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  2. The Hero of Time

    So here we are........again

    Welcome back. Good luck! That's a great goal. I feel you, here. These are things I still have to work on every day. I like the name. I'm assuming it's Star Trek reference... but then I'm enough of a Trekkie to think most things are Star Trek references.
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  4. aramis

    There and Back Again, a Seven's Journey

    I feel you on this one. I'm in Poland and my running buddy is in Singapore. Funny how technology makes that possible To the new beginnings!
  5. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Wednesday, 15 October Week 5, Day 3 of Challenge Cog (Zone Eating) REAL tough, but I made it Ark (NF Update) Update posted, with a bonus wrestling narrative Penemue (Muay Thai) School's closed on Wednesday evenings Jyotika (BuJo) Updated my journal I was hoping the return of NGW would bring you out of the woodwork... I was looking for a way to include Champagne Lover in the show, given his flirtatious persona (which I'm not really playing up that much), good looks and high flying, it made sense to team him with Jeri Behr, who I'm also looking to eventually push. Geena was the obvious opponent, as I wanted to include her too and with a "flyers vs savage brawlers" setup it only made sense to put Robert Howard with her. I'm not sure I want to make intergender matches a regular thing, but I've certainly found something for Howard to do when Frye has a singles match! As for the storytelling, it has improved alongside my booking the more I play this game and the more I write things out. Glad you enjoy it.
  6. aramis

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    But if you add sole thickness when standing on the ground, you should add it to top height as well - distance you jump in shoes vs. barefoot is the same unless you take your shoes off mid-flight
  7. deftona

    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    Wednesday Update I was off work again but TH was at a Learning and Development conference. I spent the morning applying for jobs and I applied for three with the same employer and did the cardinal sin of copying and pasting the same personal statement across all three jobs. If they don't appreciate that efficiency they can suck it *DX crotch chop* and a couple of hours later I was glad I did this because I realised two of the three paid less than I am currently on now and I ain't about to take a pay cut. So that was probably a complete waste of everyone's time but whatever. I spent the rest of the day not feeling too great so I kept lying down and reading until I felt better, then getting up again and feeling crappy again, and the cycle continued but it wasn't a bad way to spend a day. I was really craving bbq meat so I met TH after his conference and we went to Morrisons to buy some steak, ribs and gammon and we had that for dinner. Operation:Get Abs Like Rocky is not going too great in it's inaugural day. Eat Better - Oh heavens no. Spend Less - Groceries kinda count I guess because we did have food at home but not what I was craving. Languages - Oui Be Nice - Eh I guess.
  8. I'm coming back after a large hiatus from NF but not such a large hiatus from lifting, although since December 2018 it has not been as frequent or the quality that I wanted. To put it simply, since December 2018 things went to shit! Buuuuuut here we are, closing out 2019, with an application put in for the January 2020 Novice Powerlifting Competition in Perth WA, (my 3rd) hoping to not truly embarass myself, and now having a very solid goal to work towards. A goal to become consistent with training once more, to take that leap and find a coach, to not sweat the small stuff and let it derail everything, and move forward without looking back because "we aren't going that way". My training program starts Monday the 23rd of October but I am starting the Challenge now, with a shed clean up and a couple of days just getting under the bar, moving and finding my bearings again. Looking froward to meeting new and old NF riends and working towards success.
  9. Mr_Willes

    Mr_Willes: Gets a bit scared

    Yesterday was resting up again, not much more. Oow yeah, i'm now pretty much the opposite of this again:
  10. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    OCR is still only in the plans, I want to run my first next year. But thanks for noticing Yeah, this is very true for me too. I sometimes think why I do all this stuff. It looks like I try not to admit my age and try to act like I'm still in my 20's... is it symptom of midlife crisis? Or just I don't want to agree to social "norm" in which when you reach 40, you should just plop on a couch and drink beer...
  11. Mad Hatter

    KB Girl and the fight for women's rights

    Good luck. Don't let it get to you, shit happens.
  12. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Thanks for the recommendations everyone! Yesterday I had a very grumpy, weird day. I could not focus at work, and I'm getting frustrated by the thing I'm working on. It's not difficult, but can't settle on a code structure I'm happy with (stupid web stuff) and I've started my I don't know, maybe fourth rewrite. It's ridiculous. Not to mention that I was almost done last week and now I'm back to square one. Because it made me grumpy I spent a significant chunk of the day in the kitchen chatting to people and avoiding my laptop. In the end I decided to leave early to try to find a dress for the wedding this weekend which ended up an epic fail. If the bride and groom want colourful dresses they shouldn't have chosen to get married in October... There's nothing. I think I'll just wear my old bridesmaid outfit, it's very fluffy and pastel-y and the complete opposite of what I feel comfortable in (the outfit is comfy, the style is not), but whatever, it's pretty and it's the only appropriate outfit I own.
  13. ChrisWithaStick

