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  2. Aha, that makes more sense. I was picturing a large apartment building with chickens on a balcony somewhere.
  3. Patrud

    Consistency mayhaps?

    Well had my first real day of the challenge today. Feels good to focus on the gym program and not have too many other goals for starters
  4. Urgan


    Feeling uncomfortable is just a sign something needs to change, right? You've been renegotiating your social arrangements and have changed your training around a good bit. Just needs more tinkering and some commitment to see if it's right for you. Hopefully a workable solution to the money situation presents itself without too much delay. Good your Godfather has a fighting chance for some more quality time, although you definitely should try to reach out. I know it's hard to do with a strained/distant relationship, but if nothing else I sense a self-flogging if he takes a turn and you hadn't gotten around to it.
  5. Patrud

    Consistency mayhaps?

    Hey thanks for stopping by! Yup still here but was gone during the weekend so writing the original post on thursday right before I left was silly. But I've started now
  6. Patrud

    Consistency mayhaps?

    Monday 17th june Todays workout Bench 75kg 6-6-4-5 - that means deload to 70kg next time Pendlay Row 55kg 6-6-6-7 - 57.5kg next time Squats 70kg 5 reps, 72.5kg 4 reps, 75kg 3 reps, 77.5kg 2 reps and 80kg 1 rep Chins BW 3x3 BB curl 30kg 6-6-6-7. 32.5kg next time
  7. Mortimer

    press start to begin

    Yeah everytime I eat something else other then the plan I would have to go and find its nutrition, key it in. Which is a pain. I should put my meals in since I know what exactly they entail. Then I don't have to key things in each time.
  8. Harriet

    The Long Night

    Indeed. Here's my carefully considered hypothesis.
  9. Mistr


    Good for you for taking action on the things that were bugging you. Also for making a decision to spend your time as you wanted and not feel obligated to go to a social event. I hope your Godfather gets better and you find a good solution to your financial situation.
  10. scalyfreak

    The Long Night

    That depends on how long you keep it out of the water.
  11. scalyfreak

    Blocky is Knee Deep in the Dead

    Where is the "disgusted and horrified" reaction emoji!?!
  12. scalyfreak

    JessFit's Time to Grow

    Awww, the dog is smiling! They're adorable when they do that!
  13. Mistr

    RES: Keep on Going

    Congratulations RES!
  14. Mistr

    Xena's Triumphant (?) Return from Sea

    Congratulations on becoming a Guild Leader! Silly question, but have you descaled the heating element by soaking it in vinegar? You can run a couple batches of vinegar through it with heat to speed up the process. Then several passes with water to get rid of the residual vinegar.
  15. Mistr

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Congratulations on going through books and papers! I figure that 90% of the stuff in the garage is junk and 10% is stuff I've missed that got buried under the junk. Of course, I think that most of the books and papers are Dumbledore's junk. I do have boxes of stuff that I should cull without mercy. I will also be setting aside some things for Elf to take when they move out. If they decide they don't want the stuff, we can donate it then. I did go through the box from the bathroom closet. I was wrong about what was in it. I discovered it has the beach towels, fancy embroidered pillow cases and some extra sheets. The extra sheets can go in the normal rotation. I used to use the fancy pillowcases when I lived alone. I don't trust anyone else to be careful enough when washing them. My great grandmothers made them and the fabric is getting fragile. Some day I will reproduce them for everyday use. I suggested the box-a-week plan to Dumbledore yesterday and he agreed with enthusiasm. A girl can hope.
  16. Harriet

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    I got 5 reps 140lb for my squat! PR! Form was good. But then the rest of my workout was a bit soggy: I actually failed a squat at a lower weight, and did slightly worse than last week on the bench. A nice man who spotted me suggested I should exhale during the bench. I thanked him. But I don't think I will. Googling "exhale on bench" gives a lot of results, but I am now convinced that many internet sources of lifting information are very unreliable, so I don't trust them more than the coach I did the clinics with. And she said don't breathe out or you will lose pressure like a floppy, airless basketball. Speaking of which, I saw basketball on the television for the first time. Either the court is very small, or the men are very large. I think they should increase the size of the court. Also, there should be more kicking, and greater efforts to steal the ball from one another. Also, there should be no random timeouts. Timeouts should only be allowed if a player is bleeding. Or if he is rolling about on the ground clutching his knee very persuasively (not to be mistaken for rolling about on the ground clutching his knee unconvincingly--there will be no timeouts for diving). Other than that, I quite liked it. I have been sleeping poorly for about a week, so I am implementing a no-screens-after-9pm rule from now on. I am also going to get more serious about meditation, not just for the sleep but also because I want to increase my powers of concentration so I can get off the internet and read more books, like I did as a youngster. I finished Carr's "What the internet is doing to our brains" and Serano's "Whipping Girl". Most thought-provoking and informative. Hopefully meditation will increase my ability to sit still and not do anything. I realised one of the reasons I check news and the internet when I'm not even interesting, and why I frequently refuse to watch movies with Mr Harriet, is that I am just accustomed to always doing something. I would like to increase my chill factor so I can watch movies, do nothing between sets, and just walk and take in my surroundings without needing the accompaniment of music.
  17. RES

