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  2. mom2sjm

    no theme for mom2sjm just accountability

    My point total for the week: 24 Well. I guess it is better than last week by one. saved by the bonus points. so it's worse because I was really inconsistent with everything this week. Final week - will I pull it altogether? I have been the most consistent about journaling my food. nowhere near my goal of 1200 calories per day. it's very clear why after three weeks I've only lost one pound... ARGH! late night snacking - my nemesis. and beer.
  3. Xena

    Scouts Camp 2019 : From jungle to the beach

    Just wanted to say hi! Will be joining the Scouts next time around. I've been on the forums for many years, hiding out in the Rangers. I'm mostly a distance runner...28 states into a goal of running a marathon in every state of the US. Was supposed to do a trail half marathon today but bailed due to a not-fun weather forecast. It was a race I was doing "just for fun" so I didn't feel too bad about that. What kinds of goals are you guys thinking about for next challenge?? I have lots of goals that a recycle from challenge to challenge. I'm thinking about designing a new mobility goal for myself...maybe based on some MovNat exercises (???). Still thinking about this one.
  4. traaki

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Wow, this sounds awful. I'm so sorry. The helmet looks amazing! And the wings are so pretty.
  5. Xena

    Shape of the Cheetah

    Heck, yes, join the Scouts! Or at least come visit. It's been a little quiet here this time, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna liven up next time around. I'm moving over for sure and looking for others to join! I know you've missed a couple of days, but you really have been going very strongly! Walking breaks are a great way to build up your time. No shame in that! And yes, I think an event could be fun and motivating for you. Let us know what you decide!
  6. RES

    Flea Learns How to Human

    Remind me to keep up with your challenge even during a homestand holy crap I don't even remember what I all I was going to comment on...I need sleep Proud of you!!
  7. Miaulin

    The Star-Spangled Miau With a Plan

    Father's Day turned out good! We (me, momsauce, broski, and grandad) ate some cookiecake and then played Uno together...five rounds broski was destroying everyone but then momsauce came out of nowhere and won. There was a lot of bickerbanter around the table and a good laugh, too. Afterward, momsauce went with me and broski on short walk, and then broski and i went for our 'long' walk (it's two miles altogether). It was already about sevenPM when we went out, so we got back basically right before dark! But iy's been a good day. Even so i can feel a little of the sadness swirling, trying to creep on me. There are still some things to get done before bed, so that's a good distraction. I'm glad we had a fun time today Tomorrow will basically go ahead and start a new Challenge for me. More of the same really but i have more things written down and thought-through as far as stuff to work on. Yay! ( and my shiny ongoing theme for the foreseeable future is, as this one would suggest a bit: Hero Protocols! )
  8. Curl Brogo

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    Congrats on the engagement! I watched a youtube video a few years ago about choosing sumo or conventional based on body type. They had some measurments you're supposed to take but basically: If your arms are short relative to your torso, and/or your legs are long relative to your torso ---> sumo long arms, and/or short legs ---> conventional Then there are people like me with long arms and legs (or short arms and short legs) that the only thing that matters is preference. The only thing that optimizes though is reducing the range of motion. As for building/training different muscle groups that too is up to you.
  9. Xena

    Consistency mayhaps?

    Still here? How has it been going?
  10. Miaulin

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Awww thanks Tomatoes! we should meet sometime to ketchup with each other. Oh cool! I hope you enjoy your blender! I got one a few years ago and have loved using it. So many good things to make with it Congratulations on getting it on sale, too! yessssssssss! Congratulations on your good Father's Day and your video, too! You're doing so many good things Sending you every good vibe for your session with the trainer tomorrow! It might be hard but i know you can do it mon ami <3 keep on keeping on!
  11. Xena


    Couch to 5k is a great program. Congrats on keeping going with it, even when times are rough! If you want to keep working on running/walking, please consider joining the Scouts guild next time around (you wouldn't have to stay there forever, changing guilds is completely normal). It has been a little quiet over there recently, but I've just signed on as a new Guild Leader, and I will do my very best to make it fun and addition to providing support and bits of advice. And don't feel like you have to only focus on endurance to be a Scout. We all have a variety of goals....I'm working on pushups and diet too (for example).
  12. Curl Brogo

