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  2. RedStone

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    Yeah, rotator cuffs are a bitch and was my first foray into orthopedic exercise. (I've finally worked my way down to the knees ) But shoulders will always be my first love. Because they suck. Also, I really didn't get into the lat shrugs much but imo they're extremely helpful and you can build a LOT of strength with them, as well as stability. Applying the stability to other lifts makes a huge difference in performance capabilities and along with rows, gives that impossibly good posture which looks sexy and powerful and helps prevent lower back pain. Win win win. The rotation stuff is way more important than the raises if you have to prioritize. It's bread and butter for rotator cuff happiness. Here's a video with some good information, and some additional tips. (I'm not seeing the scap raises I want to share, so I'll do a video or photos for you later) -external is way harder than internal, adjust the band if needed in order to do it right, but get through the sets even if you need breaks -if you can't do a full range of motion, the band is too heavy, use a lighter one -you can also use a piece of paper instead of a towel or pillow under your arm I'm totally the same. My out of control binges always come on the days I can't seem to get in my good solid meals.
  3. squeakyvalkyrie

    Bookish Badger Reboots

    This is the best! I have to treat myself like that sometimes, especially when chocolate is involved.
  4. Terra

    Tzippi Longstockings at the Wall - Autumn is coming

    I love your theme and motivation! I'm here for the Watch...
  5. MarkCuq

    My Progress Pic - share yours!

    Handsome, keep it up the good work!
  6. SheriffWolfpool

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    While I don't like waking up early, I've always found when I do manage to get up and get to the gym that I'm more refreshed as the day goes on. It's the "perfect" way to start your day That being said, I'm experimenting with evening workouts and so far, I'm enjoying those too. I just have to be more purposeful with eating and the timing of it all. FOLLOWING! Wolf
  7. MarkCuq

    Hey friends!

    Thanx! Very nice!
  8. raptron

    Raptron Coasts

    It's zero week, so I'm definitely doing things. \o/ Day 0.1 I had a very productive gymnastics practice with front tumbling on floor, front walkover front tuck dismounts on balance beam, back handsprings on the high beam with lots of mats (but they felt really good), and toe shoots to high bar where I actually had 2 attempts that got my feet behind me by the time I caught the bar (!). I ended with stalder negatives (I can't not graze my feet on the floor) press handstands off of a tiny mat but my hip flexors were too shot to actually do them on the floor. Day 0.2 I mis-loaded my deadlifts and hit an accidental PR of 4 x 295# for my sumo deadlifts. I was like "hmmmm, that was harder than it should have been, maybe I'm still just under-rested." Nope, plate math fail. I still managed the next 2 sets of 4 at 285# and then a crisp double. Front squats: 5 x 4 x 180# Bent over db row: 5 x 10 x 45#s Single leg glute bridges: 5 x 20 Scap push-ups: 5 sets Plan of the rest of the week includes lifting on Wednesday and maybe Sunday with gymnastics Thursday and Saturday. I'm going to a music festival on Friday (but just Friday, and Janelle Monae was the main reason I bought a ticket and she pulled out so I am VERY DEVASTATED and not all that excited about it anymore). Saturday, I have some dinner plans. Sunday, I think I have a brunch. Monday we might go to the beach if the weather is nice as it's a holiday here in the US. Plenty of time to do some writing.
  9. Deckard Gainz

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    I've never done scapular raises but I am the same way in that front raises are fine and laterals completely depend on the day. My issue is most likely rotator cuff related, so I may have to try out the rotation stuff. I have no idea what that actually is though lol. Also I am definitely a big meal guy. So my preferred thing is decent sized lunch and a big dinner. Any time I try to skimp on a meal I will do something stupid like go and eat half a jar of peanut butter.
  10. RedStone

    JessFit's Time to Grow

    HAHA yay! Love the solidarity moving buddies. How exciting!
  11. RedStone

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Yeah, the lawyer says things that are frightening in the moment and then in retrospect seem to be covering her own ass for future issues. I went from thinking that we could be evicted to a much more realistic (and extremely unlikely) minor inconvenience. Thank you <3 Yeah, that's definitely why we want to do the sales this weekend - and I told Mr Red we could wait, it's not like anything in there isn't functional, but he made a great point that it would be better to move heavy appliances around before we put in new floors. Can we cut the social niceties and talk pricing? What's a reasonable range for true long lasting quality that also isn't in the pro kitchen range? What's tooooo cheap? What's unnecessarily expensive? I'll take a range here LOL GET IT? What is convection exactly? My mom has tried to explain it to me but I still don't get it... So far I have one for whirlpool, 2 for samsung, and one for NO GE. ____ Spoke with painter, ball is rolling there. Taking measurements of everything on Friday. As expected things are moving fast now. Weekend goals are lofty. -look at appliances, do the thing there -look at flooring, get timeline and quotes -look at mattresses We have a real gust room in the new place and don't love our current which is only 2 year old. Plan is to get something more firm for the bedroom and moving the old/new enough mattress downstairs for guests - this also, in theory, puts us into a position where we can start staying over in the new house before the final move. Plan is to take our time, do the renovations, move what we can ourselves and have a mover at the end move the big stuff like piano and mattress, big furniture etc
  12. Elastigirl

