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  2. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Weights: 50 lb shoulder press(x5), first set done with 40 lb (x8), someone took the 50 lb barbell.  Goblet squat with just the bar 110 lbs 100 lbs deadlift (x5) 10 push ups Jumping up then catching bar and holding for 12 secs before resting for another 10 secs and repeat for 12 secs(4 sets).  Chest press with bar  50 lbs clean and press (x4) 1 min plank 4 sets total. Rather dismal, but didn't want to overtax myself. Breakfast: Black pepper pork zucchini boat Milk with a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder added 6 apricots, kernels were eaten as well Lunch: 150g cauliflower 100g brocoli 250g tau kwa 1 tablespoon singlong Thai chilli sauce 6 stuffed tofu puffs Afternoon snack: 1 orange
  3. WhiteGhost

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    I had to look that up. Hope the steroid boosters help
  4. Mortimer

    The Long Night

    I can eat carbs or eat beans and feel happy, but generally it's easier to get noodles/pasta/rice/potatoes outside then get enough beans/vegetables to make me happy. It's like, you can eat 15 meat dumplings or 6 meat dumplings and noodle soup. The first option would obviously cost quite a bit more... If I make a happy fruit pig out of myself, it's effects won't last very long, I still need protein of some kind.
  5. Endor

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    Been called for interview, it's next week, with 3 people... going to be interesting...
  6. Thom Stépan

    Run Thom Run

    Onto other news. I went for a wee wander today. My car was left at the mechanics overnight. I arranged to pick it up today. So I decided to walk to town to pick it up. Just under 5k and nearly an hour later I was at the mechanics. Kept up a steady pace throughout the walk. I even wandered around town for a bit afterwards. My right knee is aching tonight, but that is more likely the cold rather than from my walk. I am fully confident in my ability to do the 10k in September. Even with my dodgy body. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  7. Today
  8. Snarkyfishguts

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    Good grief woman, you have been very ill. I hope this round of drugs works and you feel better soon! Giant hugs from here!
  9. Thom Stépan

    Run Thom Run

    Yeah, but dont tell him, he might get a big head. There's only enough room for one big head in my unit. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  10. WhiteGhost

    KB Girl keeps a journal

    I also have to keep a tight handle on what I watch (or games I play, or books I read) because I can get totally sucked in too. Way too easily
  11. WHAT? That's insane (but like in an awesomely inspirational way)
  12. WhiteGhost

    Flea Learns How to Human

    Nice picture. Definitely very pretty
  13. WhiteGhost

    Mediaguy will guard, dodge, parry, and spin... the sugar!

    Yikes, attack of the brain weasels It will be nice when everything gets finished, though.
  14. deftona

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    Update - I am still very poorly. I don't think I have ever been this ill for this long before. I have more antibiotics with steroids this time. TH has made me promise I won't Benoit him and the cat although the opposite side to that side effect is chemical induced euphoria so fingers crossed for that - I haven't experienced that since 2003. I was talking to my mom this morning about the pain in my lungs and she told me to take paracetamol because ibuprofen interacts with the steroids. I told her the steroids interact with Nuvaring and she told me "oh well Deffy, you need to take them so you can get better". These are the words of a lady who clearly wants some grandchildren. On the plus side I am saving a fortune from not having to commute to work. I might jack it in #AusterityEconomics.
  15. Sorry for out-of-the-blue question (maybe answered somewhere here, but reading through 9 pages... no, I'm too lazy), but I noticed you are learning Icelandic. Do you have any course or just try to learn it by osmosis? Like this I visited Iceland last year's February and it was sooo great. And I want more of this. So, learning Islandic would be nice idea while gathering funds for another trip there.
  16. DarK_RaideR

    [DarK_RaideR #36] Balance is rarely a static case

    I am! It's not like we have a common account or money pool, but we do share expenses and keep track of our spending, though we still have the freedom of doing some (reasonable) spending of our own without checking for each other's permission first. In hindsight, she did have a point, I spent a large amount of money to pay off my debt plus I spent my monthly "family financial assistance" on groceries, bills etc which got me halfway into the month with nothing but a 5E bill in my wallet. It's not like we're broke, she can chip in for the rest of the month (plus I was counting on a little extra from the family) but it would have been wiser if I'd saved some to get me through the month as far as daily expenses go. To take that a step further, I can understand how such financial management on my part can stress her out and make her feel insecure. One day I got a few hundred in my pocket, then after a couple of days most of it is gone and worse, I can't remember where I spent most of it. The shock of the moment/amount, coupled with days of emotional duress after arguing is what got us. I'm happy to say the long weekend gave me some much needed mental clarity when it comes to both how I see our relationship's future and that monetary issue. In other news, I'm helping the SRLF's mom with a serious legal issue she's got and (I'm guessing instead of monetary payment) she got me a gig ticket, meaning I got to see Planet of Zeus, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Clutch last night!
  17. aramis

