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  2. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    We chased Diablo through the Diamond Gates, across the Great Expanse and finally slayed him atop the Silver Spire. Barbarian I made it to the gym this week and did my workout (even thought I was tempted to skip it) I didn't solicit any advice, though, so Barbarian levels up but doesn't get any magical items Demon Hunter  I made it to the park 3 times (but not to the trampoline park). That is sufficient for the Demon Hunter to level up, but she doesn't get any magical items either Monk I was able to get all 4 MyFlex modules in and even did a little bit of extra stretching outside of that, so Monk levels up and also gets a Breaker of Thorns Witch Doctor I only cooked one meal this week (even though I had a meal plan) because we needed to get rid of all the leftover food before we leave. Given this was a short week and we ate a bunch of home cooked food, the Witch Docter gets to level up. Also, because I posted pictures and recipes, she gets a Socketed Serpent Wizard  I had my To Do List finished by Tuesday, so the Wizard got to level up twice. I also did a bunch of other stuff (including learning a couple of new songs on the uke) so the wizard gets an Orb of Destruction and an Amulet of Invasion What the heck, since everyone leveled up on a short week, and defeated Diablo, everyone gets Socketed Rings and another level up. Now it is off to the infamous Cow Level I am heading up to Qiqihaer, which is close to China's border with Russia, where I will be for the next two weeks or so visiting family. I will keep updating while I am there, but for all intents and purposes, this challenge is over. Thanks everyone for following along!
  3. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    Yep! Best of all, I ended up actually enjoying the workout once I got there. Well, except the really hard parts, but I guess I kind of enjoyed those in a different way Aaaaaallllllllllll the cake Yes, very true. I would say that it is all the ones where the weight doesn't go up that really matter the most. It was a blast, and you should really try that meatloaf. Pretty easy to make. I should probably add that this is the barbecue sauce I used to glaze it Haha, probably, but I had other things on my mind at time than measuring my heart rate I thought the cake would mess me up big time, but even after three days in a row of cake and ice cream for dinner, it hasn't impacted my weight or BF% and I have continued my downward trend. -------------------------------------- Today started out with the electrician coming over before 8 to fix the bathroom light, which kept short circuiting for some reason. When he finished up I went to the park for a workout. Muscleups were better than they have been all week, and although I wasn't doing them completely free hanging, I didn't really have to jump and a simple ground touch between reps was enough. The real progress was with handstands. Of my 5 handstands, the shortest was about 15 seconds and two of them were longer than a minute. It was really weird hanging around upside down, expecting to lose my balance and come down but it just wasn't happening. Definitely the longest handstands I have done so far. Super happy about those. After the handstands, I tried to do some giants, but I was just cmpletely out of enegy so I just came home. After I got home, I did the straddle module for MyFlex (I was going to do it yesterday after my Pike module, but I was just too wiped out for it), and then helped out my friend a little bit with her company stuff because she needed a revised financial model based on updated terms from the US partners. Dinner will be at the train station And with that, this week is over for me.
  4. aramis

    Morag's unexpected journey.

    Yeah, languages sometimes tend to kick you in the face only with words connotations and traditional influences foreigners don't know of or understand. But is it the thing here? I cooperate with some German companies in my branch and "gut genug" was never source of any misunderstanding. And we use this term quite often, as we deal with engineering for third party customers who have their own quality expectations we need to meet. Or, maybe it is because Germans have this label of perfectionists? Some time ago, I stumbled on some "happiness in life" guide, and from it one thing just burned into my brain. If you face a choice or decision, determine your expectations and pick the first option that meets them. Don't search for better, just take good enough. You'll be happy with it, as it is something you wanted. But if you skip the good enough option in search of better, you'll never be happy/satisfied with your choice (because there always might be a wee bit better one). This was related to getting new things, but it can be extrapolated on your daily life. In Polish, there is this saying - "better" is enemy of "good". In other words - don't overthink on finding THE BEST option (you won't find it anyway), just take the one that meets your expectations and move on.
  5. Thursday Update Yep, that was also a day. Everyone I came into contact with was either so wonderful they made me cry inside a little bit or an absolute raging arsehole. There was no in between. TH got that job so I bought him a card and his favourite chocolates and ordered him to go to the pub after work. We bought in McDonald's and we celebrated him all night. We also watched a Glasto set - Years and Years which I had always assumed was a generic indie band but they were actually pop. I don't know if I will ever listen to them again but I enjoyed their set. This morning has not started great. My charging pin broke off in my laptop and when I checked my phone I had a million messages that it has run out of storage. I guess I am buying a new phone and laptop tomorrow - to add to the gorging of stuff I have already done this month. Nourish Not too bad until the celebration of TH but he loves food and that's the best way to celebrate him. Relate I let TH seduce me as I was getting changed. He seems to have learned that leaving it until bedtime will be met with a resounding snore.
  6. @mu

