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  2. Harriet

    Taekwondo Pants for Women

    Well, I've ordered the drawstring ones. I'm hoping they'll be less uncomfortable than the elastic ones. And I guess I'll just tie the belt high and tight so it has nowhere to go. Super cool.
  3. It sounds like, since they were all having a treat, you wanted one too, but there was nothing for you. I guess it's normal to be a bit put out by that, but it's a pity it ruined the meal and conversation for you. I suppose there's no perfect IE solution because there wasn't a nice treat available for you even if you wanted it. Maybe you could have ordered a beer so you didn't feel like you were missing out, then tasted it to assure yourself you didn't really want it. Sometimes in similar situations I'm like "Do I want it? No? But I don't not want it, either..."
  4. StillStar

    JessRed First Challenge

    Have you tried rice cakes? They sometimes work for me because of the crunching sensation. Kallo do a good one in blueberry and vanilla, with just a hint of sweetness. I usually fail on the snack front, too. Sugar/carb combos are the worst/tastiest good luck!
  5. StillStar

    K's First Challenge...In a While

    yay! I can't wait, I'm booked in for week today to see it. It's my reward for all the sticking to my plan I'm doing Imdb score of 9.2 is veeery encouraging!
  6. Grumble

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    Drop the weight. BB row can never be an ego lift.
  7. No? I have just googled this and it looks like partial reps with greater than my one rep max. Is that right? I think I might find partial reps difficult to control for squat and bench, and with the deadlift, if I can break it off the ground I can usually pull it (at least at the start of my sets before I'm tired) so I'm not sure I'd be able to break more than my 1rm off the ground. Or were you thinking of isometric holds or something?
  8. squeakyvalkyrie

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    squeakyvalkyrie is brought to you today by Rockstar Recovery. Some friends had extra tickets to see Endgame last night. So instead of going to bed like responsible adults, we drove down and watched it with the biggest Marvel nerds we know. Two hours of sleep just isn't enough. Also, we found out that not sleeping through the fasting time makes the hunger so big! I skipped my workout this morning, but it is my short day at work, so hopefully I will find the motivation to do it when I get home. Right now, I'm focused on just getting though work.
  9. StillStar

    CombustibleLemon builds healthy habits

    Flexibility is also on my list of things to achieve - seems to go hand in hand with strength... If you come across any good yoga tips for beginners could you ping them in my direction? I used to enjoy a very (very) basic seasonal flow yoga class, but I can't remember any of the sequences. A morning salutation is one of the first things I've identified on my quest.
  10. Guzzi

    Back to Basics

    Haha! I thought it must be some kind of event, a fundraiser or something where you (and your dog, obvs) both have to compete
  11. I'm not imagining some lunatic tailor, naked from the waist down, holding up his masterpiece and shouting "I've finally done it! Pants!" For some reason he has a beard down to his knees and a wild gleam in his eyes.
  12. TGP

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    oh yuck what an awful day to get it, too! 6 mph, hmm can I say It? Pr!ck. sorry, but that just seems SO anal to me. its definitely too close to be handing tickets. myself, I'm not a big believer in the purpose of speeding tickets I get that the idea is keep people safe; BUT it seems to me, just so artificial to say at say 50mph you are safe and at 51mph you are NOT. I think police should in many instances have to proof that your car is a genuine hazard to those around you. for example; weaving in the lane, making other cars have to do unsafe things to stop collisions. etc anyways; rant over. I'm sad that this will cost you money. life is hard enough. yes, do try to be very careful when you drive. but know that a Whopping 6mph fine is pretty friggin' natty/prickish/anal (adjective of your choice). IMHO. if you dare, say a little tiny curse that if he gets something a little wrong he will lose $100-200, for no genuine reason. what goes around, comes around.
  13. RogueLibrarian

    Asa Pond's Birthday Challenge!

    Wow! You picked hard mode for this challenge. The great thing, though, is that even if you don't complete the 28 days, you will have more information about how you feel going without for a while, and how you make decisions about it one way or the other. THAT's our Agent Pond tho Hey, new stuff is FUN Look ... don't die, okay. But what kind of flowers do you like
  14. RedStone

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

  15. DO you do a supermaximal warmup on your big lifts, or at least your first one? I don't know if its because its a new thing or because it works, but my endurance and recovery have increased significantly.
  16. RogueLibrarian

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    WHEW. They picked up my gear. I feel like a dummy. I can pick it up tomorrow when I go in for kickboxing.
  17. Salinger

    TGP going the distance!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! Cant wait to hear how it went xx
  18. Deckard Gainz

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    It sounds like better form than everyone I've ever seen do them in person, myself included. I never ended up figuring out how to do it without "chicken-necking," and apparently everyone else in the gym I joined has the same problem. I gave up and switched to DB rows. Your dedication is admirable. I may have to try some BB rows again sometime soon in your honor.
  19. raptron

    Raptron Turns 50?!?! [Challenges]

