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  2. RedStone

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    Totes. And hand lettering conversations with friends has been great. The pages are SUPER weird and I learned calligraphy! (Also since I'm going to the city I might end up at Muji for... reasons...) I love everything about that. So what's in your bujo? What do you tend to use it for? I love seeing what people do! You guys are the best. Love you so <3
  3. Terah

    Work hard, play hard

    Following! It is in the Netherlands (voortuin) But I think it's "front yard" in English. Awesome! What kind of business are you building? Awesome! Try to read the "F*ck it diet", it really goes into this mindset shift Added to my audible wish list. It looks like a good read (listen)
  4. WhiteGhost

    Greenstone Trout- virgin challenge-

    Sounds like great reasons to me Welcome!
  5. RedStone

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    So far writing is going well. Water was good on Monday but not yesterday. Haven't worked on "other" aspects of work yet. Trained yesterday. Started labs last night and feeling meh about the system - even though the machines themselves have these awesome hand cranked wheel adjustments that make me feel like I'm operating a Soviet era submarine! But I'm meeting with the owner of a sports complex tomorrow - predominantly tennis... but she's a CHC and needs PT on staff so I'm very curious to see if there's a relationship there worth building. SO... I have a feeling I'm going to bail on this cert. It's exclusively for use with this equipment, which Nautilus sold to a company in Germany and no longer exists anywhere in the U.S. That's an attractive aspect as a way of being set apart, but if any of the machinery goes down the program gets scrapped... and the club owner repeatedly reminded us of that during the lab last night. Plan is to just keep going for now until the dust settles and I can move on. Honestly, it should tell me everything I need to know, but my current job makes me feel hopeless and small, while the potential at other places gives me so much hope. I had it in mind I'd be done at the end of April this year, marking my 2 years there. I guess I need to keep reminding myself that, although it does complicate things in my head that we're moving now too. Heading down into the city this afternoon (NYC) to meet up with a close friend. Writing and working before hand, and getting a ride from a new friend to the train station! It took 4 years but I have a pretty nice social base now. And... a mahjonng circle. So yeah. I'm an old lady now, and pretty damn happy about it! SO heyo!! actual footage of me leaving my job
  6. Welcome! What does your workout plan look like?
  7. Manarelle

    Akura's Champion Trial

    100% a thing in the U.S. That is unusual, but glad it hasn't bothered you this week.
  8. Elastigirl

    TheLostSpaces faces change (again)

    Makes sense. Hope it feels better soon
  9. Manarelle

    Grandkai Joins Overwatch

    Sure you're getting enough food/ protein/ water/ sleep?
  10. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    I am an artist though, meetings are always in the pub, so its good job they are later on hahaha x
  11. WhiteGhost

    The first day of the rest of my life

    Trampoline flips!!!! I grew up with a trampoline and learned to flip (which later led me to joining our high school diving team). It has been many, many years since then without any trampoline flips but I am getting back into them now. I totally hear you about the fear, but you can do it! Check out Pigmie and RonnieStreetStunts on youtube. Those two are my go-to peeps for trampoline/parkour tutorials
  12. BlackCatMagic

    Rip The Start - Remix

    Thank you! Rest day today and I am GOING TO BED EARLY! LOL!
  13. Terra

    Terra creates Activation Energy!!!

    Yes she does. There isn't a teens class other than the one my hubby and I teach on Saturday mornings. And we don't have a women only class either. <sigh> Did BJJ class last night. Came home with a painful calf cramp that is so bad its affecting my walking. I took an epsom salt bath last night and and have tried some self massage. I walking today but it sure is painful. I might need to look into a massage this weekend....
  14. doctorake

    Doctorake Dungeon Crawls

    Gotcha, for a second I thought you might be really close or something. I just have to see that after being in Florida for almost 2 years I love it.
  15. BlackCatMagic

    Reset, Recenter, Rebuild

    Hey, I can't do a single pull-up - not one! I think I'll just wait until I drop a little more weight and try again. LOL!
  16. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Waverider

    W1D3 - Tuesday was a good day. I started the morning a little late and picked up a DDP on the way to work. Along with that I bought a small snack pack of ham, almonds, and cheddar for a light breakfast. Lunch was the same as Monday: leftover brisket (with gravy), potato pancakes, and Brussels sprouts. For dinner MFG made Greek chicken thighs with fasolakia, and then I added a serving of cashews to bump my day up to 1783 kcal. Nothing to it. Rest day was restful. I worked a little later then ate dinner as soon as I got home. I spent the rest of the evening tinkering with the laptops and then replacing the primary SSD in my main computer. With that done I did a bit of guitar practice, then I played a couple hours of Rocket League (managed to rank up in 2s) before heading up to bed. EZ days, gotta love 'em. Today should be pretty smooth, too. I'm considering just walking to church this evening for small group as a way to satisfy my Move goal. This wave feels like a good one, and I'm all too eager to keep it going.
  17. Machete