    Brogo Becomes a Snake Handler

    Mostly a snake joke, but it did get me wondering. And Thanks! Once you download python (if you even need to, it's probably already on your computer) all you need is a text editor. If you want to get beyond whatever basic one comes with your operating system... I'm currently using Atom which I think is made by the fine folks at github. I like it. I used to use sublime text, but it kept bugging me to pay for a license so I decided to use a different editor. Also, it was recommended by Zed Shaw in his book "Learn Python the Hard Way" -- I like these books for learning new languages because they just force you to type a lot of simple code and mess around with it to teach you the basics of programming and the language you're learning. Between that and the online documentation that's all you need. And there's no shortage of free online tutorials for python and several other languages either.
  13. Sounds like a very efficient use of the time you have!! Definite bonus points, and I like your packing priorities! I think you've posted with the Scouts in the past, right? I know it's been quiet over there, but I wanted to invite you back next time if you are still interested. I've just signed on as a new Guild Leader and I'll do my best to make it lively and fun. Of course, do whatever you think would work best for you.
  14. Curl Brogo

    Brogo Becomes a Snake Handler

    Keto: The latest progress graph: Here are some notes for a recap: Week 1 (days 0-6): burn in week, only raw weight collection. Just came off a 3-day fast and I was adapting to keto and being a pescatarian. Went for a run on day 6. Week 2 (days 7-13): Had some chicken at family dinner on Mother's day (7). More of the same. Started tracking the 7-day average and lost 2 pounds off of my average. Week 3 (days 14-20): Still lazy keto. Not much exercise. Went to a memorial day cookout on day 20. Ate a cheeseburger and 3 beers. Lost 1 pound off average. Week 4 (days 21-27): Post cookout, lost weight in the first half, then leveled off a bit. Ate smoked pork shoulder and drank five beers on day 27. Maybe 0.5 lbs. lost. Week 5 (days 28-34): Drank 6 beers and ate a lot of pork shoulder on day 28. Lifted weights once. Ate that grilled cheese. Maybe 0.5 lbs. lost. Week 6 (days 35-41): Drank no beers ate no meat or dairy. Lifted on Sun, Tues, and Sat. Lost about 1.2 lbs. Today: Ate a 1/2 lb. hamburger (no bun) with swiss cheese and a bratwurst (no bun) at Father's Day/Monthly family dinner. Overall: Down about 6 lbs (on average) over 5 weeks (orange line). Best progress comes with some exercise and while avoiding meat, dairy and especially alcohol. Cooking: I batch cooked some more stuff. I made more Bredd and seitan for the week. That's about it. Running?: I attempted to workout on Thursday, but had no energy. Saturday I did some dips 3, 2, 3 and some chinup negatives, 1, 1, 1 but that's about it. If I'm gonna try to pick up the pace here, I'm gonna need to work out more. One problem is that I don't feel like my muscles have the energy. I tried some dips Thursday, and again Saturday. Rep three was super grindy. Back before keto, I recall doing a set of 7. This just shows how the body's energy utilization changes during keto. I.e. I still have the raw strength to do a dip or two, but my muscles can't store the energy to do much beyond that. I can get the third rep only with a lot of rest between sets and determination during the set. This means workouts take longer, and give fewer returns on the time investment. I think one solution for this might be to start using creatine again. Here's my reasoning: Creatine takes phosphate from ATP and stores it in a more readly available form of energy in muscle tissue, like a short term battery. That phosphate can be generated by any metabolic pathway that creates ATP... including ketogenesis ( via beta oxidation, and the Krebs Cycle). So if I load up on creatine, and hence create a bigger battery, during recovery, I should have to burn more fat to recharge the battery, and with a bigger battery I can do more work in a set; lift heavier weights, get another rep or two. Although, ketogenesis might take longer to recharge the battery, as long as all the energy is coming from fat then great. It will increase water retention and overall weight so I'll have to pay attention to that. But it should pump me up. I'll see how this last week goes before I change anything up. Data: I finished another course and earned another badge this week. That's 7/9 down on my certificate. Course 8 is on Machine Learning and it's actually informative and challenging. Most of the courses so far have been: course 1 'What is data science?": neither informative, nor challenging course 2 "Open source tools for data science": mildly informative, not challenging course 3 "Data science methodology": informative, not challenging course 4 "Python for data science": neither informative nor challenging course 5 "Databases and SQL for data science": mildly informative, not challenging course 6 "Data Analysis with Python": mildly informative, not challenging course 7 "Data visualization with Python": not informative, definitely challenging course 8 "Machine Learning with Python": quite informative, somewhat challenging Basically, this last course finally covers some statistical models and maths. We're only skimming the surface, but at least there's some theory behind what the functions are doing, and some analysis and explanation. And the quizzes and labs have some thought and organization put into them. So I'm liking it now. Now that I've gotten through all the boring, easy, yet mildly frustrating basic shit. I'm almost at the end of my second canary yellow legal pad, and today I used the last of the ink in the pen that I started with. I also did some updating of my resume and my linkedIn and github profiles. ======================================= In other news, I'm going to be an uncle. My sister announced after dinner today that she's pregnant. This just seems weird to me. She always said she didn't want kids and she just wanted to be an aunt. But at least now Uncle Brogo won't be getting pressured by wannabe aunts and grandparents, not that I really was.
  15. Lightning

