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  2. raptron

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    Sounds like the deload is very needed!
  3. raptron

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    I love Trampoline Tuesday!
  4. raptron

    The first day of the rest of my life

    Running every day sounds like kind of a lot to me! You may want to do every other day or something so that your body can adjust to the increased load. Where are you working on learning how to flip? Is that on a trampoline? Learning how to roll first will definitely help with that.
  5. BlackCatMagic

    Rip The Start - Remix

    I am READY for a new 4-week challenge! I took last week as a bit of a rest week, so that I can dive in today! Last month was my first challenge and I learned some great lessons. Here are my goals for the next four weeks: weight train 4x a week hot yoga once a week 100 oz of water a day at least 5 days a week 8,000 steps a day on work days meditate at least 15 minutes 4 times a week journal 3 times a week read Thinner, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews
  6. raptron

    finding my niche

    Good luck with your job search! We're happy to have you over here in assassinland. Lots of daily goals can be hard to hit, but we're rooting for you.
  7. raptron

    Raptron Turns 50?!?! [Challenges]

    Not... low. We maybe split a bottle of Milagro tequila. I WILL EXPRESS MUCH EXCITEMENT ABOUT YOUR CONTINUED SURVIVAL!!! Honestly, no splinters! I got some scrapes, but it was mostly bruises because I bruise like a peach. DINO SOCCER POLO...?!!?!? I want it. Okay, zero week went like this: Flew back from Florida on Wednesday, did some light bench and squats at the gym, went home, ran a D&D session (Our players, trying to run from their most recent act of domestic terrorism fall in with a cult that seems bent on taking down Detritropolis' Mayor and seat of office... perhaps from one terrorist fire to another). Thursday -- I went to gymnastics practice (post-season fever is already in swing) and worked a ton on back handsprings on low beam, front handsprings on low beam with mats, and my front walkover series on high beam. I forgot my grips, so I couldn't swing bars, but I did also do a decent amount of front tumbling including a couple front handspring front pike + front tucks, but one I kind of gave myself whiplash, so I ended them earlier than I normally would have. Friday -- more lifting! I did 4 x 5 x 275# deads pretty easily, though it was really warm in the gym and I was getting more winded than muscle fatigued, lol. After that, I went to my cousin's house for a Passover Seder. Saturday -- more gymnastics! I did a lot more front tumbling and it went pretty well! 4/5 front handspring + front pike + front tucks to my feet -- I will probably drill this pass ALL off-season because I need it to be reliable next season. I STILL forgot my grips, but that doesn't prevent me from working on cast to handstand attempts, so I did a bunch of those -- which are dumb, but I think I could maybe actually learn one this summer if I focus on bars more often than I usually do. I did more front handsprings on the low beam and that was kind of that! Some lifting friends of mine have created ADVENTURE CLUB (that I mentioned last challenge went to a butterfly atrium) and Saturday was my turn. I took us to a big ass glass globe you can stand in, then we got pizza and ice cream. I went home, took a very important nap, and then met back up with basically the same people plus more for a cookout where I forced people to watch the gymnastics NCAA National Championship with me, haha. Sunday -- I slept for like 10+ hours Saturday night and was slow to rise on Sunday. I headed to the lifting gym to do some heavier squats and bench, but nothing too crazy. I did 3 x 5 x 240# squats, 4 x 5 x 125# bench, lat raises, push-ups, and bulgarian split squats. Picked up some groceries, went home, did some cooking for the next couple of days (roasted chicken thighs, braised collards, and a baked polenta that I put too much cheese in so it is kind of greasy but ummm, it's full of cheese, so it's still good). Then, my ex and I went out for dinner to catch up and I thought maybe talk over some more timeline stuff, but we didn't really get to that. My floor video that someone else took still isn't done processing/uploading in Google photos (and the other person who took videos hasn't uploaded yet either) but we can look at uneven bars! 5 years ago: This year: Most importantly, our leos are much better. But YA CASUAL STICK THE DISMOUNT SITUATION THERE. WOO!
  8. Tova the Vibrant

    What do you even do all day? Doe tracks everything.

    I've done several weeks (individual weeks at different times) logging my time. I find it so informative - especially when you find out how much of your time goes to things that don't really further your goals or bring you joy! Following along!
  9. RedStone

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    IT'S PERFECT. I'm using the phone now, but I used to use the tablet with a stylus, you can really go to town with it, especially with your background! I love watching people take their time with illustrations!! Let me know if you get into it again, I would love to play with you!!! ty ty ty!
  10. WildSonja

