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  2. Harriet


    Heya, how did the keto go over the last couple of weeks?
  3. Harriet

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    Greetings!!! Nae king! Nae quin! Nae laird! Nae master! Just lots of independent adventurers slaying various monsters. Speaking of which, I'm impressed with the all-class character you're building. Also, backflips. So impressed with backflips. And these: That's a nice deadlift!
  4. Elastigirl

    I guess I'm unchallenging?

    Very awesome that you are still enjoying the swims!
  5. Harriet

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    This is... perturbing yet mesmerising... I can't look away... Anyway, excellent decision to go hard on some things and go minimum effective dose on others. I like this. Very zen. Very wise. Totally adequate.
  6. Sloth the Enduring

    I guess I'm unchallenging?

    I love unchallenges.
  7. Harriet

    Gemma can be flexible when she has to be.

    Ah. Very good that you can escape. All you need now is to give yourself permission to do so. Was that a really grim pun? But seriously, I hope everything goes smoothly as possible. General anaesthesia is not fun. Especially if you have an existential fear of discontinuity of mind. Yay writing habit!!! This is great.
  8. Harriet

    JustCallMeAmber and the brain

    We must dissect the unicorn... for science. But seriously, it sounds like you had some wins as well as some draws this challenge. Good work!
  9. Rookie

    J3NN's got to move it, move it

    Lollllllll I dont wannnnnna. He said he would buy both of us new chairs lol but I don't really use mine unless we are playing games together lol. I just think its funny because hes brought up playing games together 2 times over the weekend and I just stared at him blankly. I am not sitting on a kitchen chair sir lol you can sit on a kitchen chair. FFXIV is coming out with a new expansion next week or something and 2 new jobs... soooooo Ima make him use a kitchen chair when I am playing. Then maybe he will get on the whole ordering a new chair thing. Hm I have a decent amount of interactions with outside people (because of the barn) but I would like to do more things (art group/classes, more horse things, etc) but then that takes a lot of time away from being home. And I am already not getting home until 8pm 3 days a week. Sooooo lol I feel I can't really unless I horseback rode less. But in general... even sometimes with my friends and family. Everything is changing and people are changing... and I don't feel super close with most people. BF is probably person I am most close to, then my Mom and maybe my sister. We had a lovely Friday and Saturday together and starting this weekend bass season is open so we are going to the cottage almost every weekend it seems. And hes gotten better about going off on his own to fish when I don't feel like fishing anymore. In theory that would work but its kind of unbalanced for us. He talks to me about fishing stuff when he gets excited but I am not as interested in fishing. I listen and ask questions but I can honestly only talk about fishing so much lol which he knows and understands so he will mainly talk to his brother about it. And he has a very small tolerance for hearing about horse stuff. So I pretty much only bring it up in small doses or if he asks. I am hoping this summer we can do more home reno stuff together though. And maybe we can watch another survival show..We love that stuff.
  10. Harriet

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

  11. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Tests her “If I could”s

  12. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky is habit forming

    It's a NEW challenge! Gosh it goes by so fast. For this challenge, I want to maintain the new habits from the last challenge: Exercise (Fitness) No Snacking After Dinner (Nutrition) Take one hour unplugged for myself (Stress-Relief) It's time to add more to it. Add strength training to my exercise routine. Cook Ten meals Take 1 hour a day for work EXPLAIN YOURSELF, SNARKY (spoilered for wordiness.)
  13. Mike Wazowski

    Gemma can be flexible when she has to be.

    OBVIOUSLY I'm gonna pull hard for Minerva McGonagall - especially if you happen to have the skill of learning an accent and a couple catchphrases, because she's one of my absolute favorite characters in the series, maybe even all of literature (and not just because she's probably the type of teacher I try to be most - no-nonsense, demanding, and even-handed). But I'll still fully support other choices, and LOVE that you made a new nerd intergenerational friend!
  14. Manarelle

    Akura collects XP in Orsterra

    Aw.... family can definitely throw a wrench in the diet goal. For me, a polite firm "no, thank you," and not explaining further worked eventually, but my family isn't terribly persistent about forcing food on people. Good luck with the numbers crunching.
  15. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty third challenge!

