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    [Sloth] C'Mon Let Me Ride

  3. fleaball

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    It’s actually done now, thank fuck. I’ve seen people on reddit complaining about being deactivated for weeks, months in rare cases, so of course I went with the worst case scenario. BUT! The bummer is that I discovered this while checking to see how busy it was with the rain today. At which point I noticed my house was dead center in a busy area bonus zone. Oh well.
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  5. kwesadilo

    Kwesadilo stops living like a bum

    Since I moved, I've been getting things done when I really needed to, but most of the time, I've been doing things at the last minute, and things with no deadline have gotten the short shrift. The vast majority of my free time (at least, outside the gym) consists of activities that won't improve my life in any meaningful way. I'd like to get on more of an upward trajectory, and that means attending to some things that I've allowed to languish for awhile. Goals Keep going on Texas Method. Lifting isn't going anywhere. Things have gone smoothly so far, and I'd like to keep it that way. Finish my move chores! My mail forwarding runs out soon, so I actually need to update my address with my correspondents, like, now. I'll count this goal as complete if I can close the browser tab that has the list of things I needed to do when I moved. Make a plan for my finances. This sounds like a tall order for 4 weeks, but I actually signed up for a service related to this months ago and have been snoozing the email reminding me to fill out their intro questionnaire every few days since then. It's pretty pathetic. I don't need to have every little thing hammered out by the end of the challenge, but I'd like to have at least a general idea of what I should be doing and how it relates to what I'm currently doing. Buy a vacuum cleaner. My old apartment didn't have carpet, and my new one does. I need to clean it at least occasionally.
  6. Shotokan

    Shotokan turns it around

    Week one Day one: And it begins. Today's workout went really well even though I had a tough day at work. All 15 katas felt good and I didn't notice any slowdown or power dropping on any of them. Five Iaido katas followed along with my core workout. Today is day 23 in a row of working out and doing katas each day. I am trying to get my body to see these workouts as a normal daily activity and so far so good. Oddly, I dropped about five pounds since I started. I haven't tried to drop the weight but it seems to be hovering at 196-197 lbs even though my legs and hips are growing. Shotokan Kata - 15 / 400 Iaido Kata - 5 / 120 Core work - 1 / 20 Other - 0 / open Blog posts - 0 / 4
  7. Tesseract

    I'm baaaaack!!!

    Correction. My protein drink I was working on while typing my update turned out to be decidedly less tasty than normal so I chucked it and ate a mini meat stick. Daily total is now more like 1790. I’m hungry but it’s midnight so I’m just gonna have to deal. At least food is all packed and prepped for tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    Maandag 1. No running 2. Meditation? 3. Bed at 10:10 Lights at 10:45 Awake at 4 Not nearly enough 4. Public holiday. Got up a bit later, got to the workshop around 10. Had a short afternoon nap and then all my enthusiasm evaporated and I read for the rest of the afternoon. Cold and cloudy and some rain in the early evening. Kittens now 3 weeks and 2 days. They have started playing.
  9. Kharissandra