    Perseverance in Rehab-land

    I started body weight training last summer because I just *couldn't* do strength training indoors when it was so glorious outdoors. And -bam- fell in love. So shocked how much more easily I gained strength, stamina, and over-all control. And that was with a pretty basic plan! Now it's time for me to build up a plan to do knock down some of the cooler tricks! But! of course there's a but. Shoulder tendinitis is not a pretty but. Therefore this challenge will feature some of exactly the same things as last time. Things I will work on: - self care- continue my shoulder rehab. Boring but necessary. Patience will be greatly increased with this one. Oh, and of course pain will be defeated. - nutrition - find my maintenance caloric needs. - fitness- maintain current plan- - household- continue ninja cleaning and maybe tackle a small upgrade Bonus work: - social- meetups etc - fitness fun- plan toward a fitness level-up goal How I will work on them: - self care- continue the mobility, stretch, strength, patience plan implemented last challenge, especially focusing on work posture -nutrition- create a set eating schedule so I don't get to the end of the day without enough calories consumed. While allowing for dinner flexibility when husband does the cooking. I can either do all the cooking or accept what he makes so I don't have to do it all. -fitness-day 1; lower body and rehab strength. day 2; cardio and stretch. 6 day repeat. day 7; whatever life throws at me. -household- continue to apply my 20 min/ don't leave the room empty-handed as this so far is an acceptable level of clean. upgrade: strip and repaint one of the many doors that need it Bonus; -social- anything to meet people- meetups seem ok for this fun- if shoulder ROM improves enough, work on stretching necessary to end up with skin the cat eventually and hanging core strength (self note: this is an Ultimate Goal movement that won't over work anterior shoulder and chest like some movements) My rules: Allow for life interference and be adaptable. ie; golf counts as cardio day because I get to play outside and spend time with my father, so I may need to restructure week. Requirements for consideration of success- Must maintain the good habits at about an 90% success rate including; dental care, good bedtime, well balanced diet (enough protein,) sunscreen, language work, reducing idle computer time, standing up for myself despite pushy clients.
  11. Rookie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    EATING NOT ON TRACK. I REPEAT EATING NOT ON TRACK. This weekend SUCKED weather wise. Everything was rainy and swampy and cold. I slept over at my parents Friday which was a mistake cause they literally have nothing to do there lol and anything I wanted to do it wasn't working or they didn't have. Being the only android user in a family of apple users sucks #blacksheep lol Cottage time was again sloppy and cold. Rook seemed to enjoy himself at the cottage lol but had to practice restraint which he does not have. So that was fun lol. Did some archery and all in all it went good considering I was trying a different shooting style. Didn't get to go for a walk because the road going in was literally a muddy soupy mess. I might have snuck my target home to shoot my bow in my garage shhh dont tell BF haha I am not sure how to approach the patches for my jacket. Right now the biggest hangup is that I can't get the pattern on the fabric consistently and I don't wanna waste more embroidery thread until I figure that out. My brother suggested using an iron on transfer which could work. I might also look into getting proper embroidery fabric because my canvas will fray a lot. I am still cautiously optimistic for this challenge but also feeling like I am already off to a bad start. I haven't been tracking on week zero and I am still horrible when I can't measure what I had. I pre-measured my cheesies and smartfood and those baggies were good at the cottage. I shared and didn't eat the whole bags. But then yesterday I was a snack squirrel and kept eating. My "move more" yesterday was playing with Jack the BF parents doggo while everyone watched the hockey game. His family is weird and if they see you drinking plain water they are like "OH here is 3 types of juice or 3 types of pops" and I'm like ehhh I just want water though. I don't know how much water I drank but it probably was not enough. And that is my update lol
  12. Manarelle

    Elennare's Adventures in Eating

    "They say" your intake averages out over a week or so, hence the "one day mistake isn't bad." Sounds like you're averaging ok, at least. Neat that you got to go tide pooling, it's always cool to see the diversity in those. Sorry to hear about your car, that's a tough choice to make.
  13. I remembered it wrong, it was a weekend things so most of that was food and accommodations. But still. People can learn mending in less than a weekend retreat: I got a lot of cleaning done in the kitchen and made some cranberry orange relish. Sleep was terrible. Challenge starts today. Laundry and mending is planned for this evening. I need those jeans.
  14. Deckard Gainz

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    I loved this game! It was a little frustrating on my super old phone with a tiny screen though. I wonder if I should download it for my iPad.... also! Glad to hear you are making progress with all the house stuff. Fingies crossed for ya
  15. NicTheRugger

    RES: Here I go again

    You are doing amazingly! You're going through a lot, and you're handling it with a lot of grace and a really good mindset. I know this can't be easy, but I (and everyone else following along) are in your corner and cheering for you! And that red hair is rad. I love it! You look amazing -- and there's no way that you're approaching 50. I don't believe it. I believe you're one of those people, much like my own mom, who stopped aging somewhere around that nebulous age of 35-40 and has become essentially immortal.
  16. The interesting thing in all this for me is that I operate largely off instinct, if I go too far into this kind of analysis and detail it kills all the passion and motivation in it (for me). Even more interesting (to me) is that I deliberately (but in contradiction, also semi-subconsciously) avoid this kind of analysis knowing the effect it will have on me. None of this means it is not useful or something to avoid for other people.
  17. RedStone

