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    The Long Night

    You and me both! I'm working on my Master's and I'm terrible about checking the forums, but still!
  3. So after a long and strenuous 5 1/2 months of constant working and working out, I just came back from an adventure: A week cruise in Alaska! And while this may sound all relaxing and nice (and parts were relaxing and nice), this was a *family* vacation my parents wanted to do with me and my brother. So... it had some stress along the way. Adventure! sigh. A few things I learned in the past week: - Despite our differences, I always held some optimism that my brother and I could have some sort of relationship. After being around him for a week, I have finally realized that this is just a pipe dream. He's not going to change and I need to reassess what my role is between the two of us. I have to let go of a few misconceptions... - For two whole days at sea, I was completely disconnected. No internet, no work e-mails, no schedule besides food and wine. I ended doing a lot of reading. It was a nice reset from the stress that I've been going through lately and I really what to incorporate that in my life now that I'm back. That means living more mindfully and more in the present moment. - I have been traveling for about 15 years now and I seemed to have developed a 'been there, done that' mentality. Alaska was beautiful and peaceful, but I never felt the rush I usually feel when I encounter a new place. I'm not saddened by this (I've done *a lot* in my travels), but it does make me question whether traveling is still my life passion. If not, than what is? Okay, enough of the existentialism! Onto my 4 week challenge starting tomorrow (today is about laundry). - Meditate first thing in the morning for 15 minutes - Complete 3 yoga sessions per week - Practice violin vibrato 3x per week - Practice my Toastmaster speech at least twice before June 3rd and practice at least 3x after based on speech evaluations.
  4. Harriet

    Not giving up

    You know best. Enjoy the experimenting and make sure you go for the other things you want/deserve at the same time as going for the weight loss - no need to delay them. Good luck!
  5. Harriet

    Adam sneaks into the Warriors quietly.....

    Awesome! Let's smash some stuff! Oh, wait.... I mean... let's look at puppy gifs and say "awwww". Anglophone based in Germany here. I'm temporarily in the USA, but usually live in Berlin. I don't suppose you have time for intensive language classes over your holidays? I rapidly improved when I went to a class that was three hours each on four days per week. It takes about four weeks to plough through each of the six levels (A1-C2) but to be honest, just doing a C2 class won't get you to C2 level, which entails near-native levels of fluency and eloquence. It'll get you to B2 or C1, though.
  6. Miaulin

    The Star-Spangled Miau With a Plan

    Happening: - IT'S SO HOT HERE WHY IS SUMMER LIKE THIS it isn't even summer yet WHY IS ALMOST-SUMMER LIKE THIS. for a little tl;dr situation, younger!me was terrified of being seen as immodest or eager to be immodest and so cultivated her own ridiculously exaggerated aversion to shorts and tanktops?? and though they did have rules about how short things could be or how low necklines could go, my mom and grandma would not likely have actually killed me at any point if i hadn't been like that. but no, i never wore a tanktop without something over it until last year, at 22 years old. but this year i've preemptively tossed all younger!Me's scruples out the window and am going to have to get some shorts and tanks or else actually die this summer. told mom. her only concern is whether i actually have upper arms because she hasn't seen proof of their existence in so long. can't actually get any for two weeks but? in one fortnight Survival Gear is gonna be so obtained. - on a completely unrelated note because my brain is a rabbit, i have had a minor existential crisis brewing for some time, having too many thinks about the state of things, to the point of being very easily made Sad And/Or Angry each time there's an upsetting news update. which has made me think about what my 'jobs' are as both a Christian and a Human Person, which i know the answer to but also don't know the answer to. and i can't really articulate it without sounding like i'm in hysterics, and odds are nobody wants to read most of those Thinks anyway so. short version at the end of the ramble is Secondary Theme/Challenge: Love is Action. figure right now my reach is pretty short so i'll have to start within that range and branch out as much as i can over time. will probably give it its own notebook. *throws glitter* on that note i found a nice Bible-reading plan to work through. - My 'Is 'ugh' an emotion? Because i feel it all the time' shirt has now been complimented by One Senior Lady who agreed and told me that 'Ugh' is a Woman's Emotion, and also a Cashier at Whole Foods Market who had a pleasant voice and a nice smile. It's a Good Shirt. - Another Wholly Irrelevant Thing but i have a desperate craving to go rock wall climbing. There's a place in the nearest city but its upper age limit is twelve. There are loads of places in a city further away so i've set about trying to convince momsauce it's worth the trip just to let me go spidermanning. There also happens to be a really nice zoo in that city which would further worthwhile-i-fy the trip. The nearest city is opening an ax-throwing place i would dearly love to visit as well. Also, the fair. I'm thinking of drawing some pictures to enter and also weighing the merits of going relatively by myself since momsauce will go but won't ride anything. We have until October or so to decide on that. Mostly though i very much want to go to the indoor climbing place. Cross your fingers for my powers of persuasion? - Food Today - nothing until about one-thirty PM, at which point i had frenchfries in town, and way too much nondairy coffee ice cream when we got home. i was mostly eating it for the texture and the coldness. <.< it occurs to me that the amount of caffeine might constitute a small overdose for me. oops.
  7. Contented Reader

