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    CM packs up her troubles

    This sounds like a good plan. Guard the sleep! All of the sleep!
  3. Deckard Gainz

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    First of all, viking is absolutely goal aesthetics, and my laptop bag pretty much is a purse, so while it's slightly adjacent to the actual experience, there's probably a version of your vision that exists (though I still think of myself as closer to Endgame Thor than Thor 1 Thor, knamean?). Anyway, I really appreciate the insight and feedback, and I have some thoughts on this. The trick the last time I lost a decent amount of weight was eating very low-carb. That worked, but it was too restrictive in the long term so it couldn't last. But when I'm less restrictive and more realistic, the "automatic savings" those restrictions provide don't exist, so I need some sort of other buffer against overeating, binging, or just eating too much of the wrong stuff. I might just need tracking for the sake of keeping my nutrition front of mind. I like to think I'm some victim of metabolic adaptation or one of the many things outside of my control, but the reality is that my fat loss stagnation is probably entirely the result of too many indulgences, which I need a way to mitigate. I'm not sure tracking is the solution to that problem, but it's something that's correlated with success in the past. I do have "a rough food plan and some vague idea of how much I'm deviating from it" -- I just think my version is too rough and too vague to be useful, or I just allow myself too many deviations. Either way whatever I've been doing for the last 6 months doesn't really seem to be doing much for me: no weight loss, no recomp (same plateaus as always but a higher weight than i was last time i hit these numbers).
  4. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Longstockings at the Wall - Autumn is coming

    The Storeroom
  5. Elennare

    Elennare's Adventures in Eating

    He had quite a bit to lose. We're both fairly sure a good chunk of that was water weight, because the rate has slowed down to something much more reasonable, but he has, so far, kept off the giant initial drop. Yeah. I'm still on the fence about it. I think it's mostly frustration with the fact that I've been stuck in the same place for probably close to a year combined with seeing how well it's working for him. I do think it would be easier for me to follow a plan if everyone was eating the same things, but honestly, that wouldn't be 100% the case with keto because the boys wouldn't be eating that way. Honestly, right now, time is my biggest issue. Just made more of a crunch by the fact that work assignments just got reshuffled yesterday (for the next couple of months, minimum) and my workload was significantly increased and there's a good chance I'm going to be working late a lot. And maybe not being able to make it to derby practice, either. How do you workout and meal prep when you don't get home until 7:30 at night, still need to eat dinner, and spend a bit of time with the kids before putting them to bed? And then it's 9pm, and I have an hour tops to do anything before it's time to get ready for bed if I want to be able to get enough sleep to wake up and function in the morning. And somewhere in there I need to have some time to talk to Husband, too. Since it looks like that's where I'm going to be for the next couple months, that's the puzzle I need to solve.
  6. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Longstockings at the Wall - Autumn is coming

    Week Four Review
  7. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Longstockings at the Wall - Autumn is coming

    Week Three Review
  8. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Longstockings at the Wall - Autumn is coming

    Week Two Review
  9. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Longstockings at the Wall - Autumn is coming

    Week One review
  10. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Longstockings at the Wall - Autumn is coming

