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  2. First of all Thank You for all the congradulating messages, I had several from STrava and Shucks folks I'm speachless! you might think that after my last update that I don't feel that I did very well during the race. this is not quite right. I do think a conscientious program might have helped me be a little better prepared. alternately, it might have gone better if I had been slower for much of the race or better prepared by running most of the race course beforehand. but the truth is the upside of the discomfort is that I know that I gave Everything I could to run as fast as possible during the race. and... I haven't posted a plot of my pace, but I had a rather consistant 11:00min*mile pace all the way through. I didn't run into any 'Walls' or get so fatigued I had to walk or anything. and even though i said my training fell short, (and this IS BIG) I had NO injuries during training! overtraining is common among runners; and I'm proud of my ability to avoid that... the goal Got me "OUT" and gave me Morning Time to enjoy 2-3 times a weeks Definitely lots of demonstrable progress both in my stamina and my pace. I'm FAR faster than I was before and at one time when I couldn't run for more than a few minutes strait without collapsing into gasping fits; I can maintain a slow, steady JOG for now,,,, a long long time. if its allowed to be very slow- far longer than 13.1 miles.... I don't feel I'm Naturally a runner.... I think my build favors endurance not endurance- but at times, I've been shocked how much my body has been able to give... at times during training (and Without going "down" anything); I've done as Much as a 9:00min*mile (30%faster!). its a wonderful thing to feel strength you didn't know you Had! the truth is that a RACE is a somewhat dishonest way to look at it! I knew (know) that I was never going to equal most people there. in fact, I may NEVER equal most of that crowd. but it doesn't matter to me. I'm old! I was never going to go to the olympics (well, heck even when I wasn't OLD: still No way !) I wasn't racing anyone. what I'm doing is what I did with the A100. looking for an experience that asks me to excell and brings passion out of me. something that is hard, something that seems epic to me! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I love hiking- but the TIME needed to do that amount of hiking was crazy. this FITS in my life So much better. it is fall and getting cold quick. there will be new limits of what I can do outside, but I'm not going to let even winter stop me from being strong, being active, and getting out and exploring places! .... In the end; this Half marathon is my Entry experience to getting out and running in lots of awesome places! NOt a race indeed!... instead its only the beginning thank you for all your support! and I'll try to catch up on all your great stories as well. Jason
  3. J3NN

    Rookie Does Things

    Good job my friend! You got this!
  4. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Reporting : Are we on the last week already?! Did two new recipes this week; Chicken curry in which I ground whole spices with my mortar and pestle; definite level up made pumpkin spice doughnuts with my new silicone doughnut pan, delish! Week's goals Measure drapes and hem them (this is the last part of cleaning out guest room)complete clean out closet shelf - super easy there is only two things, just needs to happen complete clean out guest dresser- only one shelf , super easy here too complete clean out one cupboard in downstairs bathroom -nope email friends about scrapbook get together-nope sign up to bring meal for family in church-nope Instead of the downstairs bathroom I put away summer clothes and cleaned the guest bathroom. I also ended up doing a lot of fall gardening to winterize our garden since the weather was nice. This week I need to make it a high priority to sign up to bring a meal. It's a bit of a weird week. Father in law is having a pacemaker put in. It's supposed to be an easy thing, but he's 90. I'm making goals for this week, but if things get hectic, I'm not sweating putting aside the goals Finish winterizing Dahlia bed sign up for meal clean out downstairs bathroom cupboard nag remind hubby to get rental car for trip keep up with Bible reading do workout Goals I had for the challenge Mari Kondo downstairs bathroom- no progress Mari Kondo linen closet - not even started clean out three drawers in guest bedroom two new meals from cookbook bake cookies for Heidelfest plan December trip with hubby and son finish weeding side garden kept up with Bible reading be on track to read through Bible by year end memorize one more Bible verse move up a level in floating crow progression* (If I don't make this but have worked on it, still counts)- a half progression, which is very good and makes me happy Just one week left, so my Mari Kondo goals have kind of gone to the wayside. WIth my extra time I've been baking or cooking. Maybe instead of the full gung ho Mari Kondo, I'll just work on doing little bit each week
  5. Elastigirl

    Vercingétorix First challenge: preparing for the crucible

    Sounds like a great week. EnjoyThanksgiving
  6. Elastigirl

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    You make me want to re-do Elements again!
  7. Cheetah

    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    It will be interesting to see if your next job is one that you can reveal or if is also Top Secret. ;-)
  8. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 8

