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  2. KingHex74

    I have no idea where to begin

    i started out with my diet. once you change that u start to feel a hundred times better, more energy, makes working out easier. I became more motivated in the mornings feeling refreshed i tried a few diet plans and other things one of the websites me and my sister started using was this place it looks pretty wack lol but i noticed that the routines he is suggesting actually do you some good, so we bought into it. my sis is currently doing the cinderella routine and its working out great for her i chose a diet plan and got some great results but idk check it out u might find some good on it. Overall though i really do suggest that u change your diet, you will definatly wake up feeling energized.
  3. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    Rest day today! That means just some abs and done! My program had.... Something? But I was deep in youtube looking at other people do abs and just did some ones that looked fun. Sometimes you have to rebel a bit Didn't even check the daily habit today because I decided it was time to start putting my apartment together. I was pissed off and stressed out no matter where I went/looked. So I spent the day putting stuff away and will start deep cleaning tomorrow. Hopefully I'll stay motivated and I can finally get to step 3 organizing/ getting rid of stuff. Also fun thing today! I've been feeling pretty bummed out cause I feel like I'm not seeing results. Like my weight keeps steadily going up but like... Is it a good thing...? Anyway. So I'm watching this fitness youtube trying to teach people how to get a body like hers and I'm like??? Why you flexing? I have a body like that! What even- wait. Oh. Turns out I might be in pretty good shape. Even without my back muscles showing properly and without a sixpack. So I should maybe be a little kinder towards myself... It's hard tho. I keep wanting to get better, measurable results and feel bummed without seeing any. (Speaking of, would it be too much to add running on top of 7 workouts a week????????? Is this crazy talk??)
  4. Sylvaa

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    Can I just say that this is an awesome win. Seriously, a lot of people who have trouble just think, "I didn't get it done, I'll try again tomorrow" and you are over here like, well, let's just keep some in my locker. I know it probably doesn't feel like much, but taking care of something like that is huge when things get rough. I'm sorry that things aren't going well for you recently. I hope you get some extra sleep!
  5. Anim07734

    Recovery and down time [Manarelle]

    That looks like a solid tail design. And I'd bet the vertebra are just 3D printed, which makes things a lot easier if you have access to one. My first attempt at a moving tail used bicycle brake cable (probably the same thing they used), but I ran into issues with weight making it 3ft long. Black Widow and Hawkeye (comics vs MCU) are good starting points for how to convert a costume from spandex to tactical gear, as are the costumes in the First Class series of X-men.
  6. Cheetah

    Cheetah gets back to business.

    It did! I got the promotion. I start tomorrow. :-)
  7. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Goes Kurosawa

    Week ? Day 7 Water/Foundation: Self-care today involves brunch with cocktails. (This is the Iroh version of self-care. A certain healthy alcohol buzz is required.) And considering a GMB purchase.
  8. fitnessnutrition

    How can i lose some weight ?

    All very interesting stuff here ! To answer your question, there are many ways to lose weight including sport, nutrition etc. But most of the time wieght loss is extremely long... I read this amazing article ( that talks about new ways, backed up by science, to lose weight. Much less demanding and much for efficient that just sport. I don't think this is anything new as many people talk about these techniques used by millions today. Hope this helps
  9. Big_Show

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    Just catching up on your thread after a bit of an absence mate, how's things going now? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. Today
  11. All the people who managed the elbow planks with EC today. Your bodies are made of steel and I admire you.
  12. SkyGirl

    Integration: The Protector Rises

    HI HI GUYS WHAT A WEEK I'VE HAD So I wasn't sure how much I wanted to say here, but it's too cool not to share: I got to be on the Washington, DC television crew for NASA's Apollo 11 50th anniversary live show on Friday; which meant 2 intensely boring and grueling days of setup and errands in the beastly heat beforehand, but a simply magical day of running through crowds, putting microphones on astronauts, juggling equipment, fistbumping producers and directors, dabbing makeup on show hosts, making faces at the camera operators and flashing badges to part crowds on Friday. I really love TV. Not enough to want to give up writing, but it's sure a fun and exciting change of pace when I get to do it. I kind of tried to track food during all that, but honestly I was walking / running / climbing more than 11,000 steps every day and sweating my bodyweight's worth of water every hour, so I didn't worry about it too much. Tracking is *always* about a balance, and when it dominates your life at the expense of enjoying it, it's probably not being used in a healthy way. This week, I needed to fuel my body to keep it going, so tracking wasn't a priority. I will get back on it this week. Last night I went to a super fancy concert with Lily and got home very very late, so this afternoon I'm going to clean the house at an easy pace and then get some rest. I've been pushing myself very hard for the past couple of weeks and am looking forward to a quiet week to recuperate a bit. Maybe this week I can start thinking about exercise and normal eating again, besides just survival!!
  13. DoubleTrouble

