious Melange

    Sounds like you had some good conversations and insights despite the tough few days. And honestly, ice cream and reading are not the most destructive coping mechanisms. The Harry Potter trivia night sounds awesome As does the dance practice and mysteriously successful dating
  22. shaar

    Cheetah might actually get caught up soon.

    WE NEED TINY SPOON PICS I am also struggling to fit exercise into the Chaos Routine. Ugghh. We need more hours in the day!!!
  23. shaar

    Nesting: Tanktimus and Sra. Tanque prepare for Baby Tank

    You know if she holds out for a day a certain bard would be honored to share a birthing day with Baby Tank................... :DDD
  24. LovelyBouncer

    Teros 56: POWER

    Glad to enjoy the success! Tad of a bummer to lose half the house, but chaos lessened does sound better.
  25. GoodDoug

    Raptron Rages On

    You. Yes you. You are crushing it. Even your rest days are awesome.
  26. I feel like you say this to me far too frequently, I need to stop being so assailable.
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