    I do not really have any idea what happened during the last week. My brain is kept on a sort of even keel with medication, and I am sort of coping. My ankles are still not really well. I have skipped Parkrun for the past 3 weeks, it is not good for me not to exercise but I just do not have any energy. Insert bad word here.
  9. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    Hi there, well my day improved. I threw myself into some new work, a travel grant. I have got a connection with a curator in New York...from when he picked my work to be in a show in the city in 2016. We have stayed in touch and get on pretty well, even though ive never met him in person. My idea is to go to NYC next year, and i have three main research points. First would be to visit Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, a hospital where there is a living museum, filled with art created by patients! You can make appointments to visit so im confident they would allow it. Second is to visit Westbeth Artists Housing - here it explains what they do there, sounds incredible. Well Adam (the curator) knows an 80 year old artist living there so we can visit!! And third, i will look to create an event to be at Fountain House Gallery... 'Fountain House Gallery and Studios provide an environment where artists living with mental illness can express their creative visions, exhibit their work, and challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness.' Adam has already connected with my their director so i can begin a dialogue with them! And get letters of support for the travel grant application Im excited to get my teeth into ANOTHER thing ahahhahaha I also got feedback from my mate on the BIG application. He thinks it is really good and there isnt much to change really, just need to hone the budget, and add more to one of the questions. Should be good to send by tomorrow eve. Nervous. Ste is out tonight at his gfs, so i had tuna salad for dinner, ive put the fire on, lit some candles and watching the football. I will probably have a bath after this and then relax. xx
  10. GoodDoug

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    Glad you are back. Sorry things have been yucky lately. I think we all find ourselves in a funk sometimes. Here's hoping you find your way through the funk and to the funky good times.
  11. Zaethe

    Zaethe and the Forge of Opportunity

    Oh man. I managed to find my old account, from 2013. Just rooting around in old threads for nostalgia's sake and curiosity of what I could dig up. Real eye opener. I had a whole other kind of drive back then, for sure. I lurked more than I posted, only 93 posts, but I found the remnants of my old battle log. And I'm just wondering where all the passion to be amazing went. I was SO intent on doing these things and being awesome. And reading it I can feel like an echo inside of me that still wants the things I wanted here. But somewhere in the last six years it's like I've stepped off the path and said "Nah, mediocre will do". Don't get me wrong, wanting to lose the weight I've stacked on my body is still a HUGE mountain to climb! But it feels a little hollow. Like it's more an expectation or something I need to do (which is also true), rather than also something that fires me up and makes me feel passionate about it. I've got a few more days before the next challenge drops. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, but I'm going to spend some time thinking hard about my reasons why, and what I want from everything I'm doing. Everything I want, not just "Be healthy." The fun things too.
  12. Vercingétorix

    Vercingétorix First challenge: preparing for the crucible

    Last update until the end of the challenge on this Canadian Thanksgiving. Everything is going well so far. No problem with alcohol, I'm eating decently, I have good strength and I'm playing good squash. Sleep is still my biggest issue this challenge and hoping to get that under control is my last objective. I was hoping to have more to say but really I'm starting to get the hang of it. Already thinking about what I'm going to do on the next challenge. Cheers, Vercingétorix
  13. GoodDoug

    [The Books of Vries] I am the Dream

    I feel you on the biting off more than you can chew for the challenge but still feeling okay with what you have accomplished.
  14. Today
  15. GoodDoug

    » shaar channels the dirgesinger within

    Right? Who knew that we needed water? And now I will always imagine you entering any conversation as Wendy... which is probably very true to life.
  16. GoodDoug

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Congratulations! Really proud of you and your hard work. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what completing this means for you personally.
  17. Salinger

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    The challenge sounds pretty bloody awesome and you will have me cheering you on!!! Really cool, if i was better, id try that too hahah xx
  18. JediNickD

    [JediNickD] World 5 Level 1: "It Was Too Late."

    I've been so busy, getting over here has been difficult. I've loaded the site, type a sentence or half, then my attention was elsewhere. I'm hardly keeping up with the Rugby World Cup! It doesn't help that it is in Japan and games air at 5am. Why doesn't the gym televise the games? They told me their channels are locked. I am keeping up with my goals though. We are in the home stretch, and I'm right on track. I wish I was doing a little better un-gaining the few pounds I picked up over the summer. I just feel better at 150 than I do at 155. It is more about the love handles sticking out for how I feel about my look. And it more about the dietary choices which make my stomach feel bloated and icky. The maintain 150, I make better choices and those love handles shrink just enough to make me look how I feel. Out of town this coming weekend for my wife and I's 14th wedding anniversary. We are heading to my parent's lake house for weekend away. It'll be nice and quiet, just being us, but I know she'll get bored if I don't hunt down some nearby fun. We may just take the kayaks out and spend the whole day at the lake. But I have to be prepared.
  19. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Miss Marissa doing fall things