    DoubleTrouble's last 4 week challenge

    In our parkour group, we sometimes did a challenge where we jumped up the stairs and crawled on all fours on the way down. Good times Thanks! ------------------ Story time! I went swimming on Saturday, and they have this rope that you can swing off to jump into the pool (super fun). I had done it previously on other days, but when I did it this time, I didn't let go at the optimal point and swung back a bit before letting go. As a result, the rope didn't swing back all the way to the lifeguard, so I did what I had seen other people doing, which was to take the rope in one hand and swim back to hand it to the lifeguard. Unfortunately, I struggled a bit (I can't really swim, just doggie paddle), which made the lifeguard question me once I got back up. They told me to take the deep end test which was just to swim the width of the pool and back (no doggie paddle allowed). I made it to the other side, did a weird turn (where my foot touched the ground but I hoped they didn't notice), and got about halfway before inhaling water and having to stop. So yeah. That was embarrassing. ANYWAY, no deep end for me until I can pass the deep end test. Which also means no diving board and no rope swings. Got a front flip off the diving board before all this happened, and it was a lot easier this time. Revised goals: 0 to 20 5: Jump up and down a set of stairs 20 5 times Swimming: do a frontflip off the diving board (done!) and backflip off the diving board by the end of this challenge. Bonus: do a front-and-a-half and dive headfirst into the water pass the deep end test. Gym stats:
  14. Snickie

    Snickie respawns!