    [Sylvaa] Is An Athlete

    I think the whole athlete/exerciser thing (at least on my part) is a self-congratulatory thing to separate oneself from what we see as mindless drones cruising on the elliptical watching reality TV and doing the same partial-rep chest and bis workout for years without improvement. I mean I remember the old "Overheard at the Gym" thread that I kept suggesting to be closed-down because all it did was nurture an air of superiority in our community, which is the antithesis of what we're about in the first place. "Life's greatest comfort is being able to look over your shoulder and see people worse off, waiting in line behind you." (Palahniuk) One thing for me definitely was transitioning out of being an athlete and having to accept that. It used to be such a big part of my identity and it's difficult to let go of. Like Al Bundy and Uncle Rico. Currently I keep training and I keep competing, but I'm not getting calls from my coach every day to get my ass to the gym because his paycheck depends on me winning the fight. I also recently realized that my competition usually wants to win way more than I do. I do it for fun, and I found that I won't even work too hard to win. It's all arbitrary labels anyway, but when it comes down to it, I'm okay being a hobbyist/exerciser. Maximizing enjoyment is my priority, and I think that's a worthwhile goal.
  18. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    4/23/2019 Never look a gift horse in the mouth 武士道 Justice/Rectitude Within: Samurai Don't Complain (in class) - Without: Giri Floss - 21/35 Scrub walls/cabinets Clean kitchen table Clean toilet Mop floor Clean shower Clean sinks Clean kitchen counters Courage Within: Crying in the Dojo Aikido - 8/10 Without: Keep heizen and carry on Gun research - 2/3 Audit Grocery Bill - 740 (880), 418 (547) Audit Power Bill - 116, Benevolence Within and Without: Love Learn first-aid - 61% Donate Check up on people - 8/10 Dad Training - 4/5 9:00 Dinner - 7/10 Cat food/water - 12/15 Cat grooming - 2/5  Politeness Within: Rēsetsu Curse Count - 3 Concentration Under the Bar - 8/19 Without: Do 道 Shodo Research - 2/2 Drawing Japanese Characters - 4/2 Watch an Anime Instead of Napping Maybe Nutrition  2450 Calories. 2480 : 2448  A funny thing happened today. I decided to order a small something in spite of having lunch, just because I'd managed to hype myself up for getting food delivered. So I order sushi. 2 rolls. The great thing about sushi is you get it fast. When I picked up my bag, I noticed it was really, really heavy for two rolls. It was two trays of 24 pieces, each. EACH. Which works out to about 16 cents per piece for the actual food. I got a phone call from the restaurant checking in because apparently I got the wrong order?? They might have been worried I ended up with random food I didn't want, but it was the tuna roll I ordered....sadly I did not understand her super well aside from the driver picked up the wrong thing but I can keep it (obviously, who'd want sushi after I'd slobbered all over it picked it up?). Oh well. Clearly this is Providence for having bought tuna that spoiled on the store shelf before I got it. Made dinner on time again, flossed. Blah blah blah.
  19. NicTheRugger

    Rip The Start - Remix

    You're doing great!
  20. NicTheRugger

    Reset, Recenter, Rebuild

    An Update: Did 3 miles with Couch to 5k yesterday with a couple of friends. Hit 50 push-ups! I'm noticing that my sets are already getting better. I was struggling to do just 5 reps for a single set last week, but now I'm pushing sets of 7 or 8 reps on the reg! If only progressing with pull-ups was this easy... Speaking of pull-ups. I seem to be backsliding. I haven't been able to hit 4 chin-ups since my PFT! I'm not sure what happened. I don't know if it was just sheer dumb luck that I hit 4, or if my muscles are just tired, or something but it's really frustrating. I'm going to try to do sets both in the morning and evening, to see if that helps. Maybe I should start greasing the groove again? Or do something like my push-up challenge and try to hit 50 chin-ups a day? It's a bit harder to do that though, since I'm limited to doing those in the morning and evening, when I'm at home. It's not like I can stick a pull-up bar up in a doorway at the office! I want to keep moving forward, not backward, and I'm frustrated that I came so far, and now I'm apparently going in reverse. I decided to take a pause from my OSO's workout today, and went back to one of my old workouts, which is a combo of weightlifting and bodyweight stuff. Does anyone have any advice about what might be causing this regression? Worked out at the gym today, I'm at 25 chin-ups (some w/ resistance bands, some just on their own), and 25 push-ups. Still haven't done a single handstand this week... I should really get on that! Maybe I'll book a conference room for 15 minutes and do a handstand or something haha. Journaled on Monday, and I'm on track to journal again tonight. That's all for now. See y'all soon!
  21. Arcelas the n00b

    New Thread: Here I go again (But not on my own)

    Yes I do. It's just my middle name and my family's original name. So, Jacob Ellison. You can check out my Instagram if you want. I just started it, so not much magic on it yet. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  22. Guzzi

    Guzzi - getting a life, intermittently

    This just made my day!
  23. WhiteGhost

    DoubleTrouble talks and squats

    Following along
  24. That's interesting. Were they lucid dreams? (Hopefully you got another crack at Vampire Life...) I found that once I realized I was dreaming, I pretty well stopped having terror-for-my-life scenarios because it's hard to be worried about your demise when there's another you commenting on how weird it is that the features of a real life house got switched around and it looks really silly now. "That's weird" was indisputably the most common phrase ever uttered by Mystery Science Theater 3000 me. The only nightmare scenarios to escape the purge were the classic I'M LATE and the one where I was in the driver's seat rolling backwards at an increasing rate and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. A few of the good dreams happen more than a few times, which is always cool when "your favorite show" comes on. You know, the one where suddenly you're a dragon.
  25. squeakyvalkyrie

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    Almost totally blew my fast this morning. I stopped at the gas station and got a sleeve of donuts and almost opened them before I realized that I can't have those, I'm fasting! So they are in my purse waiting for the drive home. Anniversary dinner last night at our favorite prime rib place, so no meditation or shield painting. We finished just in time to stay in our fasting window and, for the first time, didn't have cocktails with dinner. No calories after 7pm has had the unintentional consequence of significantly curbing our drinking. We are generally barely done with dinner by then, so evening cocktails have kinda stopped. I'm sure it is contributing to the weight loss. Workout this morning went well, even though it was super hot in the house. When the house got painted, the crew didn't take care with the windows, and painted them shut. So we've got to get out this weekend and cut through the paint to get them so we can open them. No air movement in half the house is ridiculous.
  26. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    If he did, I would totally watch the heck out it
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