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Wow! Congratulations on the Fellowship! Like...really wow!
  16. Woot!! Wish I could come do this with first 10k is in October You absolutely can! You don't have to run to be able to but you've got this!
  17. Lightning

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Glad you took the time to rest and also did a little de-stressing with a coloring book. Seems like the last couple of days have been better?
  18. Xena

    Xena's Triumphant (?) Return from Sea

    My own Week 3 update: It was a good challenge week...mostly. I was able to mainly eat at home and did well on the calorie goal. I got in some quality runs. I was supposed to do an out-of-town trail run today. A friend and I drove the 4 hours the day before. We had fun staying in a lodge (weird curtained off "room" in the kitchen/basement) and cooking over a camp stove in the parking lot in the rain. Honestly, it was fun. But the weather report for the next day went downhill. It didn't seem fun to spend over 3 hours running trail in steady rain by myself and really didn't seem fun to make my friend sit around and wait for me (she had been planning to bike). So the next morning we just turned around, drove home, and did our own little run/bike in our hometown. I'm REALLY close to being over to do full pushups again, just didn't quite make it this week. Can push up a couple inches from the bottom but then stall out in a hover. Think I can get it this week. By the numbers: Plank 60 min (goal carried over from last challenge) Yes! Finished it. Am going to continue with at least 1 min of plank every time I do pushups. Cook 10 new/storage recipes (carried over from last challenge) Made a good new veggie pasta recipe tonight. Brings me to 9.5/10. Will find SOMETHING else to cook this week! Run 100 miles (4 week goal) Mileage was shorter than intended because I didn't do the race. Still got 27.2 miles, bringing me to 85.6 for the challenge. On track. 100/200/100 knee/negative/full pushups (no deadline) 22/65/0 this week, bringing me to 86/122/0 this week. Goal for next week: finish knee and negatives, get some darned full pushups! 16 days under 2300 calories (4 week goal) This one was helped by not doing the race (was planning a big post-race lunch with no counting). 6/7 days this week, bringing me to 11/16 for the challenge. Should be able to make this goal, and the scale has started to move. I'm most looking forward to finishing the pushup goal, though I know it will take me a while. I promised myself I could get a new coffee maker once I finish it. My current coffee maker seems to be on its last legs. It takes forever to finish and seems to be getting slower and slower...maybe it's tired and needs some coffee for itself or something. Don't think I made any progress on the sushi list this week. Still at 4/10. I'm going to bring my propane tank out to the car right now, so I'll remember to exchange it tomorrow. Also going to look for the paperwork for my fitness rebate (a health insurance thing).
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  20. Chris-Tien Jinn