    Yes but I've run out of time for that. I'm a little less angry today. Sleep and vacuuming and sometimes drugs are wonderful things. I have 4 hours before I need to leave for the concert tonight. I think I'm going to piece the knit (because the machine hasn't ruined that yet) and if it ends up looking bad I'll just wear a black cocktail dress or maybe cross-dress with dress pants with suspenders or something (I did that when I was playing in the Drood musical last winter). I'm in the back row for most of the thing anyway so I'm not overly worried about it this time even though I have a stand - up - and - play - in - front - of - the - group solo.
  15. Thoughts at The Breakfast Table My exercise subquests have been going great. My diet subquest not so much. And that's been the roadblock stopping me from losing the weight for my Main Quest this challenge. So let's have a think about it. What's going on? The first and most obvious thing is that I've eaten above my 2000 calorie target on more days this challenge than in the previous one. I allow myself a refeed at the end of each exercise cycle (every 8th day). That was true last challenge as well. Taking an honest look at it, however, I'd say that my refeeds during this challenge have been bigger; more calories consumed. I intend for those refeed days to be like normal days, eating my typical diet, but with the addition of a 2-ish hour window during which I'm free to indulge to my heart's content. In other words, it's really meant to be a large Refeed Meal, not a refeed Day. Well, during the previous challenge I was good about that. During this challenge, not so much. I rather forgot about the "one meal" restriction and have over-indulged refeeds as virtually all-day events. The solution to that, of course, is to knock it off. I get a refeed Meal each exercise cycle, not a refeed Day. The second reason my average calories have been higher than desired this challenge is because of birthday shenanigans. For roughly five days in the middle of this challenge people were throwing treats my way. But you know what? I'm okay with this one. I was adopted. Last year I found my DNA families. The last time they could celebrate my birth with me was the day I was born. This year was my first birthday anniversary with them. I wasn't going to say no to anything they wanted to treat me to this year. This was special. And I don't regret over-indulging my stomach on those festivities in the slightest. Okay, so aside from reining in my refeed Meal to be only a Meal - not a whole Day - is there anything else going on with my diet that could use some fixing? Yes, I think so. Even when actively working to stay within the 2000 calorie limit I set for myself, I'm struggling to stick to it. I was able to do it last challenge, but this challenge it's been harder. As I've continued to succeed at exercising daily, and my exercising abilities have continually ramped up, 2000 calories is feeling more and more like it's too few calories for me to be eating EVEN for dropping body fat. On the days now where I do stay at 2000, I'm more irritable, sleep is poorer, and I wake up ravenous -- which makes it even more a struggle to stick to the 2000 cal diet goal the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next.... My usual solution when this happens is to increase my calories to a comfortable amount, and then back them down again until I find the amount that gives me the rate of weight loss that I want to see. This works. But it sadly also slows down my goal for a few weeks while I get the target number sorted out. The other issue I noticed is that what I'm eating has changed. A few months ago when I decided to take inspiration from The Rock, I changed not only my exercising - but also my diet to be like his. With a bit smaller portion sizes. . But, I realized this morning while thinking about these things, that while my protein has stayed high, as I've tried to limit myself to 2000 calories the rest of my eating has strayed further and further from Dwayne's diet style. It may be that part of my increasing hunger issue is related to the gradual shift in my food choices. If so, then the solution to this piece if the puzzle may be to get my daily foods back closer to matching his. Lastly, I really should change my current Main Quest going forward. My primary mid-term goal right now is Fat Loss. Not just weight loss. I've talked about this before: I use my weight on the scale as my main data point for tracking simply because it's easy to do AND it's reliable. There's no concern about human error in my scale measurement. Which makes it a great tool. But it measures weight, not fat. It's data shows change in weight over time. That's it. Interpreting what the change in weight means is up to us. Going forward into the next NF challenge a week from now, I think it would be good for me to be clear that my current Main Quest is Fat Loss. I don't actually care all that much what my weight is. In fact, a higher weight, with less body fat, would be a good thing, and is part of my loooong-term goals. Because that would mean having more muscle while being lean. Which would be "Yay!" Anyway, my body seems to be recomping a bit right now. Losing some fat, and gaining maybe a little non-fat tissue (muscle, hopefully), at relatively the same time. Essentially through micro-cuts and micro-bulks from day to day depending on my eating. It's hard to be sure though without more variety of measurements. So, regardless of what exercise or eating I'm doing: to be more sure that I'm experiencing the Fat Loss that I want right now, I think it's time I intentionally add more tracking methods back into my Main Quest, like I used to do. Thus, along with continuing to step on the scale daily, I'm thinking I'll also: 1. note down my myotape-measured waist circumference (which I already casually do every few weeks anyway), 2. as well as note my actual belt measurement from hook to hole, for whichever hole I'm presently using as the regular hole, 3. and note a caliper measurement for my waist. The changes (if any) for those four measurements over time, looked at together, should give me a very good idea of whether I'm actually losing body fat by doing whatever exercising and eating I do. Okay. So. That's what's running through my brain this morning. If anybody reading has any thoughts about any of it, I'd love to hear it.
  16. Howdy folks. Been reading NF articles for a couple of years now and I finally decided to jump in. I'm a 34 year old diesel technician that changed careers at 29. I was a butcher for 9 years previously and stayed fit and active during that time. Since I became a tech I've been back sliding. It's gotten worse as I've become more experienced because I spend most of my time doing diagnostic tests instead of heavy work. A couple weeks back I was doing a turbo on an ISX and it absolutely wrecked me. Considering I used to throw that kind of weight around for 40 hours a week without difficulty it was a wakeup call. Too much beer and not enough exercise on my days off hasn't helped either. I set up a weight bench in my garage last week and was shocked that I was only lifting half of what I used to. I want to get back to where I was when at 28, work off the gut, and be able to actually run a mile again. My job requires strength, flexibility, and endurance. I know if I keep going the way I was I'll be breaking down a lot sooner than I should.
  17. iatetheyeti

