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    Xena plays the Long Game

    Thanks! And yes, sort of. Field work for real, but not in the middle of a meadow or wheat farm or something. I'll be on a ship. :-) It's something I hadn't tried before, but in this case it has worked pretty well. The cooking and the planks were something I wanted to work on, but I knew this time period would be a little unpredictable. Still have a little bit of internet access and time, so here's at least one more update: I've done pretty well at shifting my hours. Two nights ago I stayed up until 6 am. Yesterday I stayed up until 7:15. I did it by making myself go for a run at 6....I REALLY didn't want to do that run! Tonight the plan is to do the same and follow it with breakfast (~7:30) and a long safety meeting (8:00-11:00). By then I'll be pretty much transitioned. My official shift starts the next day (midnight to noon). No one else really seems to be transitioning ahead of time. I suspect the others are going to be pretty groggy.
  3. I'm back, and trying to start fresh. I'm not terribly pleased with where I am, but I guess who is? I'm starting out small. Here are my goals: * Weigh myself every Monday. Would be awesome to lose 2lbs a week, but honestly any movement down is good. * Take my meds every day. Gotta stay healthy. * Do 30 minutes of intentional activity. This does not include using my pedals at home or walking around my apartment. I need to do some kind of weight training or intentional cardio. Doesn't have to be super strenuous. I just need to start moving again. * Read for 15 minutes every day. Just relaxes me. Non-work-related, though. Not reading during work hours. I'll either accomplish these goals or I won't each day/week. If I manage to do one of the goals 5/7 days, I get a small prize, e.g. a bath bomb or new fragrance. If I can get 5/7 for all three, I get a bigger prize, e.g. seeing a movie or something along those lines. No goals for weight loss. That has the potential for getting toxic. Just monitoring. Hopefully this is a simple enough start. I'm ready to get back into things!
  4. Greenstone Trout

    Love some feedback

    Hi Everyone, I have a question I am hoping some of you might be able to answer. I have been doing weights now for 6 months, however at 3 months in I fractured my foot(outside of the gym) but ignored it thinking it was just sore, but on deadlifting the following day, thats when the full force of the fracture occured. This has made me nervouse to DL over 80k(that is the weight i did it at), and also after coming back after the fracture i did a 75k DL with a trainer and really hurt my back(like couldnt walk hurt). I got it all fixed through remidial massage and learning the importance of stretching, building the lifts in weight and cleaning up my form but........ I still freak out in increasing the weight and knowing when to increase the weight for my other lifts, squat,bench. I guess it's about not wanting to injure myself and also look like a gobshite for increasing too heavy. Also my bench is at 42kg but best was at 52(with a trainer spotting me) i feel nervous to bench and increase the weight incase i kill myself dropping the bar on my head. How can i practice my bench in the gym without looking like a knob, but safely? Any help really appreciated. GT
  5. SkyGirl

    Miau Spangles Her Stars

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  7. WhiteGhost

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    First!!!* *Page
  8. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Has A Joy Filled Challenge

    Weekend happenings; I want to boast about something you don't usually here people boasting about: the only veggie I had with my Saturday dinner was 1 piece of lettuce and a slice of onion. Let me explain. I have a really good habit of eating veggies with most meals. Which is great. But then the problem of perfectionism sneaks in, and I tell myself I'm failing when I don't live up to that standard. So Saturday we were busy all day (more on that later) and then had my son over for an impromptu dinner, before we went and saw a movie. I hadn't planned anything, and my first thought was how I needed to make a salad, and blah and blah, a list of things I needed to do. But I was tired. I didn't want to go out to eat, but thought maybe I should since I couldn't make all the requirements for a meal. Then I thought about it, and realized we had some frozen sweet potato fries that I could cook. Had hubby go to the store and buy the hamburger that is already made into patties, and some buns. And we had hamburger and fries. A nice, easy meal. Filling, and we all enjoyed it. I remember @annyshay once saying how she had made the mistake of thinking if it wasn't hard to make, then it must not be a good food choice (or something like that) Anyway, when she said that, it hit me how often I do that to myself. So, I have at times purposely taken the pressure off myself and realized not every meal has to be 100% healthy. Saturday was fun. We hosted game day for our church. We played my favorite cooperative game, Hogwarts, with a couple of teens who are super sweet. Sadly, we lost. And then they taught us how to play Istanbul. And my son taught a little boy (7 yrs old) how to play Dominion, and he let the little boy win, and the boy was so excited! Fun to see my adult son interacting so sweetly with this little boy. We had bought potato chips, but I stayed away from them. We bought one kind that had cheese (so I can't eat them) and another kind that I am meh about. We stopped by the market before and bought some really good roasted chicken and salad, so I still felt like I had fun special food. Then we went home, I went for a short walk, then had dinner. Then we went and saw Tolkien. I really liked the movie. It hasn't gotten good reviews, but I thought it was good. Not great, but solid. And I liked seeing it with my son, who is a big Tolkien nerd
  9. Final update for this challenge I spent the last week vacationing in Florida. Lots of celebrations and eating out. It was effectively a dirty bulk combined with a full rest week away from exercise. I gained roughly 7 lbs in 7 days, . Anyway. Looking back at this challenge. 1. Cardio like the Rock. I was already doing more cardio than the Rock does daily. So doing 45 minutes to an hour a day was no big deal. That was actually cutting back on cardio for me. My only frustration with it was my treadmill crapping out on me. I don't really like relying on the exercise bike. It makes my butt sore. But I still got my Rock cardio in for this challenge either way. This was the easy quest. 2. Lift like the Rock. This was a big increase in exercise volume. I'm perfectly happy doing high volume on an exercise. Doing it for multiple exercises every day, however, was a big change of pace compared to the 2-3 days per week of 3-5 exercises per session that I've typically done. But I found I like doing it this way. I enjoyed working out every day. I enjoyed the greater variety of exercises. And I enjoyed being able to give muscle groups more focus via the Rock's bodypart split style routine. I'm going to do high volume bodypart split training for the next challenge too. 3. Eat like the Rock. I wasn't spot on with the Rock's carb choices, and I intentionally lowered his calories proportional to my body's size . But I felt both the exercise recovery advantages, and the anti-hunger satiety, of a very high protein diet. I'm going to aim to keep my protein high going forward. Thanks for reading. I'll post a link to my next challenge once I've made it.
  10. Cataleya