    Hey there! It has just gone 8.30pm.... Had a lovely dinner, drank lots of water, listened to music (i still am!) sat on my bed with Jackson sleeping next to me BUT i have twinged my lower back.... i did my fist set of deadlifts incorrectly, i had to be shown how to do them properly, but my form must not have been perfect cos it hurts! Trying to sit/lie so it doesnt hurt too much. OWWWW Also i keep getting acid reflux, not a lot, just every now and again. Not nice. Im tired. I might read in bed for a bit soon x
  16. Ann of Vries

    [Keeper of the Flame] On Patrol

    0.Mon 52 Active Minutes. 1/4. I actually took about an hour and half walk, but one of the drawbacks to WU is that the starting and stopping a lot to take actions means I’m dropping out of Active state. So I played a lot on the first half, and not much at all on the way home. Food: Breakfast: Made and ate a bagel with cream cheese and smear of forest honey for breakfast. I’ve done worse. Lunch: I bought take-away sushi on the way home from the walk. Rowan and I feasted. (Don’t worry, he just had the avo maki.) Dinner: I made a simple but nice dinner of a whole roasted herbed chicken, steamed broccoli and asparagus, and rice. Leftover chicken for tomorrow, which is great. Fruit for dessert. In between I had some fruit as snacks with the toddler.
  17. Today
  18. RES

    Flea Learns How to Human

    Proud of how much you accomplished this challenge!
  19. Jean

    Scouts Camp 2019 : From jungle to the beach

    It feels pretty nice around here. I'm planting my shack on this beach for a few rounds, you people rock!
  20. Fonzico

    RhiaWolfe Prepares for Harry Potter's Birthday

    Welcome back! So here for all the support!
  21. Akura

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Wow, the whole outfit looks amazing!
  22. Jean

    In for a penny...

    Omagad, there's so many people around here I'm all excited! So, the grand scheme of things: I want to feel free and in control of my life once again; I am willing to go through hardship to get there and I'll overcome this shit. Goals for this challenge: I will reduce the amount of negative overtime hours I have at work; I will get my vineyard in proper shape; I will exercise and feel both awesome and rightfully tired because of it. Specifics: Wake up early, go to the vineyard, work an hour, get back home, shower, go to work; Work 9 hours a day; Run during the lunch break. I'll build upon the 12 minutes habit from my last challenge and add 1 minute every two days up to 30 minutes max. This should get me on the vita trail where I can work on some incline running. Things should build up from there. I know right off the bat that this isn't sustainable. Something will have to give, I'm curious to see what. Shoes laced, mind braced, let's make this roll! As with last time, there's no such thing as week 0: Monday, June 24th: ran for 13 minutes. I've really felt this additional minute. I guess it's because I went into the habit of running only 12 and had started to get used to be this close to the end when I reached there so I was kinda taken by suprise when my usual marks went... well, off mark.
  23. Snarkyfishguts

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    Thank you for sharing about you! I love the start to this challenge, and I know you are going to be awesome! I grew up taller than everyone and it wasn't until high school that people started to really catch up. I feel like tall girls are sent this message that we’re not attractive because we’re tall! But I’ve seen short girls suffer because everyone treats them like they are pocket sized lady-treats, so society just sucks at caring for its women. . I am following along to cheer you on and remind you that you are a goddess. You got this!
  24. Hey Nic! I love your goals. And about this one: Do you need native speaker? If so, just poke me. Cheers
  25. Elastigirl

    Gotta Catch 'Em All/12 Week Challenge-May 27-August 17

    Check in: Went through all the boxes in the under the stairs closet.Managed to get rid of some stuff. I had forgotten that I still had some Pellham puppets, that my dad bought me when I was a kid. I'm not sure how to display them, but I can't manage to get rid of them. They were (and I guess still are) important to me picture attached spoiler for size Next week: starting on guest bedroom . I was planning on doing it all in one week, but I also need to do some painting on our porch railing, so I will aim for two weeks This week: Toy bins down to 1 bin closet in guest room
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