    Mistr catches up

    This is why I hired a's taught me a lot! I'm still in awe of how much you get accomplished in a days time...
  18. Harriet

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    Interesting. So maybe your squat and DL are more efficient? IDK. Noodle arms, eh? I have twig forearms and bundle-of-twig hands. It's like my arse just doesn't want to share: "NO, I don't care if you're cold and weirdly transparent, you can't have any of my precious fat stores!" Yeah, wouldn't it be great if strength and hypertrophy were caused by GLORY? A single really heavy, effortful set that leaves you dizzy and gasping would please the spirits of the earth, who would then bless you by making you a little more jacked as you sleep.
  19. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: Settling Back into Routines (or "Routines")

    seriously, thanks so much, y'all!! we're going with the hypothesis that I'm actually Hermione Grainger circa book 3, and will shortly be given a time turner to make my life manageable ish. Or maybe I'm just crazy and love you loved it and you know it! Or at least the food crawl we did made it kinda worth it. Weekend update: Didn't do so hot on routines, especially bedtime. I think I need to realize that when bedtime is slipping and Netflix binges are happening, it's usually linked to a depressive-type episode (mine tend to be VERY slow building so they're sneaky). Some self-care is in order to get to the bottom of what's making me feel this way and how I can pull myself out of it - it appears it's at least partially linked to: Aforementioned money stress - which is starting to sort itself out Some dating disappointment - cure here is just to remember that I'm still young and I just moved to an area with a LOT of potential opportunities on this front Stress of having a dance partner out of commission, plus missing one of my favorite activities while he recovers (partner dancing without the partner is right up there with sugar-substitute ice cream in the poor substitute pantheon - FIGHT ME, halo top fans ) - fortunately this resolved itself, but next time I'll need to be more proactive on making a solo practice plan plus some social activities to fill the void Some anxiety over not being done with all the move-in stuff yet - cure here is to remind myself I'm on no particular deadline, the housewarming parties can happen eventually (and they can happen even if I have some extra furniture laying around) Some ennui over feeling like a mediocre employee at work - the cure here is to remind myself not to schedule my work like I'm an android who works at peak efficiency 100% of the work day, and instead recognize I'm human and I'll occasionally pop on internet forums or just need a long brain break Some stress over starting a grad school course again, and doubts about whether or not I'll be able to make it work with the rest of my schedule - but the cure here is to remember that it's less than 3 months then I am DONE with the coursework for this micromasters (and I've passed 3 courses already, even if I just stopped working on the one before this as soon as I hit a passing grade - whoopsies!) Some stress over adding a new dance co-teacher (my dance partner) to my kids' latin class - he's phenomenal but collaborating requires a different level of communication and planning than just doing our own thing would. And also over not having a plan currently for my ballroom class - so I'm currently just winging it there. The solution was to do some high-level planning including a sample set of lesson plans for the next two weeks to try out the format, plus having a working brunch on Saturday to start the planning process for the Latin class Listing the above out is definitely helping - and I'll be sure to journal / reflect as needed in the ole BuJo to try and keep tabs on this going forward.
  20. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Thanks! Little Buddy Wolfpool make vik kind remarks. Is vy are friends. Spasiba you crazy avocado faced superhero. Yesterday was a good day. We went to a Tapas bar (you really gotta be careful how you pronounce that) for lunch to celebrate my birthday a day early, it was incredible. We had croquetas de jamon, bocorones, and tortilla espanola as our tapas, then had Paella de Montana (pretend there is a ~ over that n), which has rabbit, chorizo (Spanish, not Mexican) and pork belly. It was all really good. Today I found out our Appraisal has already comes back and looks good! I got movers hired and a truck rented.
  21. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    I don't look for fiction to challenge me--they're friends and comfort first, and I expect to be entertained without the sense that the author is condescending to the reader. Want to lose me? I will instantly abandon a book whose animating force is a socio-political lecture or a Gritty Real take where everybody dies/nobody's happy at the end because This Is How the Real World Is, Deal With It. No thanks, I know what the real world is like, that's why I bought this book to read. You know, for fun. Not that they don't tend to mercifully telegraph themselves and it's really easy to send these offenders packing. Did I mention the 130 book backlog, a dozen of which are 700-1000 pages long? That's a bit over two bookcases of content. Yeah, I pretty well hoovered up any book that sounded like it might in the same county as Appealing, nevermind if it was well-written or even thought about trying to be. You can tell on reading 10-50 pages whether the writer can deliver the promises made on the back or dust jacket--you get a grasp of characterization, setting, and most importantly the author's "voice." A very ephemeral quality is whether the author's voice jives with you. A lot of the books I am getting rid of fail on that count more than anything else. As for the other qualities, no, it doesn't "get better," it will always promise to, but in the end the first impression is the impression. This weekend has been an exercise in listening to my gut as I read the opening acts of two dozen books to decide whether I am willing to commit time to each instead of slogging ever onward looking for something just absurdly stupid and/or offensive to slap me upside the head two hours in because for some reason having bought the book on blurb alone demands I read the entire book. I'm emotionally obligated to the book or writer, talk about masochism. That's a huge fail on my part and why I was reluctant to do fiction again, on further reflection. I've had better luck enjoying the non-fiction books I've bought on blurb alone. Fiction books can have the same magnetic effect as learning about microbes or Einstein's work, there are a lot of really good authors who make you want to make excuses to pick their stuff up and keep reading.
  22. Today
  23. Mistr