    Chapter 8: Simplify and Move On

    Hey Everyone, So I've been a little challenged with the last couple of challenges. I'm thinking it's partially due to pushing too hard on stuff I'm not ready for yet. (seriously, sleep is frustrating, I'm not sure why I can't get myself to go get some, but maybe I need a break from focusing on it all the time?) Partially also I think I'm overcomplicating a little. And both of those can be draining. This challenge, I'm also moving out of my family's home to a strange and new place. (An apartment. 20 minutes from here. Not that strange and new, lol, but enough that it has me kinda stressed.) Although I'm a ranger at heart, this move has me shifting into low gear on goals so I can...continue to function. Goals 1-3: Stress Management To come out of this with boxes actually packed, I'm going to need to stay relatively straight on my health game. So. 1: Get outdoors 4-6 Times a Week. This would be my workouts. I'm downshifting in that, rather than requiring it to be cardio or strength based, right now I'll settle for a 15 minute walk in the sunshine. I'll also be very excited for strength gains and/or endurance/speed work. But if I don't manage it, a nice evening walk is an acceptable solution. As long as I get out and breathe the free air! 2: Avoid the grains, the sugars, and the snackage! Honey okay, rice okay. The less processed sugar I have, the better my brain handles anxiety. Overall I feel better when I'm not inflamed and worried about how that cookie I ate is going to punch me in the gut later. (Can deviate 2x/2 weeks, as usual. Gotta survive, right? Already used one of mine for my mom's amazing chocolate zucchini bread. That stuff is dangerous.) 3: Self-care. In this case, keeping up with my morning/evening routines, at least a little. Mostly just meditating and journaling at least once per day. Stuff's important to my well-being, yo. Aaaand Goal 4: Stoke the creative/fun fires! Because I have enough stress going on, and I need the ultimatum to stick my butt in the chair and make me do something nice every day. Drawing, reading a pleasure book, writing, singing--as long as it's fun and in some way linked to that inner creative, it's viable. I read a poem on my break at work today; I walked to work today (and saw some really gorgeous flowers). I ate a fair amount of sugar and snacked like it was my day job. I haven't meditated today, but I'm gonna go do that right now. Gonna try to keep things simple this challenge and get back to a semi-centered place. Wish me luck. (And a happy Shakespeare Day to you <3) Onnwaaaarrrdddddd
  10. Severine

    Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback Part 2

    No walk today because Boston is just a giant umbrella commercial at the moment. Mildly worried about the crappy drainage on one side of our property, but trying not to stress out before an actual problem happens. "Don't borrow trouble" as my grandmother would say. Which reminds me: I was talking to my grandmother the other night and she was telling me how my sister got her ex to agree to changing their son's last name to her last name (since she's the one who does all the stuff with the school, takes him to doctor's appointments etc, so it makes it easier) and I expressed my surprise that he agreed to it, since they don't exactly have a cordial relationship. My grandmother, wanting to convey that my sister had some leverage over him because he was missing support payments and my sister could report him to the court, said, "well, she had him by the short and nasties, so he didn't have much choice." And that is one of many examples of how my grandmother has all the best euphemisms even if they only make sense to me half the time. I missed plants on one meal today and skipped another meal entirely. So not a great food day and I'm a little stressed out about that because I meet with my nutritionist (ED specialist) tomorrow and she's going to ask if I'm skipping meals
  11. Severine

    Diadhuit's level up

    2/3 isn't bad
  12. Hurns

    Hi Everyone

    When I was younger, I was an "athlete", but injuries put an end to that. I sat around, and put on a ton of weight. Fast forward several years, I became motivated and started exercising again. I loved it, got my old fire back! I was doing a 5k obstacle course race, the Warrior Dash, and had a great time. (I highly recommend it if you like running in the mud). But then my old injuries took over. Compressed spinal cord, paralysis, blah blah bah... But hey, I got a new vertebra, and a titanium plate in my neck. So that makes me like an android, right?? Actually celebrating my 2 year anniversary of not being a paralyzed from the neck down today, 4/23/19!! That surgery and recovery set me back about a year, and then I went back to school to finish my degree. Another setback... I became pretty depressed with the weight gain, and lost all motivation. But I decided now is the time to get back into it. I messaged a friend who had mentioned this site to me in the past to remind me what it was. I am grateful to her for reminding me. I look forward to getting to know all of you!
  13. Severine

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Well, shit. With that on a couple hours of bad sleep I would be having a pretty awful day too.
  14. Grumble

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

    So... close. So close. I have big ass forks and middle of the road forks. I'm with you on the tiny fork thing. Can you replace a regular day with an all HIIT day? That seems like your happy place.
  15. Harriet

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

    He's sexy despite the shortness, not because of it. You're in the clear. Where is his fur? Why so shiny? This is a terrible dwarf!
  16. Tesseract

    Tova is feasting on life

    I LOVE this menu situation you have going on! And I've always felt the most connection to Athena as well. =) You are off to a great start!
  17. Emma

