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  2. KB Girl

    H3r0 Earns Some Skill Badges

    That's an accomplishment! Almost double your usual intake, way to go
  3. KB Girl

    [Ohlemontine] becomes a dippity-doer

    Sorry to hear it's been rough! When I'm overwhelmed I try to pick one thing to do that seems doable, something small like washing one plate with cutlery.. and sometimes after starting I'll do more and sometimes I won't but then at least one thing is done.
  4. KB Girl

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    Looks great! I don't know how you pull off walking on those things, let alone posing!
  5. KB Girl

    Press to HS summer battle part #1

    You can complain even if it's all best case scenario! Glad you're able to get some training in, some normalcy is always such a comfort.
  6. KB Girl

    Surely Im not TOO old for this

    Definitely part of the gig- both for consistently working out and mediation. Good to see you're going strong!
  7. Rookie

    Rookie Eats Baguettes

    Alright Rookie, time to get out of bed and make yourself some eggs and thin toast!
  8. Rookie

    Rookie Eats Baguettes

    Have you had a frittata before? I actually really like them. They make good lunch too lol. What is a typical breakfast over there?
  9. Thom Stépan

    Run along now

    I first read that as Momoa is Rurik, fact. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  10. Hello there, maybe some of you can give me insights on how to gain the ability to control your body and become more flexible? In a sense of pole dancing, yoga, gymnastics, possibly parkour - it all seems so undoable to me and I'd love to have this controlled strength of gymnasts who can slowly lift their legs off the ground to a handstand or jump up from lying flat on their back. I think it might be a fallacy of mine: It all looks like you do not need a huge amount of sheer strength to do it. But maybe you do. Because usually gymnasts do not look that muscular, some even look slightly overweight. I can lift weights, and I get stronger, in a sense of I can lift more weight, but bodyweight exercises, including yoga, are much harder for me. A) because I lack the flexibility and B ) the strength. I simply have no idea, no plan, on how to go about it or if it is possible to improve since it feels so futile. I can't even do a side plank and lift a leg for longer than 5 seconds. Back in school when I was a teenager we had to do this: So many were able to do it but to me it is still a mystery how you can even pull yourself up. My body feels like an uncontrollable sack of potatoes most of the time, even when I do a bit heavier lifting. I'm also sure I never really tried hard enough for a long period of time and that the effort it needs for something that looks easy is quite high. So do you have any ideas on how to start? Do you think Insanity is helping here? Because I always enjoyed those videos a lot and improved a bit. Any other plans or ideas? Like... actually starting with yoga? Does it really improve? I also stretch, but only from time to time, it used to be 4-5 times a week after lifting, but never noticed any difference in my flexibility.
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  12. Devlin


    Week 3 day 1 Weigh in - None as I stayed up after nights Bjj 1 gi session complete. Worked more on de la riva and specific Sparring. Then did a couple of 5 minute rounds. Hit a nice double leg, a triangle I was very happy with and a few decent guard passes. Feel like i defended well from my back, didn't give anything away stupidly. Hit a nice achilles lock too. Week 3 day 2. Day out on the drink with work. Won't be training tonight
  13. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    It was more fun that I thought it was going to be when Ghostess described it to me We will be going back for sure Yeah, those were the questions in the first room, and none of us knew any of the answers and it wasn't really fun. Later, we talked to the workers and said for our rooms we are just looking to have fun, so give us all the super easy questions. It was a lot more fun when we could answer at least half of the questions. It was a little embarrassing, though, when they asked who the longest serving US President was and I had no idea Yeah, but when you get the questions wrong does the floor drop out from under you? I suspect workplace efficiency would go up significantly if they started instituting things like that ------------------------------------------------------ Yesterday Ghostess skipped work so we spent the whole morning doing chores & helping Ghostlet with his homework. I finally got around to the park in the afternoon, and the place was deserted. I only stayed for about an hour and worked mostly greasing the groove and didn't really push myself too hard. I'm sure I did some other stuff when I got back, but mostly it was puttering around and I can't really recall what all I did. I doubt much of it was productive. Food was all leftovers
  14. aramis