    Sara Kingdom Likes Music With Rocks In

    Is there some narrative causality in the works here... maybe a trip to the mountains? Or an ambitious crossover?
  14. So here we are, after an absence of years, I have come home to where most of it began. Since last treading these boards, we have had success and failure, death and new life, summer, winter, autumn and spring, lost religion found a new one, and just recently cut people from my life who although family were extremely toxic. I am back in here to find my motivation, my mojo, my tribe. I have signed up for my 3rd novice powerlifting meet and need to find some like minded people, as there is no one remotely close in physical proximity that lifts like I did/do/want to. To new beginnings and finding old acquaintences! G'day and Cheers
  15. darkfoxx

    Murphy's Roommate Keeps Trucking

  16. darkfoxx

    Nic-Bot 5000 enters recovery mode

    ^ those are great plans. Also: focusing on pull-ups or other arm-related movements (presses, shoulder workouts) - things you can do seated or lying down. Swimming is usually good for knee rehab, and I’m always a big fan of light yoga, though you may want to wait until you see the physio for that one.
  17. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    Tuesday & Wednesday Weighed myself again, and either the 128 lbs was wrong, or the 134 I got TUESDAY was - either way, I was hella bummed. And it was a 7-hour three airport travel day. So: plane snacks. Had a good breakfast at the vegan place first, at least - and didn’t really binge too much. Only had a glass of wine & 1 whiskey + diet 7up because both Damn airports were out of Diet Pepsi or Coke. But at the end at least I got to see DH. Wednesday Figured out the intracity bus and went to see a girlfriend. Dumplings for lunch and then too much laksa soup for dinner. Another day with lots of travel - 1:45 on a bus each way, and the way back was 100% full to capacity. Spent the ride with my shoulders squished by big dudes on the back row. Finished Doctor Sleep, though, so that’s good.
  18. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    [emoji38][emoji38] I was tempted to do just that, but was so horrified that it would even cross his little pea brain that I burst from the bed to clean instead.
  19. bamboo

    Greetings & Introductions

    Thank you. Writing within this forum was quite a big decision on my part; your reply has made my engaging a bit easier -- so, again, thank you. Now on to creating my personal Battle Log.
  20. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    Do you know where this whole thing comes from? It's always been baffling to me, it's like whoever came up with this had never seen anyone squat, in power lifting/olympic lifting or you know, human beings with different proportions, or why would it be ok to do it when say sprinting, but if you load the knee with weights instead of the dynamic load your knees will explode?
  21. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter does handstands

    Hmm interesting you say that as I actually find time to not be that interesting a metric. Well, it's interesting at the moment because one minute somehow feels like a milestone marker. And also because there's a recommendation in seconds for starting the program when it arrives, so most of my focus has been to get to that point. But generally speaking a shorter handstand that feels really good, meaning I'm using better technique and am (relatively) still, excites me more than a longer hold with poorer technique or when I have to fight a lot. At that point time becomes mostly a metric of endurance, when I'm more interested in efficiency. Not just to be able to do more fancy handstand things, but also for shoulder health, which is important to me long term. But of course they go hand in hand, the more endurance I have, the more time I get on my hands for practicing technique.
  22. geng shi

    geng shi keeps at it - smaller and stronger

    Day 30 Update Pushups: night off Plank: night off Fruit / Veg: 3/4 Habits Move: Walked 3.27 miles (15.31/mile) Water: 68 After 8: nothing Day 31 Update Pushups: Week 5 / Day 2 (18,18,20,20,14,14,16,40 - last 20 on knees) Plank: night off Fruit / Veg: 4/4 Habits Move: Biked 13.44 miles (4.14/mile) Water: 68 After 8: finished dinner at 8:30 1500 Miles Completed 351.31/ 1500 miles (23.42%) 142.72 miles ahead of pace (9.49%)
  23. KB Girl

    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    God the formula story... can you imagine being one of those parents? Its crazy, but our interns still learn at school that you can’t let knees go over the toes in squats. And if only that were the worst of it. We have actually complained about this, but apparently the central exam (Europe-wide) the students have to take will consider this the right information so the school doesn’t really know what to do either.
  24. Murphy's Roommate

    Murphy's Roommate Keeps Trucking

    Offer sent. The adventure continues. Curious to see how this plays out. - Murphy's Roommate
  25. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    I earned gold star today. I got up before my meeting at my house and worked out. It's been forever since I did that. It really is a good way to start the day, I just find it hard to motivate myself to do it. But that was my only time I had today to do it, so I did. Did the strength . One of the movements is a rear elevated split squat. I had been using the bottom step of the step stool, but it always felt awkward. So today I found or old Wii step board and used it. I felt really sold in the movement, and was even able to do more weights. Part of the reason I was busy today was that I was visiting a friend from church who had a major stroke. One week she was fine, then a week later she had the stroke. Now she can't talk, walk, or use her right arm. She did smile, laugh, and seemed to be following our conversation, so that was good. But, a sobering reminder to be thankful for our minds and bodies and live each day intentionally, because we really don't know what tomorrow holds. Yesterday, my father in law, who is 90 years old, had a pacemaker put in, and is now doing fine. With all that going on, no wonder I feel a bit emotional.
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