    Man, I wish that were true for me. I have to wear slacks, a shirt and a tie for work.
  20. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    One that isn't religious at all is John Grey's What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You and Your Father Didn't Know. It's lengthy, but helpful. Another one is Love and Respect. This one is explicitly Christian, but I think it's accessible for people of all Faiths. They quote the Bible a lot, but aren't trying to convert anyone. The short version is Men typically give and crave respect, whereas Women typically give and crave love. As a disclaimer, this isn't about gender roles or "Who should be in charge" but rather helpful tips on how best to communicate; when men feel respected they feel more free to show love and when women feel loved they feel more free to show respect.
  21. foxinthenorth

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    Thanks! I’m in the airport now. Arizona is its own thing....they play by their own time rules. The weekend was good! I’m en route to conference now. Thank you everyone for the the well wishes regarding my grandmother! It’s much appreciated. <3
  22. foxinthenorth

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    Yep! I have not been doing very many, considering how many I’ll have to do for each failed obstacle in the Spartan. The next challenge will include Spartan-specific training.
  23. GoodDoug

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    "GoodDoug-ur, the chief wants to see you." "Thank you Temak, I will go to him as soon as I finish this bandage." The half-ogre finished the bandage, infused with the wyrmwood poultice and explained to the other healers watching him how the wormwood suppressed the magical infection, allowing the body to heal itself. He was grateful to them for all they had taught him and he was trying to return the favor by teaching what he could. He asked one of the junior healers to bandage the other bite on the patient in the same way and then washed to go meet with the chief. This week had been very busy, between learning magical healing and beast mastery skills from the druids, teaching traditional healing methods to the orc healers, and working with the orcs to plan a counteroffensive against the enemy, there was no time to rest. He had learned to take the time moving between tasks to assess his day. Today had been good, there had been a bit of travel to help coordinate with the other tribes and there had been some time to get to talk with the druids he had been studying under about differences between the orc druidic traditions and those of the rebellion. GoodDoug reached the chief's area. Gromm'on-kan waved him over, "GoodDoug-ur, nice to see you." The Ranger repeated the traditional greeting to one above your station and then the chief started grilling him about the Rebellion and where they could coordinate strikes. A couple of hours of planning later, they finally all relaxed. Gromm'on-kan turned to GoodDoug and Lodrok, the half-orc that had come with him on this cultural exchage, and said, "Your time with us is short. Your Rebellion is sending another group to come help us coordinate, and they want you back with them. I'd love to keep you here with us, but I feel better knowing you are with the Rebellion. I trust you both, and I need people I trust to ensure the orcs don't get screwed here." The chief sighed and then continued, "This is a delicate thing we are doing, allying with your Rebellion... and orcs aren't good at delicate," he finished with a grin. Lodrok spoke first, "Once the Rebellion leaders hear about your dedication to honor from us, they will be working really hard to be even more honorable than you are." Everyone laughed at that, GoodDoug added, "The Enemy is in for it now." GoodDoug returned to his training, he would make the best of this last week with the orcs. What a nice week. I did pretty well, though not perfect. But that is all we can ever hope for, right? Week recap: Maintain: Juggling every day - Check! Food tracking every day - Check! Met protein goal every day. Handstand training every day - I am doing it most days, but not every day. Some days I just feel like it wouldn't be prudent to push it after doing the GMB workouts Practice: Duolingo every day - Check! I am on quite a streak GMB Elements 6 days a week - Check! This has been awesome, and keeps getting tougher Work on puzzle boxes - Ehhhhhh, I did a tiny bit, but was just too tired and busy to do more this week. I did start taking an old branch from an apple tree we took down and cleaning it up to make a big wooden spoon, but that was just a half hour of work. Push: Running twice a week - No running this week, not sure if I'll get it this week Lift twice during the challenge - Nope, and now this is the last week and GMB has cranked up the pressure so I think I'll have to fail at this one Ponder: Re-read The Obstacle is The Way - Done and then finished Stillness is the Key also by Ryan Holliday Meditate on the bus - Because of the challenge, I've been meditating at least 15 minutes each day. Overall, I've backtracked a little on food... I've done what I said I would do, which is to track and consume at least 100g of protein, but some days, I track the crap I ate when my willpower was low. I'll try to be more mindful of that and not eat so much crap this last week. Also, I've pretty much taken running and lifting out of this challenge... but I feel like the GMB Elements workouts have been really good for me, and so I'm not terribly upset by this. I am getting stronger and flexibility is up, so that's a win. So busy with work that it is affecting the rest of my life, and I don't like that. It is good to be busy and productive, but this is starting to bug me. I'll have to think on what I can do around this. Also, thinking about next challenge, I might be total Ranger and try and do something from every other guild- lift from Warriors, runs from Scouts, yoga from Druids, handstands and other stuff from assassins, etc.. It could be a fun challenge, but it could also be wild and unfocussed... we will see.
  24. miss_marissa