    Emma sweats

    Monday: Gym happened after all! Work is so slow I was able to come back home and squeeze in a workout.
  18. ChrisWithaStick

    Chris and the infinite reboot, a continuation

    So, not surprisingly, this is a continuation of the last challenge: 1- Don't eat like a ass. 2- Get sleep as possible 3- Check in here a couple of times a week. 3.a - May try to slip in a few workouts (mostly stretching and some pushups, maybe). More details to come later...
  19. fitbyforty

    Gonna be fitbyforty

    Hi everyone! I'm a 37 year old mom of two. I'm morbidly obese at 5ft, 260 lbs. I'm at my heaviest weight to date. I have had some weight loss successes and I've had some failures, but I'm here for the first time and trying again. I feel like it's life or death, I've felt like that before, but it's so in my face right now that I can't ignore it. I'm losing my mobility because my lower back hurts easily now and that's embarrassing to admit because it wasn't but a few years ago that I could squat over 200 lbs. I have lost over 60 lbs multiple times and gained it back. I was in a car wreck and injured my back and I had a foot injury after that, and I'm embarrassed to say I just gave up at that point. I am hoping that I can make lasting habits this time. I want a better quality of life. I just joined my first challenge here. and I'm hoping it can help me jumpstart some better habits. I plan to log there for the challenge, but I know it will take me many challenges to meet my goals. Long term goals - lose 125 lbs by the time I'm 40 (in a little over 2 and a half years) and be living a more active and healthy life. - participate in spartan races by the time I turn 40. Current Challenge Goals - only drink water, coffee, Gatorade zero (no cokes or juice) - Go to the gym at least 3 times a week - no fast food - take breaks from my work to stretch throughout the day - journal daily
  20. Deckard Gainz

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

    I don't know that my maximum obtainable hotness is on par with any fitstogram model or whatever, but it sure would be cool to see what my maximum hotness actually is, wouldn't it? Like, even if it's not that good and I can't maintain quite that level in the long term? I can still try to at least minimize a number of those temporarily gratifying but ultimately useless indulgences, to trade off for a chance to see what my potential actually is. Shoot for the moon, if you miss you freeze to death in the cold nothingness of space. That's how the saying goes, right? I've had some success with the smaller plate thing in the past. But we have these tiny forks and I HATE them. Maybe I'll meet you in the middle. I do superset some upper body accessory stuff at the tail end of those workouts that gets my heart rate going pretty good, short rest times on everything but the main lifts, but on leg day I only do 3-4 things total and it completely wears me out. I can usually muster about 5 mediocre minutes on the row machine before I want to die. Leg day is what makes me really think I need some cardio work, for work capacity if nothing else. I love the idea of HIIT by itself. I loathe the idea of it as a finisher. Finishers in general are awful. That's kind of the point of them, right? Acceptance is more or less where I'm already at, I think. I'm not sad or upset about who I am or what I look like now. It doesn't cause me distress or anything. I just want to improve, and this is the way that seems to make the most sense to me. And to be clear, not seeing immediate and steady results isn't a problem either. I am expecting to be active for the long term, and even just learning what equilibrium looks like would be a nice barometer. Also, my personality is already perfect, so, CHECK! (That's a joke but tackling who I am as a person psychologically is a much harder egg to crack than looking nice... maybe we'll get into it later). You mean this guy? (I get the point you're trying to make; just being cheeky) Three invaluable substitutions I learned from eating low carb: Lettuce wraps are almost always fine, not great but fine, compared to bread/tortilla/bun, unless it's REALLY good bread. Spaghetti squash is an amazing substitute for most types of American/Italian noodles if you have the time to bake it. Riced and mashed cauliflower is a great low cal substitute for white rice and mashed potatoes. These three things alone have saved me tens of thousands of unnecessary calories, even since re-adopting a more "balanced" diet with more carbs. But I do eat cheese every day and it is a super food and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. So yeah, I've also learned incredibly valuable dietary lessons by being restrictive and experimenting that I will carry with me probably for the rest of my life. I also think lifting a lot of weight feels awesome, but not enough to do it just for fun if it didn't have all the positive effects that it does. I definitely do it for the results, not the action itself. But that's also why I go to work, and I haven't quit my job yet, so, fingers crossed I guess.
  21. squeakyvalkyrie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    Glad I could help!
  22. Tesseract

    I'm baaaaack!!!