    The next step

    Oh yes, lots of fun Gonna speak about it with my doc. Thanks for the tip W3 D1 - Keep the engine running No workout - rest day. - We're losing pressure 2017 kcal, 125 g protein. Average weight: ??? Monday weight - 75.2kg I don't see any progress in gaining weight, Libra app also shows declining trend. I suppose I'll keep 2k kcal for this week to be sure, but additional caloric increase will be needed. - Beware the material fatigue No screen after 9pm, went to bed at 10, fell asleep ~10:30. - This thing needs to move Yesterday was more of a lazy day. My mother in law took my hellspawns for a week to her, so it's suddenly very quiet and calm at home - only cats scream at me wanting to play. No pressure on anything, did some chores but nothing big, did my workout but without time pressure from kids demanding TV time or supper. I think it will look like this for couple days, as today after work I go for my MRI and I'll be back home not earlier than 8pm.
  15. Endor

    Run along now

    Commuting 3 days for a training course. The provided lunch was rubbish, sandwiches and 2 slices of brownie. Sat down all day. Had a 15 min wait to change trains on way home so i put an audio book on and walked up and down the platform. Got some funny looks but also got 1000 steps. Straight out for a 7km walk when i got home. Now to eat, go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. I made the right choice not switching to a higher paid job with a commute. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  16. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    July 15th Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - chicken with spinach, rye bread - 656kcal, 57.5g protein Dinner - potatoes and red beans fried with mozzarella, chicken in batter - 804kcal, 42.5g protein Supper - rye bread with sausage, cottage chesse with powidl (plum stew) - 437kcal, 19g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 200ml whole milk - 120kcal, 6g protein Total 2017 kcal, 125 g protein. For those interested, powidl is something similar to marmalade, but without additional sweeteners or gelling agents. It's basically plums slowly cooked for couple hours. Purely natural yummyness Workout (strength): warmup - 5min elliptical 7 | 7 | 6 assisted pull-ups 10 neg. pull-ups 15 | 15 | 15 | 15 | 15 | 16 squats with sand pillow (22,7kg / 50lb) /push-ups circuit stretching - bit of dynamic stretch, bit of yoga poses
  17. aramis

    Holding myself accountable

    Hey! Good to see you again With all this recap, I see you are doing helluva work to get back on your feet - and looks like you are doing great Keep it up, I'm crossing my fingers for you
  18. porkkchop

    Holding myself accountable

    Hey! I kind of took a break while I sorted out my life: work, family, relationships, mental health, all that fun stuff. Only got to a point recently where I’m admitting a lot of my shit is self inflicted even if I don’t realise I’m doing it. I guess I’m big on the accountability thing. I know there’ll always be excuses but I guess I keep coming back, because I’m going to have to fix all my weight along and health related things eventually, that is, along with improving other aspects of my life. But thanks for checking in and I’m excited to take a little step each day for the long journey ahead! I’ve definitely got a bit to catch up on and when I’ve got a little time it’d be cool to check up on how you’ve been going!
  19. porkkchop

    Holding myself accountable

    Been away for a little while dealing with some self destructive behaviours. Ultimately I’m aware that not being track with my weight loss has been a huge cause for a lot of the stress in my life amongst other things. I’ve gone over a couple of days here and there which hasn’t been great but I’m making a consistent effort to exercise around 60 mins a day because I know that keep me feeling better. Yesterday was a bad eating day, 2500cal but I did hold out on the urge to do a ‘crazy’ binge, the 4000+ cal type. This doesn’t happen often (when I’m able to stop myself) so I’m proud of that, evens if it’s minor. Given I didn’t eat from about 2pm onwards this morning I woke up around 3am and when I’m groggy my self control goes out the window. Wasted 400 cals and today was a bit of a back and forth with me telling myself that I shouldn’t give into old habits of black and white thinking. Used to saying fuck it and going mental on food but I’m tracking in at 1850 today after dinner, and I guess it’s proving to myself that I’m back on track. I think some part of me doubts every time I tell myself I’m on track given how much I’ve acted against my own word when it comes to food. I’ve also been fasting for the full day every Saturday with the exception of black coffee, tea, sugar free soft drink and stock. Things have been very up and down and I think almost 4 months now of digging my own pit of despair it’s about time I pulled myself out of it. Seeing a new psyc, even a fucking hypnotherapist for gods sake to deal with my self talk and relationship with food. So the rest is up to me. Last weigh in was 70.9 and the lowest I’ve been in the last week I’d 70.2kg. I’ve been as high as 73.5 in the last fortnight. It makes me a bit ill when I think about the fact that I’ve undone about 12 months and 13kg of work in about 3-4 months. But I’m learning a lot. I keep reminding myself that I can stay on track now, or feel even worse when I haven’t made progress by next month. This is is a littLe all over the place trying to give a recap of what I’ve been up to, but this is me, however delayed still holding myself accountable.
  20. Hansjay