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Sounds like a good challenge. Godspeed.
  11. Cataleya

    Cataleya Tries to Regain Her Balance

    That's what I was hoping for, but then I woke up feeling like utter shit. I am hoping I didn't catch strep but I fear I might have. When I feel better I do want to do a deep clean. It's gotta be around here somewhere. Damn key cards. Anyway, because I felt like ass and had trouble swallowing, it was mostly soup today. This led to: 185 carbs (53%) 58g fat (38%) 31g protein (9%) 12g fiber 1400 calories
  12. EricMN

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    I'm sorry you've joined the club, my friend. I have to imagine that, in your profession, you are spread emotionally thin regularly. Glad you are being mindful as a priority.
  13. Stribs

    Stribs Lays the Foundation for Summer

    We still have students til the 12th of June, but graduation project ends this week, so there's that. We will be in the parks the first week and a half of July. It would be wild to randomly run into you. Ha
  14. Sloth the Enduring

    Stribs Lays the Foundation for Summer

    Nice job making it to the end of the year. We’ll be doing the parks trip too. I’ll keep my eye out for you.
  15. Stribs

    Stribs Lays the Foundation for Summer

    I have been waiting dor this trip for a LONG time. I have wanted to see Yellowstone and the Arches and everything for AGES. I really have only been west once.. And it was San Antonio, TX
  16. Elastigirl

    Rinna gives up........something.

    You can do it. And yum,Toffee scones, good choice for a treat.
  17. scalyfreak

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    And thus endeth a decade of pop culture dominance. Whatever will HBO do now, to survive and entice us to pay their outrageous monthly fees? Game of Thrones Series Finale Spoilers:
  18. Elastigirl

    Stribs Lays the Foundation for Summer

    You're going on a summer road trip to see all the parks!! I want to do that.
  19. tracer-actual


    Mon 20 May 19 - Stimulation Training Day Didn't measure HRV as my brother departed early and I was saying good bye AM Max Aerobic Speed Test 15kg of equipment, with runners - Run 1600m at best pace - 6:49 I wanted sub 7 mins, so was very happy. This worked to be 3.911m/s which when working at 120% MAS equates to 4.69m/s (or 140m over a 30s interval).... this will certainly work!
  20. Stribs

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    I'm here!!!
  21. Stribs

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    I love your challenges. Here for this!!
  22. Stribs

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    If it makes you feel better, this English teacher read right over it without thinking until you said something. but fewer is correct if you really wanted to know I feel you on the following less people. I'll probably be a lurker this go round, but wanted to stop in and say hi.
  23. Hey guys! The crazy part of my year ends this week (thank God) and I felt like I finally have time to find my way back here. This challenge will be about setting up a few things for this summer and getting back my good habits as well. I have had literally zero time to work on any of my own projects, and I've done a terrible job with self care, and this last few weeks haven't done me any favors in terms of stress, so, I guess I have my work cut out for me. I'm going to keep it simple as best I can, and hope for success. I will probably only be following a handful of people, but I will be lurking as well! 1. Self Care Mediate every night Take my meds every day 7 hours of sleep on weeknights Read 1 book 2. Passion Projects/Planning Spend at least ONE hour a day doing TWO of the following... Planning our summer road trip (NC---->Vegas----->ALL the national parks---->Wyoming---->Illinois----->home) Working on my short story Doing research and making contacts/content for my new writing project Working on content for hubs' website 3. Health/Fitness Ironborn x3 a week 1 bike ride per weekend EAT AT HOME
  24. Yeah. I know it's not helpful to eat things I don't want, but I still have a strong plate clearing drive.
  25. Harriet

    Upper body strength for squats

    Hiya! Can you be more specific? What weight are you squatting, and at what weight does it start to feel precarious? Are you attempting low or high bar position, or are you unsure? Are you worried about it rolling backward, or is something else happening? I thought the bar was going to roll off at first when I tried to do "low bar". I found it works better and feels super secure if I set the bar a little higher--so it's right on the small shelf formed by my traps (but still below the most prominent vertebra on my neck). It can be further secured by pulling down with my hands so the bar is really trapped (no pun intended). I don't know if you're already strong, but for me, doing overhead presses helped bring up my traps (from a very bony nothing), which created the shelf. But yeah, I haven't figured out where to put the bar for a low bar squat. There doesn't seem to be a similar shelf or anything to rest it on.
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