    Contented Reader gets fit and reads Dickens

    Food: 1230. Technically over my goal of 1200, but I'm not going to sweat 30 calories. Tomorrow there's a Memorial Day cookout, with friends who usually bring All The Chips. Chips, my nemesis. This is going to be a Boss Battle. One of my strategies is to bring knitting with me. Can't snack with my hand full of homemade sock. Exercise: None. Sunday is my day of rest. Barnaby Rudge: 62%. Had to renew it from the library, but fortunately, no one else had it on hold.
  8. Adam_Backhouse

    Adam sneaks into the Warriors quietly.....

    Thanks for the welcome. We should probably keep quiet about our struggles with schools taking holidays - I’ve heard that people with “normal” jobs don’t get quite as much time off! I will take your lead and try to find some creative alternatives.
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  10. Gemma

    Adam sneaks into the Warriors quietly.....

    I see you Welcome to Warriorland! We are not scary here. I, at least, am a completely mostly harmless type. I oughtn't speak for anyone else, of course, but I've been hanging around here for over a year and none of these stereotypically huge brutish muscleheads has body-slammed me yet, so I think you're probably pretty safe. Actually, I haven't met many of those guys. I admire your braveness. Self-identifying as a warrior is the first, biggest, importantest step in warrioring, so congratulations, you have arrived!!! Oh, plus, this is a FUN place to hang out. I feel your pain with the upcoming holidays and other days off - I work at a school on a military base, and the base gym is closed on my holidays off too, so I've had to get a bit creative with bodyweight workouts and the tiny bit of home equipment I've got. Anything to keep the habit alive, though. Welcome!!!
  11. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Flea Learns How to Human

    Anyone wanna give odds on it never happening?
  12. zenLara

    Show up and do the work

    I've caused its death? 26.5.19 ACTION TIME SPENT FEELINGS AND SENSATIONS WH BREATHING AND COLD SHOWER 15' + 18º Sensations aren't strong anymore. I miss that. Shower was a tad easier, but I felt so so so good afterwards. MOBILITY 1' + 2' Yeah, I know, I know. MEDITATION 15' I was a bit anxious again before breakfast, and used it to calm and focus on my breath. ICELANDIC 15' + 15' Watched a video and also reviewed a chapter from a textbook. Won't be able to read much since I'd need my reader to check the english version of the book I'm reading. MUSIC PRACTICE 40' I'm feeling a bit lost. HANGING/PUSHING YOGA (includes handstands) 43' You've read it: pike handstand achieved! OUTDOORS RUNNING SKETCHING GYM Total time: 2h26m. I should have gone outside instead of spending the day at home. Would have been in a better mood.
  13. Unikarm

