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  2. Manarelle

    Elennare Makes It Count, Part 2

    You got this. Oh man, that sucks. Darn chicken. Yeah, that's a rough cycle. Hopefully you get both catch-up sleep and caught-up schedule this weekend. How's it looking for you?
  3. Sylvaa

    The next step

    I'm glad you are being so open to adjusting. You seem to have a pretty active lifestyle, so I'm not surprised that you need to up calories even higher than you initially thought.
  4. TGP

    The Rise of Skywalker

    ok.... so How it is going? I remember you were saying that you were struggling with sleep, particularly.... are things getting better?
  5. Manarelle

    RogueLibrarian stealths into vacation mode

    Beast. Looks like a cool setup, and glad you're getting opportunities to play while traveling.
  6. MattSkywalker

    The Rise of Skywalker

    Thanks for the encouragement! I'm actually tracking the amount of days I've successfully (or half successfully) completed what the subquests require since I started the challenge. And I've got only 20 days in total because I started the 4WC 8 days later. Sorry, I think I should have clarified this in the introductory post, or I should have posted it in the style '8 out of 10' days, or something like this.
  7. raptron

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    Wooooo at the big handstands!!
  8. Anim07734

    Anim Goes Back to Basics (Again)

    Been meaning to post an update, but my work computer has been disagreeable and I have other stuff to work on at home. Challenge started out rough, but I'm starting to get into a groove this week. Just had my 4th workout this morning (6v6 ultimate frisbee is brutal) and I've only missed 1 wrist day so far. Weekly weigh in was headed in the right direction (without calorie counting w00t!), though I'm still way behind on getting into convention shape. The LotR PVP has been a big help in reminding me to actually do something each day. Shelf continues to be a pain in the ass. Fiancee helped me manhandle it into the house, but halfway down the hallway we realized there was no way to get it around the corner, let alone through the craftroom door. So had to manhandle it back into the garage and reassess. Ended up cutting it in half and biscuiting it back together in the craft room (each half was light enough to move by myself), but now I'm in the middle of wood puttying the new seams smooth before I can get on with the staining and sealing. Costumes are coming along. Buttercup is done minus some additional fitting/tailoring and Psylocke just needs boots and her arm/leg bands. Still debating how much, if anything, I'm going to update for Nightcrawler this year, so I'll probably decide that once the new costumes are done.
  9. Snickie

    Snickie respawns!

    You can't fight this with logic lolol
  10. raptron

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    Oooh, yes. Love the saucy addition to the dinner. Nice strength workout!
  11. raptron

    KB Girl battles the chaos monster

    Ahhh, yum. Heck yeah. LOVE. THIS. Writing things out helps me immensely too!
  12. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Return of the Lost Jedi

    Yesterday's food log. July 18 Cinnamon Toasters cereal with whole milk Probiotic coffee with creamer and 2 teaspoons of sugar 3 microwave burritos Chips and salsa with sour cream 1 sleeve of crackers Cajun shrimp pasta with squash, zucchini, and onion
  13. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    One PvP to rule them All - Darebee's Daily Dare, LOTR Edition!

    Pushups are not in my range of ability right now, not even a little bit. I went ahead and skipped that one.
  14. Harriet

    Respawn: Nightfox has new life

    Sorry about the pile up of stressful things. But I'm impressed by your excellent mindset. Gotta remind myself of the same thing sometimes. Small and successful beats a glorious failure every time.
  15. zenLara

    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 19!
  16. I'm not sure how my internet access is going to be for a while, so I'm just going to continue this topic for July. First thing I ate was a serving of Deleche pudding. I had 10 wafer cookies left. Then I made a salad with a bunch of cheese, pickles, and a bit of smoked salmon. Yesterday I rode my bike to the store. I also went through an entire pot of green tea and have been drinking apple spritzes. I have a pile of cookbooks I'm ambivalent about. Only one is firmly in donation. My hips have been hurting me. I also had trouble lifting a box from a bad position.
  17. Harriet