    Miss Marissa doing fall things

    I'll be sure to keep you posted! I don't know too many men who do a capsule. It also helps for me that my work is a more casual environment so I don't have to have too much of a difference between work outfits and outside of work. Let's level up together Yep. I'm realizing that more and more as I go. Doing a quick google search for "capsule wardrobe [season]" should get you a pretty good list of blogs and the images tab is gold too. I like for a basic "how to". It's really helped me realize that I own so much that I don't wear, doesn't fit properly, don't have anything to match, etc. You really learn what you love to wear and what works for your style, activities, time management, etc. (also body shape, but not in a shamey way, more like learning what styles & brands drape properly without pulling, or being baggy in the wrong spots, what you need to tailor, etc) Looks like my last update was Tuesday. I went to the grocery store. Bought food for pizza casserole, turkey chili, salads (lunch), and cauliflower tacos. I cooked tacos Tuesday night & did stuff around the house. Wed - drove an hour to watch my brother coach volleyball. Thursday - happy hour get together with fellow volunteers + new The Good Place Friday - Chill night at home, catching up on ES stuff. Laundry. Also spent a lot of the afternoon w/ a friend trying to get back into bujo stuff. I think I need it. Saturday - cooked all morning. My sister came to visit! We did walnuts and cooked apple butter also. Went out with some of my friends Saturday night. Sunday - hanging out with sis more. Played a board game. Started to plan garden + landscaping for the spring. cooked more lol 1) Read the equivalent of 1 comic book or 1 book chapter per day. ☑☑☑☑☑ ☑☑☑☑☑ ☐☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ I was only able to make 1 check of progress here. But I think this week will be a lot freer than last. 2) Do the equivalent of a workout every day for the rest of the challenge. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ 36 37 38 39 40 41 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ I am thru Day 31. I took both Saturday and Sunday off due to sis coming to visit. Looks like I'll have some doubles coming up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 3) nutrition goal? Just... go to the grocery store and eat food that I buy. And some of the food I buy should be fruits and veggies. Ended up eating out W & Th for dinner just due to the schedule and planned events. It was not super healthy. I don't care. I need to reduce alcohol consumption. that will be a future challenge goal. 4) capsule I rearranged and went through my existing wardrobe. I actually don't need to add too much. I think just 1-2 tops and maybe some statement jewelry. Also a small bag or clutch. I will be shopping likely tomorrow. Rest of the week tonight: ultimate game Tu: ES stuff? capsule shopping W: nerd nite Th: ? F: softball game. Dinner for volunteer gig. Sa: profit? Su: shop and meal prep might have some late nights for work. First draft of conference paper I'm looking to have done by Thursday AM. Happy Monday everyone!
  25. Sylvaa

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    Things will work out because we want them to. Disclaimering a bit to not come off wrong. Sometimes you get to a point in a relationship where you recognize that you aren't going to succeed for whatever reason, and that's okay. But we aren't there. Honestly, I think it's a good thing some of this is happening because I am my husband's first healthy relationship. So in a lot of ways he's still trying to figure out himself. But at the same time, there is an element of frustration that goes along with that. I'm always interested in resources. That being said, we may not end up using them depending on how "preachy" they are. Even though I'm not Christian, I don't have a fundamental problem with a number of their teachings because they are pretty much in line with a lot of the other major religions. I don't mind scanning over parts that I know aren't going to happen (or modifying to be more in line with my beliefs). But if the tone gets too "you need Jesus in your life", then I'm out.
  26. Salinger

    DaemonCorax reconciles

    oh no, sorry you got ill poor you ! How do you feel now?? That stew sounds incredible yum!!!!! xx
  27. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax reconciles

    So I dropped off the radar. Oops. Little on got better, then I had a mad week before our vacation to Utah. We left Colorado, stopped at a friend's house last Saturday, and got to Joe's Valley and a little Airbnb in Orangeville last Sunday. And that night I had a fever over 102. Utah doctor, strep diagnosis, more fever, home to Colorado, another doctor, double ear infection. I'm on my second antibiotic, back at work, and getting better. Couldn't stand up for more than about 5-10 minutes yesterday still. People in their 30s shouldn't have 4 night of fever. Ugh. And today I was getting emotional about possibility or not of having a second kid. Wtf hormones. Working out? Hah. I hiked and climbed one boulder Monday afternoon. That's it. I'm makng a stew tonight though. Chorizo, peppers, sweet potatoes, chicken thighs.
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