    I failed and now I’m trying to Level Up

    Horrible day at work last night today is lounging, cleaning and world of Warcraft
  14. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    So it's almost midnight and new challenge is starting soon. Better write up that travel report I promised! Day 1 we arrived in Tehran. The entry went remarkably smoothly (recall the visa clusterfuck), right until it was my turn to go through passport control when the visa system spontaneously combusted. After that a few hours followed by "ok, try now, we rebooted the system yet again". Luckily I was with my friend M who could speak to them because it probably would've been a little stressful otherwise not knowing exactly what was going on. But everyone was very friendly and helpful and we did the only thing we could do, chilled out and chatted and waited. The drive from the airport somehow reminded me of Poland, even if the environment was obviously very different, there was something about the slightly WIP vibe that brought back memories. That feeling continued when we arrived at M's family's place, everyone was so very welcoming and since we couldn't really communicate verbally, we communicated through the universal language of... food haha. It was like coming home to my grandma, I constantly got thing to try which of course I absolutely loved. I would tell you what but I have no idea what I ate or drank, but it was good! The first few days continued along that vein. Went to a dinner party one day, which despite the language barrier was kinda fun. For one thing the food was great, but it's also really interesting to observe the family dynamics without understanding what is being said. I always find it so interesting that despite cultural differences it doesn't matter where you are in the world, you still get the same family interactions everywhere. The caring mother, the uncle that won't shut up about politics, the cute kid getting all the attention... I don't have any pictures from Tehran really, except this one from the rooftop which happened to amuse me. M's husband was saying how this used to be the very edge of the city, now it's expanded so much that it's pretty central, and keep in mind that Tehran is hyyouuuuge. When he was a kid he had a full view of the mountains on two sides of the building, which are spectacular btw, now it's all buildings. He also mentioned that this building is "really old", and put it at maybe 40 years, which to me is kinda crazy. We also did a bit of exploring the city, we strolled through parks, ate ice cream, and we visited the incredibly shiny Golestan palace. I always try to keep an open mind and not expect too much when I'm traveling, but one thing did not meet expectations was that it felt less chaotic than I thought it would be. As in sales people were not aggressive, traffic was calmer, things like that. Admittedly traffic was probably calm simply because it seemed to be at a standstill half the time haha. I have to say that if there's one thing that puts me off is car cities, and the pollution it brings. After a few days I was SO ready to go to the mountains. On one of the days where we were driving for a particularly long time I actually felt sick from breathing in fumes. One gets a little sensitive living in Finland where the absolute worst polluted parts of the city have an AQI of 30. Then our road trip started! The first stop was as I mentioned in the mountains. I usually fall asleep pretty much instantly when in a car, but the scenery was so stunning I kept awake for once. I just adore the seemingly endless mountains. We arrived that the guest house pretty late and since we hadn't actually booked anything M wanted to take a look first to see if the place was acceptable. I thought the rooms were fine, my only concern was whether it would get cold at night. That lead to a whole big negotiation, and somehow, I still don't understand it, M managed to rent the owner's entire private home, kicking him out to sleep in one of the rooms for rent, all for the same price as one of the rooms haha. I'm still amazed. It actually ended up my favourite places to stay as it was really interesting to see what a traditional mountain home looks like. This room here was particularly great. The furniture in the middle is a table with a heater underneath it, so you sit on the floor covered in all the blankets and stick your legs under the table and it's all suuuper cozy and toasty and very communal. Even if we had two bedrooms at our disposal we actually ended up all of us sleeping on the floor in this room. It was great, like a slumber party, chatting away about nonsense, having deep discussions, eating too much food... Speaking of the thing on the table was very tasty, it was a sweet bread thing with a walnut filling that we got from some woman on the side of the road. The next day we hiked up to the ruins of Alamut castle (assassins!). It was very cool. We didn't have great luck with the weather, in fact it SNOWED on the way back, but I loved the dramatic landscape. I had a nasty cough for most of the trip and I couldn't breathe very well, which made the hike a little painful and made me realize just how terrible my cardio is and that maybe one day I should do something