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  2. zenLara

    Where did all the adamantium go?

    This is the main point of the challenge. I'm already quite active, but everything feels dull. I hope that focusing on the immediate result of the action will help me feel more positive. You are very welcome!
  3. Sorry to sound daft but I'm not even sure who the top one's meant to be... Death Star employee whose lack of faith is disturbing is my best guess but I'm not sure... I had a look at some star wars running t-shirts on amazon, ebay, etsy, and some looked pretty good but (a) most of the best ones are from the US and I'm not sure they'd reach me in time and anyway, (b) despite being billed as running shirts they seemed to be made of material that did not sound comfortable to run in. Hmm...
  4. Ann of Vries

    DaemonCorax becomes less round (incubating pt. 6)

    Having a little baby often brings up a whole bunch of buried issues (especially if you have/had a difficult relationship with your parents and/or childhood) and you have no time or sleep to process the onslaught. It can be pretty rough. I'm glad you're already seeing someone--I hope it will help keep that to a minimum so you can enjoy your new little sidekick.
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  6. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Sara looked up to see a tall middle-aged man with greying ginger hair standing in the doorway. He wore a tidy faded black suit of the sort favored by government clerks. Barnabas Ketch came from an elite accounting office, but the rumor was that he had been a scholarship boy at the assassin's school; Vetinari was known to employ an unusual number of them in the city government. Sometimes they really were accountants. He took hold of Clerk Oliver's chair and spun it around to the other side of Sara's desk, sat on it backwards with his arms on the wooden crossbar, and leant in. "I won't ask what you've done," he said quietly. "But I'm afraid I need to tell you that his lordship is... displeased. He's so displeased with you that he's displeased with me." Sara groaned. "I had a bad day." Ketch looked at her. "Or two," she added. Ketch repeated himself. "Three, tops," said Sara, defensively. "But I don't think that one counts." "And Monday?" said Ketch. Sara rubbed her forehead worriedly. "Oh, gods. He's really angry, isn't he." "He used sarcasm," said Ketch. Sara blanched. "You need a plan," he said. "You mean like getting on the next coach to Genua?" said Sara. "Miss Kingdom, you could run to Bhangbhangduc or Fourecks, and it would not be far enough," said Ketch. It was probably true. Sara put her head down on her desk. Ketch stood and swung Oliver's chair back. "Get some rest," he said. "We have work to do in the morning."
  7. CombustibleLemon

    In need of consistency

    Hello everyone! It's WAY too easy to cheat myself when I don't have to "justify" that stuff to someone else, so I'm looking for a buddy to share progress daily (or at least every now and then). Sharing progress in the forums does help in this matter, but a bit of personal contact would be even better. I'm a 24 year old female and currently try to get myself back on track after a year of slacking off. I want to start small so I don't get derailed again 3 weeks from now, so my goals for now only include drinking enough water, walk at least 8000 steps a day and follow the 16/8 intermittent fasting protocol. Also I try to take a closer look at what I'm eating, so sharing recipes is always great! I want to work my way back up to exercising 3-4 times a week, mainly bodyweight and martial arts stuff, but I'm always open to try something new - especially now that summer's coming up. I love to be outside and take a walk in nature every now and then. If anyone's interested just message me.
  8. CombustibleLemon

    Cooking buddies!

    Looks awesome! I followed
  9. Blocky

    Blocky does moderately difficult things...

    Week 0 - Saturday Training: Closegrip Bench: single at 115kg (RPE 8), 5's at 95kg Pendlay Row: 8's at 80kg (this is now multiple sets with my 8RM) DB Bench: 25kg DBs for 8's Seated row, pushdpwns and curls for lots. Brainy Stuff: Still grinding away with assessments and now have a few lectures to catch up on due to laziness.
  10. Blocky

    Blocky does moderately difficult things...