    Day 1.4 JK JK JK JK JK JK. I did go to the game after all. At 6:00 pm, my friend and I were waffling between going to the game or going to practice because we kept seeing good deals on tickets. Plus, the main reason I wanted to go to practice was because Friday is a teammate's birthday, and she said she'd want to go out after, but changed her mind. SO REALLY I HAD NO REASON TO GO TO PRACTICE. (And it's playoff hockey.) We got 13th row tickets from someone on Craigslist for under $100 each. It's basically like we got PAID to go, you know? Casual views: The Bs won, which is v exciting to me personally because they've lost every game I've physically attended (and I was nervous that I would be a CURSE upon this one as well). And because I don't half-ass many things, we whole-ass went out afterwards, saying hi to some of my friend's coworkers at a shitty bar nearby, and then booking it back across town for drinks at our fave taco bar. And then it was 2 AM. Of course. Lifting: program - 1/1, lifting sessions 1/3 <-- I wrote out a couple of weeks of what I think I'll be doing for programming, based on a gzcl template. I'm curious to see how it'll go seeing as it programs a full OHP day every week and I don't really consider OHP a main lift, so for now I bulked that out as kind of a thorough accessory day. I may consider just dropping it altogether and redistributing some of the exercises from that day to other days. Offseason shenanigans: 0/1 Eat in: 2/4 weeknight meals at home, 0/1 weekend meal at home Reflections: 0/1 For the reflections bit, I've started pulling goals I've put in all of my challenges over the last few years and will SEE if there are any fun and interesting trends. I've been reflecting the place that I'm at NOW and the changes I've made and the way my priorities work now seems really obvious, but I'm sure poking through the past will reveal that it didn't seem so at the time, haha.
  20. TGP

    TGP going the distance!

    chatting with my hiking partner at work (he works as a vendor in the place where I work). tonight's walk is now fully planned and its a heck of a hike! at 32miles, that mkes it nearly exactly 50km. that's a neat coincidence. the weather will make it a pretty hardcore hike. they are talking chilly rain transitioning to a little non-accumulating snow. it will likely take all of 15-16hours to walk it despite it being Almost May, then, this may make it the Coldest hike me and my hiking partner has done. he's kind of perseverating on the mud; well.... can't blame him. he fell 5 times on our last hike. I'm pretty sure the trail will even be muddier tonight. the upcoming hike is also the first time we have tried walking completely through the night with no sleep. Tiredness/weariness should be a genuine factor on the upcoming hike! it was with a smile and an inquisitive "are you sure you want to do this" - that me and my hiking partner made final plans for tonights walk. ------ all I've got to say about any of this, is that no matter HOW hardcore this hike appears to be. the 100mile hike will be SO much more! by the time you add no sleep, muddy trails, the possibility of being confused, drizzle that lasts for hours, a slow pace,etc.... you've got MORE than merely a big hike. you've got issues that you Must get right- if you are to make to the end of the hiking challenge. lets practice running into these issues NOW at more moderate distance and time BEFORE the A100. it is very, very important to both of us now to make it. anyways, regarding the A100- I'm sure to have more feelings as we slowly get close to the date. I remember vividly how uncomfortable it gets once the mileage goes beyond the typical hike. I'm both looking forward to it Very much, but at the same time. I will be tired, cold, achy, uncomfortable, very tired, battered... its a strange mix of feelings. I have genuine thrill that I will make it to the end yet fear that I'll fall short. anyways. the 50km hike tonight! then hopefully one of my better week with lotss of shorter walks. My planned walks will exceed 60miles (100km). that will be very good. the next week's weekend is a work weekend so after this weekend- the walks get sparse.
  21. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Hey all...been to get petrol, as not enough time before Monday to fill up the tank. first time driving in the rain....Im getting real scared about the long trip....! But also maybe a little excited? I think and hope. BAD NEWS GUYS - i got a fucking speeding ticket hahahahahahaha fuck sake. I was 6 mph over the limit. How embarassing and annoying. I have to fill out a form to say i was driving then they will send the fine crap. Serves me right. Its 3pm now and i feel a LITTLE bit sick, prob my anxiety. Maybe ill nap? Or have an early bath? Or listen to music and work? Or prep the meat and stuff for dinner? ok ok..... This is my plan of action (if i write it down i feel better) - 3.15pm --- Nap for 30 minutes - 3.45pm --- Catch up with emails - 4pm --- Get lamb out of fridge, marinate in fresh rosemary (from the garden!!) olive oil, salt and pepper - 4.20pm --- Peel potatoes and par boil, peel carrots, cut up broccoli. - 4.45pm --- Put the hot water on to warm up - 4.50pm --- Check emails, reply to any etc - 5.30pm --- Run a nice hot bath, listen to music, relax - 6pm --- Meditate - 6.15pm --- Put lamb in oven with potatoes (will take around an hour) - 7pm --- Put veggies on to cook - 7.30pm --- EAT!! (dont forget the mint sauce) - 8pm --- Light the fire if as cold as it is now!! - 8.10pm --- Meditate again if anxious (guided meditation) - 8.30pm --- Pick three books to take to Wales - 8.45pm --- Make a check list of things to pack for Wales - 9pm --- Find HDMI cables for tomorrows meeting - 9.15pm --- Read a little, make sure books are the ones i want to take! (i always change my mind!!) - 10pm --- Bowl of grapes if peckish (they are almost out of date and need eating) - 10.15pm --- Write down a gratitude list, share here if possible - 11pm - Chill out, go to bed if tired... xx
  22. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond's Birthday Challenge!

    Well... I think I just went a bit overboard but I really want to enter 27 in my best light possible. So - I signed up to do a 28 day no alcohol challenge which is going to be really hard with my birthday and a vacation and a new job all happening in those next 28 days but we'll see. If I fail, I fail and try again. I also just signed up for an Orange Theory class because I had a friend sell me hard on it. For no gain of her own - just because she's had fantastic results and seems so much happier than she did 6 months ago. It also really seems up my alley (like spin classes) but is way more of a rounded workout. I'm scared out of my mind though. If I don't check in tonight - it's because I died. Send flowers.
  23. Deckard Gainz

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    All of this news sounds incredibly serendipitous! Especially the neighbor/coworker coincidence. Happy for you!
  24. RedStone

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    Other than this mean AF lawyer, it's like doing business on Sesame Street.
  25. Grumble

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    Small world or just small town?
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