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  2. I am not patient. 😂 i will strive to be patient. Yay! We dont have to deal alone! Thanks! And you’re right. ♥️
  3. This is... a great idea? Like maybe if I can't face a full upper body day I could still do a few snatches? Why didn't I think of that.
  4. Covering all the hot button topics in here, I see. ❤️ Love you guys and the respectful discourse going on. I'm not in a place with the energy to join it right now, but love to see it! Hope your headache is gone!
  5. Definitely don't ask me, I very nearly failed my condensed matter course. My mentor was not pleased, it was his subject. 😂Incidentally, he didn't give a shit about the fact that I did in fact fail my particle physics exam in the same period... (Which was dumb anyway, I only failed because my handwriting is too crap to do tensor algebra by hand 😛)
  6. Flexibility class was cancelled yesterday, but I did get in a short afternoon walk with starlet. I benched this morning and felt twinges of wrist pain coming back, which is annoying as I thought the sprain had FINALLY healed. Still, I got through it. I've got a full day of conference calls today, about half on video, so I pulled myself together (make-up and all!) and it feels very strange to look kind of like a semi-attractive human. starlet is up to six teeth officially as of yesterday, which certainly explains some of her explosive fussiness over the last week. I'm feeling low and kind of hopeless about the state of the world right now, but aside from donating money to organizations that are out there doing good, I feel like I personally can't do much - protesting isn't an option for me for a whole slew of reasons. It's been an interesting experience watching the various queer activists I follow looking for the points of intersectionality to lend support both to the BLM movement and the continued push for queer rights - there is a LOT of work to be done for black trans folk especially, who are disproportionately impacted by violence and whose deaths are frequently ignored.
  7. Soul hugs are magical and can be given from half a planet away, while socially distanced. ❤️ I'm sending some your way as well. Hope the yoga was awesome!
  8. The video is still pretty cool. ☺️ Thanks for the good conversation yesterday, by the way. I appreciate you.
  9. I feel you on not wanting to be outside on toasty days... this has been an issue for me as well. I've had to shift my walks with the baby out - one very early (before 9:30 ideally) and one late (after dinner but before her bedtime, like after 5:30). It's annoying, but going out in the afternoon is just impossible. FWIW, the early morning movement, which I am historically very bad at, has actually been great when I get over the "don't wannas" and get out. Your campaign sounds FASCINATING, by the way.
  10. me too! Consistently surprised at how sore I am afterward. Wednesday For lunch I had the same salad as the two previous days. Today I'll make something different. For dinner I made a pad thai. I whisked some lime juice, soy sauce, and sunbutter together. I chopped chicken thighs and sauteed. Then sauteed broccoli, kale, scallions, shredded carrot, and cabbage in some sesame oil and added crushed red pepper. Once the cabbage started to soften I added back in the chicken and the sauce. I served it over rice and garnished with chopped cashews and fresh cilantro. I have 1 serving left which I will probably eat tomorrow when Mr J goes back to work. I did not do a workout. After dinner I talked on the phone with a friend for about 45 minutes and then it was after 9, so I read wonder woman and went to bed. Also, exercise is hard right now. I did go for a walk, which I haven't done in about a week. 1) Eat a meal every 4-6 hours - ✅✅✅ 2) Movement - ❌ 3) No caffeine after lunch - ✅ 4) Change clothes ✅ 5) Read ✅
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    Day 12.3 I succeeded in ignoring/avoiding my phone for at least 2 hours during the work day, as I set out to do. I had another day where I worked on a lot of different things but didn't finish any of them, as it goes sometimes. I somehow didn't manage to get out for a walk at any point during the day -- it's been a trend lately. I think part of it is that it is getting pretty toasty outside, so maybe, just maybe, I can start actually waking up a bit earlier to get some morning movement in. I've been getting up at 8:55 AM most of quarantine, lol. 🙈Handstands have become less of a daily thing as well. I think I've just been using way more time on social media/the news (given current events), so I'm having trouble excusing myself for movement. I'll work on it. Lifting was a 3s day -- I'll keep alternating 5s and 3s, I think, for deadlift and squat for a bit. Bench needs more volume (always), so I'll play it by ear. Squat: 4 x 3 x 225# <-- lmaoooo, these were so hard. I used my belt on my last set just because I was kind of nervous. My quads were on fire but they moved okay, actually. Bench: 5 x 5 x 125#, paused Deadlift: 4 x 3 x 255# Scap pulls on the pull-up bar L-sit hold attempts x 8 🏋️‍♀️Lifting~! ⚖️Balance practice Zoom call with the gymnastics team -- lots of attempts holding various eyes-closed poses and doing eyes-closed actions. They were harddd! 