    This is true... but I really miss lifting heavy
  11. sarakingdom

    Teirin signed up for stuff and needs to follow through

    Might be easier to marry Sybil Ramkin if you want darned socks, though I gather those things have good alternate use during revolutions. Have you looked at boro mending for your jeans? That looks pretty awesome, not too hard, and in keeping with your solarpunk aesthetic.
  12. Friday Update We did some beewasp scoping out and now we know where they are. They are in a place that is a complete pain in the arse. I think there are quite a few of them, but at least they're not in the house. I mean, they're right next to the house, but they're not in the house. I have blocked off their entry ways through the holes where the pipes come in and we haven't had another one in since. We're going to call the beekeepers association and get a local beekeeper to come and remove them if possible. We went in to town to get some stuff for the work we need to do around the house and I got my eyebrows done too. I had gone very much over my appointment and afterwards, TH looked at me and said "They do do a good job on your eyebrows, don't they?" (I told you he was honest with me...) I try to hide the fact I am actually a comic book villain from him so in future I shouldn't let this appointment go too far over, too much is at stake. While I was in town I popped into my favourite second hand shop and I bought a dress. It's very nice. Very short and slutty, just my sort of thing. Then we went for lunch (see post above). We got home and did the work in the house. We spent most of the afternoon in the garden and got a lot of work done. There is still a lot to do (again, the joys of buying an old house) but I feel like we're getting there and we both enjoyed being in the garden in the sunshine. I was still sort of full from lunch when it was time to do my workout so I didn't exactly bring it. It's the opposite problem to what I had the day before. Since TH was cleaning the conservatory windows which is where my gym is, I didn't want to do my dance routines because they're too sexy and when you wield that kind of power you have to think about others and I did not want a case of blue balls on my hands. So I just did some crunches. Not exactly in the spirit of this "do something other than just elliptical every time", but given I couldn't even be arsed to go upstairs and put my workout clothes on so just did it in my regular bra and knickers, it's not too bad in the scheme of things. Given the backache I got afterwards. I was taught a very important lesson on the importance of a supportive sports bra and there wasn't even that much movement going on. I'm pretty dumb, my back is still hurting today. I fasted until around 3 when we had the pub lunch and although I had dinner planned and scheduled on MFP I didn't need to eat it so I didn't. This technically flies in the face of my pre-planned dinners being immovable rule, but I'd rather not eat if I don't need to if the other option is to forcefeed myself just to pass. That definitely isn't in the spirit of things. I finished the day on 1990 calories which is great considering we went out for dinner and I wasn't trying to keep calories in check.
  13. Salinger

    shadri >>> some kind of something

    Hey Shadri....following you Hope your mood feels better soon. Sending ALL the love xx
  14. Salinger

    Lightbearer: Present

    I will be following along Sky xx
  15. Teirin

    Shotokan turns it around

    Good work. Hope you can relax some this weekend!
  16. I have a darning egg! I just haven't tried using it yet......
  17. Akura

    Akura's Champion Trial

    Been quite active today. I worked out in the morning before breakfast and it went well. My stomach wasn't too well after eating, but that's not necessarily due to the workout. (Will have to monitor...) Next week I'm on vacation and I'll try to work out as much as possible in the morning to see how I like it and how much time it takes. Around noon my girlfriend and I walked to a nearby park to play catch. My back and stomach weren't too happy when we arrived, but it went quite well. (Except for the fact that my girlfriend can through a football much better than me... XD) In the end, I clocked in with over 17000 steps today. Alas, the number hasn't increased after 15 o'clock... I also found out/realised how awesome potatoes are w.r.t. calories and carbs per total mass. I ate a large portion (250g of potatoes + codfish, salmon, cauliflower, carrots) for supper and still managed to achieve both diet goals. Link's Quest +1 Working out ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| Yoga ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| Daruk's Quest +1 Walking ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| Urbosa's Quest +1 Low-calorie ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| +1 Low-carb ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| Revali's Quest +1 Go ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| Mipha's Quest Drawing ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| - ||||||| Side Quests Read a bit in Burn Marks... Meditated a bit on the topic of video games. I think I should treat single player games similar to books when it comes to investing time...
  18. Shotokan

    Shotokan turns it around

    Week zero day four: 15 katas again, the core workout and one iaido Kata. Felt pretty good but not a hard workout either. Week zero day five: 15 more katas and one iaido kata. Long day at work really tired me out but I had to get in my workout and I did.
  19. Doe

    Cheetah revels in a small measure of success!