    Warrior Mini Challenge - A Quest to Remember Chp. 1

    Okay... I'm going to try and find something to do dips on at the gym today, somewhere in the forest of equipment trees. Then I'm going to see if I can do one. If they're anything like pull-ups, probably not. If they're about as hard as pushups, then maybe.
  18. Today
  19. raptron

    Press to HS summer battle part #1

    We still love a drive-by update. Yay for more press progress!
  20. Harriet

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    Awesome. Soon you can quit walking normally and just handstand walk everywhere. But then the ground can be dirty, especially in the city, so you would need handshoes. Gloves, as anglophones call them. And people may speak to you less respectfully if your head is lower than theirs. Or more respectfully if they sense that you have great acrobatic powers.
  21. chemgeek

    Chemgeek balances the scales

    Derp moment led to fitness win: 14k and 1.5h of martial arts
  22. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty third challenge!

    Hey ! Just sat sat on the train back to Manchester. Been a brilliant couple of days in London. Got loads of work done, really good exciting work as well then dinner party last night, 7 of us there and I had a great time!! Two of them I hadn’t met before but we all got on so so well. It was so nice. Feel a a little bit delicate today haha drank too much, but yes, I’m feeling good. meant to be out tonight for a friends birthday, I’ll go and show my face but won’t stay long. Too tired. So get home in two hours, shower, food, meet my friends... x
  23. Well, I sort of tense my toes--something the trainer told me to do when I did the squat class. She said spread and grip "like an eagle" or something? But the lesson was short and filled with other things so I didn't follow up by asking for more detail. Still, it seems to help. If I don't do it, I'm more likely to lose balance and roll forward. Unsure if placebo or genuine technique. Possibly, it causes tension in my feet and calves. That would be helpful because my feet have little arch when relaxed--they're super thin and flat and tend to pronate a lot. Hehe. That's what I love about Taekwondo. I'm going to learn all the flashy kicks. The pork is one of those happy dishes that combines tastiness with easiness. Cats. Cats don't love potatoes. No idea what's wrong with them.
  24. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    Oh gosh - am I Andy Dwyer?? Hehe I think it was actually a little muted, but the past guest coaching included some talk about my face and eyes being too "penetrating" when I dance (along with my partner's, and yes, the coach did not avoid making the expected dirty jokes) and as a result I've really landed on a face I visualize as "squirrel on cocaine" for cha cha and jive. You'll hopefully notice it in videos I post in the future. Week 3, Day 4: Welp, yesterday was a superbly frustrating day at work - on the plus side, have fodder for my conversation with my boss today to figure out how we can avoid me being quite as miserable when I leave the office in the future. Stopped by TJ's after work (gotta stay on brand) and, inspired by the one and only @raptron, picked up a loaf of bread and some goat cheese in addition to my usual groceries and proceeded to have a "deconstructed pizza" for dinner (oven crisped / warmed bread, marinara sauce for dipping, goat cheese to spread - usually just the cheese or the sauce on a particular hunk). Then got really into my most recent library book ("Tales of the City" - it's been turned into a netflix series) and proceeded to read 100 pages in rapid succession and finished it (I was utterly amazed at how tightly the author connected a buncha different characters' storylines and loved the over the top drama of it). And somewhere in there yesterday, I ordered the shoes for this challenge's top reward, so I better not slip up (but even if I do, I'll enjoy the heck outta the shoes!). Oh and I made it to the gym this morning for a strength workout, finally - I was pleasantly surprised with how well handstands and chin ups went considering it's been two and a half weeks. Running point total: 88.5 Hermione: Work Day 1 Thing: 5/5, 4/4, 5/5, 4/5 Lesson Planning: 10/10 Grad school work: 4/6, 5/6, 6/6, 0/6 Sleeeeep: 3.5/7, 5/7, 6/7, 2/7 Ron: Strength: 0/1, 1/1, 0/1, 1/1 Prehab / pilates: 2/1, 4/1, 3/1, 2/1 Harry: 16
  25. raptron