about it haha. Then we continued our trip south for a 180 landscape turn. We went to the desert city Kashan, which was awesome. It's got such interesting architecture and lots of places to explore. In fact this rich merchant's house was a great place to visit. I often get a little antsy going to museums, but this house was made to explore. There were so many nooks and crannies and whenever you thought you'd seen everything there was more to see. Also the parkour potential! What I also really appreciated was how they built the houses in the desert to stay cool, but how it also made for very beautiful architecture as a result. Very cool stuff. We also visited this pretty mosque. We got a little lecture by one of the religious dudes there (I forget the title), a bit on the architecture and symbolic details which was marginally interesting, but then he veered off on tangents about education and religious schools. Let's just say this was one of the actually few times where I felt I had force myself to shut up instead of doing what I usually do which is blurting out my opinions without a filter haha. Next on the list was this fancy garden/summer palace thing. What I found most interesting was that there was a system of fountains and little pools and "waterways" criss crossing the entire garden, and apparently it was designed to not need any pumps at all. (Until they did some "repair" work recently and screwed it all up) Well I thought it was cool. We also travelled out to the desert proper we rolled down sand dunes, OMG SOOOOO FUUUUN and watched the sunset. Amazing. This is why it's good to be able to sleep on the floor haha. Actually there's no point to this picture really, I just thought it was cute and for me it reminds of what made the trip so good, which to hang out and bond with my friends. It was quite special. We chatted a lot about cultural differences, and transitioning between them, and growing as people and from one of those conversations I got one of my most treasured compliments ever. M's husband was saying that since moving to Finland, M has become so much happier and freer and confident in herself and to large extent it's thanks to me. <3 Not that I've done anything special, let's be real it's just me talking BS in the kitchen and being stubbornly myself. But it makes me incredibly happy that I've had even a tiny bit of positive influence on someone and helped however indirectly. I just wanted to write that down so I don't forget. Our last stop of the trip was Abyaneh, a very old and beautiful mountain village with excellent parkour possibilities. (One track mind much haha?) M was extremely slow in taking pictures, so at one point I had moved quite far ahead of everyone and ended up sitting on a rooftop, soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the view and listening to the prayer. It was somehow an incredibly beautiful personal moment. Here's a little soundbite, you'll have to imagine the rest. On our way back we made a pitstop back in the very pretty bazaar in Kashan for some shopping. A lot of the details echoed the details in the mosque and I thought it was cool how it was very similar in one way but how the atmosphere is obviously very different. Btw It's so empty because we got there a bit before opening time. I was pretty desperate for coffee and found this awesome place just outside the bazaar. I really, really loved the old school, working crafts people vibe, it was truly like being transported to a different time and a different world. There's just something about all the doors haha. And then it was time to go back to Tehran, do some food shopping and say bye to M's family and thank them for their extreme generosity in inviting me to their home for food and letting me stay there and all of that. I stayed in Iran for 10 days but I feel like I barely scratched the surface. It was such a fun, interesting trip, and I'm really grateful for my friends who did a great job in hosting and showing me around and taking care of me. In fact I've never had such a relaxing vacation, I literally had to do nothing except showing up haha! It was also neat so go to a place that is (largely) not infested with tourists, it made for a very genuine experience. Plus the food was amazing. Truly one of my favourite trips ever, 10/10!
  15. Week 0 day 7. Another good day fitness wise today. Weighed in 245.8 Diets been good today so far. Got some god left to have though. Training wise did what I would call a mpv workout in my home gym.First time on the weights in a while and I felt weaker. It will come back. Anyway mpv was movement/mobility, power, vanity. Started with some bjj specific drills and then general stuff and band work for my shoulders then into some light benching and jump work to build explosive power. Finished with some arm work. Going to try and get more training like this in overthe 4 weeks.
  16. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Week 0 Day 6 "Do the job that's in front of you." Get groceries Clean for ten minutes Put away the dry dishes for ten minutes Dishes for ten minutes Take everything unidentifiable out of the freezer Trim houseplants Start setting up home irrigation system for houseplants Make dinner 1 Make dinner 2
  17. Adam_Backhouse