    Day 1 done. I was off work today and kind of killed it with making the most of it. Electrician came over because my kitchen lights have been flickering and it’s not the switch. I’ve been putting this off for a very long time because I was dreading he was going to tell me my old house needed new wiring. He did tell me that but it’s not why the lights aren’t working—the fixtures are just dead. And it just so happens that a friend recently upgraded all the lights in her house and one of them would be perfect in my kitchen and she’s saving it for me. So I got a replacement for the other one for $25 at Lowe’s and now I just need to spend days agonizing over YouTube tutorials and I’ll be good to go. Hooray! One of my toilets has also been running like crazy. I had bought a new flapper bc that’s what running toilets need right? Well sure, unless it’s a fancy dual flush toilet like the ones I have. So I had to go to the specialty store for a new seal. But then that location didn’t have any in stock so I had to go to their other location downtown. Fine. Now to watch more YouTube. Went to the dentist to have 4 ancient sealants drilled out and filled. That was a barrel of laughs but this dental work has lasted me like 20 years so okay, fine. Here’s to another 20. Back to Lowe’s to return the flapper/valve and a roll of duct tape I bought not realizing I had plenty already. Then to Sprouts for the aforementioned snacks. Listened to more than one GoT podcast while eating dinner and cooking eggs in the instant pot. Workout just about killed me. First time I thought I might actually pass out, but it was a pretty good one. And I didn’t die! Food for the day...this might be the absolute closest I’ve come to my macros lining up the way I want them to. I don’t generally pay too much attention to macros other than aiming for more protein and not too many carbs and I usually fall short. 1943 calories. I didn’t do a real 20/10 today, at least not yet, but I did like 4 yesterday and I sort of count the house related stuff I did today so I’m calling the day a win! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Jupiter

    A Druid's Battle Log

    Ugh, still working on getting back on track. Work is chaos right now. Anyway, here are my stats for today: Fitness: - Walked 30 minutes. - Circuit/strength training 20 minutes. I've added some strength/body weight training to the circuit, so we'll see how it goes. Nutrition: - One healthy thing: Eh, does potato salad count? And I had a hamburger without the bun. Intellectual: - Got through chapter 12. Not sure I'm entirely satisfied with it, but I've moved on for now. Doing a rewrite of chapter 13, but I'm already thinking of changing parts of it. Also finished my outline for the novella. I may start on it this weekend. Anyway, that's all I've got.
  24. Hi everyone! This is my first challenge here. I'm a 37 year old mom of two. I'm at my heaviest weight to date (260 lbs). I love lifting weights and I started with starting strength, but after a car wreck, a foot injury, and gaining weight back I let my gym membership go and continued to gain. It's been a couple of years since I was eating well and exercising, and I can feel it. My back hurts easily (partially from the wreck, partially from the weight) and I am really out of shape. I am morbidly obese and I sit all of the time because of my job, so exercising and eating better is a life or death situation for me. I'd really like to turn things around before it gets even more difficult to do so. Long term goals - lose 125 lbs by the time I'm 40 (in a little over 2 and a half years) and be living a more active and healthy life. - participate in spartan races by the time I turn 40. Challenge Goals - only drink water, coffee, Gatorade zero (no cokes or juice) - Go to the gym at least 3 times a week - no fast food - take breaks from my work to stretch throughout the day - journal daily
  25. Tova the Vibrant

    Tova is feasting on life

    Conosco solo un po 'di italiano! (I had to google that, too!) I've only learned a few hundred words so far, and my grammar is almost non-existant! I stalked your page- are you in school for biology? And you do penguin measuring???
  26. snowkc

    Snowkc Seeks Stability

    No apologies necessary! I understand exhaustion! And I'm asking for free advice! Take care of you!
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