    Autumn is coming challenge I got a job, which is wonderful news, but have fallen into many of the worst habits of office work – too much coffee, too much sugar, too many snacks. I need discipline. And where can one learn discipline better than the Wall? I am also planning to try for another kid this fall, hence the “Autumn is coming”. I need to develop good healthy habits for me and my family, so I can have a successful and healthy pregnancy. Spoilers mostly covered. In the peace following the , and the civil wars that rocked the Seven Kingdoms, as well as the , Westerosi must adapt to a new way. The population has been decimated, or worse, in the North and Riverlands, and needs to be replenished. The Night’s Watch has reformed, though with the Wall broken at Eastwatch and the Wildling numbers dwindling to a mere few, it seems to be more a warning for the rise of the dead, perhaps as a buffer between the Kingdom of the North and the Free Folk. With connections made and friendships forged between the men of the Wall and the men beyond it, perhaps a time of peace will reign here as well. The mission of the Watch now is to rebuild, refortify, and maintain those good relationships with the Free Folk, against the threat of the Cold, which could come again. I mean to help the men and women of the Watch, as well as those former Wildlings settled in the Gift and those who have returned to the far North. Ration the Night’s Watch stores – Coffee 3x per week or less. With Eastwatch barely manned, luxuries from Essos and Dorne will be rare at the Wall. Patrol the wall – Tai Chi practice or other movement 5 days/week. A man can go mad looking out over the expanse of unknown beyond the Wall, or freeze as he takes his watch. I will move mindfully as I take my watches atop the wall. Range Beyond the Wall - Walk/hike/jog with Malcolm once in a carrier, once in the stroller this challenge. The Watch is blind without its Rangers. Scale the wall with Tormund - Weights 1x/week. He’s going to keep his hand in, whether or not he’s an honored guest who can visit at Castle Black. I should know what we’re up against. Greenseeing - Meditate before bed. The weirwoods in the grove north of the Wall were , but the eyes of the trees are everywhere, in the ravens that quark in the Rookery and those that fly overhead. Only a clear mind can see the influence of the trees. Three-Finger Hobb - Meal prep 1x/week. It’s long work, feeding the hungry men of the Night’s Watch. Forage in the Haunted forest - Leafy greens daily. In spring and summer, eve at the Wall, plants can manage to survive the cold, especially greens like kale and chard. Three-finger Hobb challenge! 1 time this challenge, do a big meal prep (Steph and Adam?) I ordered the containers. Craster’s keep - Plant zucchini and squash sometime this challenge. With Craster gone, what’s left of his keep remains a good outpost for the watch. Help the Free Folk take it over and plant their gardens to make it through winter, and perhaps host a ranger at their fireside.
  11. GodzillaKong

    Assault on 99 Part 3: Back in the Game

    So, losing your job sucks. Never a good time for it to happen, but in terms of whats going on in my life (all good but busy and expensive and stressful) it was pretty awful timing. Only been to the gym once since the start of April until yesterday. But i am back! I have a job now and I'm getting back in the gym. Put on a couple of kilos, but nothing too terrible: 118.9kg as of Monday morning. So, lets get to it.... 4 Days a week Thats how often i need to go to the gym. Thats how often i will go to the gym. Plus a 5th day any weekend I'm not away from home. Eat Well Comfort food has been too readily eaten recently. Time to get back to tracking what i eat. Making an effort to eat more fruit and vegetables and avoid sweets. And measure cereal properly. Run Fatboy Run Ok, maybe not run. Not every time, at least. But every session at the gym will involve some form of cardio, not including the rowing machine in my warm up.
  12. Elastigirl