🙃Tuck handstand holds 🐉Ran my D&D session I planned a treat for one of my players who canonically hates and hunts illithid (he's a githyanki) but he couldn't make it. I kept the intro/breadcrumb anyway, so one of the players got his intellect devoured and turned briefly into a gibbering, int 0 meat sack by an illithid brain dog. They were able to reverse it (bc one of my players is OP as hell) and found a local who had undergone the same situation. Turns out the local was an illusionist deep gnome refreshing the defenses on their hidden settlement, but given that he was both grateful to be saved (and incredibly intimidated by the party of 6 he wound up in the hands of), he offered to show them how to get there and penetrate the illusions guarding it. Our devil-affiliated band is now in the heart of a somewhat whimsical deep gnome settlement of arcane tinkerers who have also moved in to investigate the strange inter-planar mineral that everyone appears to be after. They may know more about the lay of the land, the demon cult nearby, and have intel on one of the powerful macguffins the PCs are trying to locate to break their bonds with their devil daddies, at the behest of a powerful, chaotic figure whose already broken both his bond and the bond of one of their companions. MY GAME IS COMPLICATED. I need to tie more things together, hahah. It's easier to think up a bunch of things (especially with two DMs) than it is to actually PLAY through all of them, as I'm sure all of you have experienced before. These plotlines actually do all tie together, I just need to make the strands more clear, I think. I gave a lot of different options in the last few sessions because our players were getting kind of railroaded before, but to make meaningful decisions about what to do, you also need to give them meaningful intel. It's an ongoing process. ✌️ Jogging 0/2 Lift: 2/3 Pulls 1/3 Handstand 2/5 Flexibility 1/2 Today: chins, jog (hopefully in the evening when it cools off a bit), handstands, and bugbear bard D&D! I do kind of have an idea of what the next few days hold. For major exercise: lifting again Friday if it's not raining, jogging Saturday, and probably hiking with GC on Sunday. I'll try to do yoga at lunch tomorrow for flexibility work.
  12. Sounds exactly like my EM 2 class in college. (also my electronics 2 class, and my analog design class but really there isn't a pattern here I swear). He was an old school professor who shunned computers or any visualizations and didn't like undergrads. I vividly remember him berating us because he thought our math skills were inept and that we needed to be sent to a remedial diffy q class. I'm so glad that there is a lot more to electrical engineering than just EM. Just about broke me. I've found that upper level/grad level business courses are amazingly fun. I took a masters level financial engineering course that was run out of the business school and was shocked with the amount of CS algorithm talk there was.
  13. Good idea to go look at past challenges QQ...hoping it helps. Im lacking in motivation today, maybe the drop in good weather too...? Sending love xx
  14. Not bad. 21 out of the 36 I had planned to read. Finished all of the current volumes of The Immortal Hulk comic book and I was not disappointed one bit in the story telling and art. It's a great read and I highly recommend it if you like dark Lovecraftian style superhero stories. I've started on my second quarter non-fiction: Ron Chernow's Hamilton. Hoping to finish it before Hamilton the Movie is released on July 3rd.
  15. Thanks Min Motivation has gotten even lower, i always feel EVEN MORE tired when its time of the month really struggling so im trying to take it easy, doing the bare minimum today, drinking tea, doing a little work and listening to music. I had a nap too. Got real bad cramps so hot water bottle on me. How annoying. x
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    This actually sounds fun, and I don't care much for business esque topics. UCF is one of maybe 6 universities in the States that offers Optical Engineering (Photonics). One of my colleagues in the spring was taking Electrodynamics, but his professor had only taught it to graduate students before and he didn't scale it down to undergraduate level to match the audience. Last I heard (in March) the entire class was failing and nobody had anything above like a 50.
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    sylph brain dumps

    Aw, glad you guys made the best of the long drives. Definitely takes time, but finding people who enjoy similar things as you do is always a good start. Excellent, excellent.