    Adam sneaks into the Warriors quietly.....

    ....this way maybe no one will notice. The recent round of challenges was my first and I loved the accountability and support. But there was a nice comfy newbie group for that! So now I will be brave and say that I am a warrior and I am training to be strong and powerful. I joined NF back in August and have enjoyed the support. It’s a great place to be. My main reason for joining was to try and bulk up with a bit of muscle (having tried in vain for 10 years). I put on a few kilos but life took over in January with the birth of my son. Definitely feel stronger and slightly more muscular than last summer but have also put on some fat. Some of the trousers are getting a bit tight! So this challenge will focus on trying to cut some fat back without losing the tiny bit of muscle I’ve worked so hard to gain! Challenge 1 - nutrition Track food every day and stay close to recommendation by MyFitnessPal 90% (2.8 days where I can miss this?!) of the time. I will check progress 2 weeks in and see if I need to adjust this to meet my goals. Challenge 2 - nutrition Keep an eye on protein intake. We are trying to eat a bit more vegetarian fare and have cut out meat 2 or 3 days a week now. I’ll probably need to supplement my diet with the odd protein shake. Challenge 3 - fitness I have a few days off coming up which makes working out a challenge (my gym is in the school I work at). I need to prioritise strength training. A - Minimum 2 x week barbell training B - Aim for 6 extra fitness sessions over the course of the challenge. C - Post a few form videos to get feedback (I guess there is somewhere on this forum for that - investigate this too!) Challenge 4 - life We moved to Germany a few years ago but work and socialise exclusively in English. (In other words, my German suuuuucks!) This will not be good for my kids’ language learning. It’s also not good that we are not integrating with locals. Make a start by gaining at least 200xp/week on Duolingo.
  18. Miaulin

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    *sends hugs* all i really have to offer on this subject is allllll the love and respect and well-wishings for you while you explore this!
  19. Mae45

    Snarky Tests her “If I could”s

    Oh! that's not a bad idea. I might have to roam through my stuff to find some puzzle books. I think I also have some coloring books a friend gave me awhile back. That could also be another suggestion.
  20. Akura

    Akura collects XP in Orsterra

    Probably, yes. Right after brushing my teeth I do my morning movement routine. I think I can allocate a few minutes afterwards for breathing. But what I actually want is to do the exercises several times throughout the day. Guess I should try a timer that goes off every now and then... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ophilia's Quest - Breathing: XP: Did a few breathing exercises, but not enough to be satisfied. Cyrus' Quest - Studying game dev: +1 XP: ||||| Worked more on my puzzle game AI. Took e much effort and time than I wanted to invest today... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Tressa's Quest - Budgeting: XP: || No money expenses means... what? If I have no opportunity to screw up, do I get a point for not screwing up...? Olberic's Quest - Working out: +1 XP: ||| Light workout plus running. Was quite winded during the run and my heart rate was pretty high overall. Primrose's Quest - Fiancée effort: XP: || ... Alfyn's Quest - Eating well: +1 XP: || Planned to eat 2003 kcal which I would have counted as a win anyway. But then my fiancée forgot to put spinach into the pasta we had for supper. So, below 2000 kcal! Therion's Quest - Guitar: +1 XP: |||| Trying to learn Hard to Concentrate form the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's so gorram fast!!! H'annit's Quest - Moving: XP: || ... --------------------------- Week zero was okay. But I need to put more effort into my diet and my breathing exercises.
  21. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Feeling inspired from a certain Flea, I picked up my Mari Kondo book and was reading it a bit then jumped into a clothing purge. Problem is I like a lot of my clothes lol. So I only was able to get rid of 1 bag full so far. And some of the stuff I'm getting rid of I actually do like but I'm giving everything to my friend first and I know she could use certain items. I told her whatever she doesn't want she can either try to sell or donate. As I was putting away my keep clothes I thinned them out a bit more. Mainly because I honestly don't have any bedroom storage. Between my boyfriend and I, we have 1 small dresser and a small closet. So frustrating.
  22. Rookie

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    Yesssssssss ... Usually the new episode is out today but this one isn't out until Wednesday ... Ugh.. the heck... Ugh lol
  23. Devout_Haruhiist

    Introduction and Questions

    Hi there! My name is Joe. I (obviously) just joined these forums and wanted to introduce myself. I am 30 years old and work an office job. I started working out (mostly strength training, have always been below average in strength and weight) maybe 3 years ago but only got more serious about it in the last few months. The first few years were more to build the habit of going to the gym. I normally work with a personal trainer and don't really have anyone else in my life to talk to about fitness successes and challenges, so I was hoping to find that here. I am notoriously bad at being active on forums or any kind of online social platform, but that is something I would also like to get better at. My biggest challenges are definitely nutrition (eating enough) and psychological struggles (e.g. having a self image of being weak and giving up on an exercise mentally before physically). This site looks really promising and I hope to find more motivation here as well as help others. There is a lot here though! Just looking through I probably saw at least 10 threads that said "read this first" and am very confused, haha. Any guidance would be appreciated. I already have a work out routine I like, so most of what I am looking for is a place for more interaction, accountability, and celebrating of each other's successes and progress. Thanks!
  24. zenLara