    That's not a bad idea, thought about doing that with a set of dumbells. One of our VPs has 2 skull kettlebells in their office. Seriously thought they were badass paperweights for a while.
  20. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    Vrydag 1. No running, ankle much better. 2. Meditation? 3. Lights at 23:00 Awake too early Nightmares. Fuck. 4. Went to the workshop latish, fiddled around. Afternoon rugby, and nap, and a small pizza. One of our cats hasn't been seen in 3 days. Kittens, 2 weeks and six days.
  21. ReturnOfTheDad


    Weight: 223.6 lbs (7lbs Lost) Sleep: 8 hrs Water: 6/8 Gallon Protein: 150 grams Meals: 10:00am - Egg whites, cheese, oatmeal, strawberries, oj, vitamins, coffee 11:30am - Banana (pwkt) 1:30pm - Greek yogurt, blueberry, honey, green tea smoothie 5:00pm - Cheese sticks, grapes, almonds 6:30pm - Brisket, sausage, cole slaw, corn, some Mac & cheese nuggets Fitness: Cardio - 1 Hr No Gi BJJ Notes: Jujitsu today was good but just feeling a bit tired. Been doing a 2 day split 3 times a week, so while I’ve definitely been getting stronger faster, it’s just not meshing with the uptick in Monk workouts. Think I am going to split the difference going forward with 3 lift days and 3 Monk days a week. Also shoulder is tweaking a bit so going to let that rest for a few days. Back in my competition diet regimen and it’s encouraging to see the pounds start falling off. Not a tough way of eating, just takes planning ahead and writing things down. Only complaint right now is keeping up with eating 160 grams of protein a day. Did keep mostly the diet even when eating out tonight. Have a feeling the salt is going to get me in water weight but hopefully that will pass in a day. Just need to focus on upping my water tomorrow and maybe getting some good cardio in. On to tomorrow.
  22. WhiteGhost

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Yay! Enjoy your Easter
  23. WhiteGhost

    Infinity - a space ninja

    Oh, me too! SOOOO GOOD!
  24. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    IKR? I bet they didn't even know what I was making and were all judgy anyway! I wish that would work, but I suspect I would probably get comments about both Good day again yesterday Doodling - Ghostet and I had did some doodling together, both of us trying to sketch the same picture of an eye. He is better than me at drawing landscapes, but I do better with faces. Exercising - Went to the ark and got my leg workout in. It has been a couple of weeks since I did that, so it was pretty tough and now my legs are very sore. I also played around on the high bar for a bit, making sure I got in a few baby knee giants to try and get that locked down. Eating - 2 homecooked meals yesterday but both were leftovers from earlier in the week. I had an egg salad sandwich for lunch and then some more spaghetti for dinner. Playing - No playing yesterday
  25. SkyGirl