    Hani Gets Back On The Health Choo-Choo Train

    Day 1: IT WAS A GOOD DAY! My body was aching from mondays boxing work out but thanks to my current read, "Atomic Habits" by James clear, I managed to find the energy to get onto my treadmill! Clocked in 30 mins of a good endurance run--was sweating pretty profusely so hoping it was good--according to my favourite app of all Zombies, Run! I love it a lot! I am almost done with my book [I think] My reading app says I am 65% into it so hopefully, this week, I will be finishing it and putting it aside for Good omens! Although, i still have the last of thr raven cycle book to go through, ugh. By the way, I want to start Lord of the rings soon. I've heard they are rather large books but worthy of following. I don'tknow much about the books honestly so I am a bit skeptical? Let's see where my brain leads me. Spanish--done! Except duolingo because it gets so boring and tedious--ugh! Forgot to write vocab down in my notebook so a big whoops on my part there. Tai-chi--done! Coming along really well, in my opinion! David Dorian Ross is a great teacher and his videos are so perfect and easy to follow. He explains every move in such intricate detail that it becomes hard to mess up. Of course, ones body isnt really optimisted to the fluidity of the moves hence one very much looks akin to a potato doing the boogie, but, hey, I am having fun! Hydration, 7 glasses, check and journaling, YAS QUEEEEEEEEN. And your girl got her captain marvel t shirts, yesterday! I ordered them 3-4 days ago and they have finally made their way home. They are comfy and amazing! Just making my Captain Marvel loving heart warm. Also, got to make sure that I hit the books soon! I have exams on the 19th November so, I have got to form a schedule and get a shift on. Monday was a win by me
  21. Waanie

    BD's in for Round Two

    Can you do a set of something right now? Don't worry about having missed a week of workouts, the important thing is to come up with alternatives. Ideally an afternoon (lunch?) or evening workout, but if you need to do sets throughout the day then that is fine too. You generally don't need to change for one set of push ups, unlike a full workout .
  22. Waanie

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    @WobbegongWhile I'm too unpredictable and disappearing too often at the moment to be ambassador/guild leader, I'm fine with doing some things for the guild from time to time. E.g. would it help you if I work out the "dare" mini-challenge a bit, possibly together with @Rookie or someone else? Then you don't have to do that next month, or the month after, and it doesn't really matter if we do it now or then. I also like your description of "people that have things going on in their life" better as a classification of Rebels than the official "people that don't fit in any other guild". I don't know if that is a popular opinion, but can we see if we can come up with a guild description like "balancing a busy life with an active lifestyle", or are we not allowed to change that? Anyway, please let me know if there are small tasks that I can do to help.
  23. Waanie

    Rookie Eats Baguettes

    Yeah, I would not call that sandwich a low calorie breakfast, but over here breakfasts are fairly small compared to the US. I need to try making this frittata/crustless quiche at some point... It looks delicious, and if it keeps for a few days it might improve my breakfasts or lunches.
  24. Diadhuit