    Mistr catches up

    I love the image of a robot vacuum chasing the cats. How do they deal with stairs? There is no door between the living room and the stairs going down. I tried that with the cilantro and it did not go well. Have you done this with broccoli and cauliflower? I'm afraid the broccoli would want to open its buds. That has a certain appeal.
  24. Cheetah

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Good job going to the gym! Sounds like a really good workout. Keep it up!
  25. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Mon Goal: don't lose sanity! - yup The level up is sort out works in the house (part of) - lead pipes removed and all my property reinstantiated. Got bed delivered, and another package. Got the guy from the water filter put all my house uspide down to then find a space but still missing power. Sooo, I will call an electrician and he will come back. Gah! The movement is to keep up walking and dancing. I'm usually walking 10km per day and do 3-4 dancing classes a week. I would like to run or hula hooping again, but won't add stressors for that. - yes Nutrition: 1)In bed, phone off by 10.30pm - maybe. It's 10 now 2)Eat something at 9,11,13,15.30,18 (on weekends I am allowed to skip the 9 and add have food at 20) and track it - kind of, not tracked. 8, 11, 14, 16, 20, 22 3)If I crave sweets drink a glass of water - n/a I think metformin is reducing my sweet cravings, but I'm still hungry very often
  26. Mistr

    Mistr catches up

    Week 3 review Yeeesh, how did it get to be week four already? I need to get moving on my to-do list. Looking back, I'd have to say that my big win last week was not being as stressed out. By Thursday I could tell that running too fast was catching up with me. I went to a special aikido class anyway. I'm glad I went even though the class went late and I didn't get home until after 10. I would have called in sick Friday but it was my coworker's last day. I came in to work to see her off and then went home sick. That was clearly the right choice. After a nice long nap I felt nearly human again. It feels like my body sending me a message, not like I'm being attacked by a virus. I have the usual succession of cold symptoms: sore throat and coughing, runny nose, sneezing; but not very much of them. Just enough to remind me I need more sleep. I woke up feeling better but without much higher brain function. I took advantage of that to do gardening. Pulling weeds does not require much brain. I made great progress in the back yard bed that goes from the big tree to the fence. I planted the chocolate mint near the fence. I hope it can out-compete the garlic mustard and sorrel. I was pleased to find that one of the missing coral bells did survive, it was just camouflaged by weeds. One of the previous owners planted Boston ferns under the bushes. They are lovely and aggressive. I dug out several that were crowding the hosta (which I planted) and trying to take over the patio. I think my composter is working as advertised. I added a last pail of kitchen scraps and old leaves to the "new" side. The "old" side looks like compost from the garden center. I need to clear out the overgrown section of the back garden just so I have somewhere to put the finished compost. At the rate things have been going I can fill one side with kitchen scraps and leaves in a month, which is about the time it takes to finish a batch. If it goes faster in warm weather I can add weeds. There are always plenty. I have basil seedlings coming up around my potted herbs. There should be cilantro and alyssum seedlings in some of the pots. Those are harder to identify. Several things are sprouting. I'll have to wait until they get more leaves to tell which are weeds. Things done over the weekend: cleaned the toilet grocery shopping post office to mail a birthday card that should have gone out Thursday Cooked: Mango salsa, broccoli salad, granola, roast veggies Aikido x 2 Laundry ironing washed dishes long walk and time with Dumbledore Zazen x 2 I wanted to sand and oil my weapons but the weather did not cooperate. It was cool and rainy. I would have been fine sitting on the front porch but I did not want to put on long pants and shoes. The weather has moved into our usual 30% chance of thunderstorms every day. I'll just take my opportunity when I can. Getting veggies planted is more time sensitive than getting my boken and jo cleaned up. The aikido class on Thursday was interesting. I learned about the history of the "Do" martial arts. The sensei has trained with a lot of instructors over many years. I did not know that he started in a Ki Society dojo. He started class with an hour of exercises. As I suspected, ki exercises and internal power exercises are related. He showed how the exercises and the principles of yin and yang can be applied to standard techniques. Both weekend classes were taught by our chief instructor. She got on my case about ukemi. I need to relax my left shoulder a LOT more than I thought I was doing. I also need to work on flexibility and continuing the attack. This was not a complete surprise, but I had been harboring illusions that I was not doing that badly. Oh well. I go to class to learn things. Tonight and Tuesday I will be working on things at home. Hopefully a combination of gardening, cooking and finances. Also some spinning and knitting. Stay tuned for the next episode.
  27. Nice goals! I don't claim to know much (or anything) about lifting but I know there are plenty here that do! How is goal #3 going? I quit 6 years ago so I know it can be a challenge in itself
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