    iatetheyeti: never ready

    Week Three, End Thankfully no twelve hour shift today, it rounded out at a nice nine and a half with an early finish. Hydration: Consistent this week, though today I've come well under and likely will not catch up before going to bed. Meal Prep: I've been a little all over the place with this one this week, but I'm not entirely surprised. I'd like to say I'm making good choices when I find myself lacking a prepped meal, but that's not always true. If it's earlier in the day, then yes, I do make a good choice. If it's not... Walking: Needs more variation. Stretching: Not much to say here, doing alright. Yoga: Definitely need to rethink the frequency of this goal. Meditation: At the moment this is possibly the only reason I'm still posting here. The more exhausted and stressed I get, the more my anxiety creeps in, the more I want to withdraw. I tell myself it's just until the rough patch passes, but that's not true. For one thing, it isn't a rough patch, it's my whole life right now and has been for almost a year now. For another, the isolation is damaging. For the past couple of days I've been using my meditation time to clear my mind and focus on the reasons that staying here is a good thing, that slipping away is not going to produce new and improved results, it's going to contribute to more of the same bad ones. It's not easy, the flight response is deeply entrenched, but the more I stick to my guns the easier it will get. Such a cheery update... I really dislike how current events are shaping me into a negative, draining kind of person and I am doing my best to try and fight that. Maybe I'll have to start finding little positives, no matter how mundane, to add to these updates in order to try and keep that fight going. Like today the clouds have been spectacular, all dramatic colours and intricate shapes. When I was waiting for the bus both before and after work I spent that time cloud watching and it did bring some peace. And that's a good and happy thing. Will update tomorrow with a rough plan for the week.
  18. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    I am too tired for the amount of anxiety I am having (and why am I having it? No one knows!). It's a slightly surreal experience, all in all. Rise: 0500 Morning routine: Nope, locker toothpaste got some use again. Inactive hours: I don't plan on doing anything active tonight, so... maybe five hours? Illness/injury: Difficult to tell. Evening routine: Early again. Bed: Around 2100ish. There is far too much in my brain right now and I don't have the energy to process it. That might be why my anxiety has shot through the roof again, too much just sitting there gathering dust when it really needs to be dealt with. This whole thing wouldn't be anywhere near as bad if I could just sleep. That's all I want. More than an hour or two would be nice as well.
  19. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Return of the Lost Jedi

    Hi everyone! It was a busy day yesterday, I wasn't on my laptop much. I got to see my family before they left to go to Disney World and I ended up taking up my dog sitting duties Mr. Right is here with me for today, but he has to head back to our home today (thanks to work drama...). So it'll just be me for a few days. I'm going to try to get a couple of goals that I start working on this week. I think I'm going to start stretching in the morning, first of all. I would love to increase my flexibility a bit since after gaining weight I'm struggling there. That will be one of my next challenge goals as well. Secondly, once this heat wave breaks, I'm going to start working on getting my step goal every day. For the moment, it's so hot that sitting here and having my coffee is making me wanna smack someone. I think those two are going to be more than enough for now. I'll keep logging my food and go from there. Friday's food log wasn't great, but not awful either. We ate at a friend's house and I felt weird eating a bunch. So I was SUPER hungry by the time we left. July 19 Cinnamon Toasters cereal with whole milk Probiotic coffee with creamer and 2 teaspoons of sugar DQ double cheese burger Fries Oreo dq thing Fajitas Choc cake McDonalds cheeseburger Mc Donald's choc chip cookies (2) Yesterday was... odd. I legit just forgot to eat. I had my "breakfast" but didn't get to anything else until dinnertime. It wasn't too bad though. It could have been better quality wise, but I was traveling and such so whatevs. Today will probably be better. July 20 Probiotic coffee with creamer and 2 teaspoons of sugar Blueberry poptarts Cupcake 4.5 pcs pizza ½ pint cookie 2 step ice cream
  20. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    One PvP to rule them All - Darebee's Daily Dare, LOTR Edition!

    I didn't do yesterday's because of a lot of traveling and other adventures. But I'll be doing todays at some point when it cools down a little?... Maybe tonight?...
  21. Trembriele

    Trembriele Battles the Free Magic

    Assisted squat (6, 5, 5) Flat knee raises (6, 5, 5) Leg assisted (very) pull-up (6, 5, 5) Incline pike push-up (6, 5, 5) Vertical pulls (6, 5, 5) Wall push-ups (5, 5, 4) Kneeling plank 50 seconds
  22. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 58: Brick By Brick