  19. You were just practicing for your years of fatherhood. Glad to hear you and Sra Tanque were able to turn around your stressful days and find blessings in them
  20. So I’m feeling pretty bummed today about the job I was training for. 1. Something went very wrong the day of. 2. I am more than just a little able to hit the PT points needed now. 3. It’s basically too late because due to a combination of COVID-19, the backlog on the mental health examinations, and the fact that I’ll age out this year means I had one shot in March and even then I still might have timed out. That isn’t to say this wasn’t for the best. If I’d passed in March there’s a good chance I’d be in the middle of the half a year of training right now, leaving Jessie alone with the kids to prepare our house for sale and to get ready to move who knows where during the worst pandemic in a century. Plus me being a high risk case. I’d be utterly freaking out. But it’s still hard to think about not passing in March, especially since it was a job I’ve wanted for many years and the pandemic sort of wiped out everything else I had on the back burner in case it didn’t go through. It was a job where I could have made a difference and that I’ve acquired years of experience preparing for. I wish I could do it here without having to move. I wish I could do something similar. It is the sort of thing that I could use to have a seriously positive effect on the turmoil in our country, although it would likely be frustrating right now too. I’m just talking through a whole boxcar of emotions that have been building. On one hand, I’d like to have my own homestead, be self sufficient, and left alone. On the other hand, I want to live a meaningful life and leave the world a better place than I found it, or at least have a positive effect. I mean, if I’m going to have a job that makes me feel dead inside, it’d at least be nice to be compensated in a way that letS us actually get ahead. I’m feeling disappointed in a way I’m not sure I ever felt. I’m still moving on and focusing my efforts. But I don’t want to ignore these feelings and end up with a midlife crisis in a few years, either.
  21. The last couple of days have been pretty good. Tuesday I worked in my office until two and then did domestic rangering for the rest of the day. I was on an all-day fast that day so I didn't have dinner. No workout. Wednesday was a bit of a jumble, I worked in my office then went out about two to see the Mantis for a while. Went by the gym but just to pay for the month. When I got home I did a little more work but was pretty unfocused so I'll be catching up today. Wednesday was a re-feed day so I did all three meals - I made a nice breakfast, grabbed a sandwich when I was out, and made a burritto for dinner. By the end of the day I felt like a stuffed turkey. My knee is substantially improved, I can see the kneecap again and it has way more range of motion. Still hurts, especially in the morning or when negotiating stairs, but compared to 5 days ago it's light years improved. I'm back wearing the knee sleeve on it for stability so I can move around faster. At this rate of improvement I should be healed by mid week next week so that is what I am aiming for. Today I'm working, then I have to pack to go to an event for the Adventure race people tomorrow morning. We have a race on Saturday. If I can get through that, I can hold it together and make progress next week. (I feel like all of adulthood is just saying, "If I can get through this week everything will calm down" until you die)
  22. I don't think I"m quite up to that level of cosplay yet. Give me one or two more outfits, then I'll start adding lights. Well this week has, so far, sucked. I've been having stomach issues for a while, and on Tuesday night, as I got on the treadmill to do my cardio, they escalated sharply. Sufficient pain and posture impairment that I lowered the speed to a walk and seriously debated quitting early. Made it through, but it was not a restful night and I was basically in pain all day yesterday, enough that I skipped workout and only had rice, applesauce, and plain crackers for dinner. Didn't really sleep much last night either, finally got some rest around 4am as things worked through the system. Woke up this morning feeling icky, but not in active pain, so I'll take it. Had 2 scrambled eggs and 3 ritz crackers, and I can at least sit normally with waistbands where they should be (any pressure yesterday was intolerable), so progress continues. I'm hoping it was all due to homemade pizza and a single rice krispie treat I had on Tuesday - the remains of both will be tossed because heck no. Here's to today seeing that clear up completely, and tomorrow's a "vacation" Friday for me. Would rather not spend it in pain.
  23. Light Training Jump Rope 4x10 KB Swings 3x10 Goblet squats 90/90 So tired. I didn't sleep very much last night, up late and wore out. I thought about taking a off day today but decided to just go easy with just a few sets. I do feel better getting some movement in. The plan is to go to bed early tonight but we will see how that goes.
  24. I could of slept forever! My body needs to hibernate to feel better I guess. Seize the day! - Randomly stretch out legs and hips - Marinate chicken at lunch - Relax + Watch more kdrama
  25. Thanks for the recommendation. I can only get ebooks from so unfortunately I can't get it on Kindle, but I will look into ePub I forgot to mention in my update that during my leg workout I was working on GHRs but the setup is not 100% ideal because even after putting my heaviest dumbbells on my heaviest barbell, it still isn't heavy enough to hold me at the bottom end of the range. To compensate, I combined this move with a plyometric pushup into a new total body exercise I call GHR Pushups Looking at the video I can see my form isn't great, lots of hinging going on at the waist, but I guess that just means I have room to improve
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