    The Fat Man Shuffle

    Sorry about a bike, congrats on strength (after all, brake cable is steel wire). Aren't you able to fix it yourself? Changing a brake cable shouldn't be too hard, and synchronizing shifter is sometimes tricky, but nowadays there's tutorial video for anything. This way you could save some money and get some satisfaction from fixing your bike. Unless you are one of those people who can't tell Phillips screwdriver from pipe wrench... Then just suck it up and be more gentle next time Don't kick yourself too hard for this, maybe it was for good - by breaking your bike you avoided being captured by aliens that day. Cheers
  18. aramis

    aramis on his way

    June 19th: sleep - went to bed around 10pm. Wife let me fall asleep bit after 11. Will not complain. workout (straength) - done veggie in every meal - done protein - lunch 101g, dinner - 51g, supper 25g - 177g total. I gave myself accountability reward for not skipping workouts since march - got myself proper running shoes (until now I was using my bushcraft boots).
  19. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 57: Layer 2 Of That Solid Foundation

    How is it Thursday already? Nutrition - [ xxx] Macros - [ ] Dietician Visit - [xxx ] Symptoms on Cara - [ xxx] Collage - [ ] Meal Planning Monday, batch cooked a couple recipes, went out with friends for lunch - had nicoisse salad. Dinner was catch-up with a friend and dropping off some non-compliant groceries + some Whole30’staples we can’t get here I ordered for her on Amazon. Tuesday was coffee group - lunches with a friend who has been out of town for an extended period of time. Dinner was one of my batch cooked items. Wednesday I breakfasted with DH before he left for another trip, had a simple late lunch when my stomach decided to play nice, hit the mall to actually buy shit, and only wanted popcorn for dinner. Physical Fitness - [ x] 2-3 yoga sessions - [ ] Treadmill walks or rowing if I didn’t leave the house - [ ] June Darebee - [x ] Work with my doctor on lungs Did Tuesday’s yoga class; unthrilled about the schedule vs my schedule for the rest of the week. Continued taking my lung meds. Moar Fulfillment - [x ] Read retirement $ article - [ ] Stick to weekly budget - [ ] Pick another tiny job thing to research - [ x] Sign up for Skillshare - [ x] Dog training Continuing reading $ articles. Added to that spreadsheet. Signed up for a workshop on Skillshare. Been working on waiting for food and walks still - didn’t walk them last night because the wind was crazy and the dust was terrible. I hate windy season. Sitting in my house is oppressive to my ears. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human

    I just found an envelope with high school graduation photos and a couple my parents took before prom. I’m so mad now. It feels so stupid to say but goddammit I was pretty! And I never saw it. But now I’m looking back at these pictures and I would kill someone to be that girl again. Or at least the comparable version for my age. Ugh.
  21. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    As I can't see your expression nor hear your voice I may not catch a joke. Because it was a joke, right? ...RIGHT?! Shrug Anyway... report for June 19th: Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - chicken stew, grilled veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrot frozen mix) - 696kcal, 98g protein Dinner - fried potatoes, stewed pork shoulder in gravy, tomato and cucumber salad - 957kcal, 51g protein Supper - smoked cod in lettuce - 111kcal, 25g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 100ml whole milk - 60kcal, 3g protein Total 1824kcal, 177g protein. I needed to skip my after workout protein shake, just to eat anything for supper. Didn't realize gravy is so caloric... sigh. Workout (strength): warmup - 5min elliptical 9 | 8 | 9 body rows from little above ground 3x circuit (20 squats with exercise band, 13 push-ups) - on first set of push-ups I just went full-on and did 20 reps! T W E N T Y ! ! ! And 15 on last. streching - bit of dynamic strech, bit of yoga poses Yeah, I just felt like - it's too easy, let's see what Im capable of. Needed longer rests between circuits tho to catch my breath and wasn't able to push my last number (17reps) on last set, but I'm happy as a clam anyway Oh, and since I haven't skip any workout since first one back in March, I decided to give myself a gift. I bought myself new running shoes
  22. aramis

    The Long Night

    I don't know how you do it. Every time I eat carbs, I'm satiated for half an hour, then I start to feel hunger again. Or maybe not a real hunger, but this feeling of crave. Pasta gives me this feeling even faster - I finish my meal, look around and think "NOW I would like to eat something...". Grain based things (dumplings, bread) satiate for longer, but still comes this feeling. Only starchy food (potatoes and such) are okay with satiating for longer. Water tracking: coffee - 1.4 liter, water - 1.9 liter. 3.3 liter total. I'm surprised it's so much, I thought I drink less. Recipes: I used cottage cheese as a base for my ice cream. After blending it tasted quite well, I will check and report it after freezing. Next try - Greek yogurt.
  23. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Week 4 Day 3 Is it week four? Geeze. I had a lot of cleaning I wanted to do today. I didn't. I was really exhausted when I got home. Had to close my eyes briefly. Ugh. But I did set up the watercress fountain, and planted it. It's sort of a planting experiment; if the seeds don't sprout this way, I'll start them hydroponically this weekend. Now I just have to wait forever. Oh, and I moved all the onions and garlic to a nice attractive basket with good airflow. And watered the garden. So sort of a garden day all day. But man, I needed to clean. I'm gonna have a late dinner and sleep instead.
  24. mediaguy99

    Mediaguy will guard, dodge, parry, and spin... the sugar!

    Thanks much—I appreciate your comments. We are VERY much looking forward to getting things cleaned up!
  25. Cheetah

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    I'm very sorry to hear that. I completely understand your disappointment.
  26. Elastigirl

    Gotta Catch 'Em All/12 Week Challenge-May 27-August 17

    Having people over is a great motivator for cleaning! Way to go on the week.
  27. scalyfreak

    The Long Night

    Yes. I know exactly what you mean.
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