    Thursday, Friday, Saturday Thursday: Oats, cucumber salad, sushi, zucchini tuna pasta, buckwheat crackers Mall walk to get out of the house. Friday: Oats, cucumber salad, brisket & fries & whiskey diet at dinner with DH’s work. Tried again and failed again to go to silks class - this time the instructor cancelled. Saturday: Oats, chicken & veggies with lemon dill sauce, Thai flavored mussels with fries Shot VR zombies with friends and went to a wedding dress muslin fitting for a girlfriend. Then we met the guys at the Belgian beer cafe for dinner. Aaaaaaand this afternoon I’m seething over the formal call from building management we got against the dogs. Apparently the asshead neighbor just can’t possibly live with such noise because it’s *insert ME level of hyperbole here* It’s taking everything I have to not go jerk that asshole out of his apartment, thobe and all. Given the level of dog craziness in this building and the general current climate, i get it (management - not the asshole neighbor), but dogs bark. Mine only do when we are gone, and very occasionally and not for long periods of time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale II

    Same. I’m a believer in science and see no solid evidence to support the case for the supernatural. But I’ve always seen it as believing in a series of story tools and values, and I can certainly understand and get behind that. Sometimes. Because of exactly that abuse. Or when societal norms change. Or when it encourages people to assume all knowledge is already discovered and to ignore new evidence right before their eyes.
  24. Beautiful pictures!! I admit I know nothing about what's available there, this may or may not be helpful...I know people in my running group swear by it
  25. Morag

    Morag's unexpected journey.

    Just changed the alarm to 4am. And the backup to 0430h. Thats in 12h and a bit. My Sunday, if I am kind with myself, and plan on at least 6-8h of sleep tonight, will be around 4h long. 6 if I really want to be tired like all hell tomorrow. What was I thinking?! send from my phone, bear with me.
  26. Morag

    Morag's unexpected journey.

    So the sitting and knitting I got down. I excel at it even. The going to bed thing? Not so much. At some point last night part of me convinced the rest of myself that I don't even need to go to bed, I somehow got myself believing, that staying up till 4am, ... and beyond, just not sleeping a whole night, that that was a good idea. Why? I don't know. I knitted and netflixed until... 5am through... then -Surprise- crashed like a ... something impressively failing, I don't even know. I have no idea what I was thinking?! So it is almost 1500h now, I am groggy but awake, I have no idea how to get back onto the waggon. Since I started doing daily dares and since the kids are gone, I don't get anything done anymore. Things are falling apart and I need to do something. But I am tired and willpower is scarce. I brush my teeth and shower and get dressed, but everything beyond that seems like HARD work. Laundry dishes, prepping for the next day... I just fell out of my clothes last night/this morning, I didn't do a single thing on my evening list. Farkh I am really down. Sorry for the whining. I'm feeling whiny. I'll shower and get dressed and then I'll see where I am and what I can do. Might even get around to taking pictures of my controll journal, see where I am at... send from my phone, bear with me.
  27. Manarelle

    Recovery and down time [Manarelle]

    I think I was looking at the shape of the butt when researching butt wink, not the shape of the spine. Hey, if I'm going to get advice from people who clearly know what they're doing, you bet I'm going to take it - especially when what I was doing was equally clearly very wrong. Only way to get better is to try new things and practice... a lot. Surprisingly, once I realized the fallacies in my apprehension, they've been fairly easy to overcome. I wrote out a list of what my issues were and then recent examples of why they're... I won't say unfounded, because they stemmed from some legitimate situations in the past, but definitely no longer applicable. A close friend came at me with the below quote and it really hit home. I still have prep work to do for the presentation, but it's no longer a big mental burden. I've worked hard at work to get where I am, I've got this. Lol, fair, I can see that. I did find this site, which shows how it gets the tail to move. I'm sure I can replicate that without the motors, and just manually control it as needed. Also found this as inspiration for a base look, and the gentleman is enthusiastically on board with me joining him for the cosplay. Week 3: Languages - Yup. Exercise - Marked improvement, yay. Crafting - Nope, but that was planned. Learning - Presentation preparation. Saturday was a complete bust; had to drive 2.5 hours to a nowhere town to have a family birthday lunch, in 101° weather, at an excessively pretentious, overpriced restaurant. The food was ok, but not worth what we paid. Today promises to be another complete bust; hopefully we can finish the drywall at the gentleman's house and get that off his plate, but it's supposed to be 98° today, and the house in question doesn't have a/c. SO yeah, not the greatest of weekends, but unfortunately obligatory. The week was ok, if a bit up and down. Got languages and workouts done, the weekly revised to do list is done, and prep for the presentation is underway. This coming week will focus on continuing that prep, finishing at least the essay for the governance class (and maybe starting the final lesson), and if there's any remaining time, continuing on work pants.
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