    Press to HS summer battle part #1

    Thanks, I'm becoming super crap at updating here I have a lot of catch up to do with everybody's thread. Quick "I'm alive" update /* Challenge log */ Persian 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 | 4/7 Coffee 1 1 1 2 3 0 1 | 9/7 Bed 1 0 1 1 _ _ 0 | 3/5 Practice 1 1 _ 1 _ 1 1 | 5/5 Persian 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 | 4/7 Coffee 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 | 10/7 Bed 0 0 1 0 _ _ 1 | 2/5 Practice 1 1 _ _ 1 0 1 | 4/5 Persian 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 | 4/7 Coffee 1 0 2 2 2 0 0 | 7/7 Bed 0 1 1 1 _ _ 1 | 4/5 Practice 0 1 1 _ _ 1 1 | 4/5 Persian 1 1 1 0 Coffee 1 2 2 2 Bed 0 0 1 1 _ _ Practice 1 1 _ _ 1 On Tuesday, I started the final Press to HS module, not that there is a drastic change yet but I can float from stool on a more regular basis. On pbars, I'm just puuuuushing that's all. HS consistency was 18/25. Wed-Thur => nil practice wise. This morning I did a mix low frogs so some leaning with knees below my elbows which was fine. Some press to HS, just the skills bit, and HS consistency which was just 15/25, mostly because of kick fails. I did those in the middle of the room so I'm back to my usual training pretty much (except for bent arm stuff). Coffee and Persian are still so so... And I have to run under the shower and go to work
  7. WhiteGhost

    [Wolfpool] The Unchained Predator

    My biggest complaint isn't with the character but more with the platform/gameplay. Or maybe language? The later games I only played in Chinese, and so suddenly you will be getting trapped by a bad guy and nothing I do can get me out. After dying a few times in a row, I get a message/tutorial flashing up on the screen, but it is in Chinese. So as I am struggling not to get choked out, or am getting gnawed on by a wolf, a message will flash for 1-2 seconds on the screen that says something like "X的按钮没用,Y的按钮更没用,按LT就等于自杀" It just got so frustrating that it wasn't worth continuing with the game. Maybe if I was running it on a PC in English I would have enjoyed it more.
  8. You know, I don't know. I haven't actually mentioned this to anyone who is talking to me about surgery but I have my pre-assessment soon so maybe I will do it then. It has been the pound since I have existed. The beforetimes might as well be the dark ages. You should definitely check it out if you can find it on Youtube, its mad. Although it does make you ask yourself some interesting questions as the presenter asks the chooser "What do you look for in a penis?". Me and TH play along together discussing who we'd vote off and it leads to some soul searching. Like, in watching this I found out TH is literally all about the boobs, picking the best boobs over everything else which makes me wonder if I'm fugly, just with a great rack. *shrug* Right?! And I think the most baffling thing about this show is that you'd think all the contestants were buff gym freak type people with amazing bodies but no, most people are very much average looking. The only thing that would make me go on this show is if I thought I had been blessed with the worlds most amazing genitals and I needed to share them with humankind. Anything less than that and I'd just stay at home keeping myself to myself which is what I do.
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  10. Jean

    Xena makes a new start

    *Morphs out of his tricky Shape of the Crow.* Some days are like that, wise call on unplugging and trying it again tomorrow(today). Hope you're well rested and everything will fall in place. Have a nice, soothing day.
  11. bigm141414

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    This thread needs more Veronica Mars gifs and discussion of the the best early 00s tv shows. Bonus points for speculation for the revival that is upon us.
  12. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 6

    Donderdag 1. No running 2. 12 push-ups 3. Nope 4. I'm gonna invent a time machine, go back in time and kill the first monkey who decided socialising is a good thing. Part 3: continued. The next Governor of the Cape was Zacharias Wagenaer. 1662 to 1666. He is mostly remembered for starting the construction of the Castle of Good Hope. It is the only VOC fort in the world that is still in continuous use.
  13. geng shi