    Lightning tries New Game+

    Nice start to week zero.Have you tried warm water with a bit of lemon? So hard to want to drink water on cold days, so sometimes I will do that.
  13. Mike Wazowski

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    I really, really like this model! And I'm loving this de facto book / literature review that you've started publishing on your threads. Did the authors have any recommendations on how to go about shifting either our behaviors or our environments to take into account these foraging factors and make the time for deeper tasks? Or were they more focused on the problem statement, and leave it up to the reader to construct solutions? Especially as an (as yet undiagnosed) ADHD-er, I find this an incredibly fascinating and potentially useful way of looking at my environment and how I relate to it.
  14. jonfirestar

    TGP changes!

    I cannot wait to see you do battle with the A100 once again! I am rooting for you!
  15. kcaleece

    KCAleece Flees the Country

    Alright, day one (yesterday) is in the books! Not a lot of progress, admittedly, but there's a little bit to report. Quest 1: Busy Book I started on page 5 yesterday, which is a jungle scene with a bunch of animals in it. The monkey I actually finished last challenge, but I cut the background, the tree leaves he'll be swinging through, and two teeny tiny branches. I have yet to sew any of it though. Quest 5: Other Prep By a little bit of luck, we got the dog squared away for our entire trip! It's such a long trip, no one wants to house him the entire time, but I got my parents to agree to the first 6 days and my husband's youngest sister (thankfully!) agreed to watch him the rest of the time. She originally only wanted him for a week, but changed her mind out of the blue like an hour after our original call. Maybe she felt bad we'd have to find a third person? I don't know, I just know I'm thankful he's sorted! Now we just need someone to take care of the animals/plants that will stay at our house (cat, snapping turtle, and garden)...
  16. TGP

    fitbyforty's first ranger challenge

    I'm Definitely all interested in walking. whether you call it walking or hiking- it seems to me very good for getting back in shape.
  17. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    Ahh in that case you are probably unaware that I did exactly the same thing Yay! I'm excited to see you try this again! I'll definitely check out your challenge!
  18. Mike Wazowski

    JessFit's Time to Grow

    Excellent! Any excuse is a good excuse for pizza and drinks, that's for sure!
  19. I love chemistry (actually I'm a chemist) well... I find Chemistry Interesting! and the analogy looks right to me.
  20. RedStone

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    My shoulders suck too. I do a lot of lat shrugs on the cable pull down for stability and regularly do internal and external rotation with the band to keep my rotator cuffs happy, and when they're happy I can tolerate moderate over head stuff with power cleans and DB snatches and fun stuff like that. If you have a duel cable, I really like standing upward presses (I'm blanking on a name here, but the cables are near the floor and you're pressing up but in front of your body so it's not directly over head) - they hit my delts nicely without hurting my jams. I can also tolerate front raises and scapular raises but not lateral shrug.gif I'm a big fan of the - eat more to binge less - idea, which is kind of the - eating more of the good stuff that makes you content - idea. For me I found that if I make every meal have the components of a fully plated dish: main with 2 sides, I feel much more content than with little bits, but I've also found some people need the snack options throughout the day to be content. GL! You're NO imposter. You got this.
  21. Maigs

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    I'm gonna try to do a better job than I did in the last challenge where I completely ghosted most of it
  22. kcaleece

    Ranger Tavern, Inn and de facto Guild Hall [General Chat]

    That's awful! I once had to convince a stranger to help me steal my own bike because I forgot the combination to my lock and I'm still a little bit amazed they believed me about it really being my own bike. Hopefully someone saw something (destroying metal shelving couldn't have been too fast or unobtrusive...) and you might get it back later? Maybe? One can hope?
  23. Maigs

    The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

    Lurking and trying not to go crazy too
  24. Maigs

    Stribs Lays the Foundation for Summer

    Lurking. We did a similar trip last summer: flew to Oregon and drove back hitting National Parks. It was a blast
  25. Mike Wazowski

    Raptron Coasts

    Here for this! Glad you've got a nice easy challenge to coast into summer!
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