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    You've been summoned, oh mighty titty wizard. I patiently await to hear your wise voice.
  25. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human

    “Hey Dad, was [giant heavy thing in the cellar] always [in this clearly described position]? I think it moved so that might’ve been it.” ”It’s been like that for years! How did you not notice???” ”k. Never mind.” 15 minutes later... ”so I went down to the cellar and that thing did move but idk how.” Still waiting on that apology.
  26. SHINY & EXCITING NEW CHALLENGE INTRO:  Haven't managed to make a challenge stick much this year to date. Once-successful habits eroding. Healthy lifestyle, crumbling. New challenge cycle imminent, and therefore a righteous time to respawn... again. Thank goodness lifestyles can be treated like a video game, or I've got 3 of 9 cat lives left on the line, depending on your perspective. So last challenge, , was marginally successful by Rurik Harrgath standards, but subsequent attempts to reboot through that challenge-turned-Battle Log failed to launch, and I haven't been treated myself well since - or, again depending on your outlook, I've maybe been treating myself too well. Every time Sir Tanktimus the Valiant posts in any of the Nerd Fitness Facebook groups I frequent, a pang of guilt and disappointment compels me to post a challenge and I'm finally answering that call with a fresh start. I can't promise optimism overflowing with enthusiastic motivation or guaranteed success or even the shenanigans of old, but I can offer the inspiration behind a rough and tumble, been there & done that, devil-may-care comeback story that's been tempered by reality's rollercoaster. Starting weight baseline: 212 lbs [Dec 23/18] CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Levels HEMORRHAGING AWESOME ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE "A delicate balancing act of fuel and activity." [+2 STR, DEX, STA, CON] The Mindful Art of Nutritional Alchemy™: ☐ 4 CrossFit classes per week: ☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐] ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE "Dump Statting Charisma until I’m an Extrovert.” [+5 CHA] Engage in 4 sessions of exceptionally positive Self-Care per week: ☐☐☐☐ An Advanced Social Networking™ activity once weekly: ☐ New “Gymtroductions” completed: [Total: 0 ] A CHAOTIC APPROACH MAKES FOR SPECTACULAR RESULTS The Self-Improvement Junkie. [+2 WIS] Post a daily challenge update 3 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐ Ongoing To-Do mini-quests… ☐ Read: [In Progress] Overkill by Ted Bell. ☐ Currency: [0g] Ongoing clutter purge for ??? and $$$. ☐ Sanctum: Finish concrete countertops. ☐ Sanctum: Paint laundry room. ☐ Sanctum: Baseboards in Den, Guest and Laundry rooms. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION: Relatively fresh from a Girl in the Spider's Web viewing which has me feeling the Ducati Spirit, in turn driving me down a rabbit hole that will hopefully see my lumbering, clunky Harley-Davidson 883 eventually replaced by either a Ducati Scrambler or preferably a BMW R nineT in the cosmic near future. That also calls to mind a video I once saw of retired CrossFit phenom Jason Khalipa speaking about turning your body's engine into a Ferrari, referencing an athlete's training for comfort exercising or working at that 80-90% of capacity without redlining and crashing. Just like my Harley-Davidson, I've become a little too lumbering & clunky myself lately, so instead of downshifting further we're dropping the clutch and dumping the throttle full into a new Sleek & Sexy 6th Gear to find that elusive mojo again. The barbarian who selfishly sold his soul as a mercenary, the mercenary who fell to the void and became a demon hunter, and the demon hunter who returned from the darkness to live like a scoundrel is back; a Raven tattoo is notably visible from beneath the sleeve of his Lululemon metal vent tech t-shirt - a symbol of foreboding darkness, but also absolute freedom on dark wings and wisdom beyond learned reality. Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's Magnificent Bastard™ dialed it up to Mother Fucker again... I hope.
  27. But I didn't eat them with moderation, I ate two thirds of a packet in one go. And I keep thinking about them now that they're gone :/
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