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  2. Snarkyfishguts

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    From being AWESOME that's really fun!
  3. raptron

    The enjoyable and the necessary

    Woo! Ooh, I like this plan.
  4. Snarkyfishguts

    [Nova Aquarii] Getting Up Again

    Exercising your voice is definitely key for maintenance. But you can definitely get it back. What a lovely clear voice! And it sounds like you're going to be in a better mindset for the toughness of the industry. Rejection sucks, but it means you're taking the chance and putting yourself out there! You got this, lady. I'm cheering for you!
  5. raptron

    DoubleTrouble's last 4 week challenge

    Ah no! More swim practice on the horizon, it sounds like. NICE.
  6. Salinger

    Fonzico eats like a Goddess

    what kind of things are you eating in the eve? Hope you enjoy cycling, AND your dads bday meal xx
  7. KB Girl

    KB Girl battles the chaos monster

    Joints and ligaments get looser during pregnancy to prepare for the birth.. that's also probably what causes pelvic girdle pain, so I'm not enthusiastic about it.. already my wrist and elbow joint in the right arm are bothering me way more than usual.. I think you could technically try to keep some of that extra flexibility- but it's a bit like training flexibility in hypermobile people I think? definitely needs to be approached with caution.
  8. Snarkyfishguts

    Teros 55: Duty

    Changes, hmmm? What kind of changes? *grabs popcorn* I'm patient.
  9. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda has deja vu

    Treadmill still not working. Spent yesterday afternoon working on it. I can get the belt centered, but not stay centered. Once I start walking on it it moves so I am missing a key step in fixing it. Have an email to customer service to help.
  10. Salinger

    forkboy reorients

    Great week there!!!x
  11. raptron

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    Day 3.5 Lifting on Friday night: Squats: 4 x 5 x 235# Bench: 4 x 4 x 135# Close-grip bench: 4 x 6 x 120# Lat raises: 4 x 10 x 15# I cut out RDLs because my legs were totally toast and my hip flexors were kind of sad still from the last few days -- and I knew I was about to go out dancing. I went home and had a very sad but healthy dinner of collard greens and canned tuna (lol) and then met my friends out for pre-dancing drinks and then dancinggg. It was a relatively low key night. My friend and I got fries after and chatted and then I headed home and passed tf out. Day 3.6-3.7 We headed up to Maine a bit later in the day on Saturday, hoping that would mean less traffic -- but uh, it did not, haha. It still wasn't too, too bad. When we got in, it was immediately time for lake hangs. The whole weekend was swimming, jumping off the dock, rope swing dives, going out on the boat, etc. It was VERY laid back and very relaxing. And 100x cooler than being in the city because there was a nice breeze on the water and if you got too hot, you could always jump back in. I was pretty good with my sunscreen too and only got a tiny bit toasted on my shoulders despite a full day and a half out in the sun. My shenanigans for the week were definitely rope swing flips and dives! I did some front dives, back dives, and back flips (almost a 1 1/2, which didn't quite make it and was thoroughly smack-tastic) -- I also tried a few front flips but didn't quite get the technique down before I got tired. I only have a video of the back tuck (but my friend has some of some others): It was very fun. Sunday morning, I did a 2.5 mile training run with my friends. Trying to slow my pace down to hang with the group + the heat made it notttt a very good run for me. I was very overheated and grumpy. My breathing was less than stellar and I was just so HOT. One of them is a big, big runner and insists I don't have to train more than a 5-mile run ahead of the race next month if I don't want to. I will keep that in mind, haha. We drove back late on Sunday night and THAT strategy worked well to avoid traffic. I got to bed around 1 am, but also dozed off for a bit in the car, so I feel good today. Lifting: 7/7 Shenanigans: 2/3 Writing: 5/6 (Run): 2/3
  12. KB Girl

    Recovery and down time [Manarelle]

    That's great pleasant surprise!
  13. KB Girl

    sylph does a thing. anything.

    Definitely sounds like a workout!
  14. Snarkyfishguts

    [Keeper of the Flame] On Patrol

    I'm really the same. Flexibility is really key, and I can imagine especially when you are taking care of a tiny human. I'm really excited about your Boss Battle!
  15. raptron

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    THE BEST. HA, no heels this time. I rarely wear heels going out in Boston unless it's a special occasion. Our slubby city's lack of style makes it easy to get away with. I don't disagree, actually, haha. RIGHT? I mean, I guess she's been in lots of other things lately, but Veronica Mars is the start of it all!
  16. Snarkyfishguts

    woodandbronze: A Return to Consistency

    High fives! Those are some pretty great stats!
  17. Athaclena

    Athaclena - is BACK!

    Didn't pack any boxes this weekend *sigh* - so big FAIL there..... 7 days in a row of afternoon thunderstorms + migraines. BLECH! That being said - I walked 4/5 days last week. So I feel fantastic about that! I dragged my rear out of bed this morning and not only walked - added a neighborhood neighborhood - SO - I got an entire 4k steps this morning. Gonna try to do that every morning I'm capable of. If I do well this week - I'll try to add a 3rd segment next week Hubby is heading to QuakeCon this week - so I'm going to up my veggie game for dinner.
  18. Snarkyfishguts

    Annyshay Resettles

    I love how this is worded. Any changes to make on your mind? Travel plans?
  19. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky is habit forming

    Same here. My challenge is honestly dealing with family members and friends who are still trying to keep up with trends and explaining to them how damaging that was for me, and that while I can't tell them what choices to make in their lives, I am finding my choices and creating my path.
  20. KB Girl

    Press to HS summer battle part #1

    The bed time is challenging, but seems to be going better? I'd love some pictures btw
  21. KB Girl

    Juliebarkley gets to work

    Very productive day though!
  22. h3r0

    H3r0 Earns Some Skill Badges

    Mobility workout this morning. Needed it too, sore and tight from yesterday.
  23. Today
  24. forkboy

    forkboy reorients

    Thanks, that is helpful. I will ponder on this idea this week. It would have to be something small indeed as my original goal was going to be used equipment and so pretty cheap anyway, but definitely a good idea. Week 3 Totals much improved Workouts +5 20 miles running +5 Calories +7 Tracking +7 Total 54/100
  25. Devlin


    Haven't updated in a while. I did get to training on Saturday. We did 25 minutes of flow drills to start and I worked on guard passing to side control and taking the back if they try and scramble away. The did several rounds of trying to sweep from my back. The 2 rounds of open Sparring. Rolled against one of our top blue belts and only got caught once in 5 minutes. Defended everything else textbook and even got some offence away, this is a guy whos been to worlds and won matches before so I'm very happy with that. The passing drills from top went well, I've been able to establish a solid side control and people only seem to escape when I open things up a little to try and finish. My guards feeling good too. Went for de la riva and when that Was countered was able to lock up full guard. Week 4, I think, day 1. Diets been solid today. Should be at gi training tonight. A friend of mine has offered to come help me drill.
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