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  2. Novaurora

    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    Go Deffy go!!! You're crushing it! Love this new energy!!
  3. I've come to report I'm no longer yellow! Yay! Apparently you can get issues eating too many greens. (But really, my case might have been a tad excessive - eating like 300g brocoli, 300g okra, 300g cauliflower in a day) I swopped out my brocolli for lotus root(yeah not the best idea because its a bit starchy - 61cals/100g),but oh well. Cauliflower and lotus root stir fry tastes even better then brocolli so I'm happy =)
  4. annyshay

    Annyshay Settles In

    Sunday w1d7 Water - filled both my water bottles - tracked my intake (8 ounces) Food - breakfast, lunch, and dinner were distraction free Coaching - journaling
  5. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Breakfast: 1.6 cups of almond milk 300g okra fried with 4 eggs, an onion and a quarter teaspoon of rosemary, basil, thyme and oregano Eggs and okra seem to go well... Did about 53 min of yoga. Yesh, I yoga for recovery from runs and also for improvement in flexibility. Then did 45 min of piloxing, figuring I better catch as many indoor classes as possible lest outdoor classes are cancelled. Usual decoction: 1 tablespoon fennel and cumin, 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds Lunch: 150g cauliflower 150g lotus root 10g sesame seeds 90g sesame chicken 20g hulled pumpkin seeds Going to go collect my lucky draw stuff from my aquathon since the local run group session was cancelled due to haze =(
  6. Mortimer

    My way towards OCR

    Did you manage to fend off those enemies? How does the scoring system work, ie how do they keep track on how much you've been shot etc? Did you get caught while sneaking? =P Anyway I admire your tenacity to be able to function in all weathers! Great job!
  7. Devlin

    Devlin rebuilds and rehabs.

    So it turns out I suffered a serious knee dislocation rather than a tear. Loads of physio ahead and risks of it repeating but no surgery so I can relax a little bit. Not what the Dr's were expecting. Looks like when my leg got trapped my kneecap popped out which is my issue.
  8. Novaurora

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    Unsolicited PSA: Be careful with burpee form and doing too many too quickly. I knocked my hip out of alignment at a burpee focused bootcamp class 2 summers ago because my form was shit and I was doing too much too fast...that recovery SUUUCKED because 1. It go on forever to figure out what it was and 2. I had to go to PT. but good on you for taking on that challenge!!!
  9. Novaurora

    Cheetah Does Things

    Woohoo for intentional mindfulness!!
  10. Today
  11. Yeah, one-arm plank, one-arm push-up, jump to squat, jump to plank ----> way more concise way to explain it, now that I wrote it. They were fun to do when we started, but after four of them they felt like torture. Partner assisted death, I like it, I like it.
  12. Devlin

    Devlin rebuilds and rehabs.

    Yeah hopefully, should be finding that out I the next hour. So to review week 1. It was appalling. My diet was shockingly bad. It was a friends leaving do from work Tuesday, my mother's birthday Wednesday, went out with family Thursday, out with friends Friday and have spent all weekend celebrating my fiancées birthday with trips out and meals. I have eaten way too much cake. However I did listen to the audio book...... I'm calling this week an unclassified. It was bad. But as of today I'm feeling quite inspired. I have 9 weeks to my wedding and just under 9 weeks to make a big difference. I was looking at some photos of me from few years ago when I was in pretty good shape and I need to get back to that. I know that's not possible this challenge but I can make a start.
  13. iatetheyeti

    iatetheyeti: push and pull

    Week One: End Well, this is definitely not before Sunday... Got a little overwhelmed by things and had very little energy to put towards being social, but I'm clawing that back now. Aside from that, I think I'd say that week one has been a moderate success. Not perfect, but it did go well enough to give me some confidence moving forwards. Food is going a little better, veg consumption is going up once more and I'm still not tempted to fall back into my prior stress-eating habits, which is encouraging. That's not to say I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, when I intend to bake myself my weekly treat. Oddly enough I think that has more to do with the baking, I've become quite attached in a short period of time! Yoga is going well. I managed my two extended sessions on my days off. I used NF Yoga (Water A) purely because I knew it was simple and easy to follow, and that's what I needed. Mobility is at one of three sessions. I did one on Thursday and felt some twinges on the Friday, so decided to let my wrists rest a little. Primal movement is going well, as is Meditation. People is something I've fallen a little behind with but will be taking steps to correct ASAP. Positivity... Honestly, I think all of the above can count as my positivity given that it is in fact mostly positive. In spite of issues at work I've ensured that I've had an otherwise decent week, I've made time for myself and my health, and I feel better for it. If that's not a positive outcome then I don't know what is. I'll be back to do some catching up after work tonight and throughout my day off tomorrow.
  14. WhiteGhost

    Mad Hatter retreats

    I didn't even have the option for econ when I was in high school. Even at university it was elective class
  15. WhiteGhost

    Snickie overcommitted herself. Duck.

    That's a lotta stuff you got going on this challenge. I would recommend pairing your over-commitments with a very liberal forgiveness policy if you start to slip on some of those
  16. WhiteGhost

    [traaki] Respawn point

    Never too much of a mess for a respawn! Good to see you back for another round
  17. WhiteGhost

    Anim Does Stuff!

    Wait, did you gradually shave your face to match with your costume progressions? That's some hardcore dedication! Costumes looked great, though
  18. DarK_RaideR

    EricMN's Jedi Training - Keep Moving

    I totally get what this must be like and though I bet she does too on a logical level, it's not the same on an emotional level. If you want to direct her my way on Facebook, I'd be glad to talk to her about your upcoming trip. Bet she's organizing everything so we can be productive on that front while she also keeps her mind busy with it all. Think the Ultra is hard on its own, but doing it the day right after a Super+Sprint must be making it even more harder. You, sir, are a hero for even trying that.
  19. I have no idea what those would be called, but they sound wicked hard. I would probably call them partner assisted death euthanasia burpees
  20. DarK_RaideR

    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    YAY DEFFY HAS A CHALLENGE THREAD AGAIN! All is right in the world* *(except, not really)
  21. DarK_RaideR

    RES: Learns to RELax

    I hear such people's other senses do get a boost. Might be worth it.
  22. DarK_RaideR

    » shaar channels the dirgesinger within

    Did you see anyone with a huge golden exclamation point floating above their head? Because I bet they'd be willing to pay some gold coins and maybe some minor magical item for anyone willing to recapture that bear...
  23. WhiteGhost

    DoubleTrouble makes a cringy video

    I like the direction this is going. Trying to choreograph is tough, so sometimes just going with the flow ends up working even better. Either way, looking forward to the next installment
  24. DarK_RaideR

    Cry Havoc: Stranger. Poet. Thief.

    First @Raxie gets a new kitteh, now you. I like this trend. Long may it continue.
  25. DarK_RaideR

    [Endor] Home on the Range(r)

    Silver lining for your inevitable PvP loss, at least it's still pushing you to get some things done
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