    The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

    Love your pla of buildinggood habits
  13. shaar

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    You're totally gonna find the best house, it's gonna happen when it's meant to happen, you guys are gonna show up at The House and you'll step out of the car and think to yourself, huh, what is that strange tingle brewing in the sundry corners of my heart, and you'll walk up to the house, and step inside, and your brain is just gonna BLOW UP with FEELING and EMOTION like those scenes in Spanish Telenovelas where the MUSIC gets all DRAMATIC and DIOS MIO the wind starts blowing and the birds start singing and You're gonna be like Yeah, this is my home. ..... Or something like that IDK YMMV I was just feeling inspired~
  14. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    You can definitely file that one under "Having solved all other problems..." or "We're going to take more half a year to come up with something that makes no sense." Your call. Whichever one you pick will be wrong, however. I'm not going to spend every morning wondering if this particular article of clothing is making some dress code nazi's eye twitch.
  15. After a 3 year hiatus I am back!! Hitting the restart button and beginning in the level ones again to get back into the swing of things. When I first joined I was about 170/175 pounds looking to slim down a bit and get into better shape. The challenges did help form some habits, but most have gone to the wayside (but, I still no longer snooze in the morning!). During my time off I have gained weight, now sitting at around 213 pounds (heaviest I got was 225). I'm still not convinced it was all diet and exercised based, I still think something medically caused a portion of it. But I'm not going to let that thinking hold me back. I've got obstacles to overcome. Mostly, no money for the gym, so all exercise needs to be home based, which is hard for me to do. Okay, and the fact that none of my workout clothes fit, so even if I could afford the gym, I can't dress for it. Also, a lot of what I like to do workout hurts now. Hula hooping hurts the right side of my abdomen (thinking it's the gallbladder, was diagnosed with gallbladder disease). Roller skating still hurts my ankle (just weak ankles I think). And then I've got the pinched nerve in my neck, that when I lift too much or do a repetitive motion with my right arm I start to lose the use of it. Oh yea, I'm in awesome shape here! I know most of weight loss is done in the kitchen, so my goals are mostly diet involved. My kitchen is tiny and hot, so being in there isn't something I like to do, but mini goal to achieve! Here are my plans: Goal 1: Cut back soda to one 12oz bottle a week I've had this goal before. It's a hard one. But I did it once when I was on WW, and I only touched soda maybe once a month. I know I can do it. I believe it is the 12oz 6 packs that I buy. So, I'm thinking if I split one bottle between Saturday and Sunday that will help cut back. And then slowly adjust my goal to not even buying the soda at all! I'm addicted. Like, I'll see a friend drinking one and my mouth with start to water looking at it. At work I'm going to drink water with Mio in it to help with needing that flavor. Goal 2: Meal prep for work and include at least one fruit or vegetable One thing that helped me lose some weight was eating my largest meal at lunch time. My last job I was working 10 hour days until either 8:30 or 10pm, so I started bringing and eating my dinners at work. When I got home I usually had some sort of snack like cheese and crackers. This is something I want to keep up with my new job. So, on Sundays I want to meal prep for the week and make sure that I get a fruit or veggie in the meal. Since I moved out 2 1/2 or so years ago from my parents that has been sorely lacking. My go-to is chicken and broccoli. While I won't stop this, I need to come up with other options because it does get boring and that's when I start to stray and buy my lunch. Goal 3: Exercise 1-3x a week I will start moving. I have a couple exercise videos that I want to try. With the new job I now have the time to work out at home too. I've got a range of 1-3 times a week because I need to see how my body (arm) reacts to it. I might need several days recovery time in the beginning. My weights are light at 3 pounds, so I *should* be okay. Fingers crossed. But moving at least once a week will be a huge improvement over what I do now! ENDGAME Overall I want to be back in the 170 range for weight. However, I do know that you can lose several inches and not a single pound, so a goal of a 2-3 inch loss is also there. It's an either/or goal. My end goal is to be able to comfortably fit on the roller coasters at Universal and Disney come late October. I want to look at the pictures and not cringe. Current measurements Weight - 213 Waist - 38.5 Hip - 52.5
  16. @TGP Couldn't you just clone the old spreadsheet and clear it of the data to start anew? That way all of the formulas/sheets are already set up, less work for you....?
  17. oh my actual gog (sorry that was kinda a stretch but i'm v. impressed with all of your brainworkings <3)
  18. shaar

    Cheetah sallies forth with renewed vigor.

    I took a lot of courses at Camp NF that validated this exact train of thought. It's one of my biggest 'why' bits for trying to stay healthy too!! YOU GOT THIS DUDE!!
  19. I wasn't going to participate in this round, because I'm kind of focusing on several 'intangibles' in my life right now. But eff that, it's just as important to stick with the physical stuff too! I'm leveling up some of my goals from last time (I want to stretch myself a bit more this time around), and shuffling priorities a bit. Work is always busier during the summer so I need to remain mindful about what I can realistically commit to. G1: Add strength & muscle Must do physio every day, must do a minimum 30min workout 5x a week = goal is for intentional exercise nearly every day, ideally >150min/week [counts/week: 12] G2: Lose fat & maintain energy Must drink at least 1.5L of H20 every day & must consume a minimum of 160g of protein:5 veg:2 fruit every day + have at least 2x low kcal days/week (5:2) = goal is to fuel my health, choose things that make me more functional - not less [counts/week: 9] G3: Sort out my shit Spend 15hrs/week tidying/decluttering/cleaning = goal is to tame my environment, in order to reduce anxiety and organise my life a bit better [counts/week: 15] G4: Move forward Walk at least 80km/week, 20km of which must be with a weighted vest = goal is to maintain & increase my NEPA, improve my endurance [counts/week: 10] (also to make my ridiculous amount of time spent reading a bit more productive) Bonus G5: Finish something Get my head out of my ass and start posting videos and social media content for myself. Would also like to finish up a few skills upgrades I've been doing for work. Gotta stay ahead to get ahead!
  20. shaar

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Where is the 'my head is on fire' react for this??? WORK UGH. I just. .... I'm sure with all of the company issues that could have been addressed, dress code necessitated every single one of those thoughtful and timely changes. ..... >:[
  21. Atrytone

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    I actually like financial stuff? I'm pretty good at it, but it's disheartening to not be making enough to support myself right now. And no worries, I got quiet too and it was my own challenge lol Thanks for following along.
  22. Sylvaa


    I totally did that on purpose specifically for that song.
  23. Fonzico

    Emerald Eagle prepares for a parasite - Part 1

    Whoohoo! Back and ready to crush it! Let us do this thing.
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