    Let's try this again

    Day 18 update: 1. Walked 2.06 miles 2. Got 64  3. Finished dinner around 8:30 because of work - nothing after so I'm counting it. . Weigh in day: 289.9 - down 12.1 lbs.
  14. PlainSimpleGarak

    Flat Belly

    Also remember fitness is not the black-and-white extreme of washboard supermodel abs or morbid obesity. You can be a healthy, fit woman with a reasonably flat tummy and when you're wearing pants or skirts or really anything except an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini (did I age myself there?) no one will ever notice that your stomach isn't totally or perfectly flat. You'll notice every little imperfection, and you might agonize about it - but that's just your mind playing tricks on you. Focus on healthy diet, healthy exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, and your stomach will be fine.
  15. PlainSimpleGarak

    PSG Turns her back on the Obsidian Order

    I blow at online personal logs. Have new job. Lost 50 pounds Ran a sub-30-minute 5K in July Signed up for my first half marathon the end of August. Life is good.
  16. Thanks Today was pretty low motivation but I went grocery shopping and to taekwondo. I did my first not-entirely-terrible tornado kick (I think that's what it's called.... it's sort of a spinning jumping roundhouse thingy but not really jumping but sort of), which is not bad at all for a yellow belt, I feel. Looking forward mightily to dinner, which is roast pork tenderloin coated with herbs de provence and a mustard sauce, plus crispy roast potato slices and broccolini. I love potatoes.
  17. Sloth the Enduring

    Trembriele Battles the Free Magic

    Welcome back. Are you doing the Convict Conditioning program?
  18. Sloth the Enduring

    Deffy Chills the Duck Out (Deffy #52)

    Imagine getting voted off after someone sees your penis and then going out to the pub with your friends.
  19. DJtrippyT

    Simplicity: DJTrippy T

    Spoken like a man who understands swollen ankles. Sra Tank is in good hands.
  20. Maigs

    Maigs Gives it Another Try

    Well fuck me. I figured out why I'm in a funk. I might elaborate more in this when I'm not typing on my phone but I'm having a mid (third?) life crisis and am half tempted to buy the 1980 Toyota campervan for sale down the road from me, quit my job, and do all the shit I want to do before I'm too old to do it. Accountants can work much later in life than people can do mud runs and rock climbing
  21. Is there a way to tell what the Dares are for upcoming days? I won't have access to the computer on Saturday
  22. Rookie

    Rookie Eats Baguettes

    All packed for Paris .. well I'm missing 3 things but I'll grab them in the morning. Basically tomorrow morning I'll need to pack my phone charger, sunglasses and the waterbottle (was still wet after washing) I got for my sister. I think everything else is pretty much good to go. I'll need to do some rearranging of my carry-on cause it's quite small and I stuffed some oreos in there #priorities lol. I am just relaxing in bed drawing and trying to figure out my jellyfish pose while waiting for the drier to go off. I went to get my hoodie out and the stuff was a bit damp/wet probably because of humidity. I really hope I can get my mini art challenge done in time when I get back. I might need to scrap my special secret idea and just do normal canvas and paint. I was going to get my nails done tomorrow with my sister but I'm not sure anymore lol we will see.
  23. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human, Part 2

    ugggggh. too lazy. y'all can click the link.
  24. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Simplicity: DJTrippy T

    What harebrained idiot believes pregnant women are going to wear heels like the lady on the left?
  25. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Flea Learns How to Human, Part 2

    I don't think you can embed those videos from IMGUR, you'd have to upload it to youtube to embed.
  26. DJtrippyT

    Simplicity: DJTrippy T

    A hasty update: wednesday was good, i ate too many sandwiches because i’d stocked up on lunch food and now my tummy is puffy from all the bread. Did not get to gym. Thursday (today): better on the food. I bumped breakfast up to two whole eggs because I keep getting super hungry at lunch. Boyfriend and I went to the aquarium (we now both have annual passes we’re determined to exploit) and then he went off to play frisbee and I went to do errands. We went to lunch first, I got chicken strips and fries and managed to hold it to half; I ate the second half around six pm. Probably going to have a half sandwich now. Missed gym again. Botheration. The varied plaids on this middle outfit is giving me a migraine, or possibly acid flashbacks.
  27. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human, Part 2

    My brother is not winning any film awards. EDIT: HOW DO I POST THE GODDAMN VIDEO?
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