    Flea Learns How to Human, Part 2

    Sleep is one thing the body does to use energy to heal you. When you are sick you need rest. Think about it as sharpening your saw
  25. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Breakfast: Cashew nut chicken zucchini boat 1 cup Cocoa cinnamon milk Morning snack: Usual decoction(Witcher style=P) of 1 tablespoon cumin, fennel and a teaspoon of carom seeds.  2 small mandarins 1 kiwi Afternoon weights(switched stuff up)- traditional way, non circuit: Squats 8 x Just the bar 8 x bar + 10 kg on each side 8x bar + 15 kg on each side 6x bar + 20 kg on each side Pull ups (or attempts to): 6 x jump grab bar pull and lower self down Followed by: Chin up(or attempts to): 6 x jump grab bar pull and lower self down Pull ups (or attempts to): 4 x jump grab bar pull and lower self down Followed by: Chin up(or attempts to): 4x jump grab bar pull and lower self down Pull ups (or attempts to): 2 x jump grab bar pull and lower self down Followed by: Chin up(or attempts to): 2 x jump grab bar pull and lower self down Leg raises over the foam roller while on stability balance stand: 10 x (took 4 breaks in between) Bicep curls (4 kg per arm) x 15 3 sets total Deadlift: 8x bar + 10 kg on each side 8x bar + 15 kg on each side 8x bar + 17.5 kg on each side (required wrist straps) 8x bar + 17.5 kg on each side (required wrist straps) 30 secs with ropes 10 knee widearmed push ups, 2 sets Then: 60 secs with ropes 10 knee wide armed push ups. All lifts were done with weight belt. Interesting. Always suspected I could have deadlifted the guys weights(42.5 kg) on the game stations on Saturday. Now I know that one is true. Lunch: 200g tau kwa with a tablespoon of Thai chilli sauce 60g black beans 60g chayote 1 tomato  24g carrot 150g brocolli 100g cauliflower Will go running, followed by hiits and running back again later.
  26. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize, Elvin Toboggan Ryder

    The same here. I do get sick, but are better within a few days. It very seldom lingers. Thanks I'm glad you liked it. The one author who I proof read for is trying to persuade me to write, but when I try, I just block up and can't get words out. Worse, I have to ask my boys for the English words, because I then only remember Afrikaans . ------------------------------------ Woot! Woot! 25x burpees (basic) last night, and I did strength workout this morning! Blood donation is sending me a text every single day asking me to donate blood. Guess I should have gone already, but... I'll try to go on Friday or Saturday this week. Rocco's dancing started yesterday for this term, and his dancing instructor is now helping in his endeavor to loose weight. He wants a Predator mask when he looses 5kg (11 lbs). And the gauntlets when he looses 5kg after that. She said he did about 10 laps around the hall, and she is making him do handstands against the wall for now, to help him build up his strength. It's going to be a busy week with the new schedules starting in full.
  27. Monday Update Another day, another pound coin. That doesn't sound as good in British does it. Work was eh. My breakfast got interrupted and I had to start early. I was enjoying that piece of quiche. Nothing else worth noting happened. I had to swing by my parents on the way home to grab my appointment letter for the hospital but it's too soon and I can't shuffle stuff about at work so I am going to have to reschedule it. I don't mind though, given my appointments are coming through now it looks like my op might be a little sooner than the 6-8 weeks I was advised and that can't actually happen, really, given my work situation. I got home and TH had made us pulled pork and salad with cobs, all served family style. It was really good. We watched Glaso sets (Gerry Cinnamon, Hot Chip and I got to introduce TH to my new favourite Kurt Vile - he's like a cross between Neil Young and Lou Reed, of course I love him) and we ate ice cream. We came to bed reasonably early because I was very tired. I am off work today. Why do I have to drag my ass out of bed at 6:30 when I am at work but I wake up at 4:30, annoyingly full of beans when I can sleep in. That ain't fair. Nourish Breakfast was quiche and breakfast biscuits. Lunch was half a sandwich and homemade yoghurt and dinner was pulled pork salad with cobs. Relate I was hugging a colleague that has returned in the last couple of weeks and she's going off again for a while. She told me I was awesome and I told her I know. But at some point I must have accidentally related her in the past few weeks without knowing because I don't think she thought I was awesome before. I was super hot last night when I went to bed so I took all my clothes off to lie in front of the fan but I guess Twitter was more exciting so I just went to sleep. Half points for accidentally relating that girl, maybe?
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