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    Okay, pretty straight forward! Here is week 1. Work Stuff: Book: Write 500 words and/or work on it (image support) 45 mins per day Monday- Thursday Biz: Develop materials/market research 2X per week @45 mins per session (book these sessions in the calendar) Body Stuff: Water: 2 shakers minimum 7 days a week Train: Beta testing a program that is 3X per week Walk: Have a town walk once per week I SHOULD be hearing more about the closing this week. Over the weekend we traveled down to Philly and looked at appliances with my folks. I have a vague idea of what I'd like, but even better - I was able to get a whole bunch of drill bit sets at the dent and scratch outlet that I'll be using for an event in May - a guided meditation/painted rock mandala thing. I'm looking forward to it, it should be fun! Also my labs start this week for the back rehab thing, and I'm taking an advanced anatomy course to compliment it. (Not required but it's my jam.) Not exactly as intensive as CHC, but different - it's much shorter and much more hands on and immersive. Labs are 3 hours min so it'll be a little more intense for a short amount of time rather than the slow burn I just finished. On a fun side note, I started up with this drawing game over the weekend that I used to really love, Draw Something, and it's keeping me off the facebook scroll for downtime. I feel freed!!! Today is going to be some scrambling for meal prep because everything was closed by the time we got home last night which was fine because I was so exhausted from the weekend. I need a vacation?
  18. Tova the Vibrant

    KCAleece Gets Fabulous!

    That's super awesome news about the interview!! I agree - they don't move that fast on calling if they are hesitant! ::excited noises::
  19. Thom Stépan

    Thom coaches himself

    I have had an enjoyable Easter break. With nearly a week with my youngest three kids. I went to Bec's house on Thursday and stayed the night. Friday we went to the local park had a late breakfast and mini Easter egg hunt for the kids. We then headed to a local reserve to hike one of the trails there. After lunch I brought my youngest three home. We had a relaxing weekend, colouring in Easter pictures, watching Yugioh, and taking trips to local parks for walks. Tomorrow I am driving my kids home to their Mum's. Jen, the daughter that I struggled with, took that photo of me heading down the trail in my blue shirt and with my walking stick. She said to her mum that I was like the cool family friend or uncle that visits to do fun stuff with. That is massive change in her thoughts towards me. Last year she threatened to stab her mother and younger sister Emmy because I lived at home. She was a big reason I moved out. She stopped calling me Dad, and calls me Thom. I still consider her my daughter. The one I failed to be the dad she actually needed. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  20. NicTheRugger

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    I get that. Eating on the holidays always gets a little wacky!
  21. Tova the Vibrant

    Adash5000 upgrades his neural interfaces

    I love your list! My IT bands and piriformis give me trouble on occasion, and foam rolling is the best for that. I've also worked on a similar eliminate/replace challenge, and have a few tips if you'd like! I am super curious though: why oh why are cold showers part of mindfulness practice for you? ::shudders::
  22. is that a baby or full size? I'll try to get a pic of the bats we have here, they are massive fruit bats, look like they are dracula's homeboys! We get hundreds of them flocking at dusk to come to the fruit trees. This is partly why I was so upset about the neighbor cutting down his fruit trees, we don't get so many bats now Where i grew up we had some sweet little ones that fit in your hand.
  23. Deckard Gainz

    Act VII - Harriet Scouts the Lands Beyond the Fortress

    Get it! OHP is a fickle mistress; you have to take those wins by force whenever and however you can. I for one support the idea of switching to 2 heavy lifts with opposite muscle groups on the same day. If you want to do lighter sets of 10, that can be its own thing, but you're probably not going to get much efficiency working a big compound group after its already tired from your big lifts. Directly after your big lifts is a good time for alternates, asymmetrical stuff, and accessories, but not ideal for another big compound movement with the same group. You can absolutely stimulate hypertrophy with just heavy sets or just light, depending on your goals (more in spoiler). If it makes you feel icky and wanna do something else, do something else definitely!
  24. Then do this. Sure, mindful eating has its place in intuitive eating, but it doesn't have to be a rule. There are no rules. You are an adult. If you want to eat in front if the tv you can. But be sure it is what you want. If this relaxes you, it's a really good reason to do it. You probably will gain weight. And that's okay too. Your body needs to start trusting you to feed it again before its willing to let go of the extra weight. And depending on how long you've dieted/restricted that cab take months or even years. Be patient and remind yourself that the amount of space you take up doesn't determine your worth <3 I love baking too! And I find the stuff I bake feels way more satisfying than stuff I buy.
  25. NicTheRugger

    JessFit goes full warrior

    Me too! Between the unrealistic body types "(have you noticed that a lot of female characters have, for the most part, the same body type?_, the impractical costume designs (serious, some of these costumes offer no support for the gals, and I always wince in sympathy when I see a female character doing a back flip or something intense without the proper support), and the lack of muscle, I get bored and frustrated with character design for female superheroes. How was the drag king show?! That sounds super fun!
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