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    Um, YES. I am so very excited for the revival. I can imagine everyone getting a call from Kristen Bell and being like "oh, we get to hang out again?? score!" Day 3.4 I texted my friend to double check that it is cool that I'm going up with her to her parents' lake house this weekend because I kind of invited myself. Her reply: "no, it's great! do you eat lobster??" So, we're all good for the weekend plans. They also have a speedboat. I am quite excited. It was only 70 at lunch instead of the 90-94 it's been the rest of the week, so I got in a training run. I meant to go shorter than 3 miles, but get a weird self-ego thing about running shorter distances and just kept going. Since the race is 7 miles in 4 weeks, I feel like I should up my mileage going forward. I'll do at least 40 minutes next time... and then I guess aim for 5 miles the following week. And maybe 6 miles the week before the race? If I wind up doing more than one training run a week, one will be shorter, but let's be honest -- that's not going to happen. And remember when I was like "oh, let's see how it goes to run and do gymnastics on the same day"? Er... yesterday? When I said that? Well, I also did that yesterday. I took a 20 minute power snooze after work and then headed to the gym. Unsurprisingly, my legs were toast from squats on Tuesday, deadlifts on Wednesday, and running... the same day. BUT, my upper body was fine, which meant it was a good day to do a lot of uneven bars. I still did my usual floor warm-ups, but my hip flexors were not loving life. On bars, I managed to do a few underswing + uprise + free-hip + flyaways, which is good. I also worked toe shoots again and they were a bit better than... Monday? Or Saturday? Whichever day it was I was last working on them. I ended with 10 minutes on beam, just doing basics and jumps/leaps. I definitely got another cherry slurpee after this practice too... hahaha. Post workout carbs, duh. Lifting: 6/7 Shenanigans: 1/3 Writing: 5/6 (Run): 1/3 Lifting + dancing tonight for a friend's bday. Driving up to Maine tomorrow morning and driving back Sunday night. I'll maybe run again on Sunday morning (?) if my friend and her bf want to do a training run -- they're signed up for a Ragnar in September, so that seems likely.
  26. Mike Wazowski

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    Immedaiately bookmarked!!! Woo for bodyweight progress!
  27. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    7/18/2019 Spending a month getting an average of 4.5 hours' sleep for a month and not imploding....yet 武士道 (ぶしどう) Justice/Rectitude Within: Samurai Don't Complain (in fitness or in the meeting room) Kinda borderline here because some people have had PTO and getting things deployed has been quite the spectacle, shall we say. Without: Giri Mop floor Clean shower Clean kitchen counters Clean toilet Clean sinks Courage Within: Crying in the Dojo Technique Review - 5/10 Iaido Review - 1/5 Buki Waza Review - 2/5 Without: Keep heizen and carry on Benevolence Within and Without: Love Dad Training - 0/5 9:00 Dinner - 6/10 Cat grooming - 3/5 Politeness Within: Rēsetsu Too Many Curses - 10 Without: Do 道 Drawing Japanese Characters - 2/5 Honesty Within: Shinjitsu for Me Having a fistfight with unreasonable desires to have books read that cannot be read any faster than they are presently. Stupid need for steady income forcing me to eventually get more than 4 hours of sleep at least a few nights a week. Without: Matomo for Thee Say (Only) What You Mean - 17/35 Honor Within: Sotsugyu Already Update resume (again) Without: Battle With Meiyo and Humanity Clean out office closet Clean out under-bed clothing storage Double-check the hanging clothes for things that can be put up/given away The shredder came in yesterday. Maybe sometime this life I will unbox it. The idea of dealing with plastic wrap or styrofoam does not amuse me ATM. But I am interested in seeing how it stacks up against the old tiny one. The tricky thing about practicing Aikido techniques is it's been juuuuust long enough since I've done anything useful that most techniques are foggy. This is a problem with your laptop is in repair and you don't have (easy) access to videos. The fan needs replacing, which puts it coming back to me between Monday and Tuesday next week, so I'm not interested in digging them out of backup and putting them on the old laptop. #yeahimlazydealwithit Friday is black belt club, so yay that? Will I pass out before I get there? Who Knows. Spent some time reading on my Fraud text, which was slower going than I liked--1 page/2 minutes was not a good rate. Oh well, I'll make it happen tomorrow night somehow.
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