    Lightbearer: Present

    LIGHTBEARER: BOOK ONE Chapter Four: Present The patter of the rain outside my window had faded somewhat, from its earlier angry rushing to a heavy drumming against the walls. The dinner dishes were washed and put away; I had measured out the coffee for the next morning, washed my clothes and scrubbed my face. It was finally time to rest. I settled into my blankets, smiling deeply as my tired muscles unfolded and relaxed into their reassuring warmth. I had been sick with a lingering cold for days, and my body sorely needed uninterrupted rest to fight off the last of the infection. After I had adjusted my head into a position where the mucus was less likely to spill out of my nostrils, I automatically reached out my hand to pull back a portal. For the past few weeks, it had been my habit to open portals into Middle Earth and watch people in the evenings - as with the unstable portals I opened to speak with Ayre, I couldn't go through them or touch anyone I saw, but I could speak to family and friends, and sometimes simply sit and observe. People were used to speaking with me from afar, and I enjoyed feeling connected to them even though I was far from home. But tonight, I hesitated. It was becoming clear to me that I was going to be stationed in the village of Greenlake indefinitely, and I realized it was time for me to start making a home here. I had moved from my tent in the Movement's camp to a small, neat cottage in the old part of town where the elders and young parents lived. I worshiped every week with the village's Lightbearers, under the guidance of Iskander the Teacher, a broad-shouldered man with a gray-brown beard and eyes that seemed vague under his shaggy eyebrows, but always seemed to be looking in just the right direction to see people who were hurting or in need. Several women in the group had taken me aside to tell me where they lived, so I could come and fetch them or send for help if I ever needed anything. Young couples invited me to eat with them or spend time in their homes, so I didn't have to be alone. I traveled the same trail every morning on my way to my work, serving as a liaison between the government scholars and the people in the region, and I saw the same tradesmen and landholders every morning. Sometimes they even gave me a friendly wave. I had come to realize that, when I spent too much time with my mind in Middle Earth, I was missing opportunities to learn more about my new home. The people I saw every week and day were curious about me and wanted to welcome me into their circles - if I were constantly looking behind me, I might miss the friendships and belonging they offered. My mission as a Lightbearer was to be an ambassador for the King, to be an example of what life in His service looked like. To tell them that they were loved - oh, so much more loved and valued and wanted than they realized they were. But I needed to be present in the moment if I were going to do that. I needed to be looking into the eyes of the people I was with, truly learning who they were and hearing their dreams and hopes, and fully engaged in introducing myself and learning how I was going to fit into this new community. But don't you want to belong to Middle Earth anymore? the Voice whispered urgently. I was tired enough that the Dark Elf knew he wouldn't make any headway if he appeared in person. Your family needs you. Your friends back home need you. Are you turning your back on them? How do you know you'll never return? "I didn't say I'd never return, silly," I murmured sleepily, groping out from under my blanket to find the soft handkerchief I had been gently wiping my chapped nose on all day. "I'm part of Middle Earth. It's part of me. It's always with me no matter how far I go. Of course I'll go back. Maybe even live there again. I hope so." But look what being "present" looks like, it insisted, drawing my consciousness away from my painfully raw skin and into the silent solitude of the night. As happened every time I let myself slow down enough to think about it, I suddenly felt the great expanse of country roll out and press down on top of me - as if I could feel the consciousness of all the strangers and nearly-strangers all around me, the sea of people who would not answer if I cried out in the night, the silently boiling ocean of nameless faces that felt nothing when they passed me, the weight of the voices laughing and talking to everyone else in the world but me. This, of course, was why I hastened to open a portal every night and look back to Middle Earth. When I was watching what was happening back home, I could pretend I wasn't alone. But when I lay quietly and listened to the noises of the night around me, I had to face the feeling that I was floating in the middle of an ocean, very far from shore. I had to remember that I was Far Away. That I was Not Home. That a great expanse of unknowns surrounded every space on which I set my feet. I sighed and rubbed my forehead - was it possible for skulls to itch? - and addressed the voice. "Caranthir," I growled patiently, "that is why we need to be present. If we keep running away from the loneliness, then we won't reach out to the people who are here, and start finding friendships and people to lean on here. If I keep hiding in my house and pretending I'm back home, then I'm not really living in the world where I am. This is where we are. This is where we're supposed to be - right here in Greenlake, we are exactly where we are supposed to be. These are the people the King has brought to be in this next part of my life. That means they have important things to teach me, and important things to learn from me. The loneliness is not permanent unless I make it that way. If I embrace it and go through it, then on the other side I'll find family. And," I cut him off before he could protest, "that doesn't mean at the expense of the family I already have. It means my family will get bigger." I turned away from the space where I normally opened a portal, and rolled over onto my other side to let my other nostril drain. Gradually my focus settled on one of the blank walls in my new home. "I wonder how I could decorate that tomorrow?" I murmured as my puffy eyelids began to close.
  26. WhiteGhost

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    Excited for this one, I am always on the lookout for new tracks to add to my workout playlists Nice! When is your belt test? Also, have you started sparring yet?
  27. WhiteGhost

    Where did all the adamantium go?

    Here to follow along for sure!
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