    Chris-Tien in the Goblin Cave

    With an impressive --- and a bit frightening, considering the close quarters --- "WHOOSH", pure fire sprang from Chris' hand and arced neatly in the middle of the troll's chest, igniting the filthy, tattered shirt and leathers. For a heart-stopping moment, both the woman and the monster regarded the smoldering material in mutual disbelief. Chris-tien couldn't believe that it had worked; the troll seemed annoyed that his trespasser not only hadn't left yet but was now audacious enough to be throwing things. The moment passed, and the little tableau shifted. With a howl, the troll swept up his club and started to advance on the puny, little human. Which gave the smoldering cloth just what it needed to burst into full flower: air. The howl rose a couple of octaves as fire spread across the troll's chest. He dropped his club and started swatting at his shrit, attempting to put out the fire .... which only seemed to increase the intensity of the flames as he continued to howl and shout words that meant nothing to Chris -- other than underscoring that this would be an excellent time to flee the scene. Grabbing her discarded sword, she quickly started jogging down a passage, hoping and praying that this would lead her somewhere more peacefully unoccupied. After a brief search, she collapsed into the corner of a small alcove and tested her arm. Definitely not broken, but she had trouble holding onto the sword. Lifting it reduced her to shaking, and swinging it was nigh onto impossible. With a sigh, she turned toward the knapsack and started rummaging in it. The pack was a leather bag divided within into several compartments. It would not have looked out of place at an SCA event or Ren Fest, although Chris was sure that it had been ferried here with her and left by the pilot of the continua craft. Which further reinforced her suspicions that being set down in a fantasy setting rather than small-town Iowa was no mistake. And which brought a pressing question bubbling up to her attention: what had they left for her to work with, besides a serviceable sword and complete ignorance of what she was facing? Maybe they had left her a hint .... or better yet, a book. Sure enough, as she moved bottles carefully aside (some, she noted, claimed to be healing potions), and set a package of something that looked like thin bread or crackers, she located a small leather-bound book, filled with small, neat letters. If she had expected to be given a guidebook to her current universe ... she would have been sorely disappointed. But she knew better than to expect that much of a hint. Instead, she seem to be presented with a spellbook, written in a language that she should not have been able to read, except that she could. And, as she flipped through the first few pages of the book, she recognized a description of the spell that had just saved her life. "Scorching ray", Chris murmured thoughtfully and then sucked in a long breath. This meant that she was in one of the table-top role playing games .... but she wasn't sure which one. Not that it mattered a great deal. She had played a few different ones, and more computer RPGs besides. But she had not been one of those people who memorized entire rule books. No, she was going to have to experiment and figure things out as she went. But first, it might be a good thing to be able to wield that sword. Picking up a bottle of red liquid, she quipped ".... here's to you, Alice ... " and took a cautious sip. Today, I'm still wrestling with cold symptoms, but I was a bit more active. Possibly more active than I should have been, but I'm getting tired of the couch. Wisdom I've been writing in my journal for the past year. @annyshay got me started with 4thewords, and I find that is a good place to just .... vent ... when I can't really do so with my daughter. And I hate to burden hubby with these things when he is 200 miles away most of the time. When to church Strength/Cardio I did some gardening, which included hauling mulch and dirt around to the backyard. Took a walk. I'd intended to be out for 1/2 hour, but it ended up being only 25 minutes. Still, it was a beautiful day!! Charisma For Father's Day, my daughter, son-in-law and I took hubby out for brunch. And the restaurant had "misplaced" our reservation. Again. This time, I had the confirmation in my email on my phone --- and I had also called two days ago to confirm -- and so I was not obnoxious, but I pushed a bit. It's a small town, and the place was not that busy. We did get seated, which I considered a minor victory. Constitution I cooked breakfast. Eggs, spinach, and cheese. The rest of the day was not as virtuous. Intelligence Nothing really. I finished In Defense of Food by Michael Pollin and am looking for another good book on research into good nutrition. Dexterity Any day when I don't trip over my own two feet is a good one.
  21. traaki

    traaki's in over their head.

    Overall I'm feeling pretty good. My overall activity/exercise level feels higher with my class--just getting outside and walking more. Life is really feeling like a super busy clusterf*ck right now. Not in a *terrible* way, but in a maybe-I-should-drop-something way. But I keep on keepin' on. I'd like to continue finding time for writing and some time also for nature observation/field journaling. These skills feel so compatible. I also have some writing projects I'd like to turn into finished products but I think I'm just going to keep on as I am. I am practicing saying no to people until October -- no new commitments!
  22. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    I also did the black bean experiments(will have some for lunch) with the slow cooker, but we'll wait to see if it's edible before we start posting the recipe. One mistake was I added too much water since the slow cooker doesn't seem to evaporate as much water as a pot. Preliminary samplings indicate that the beans have now gotten softer(one compliant was that the beans were too hard) and rather strong on rosemary. Just did an hour of hot yoga this morning.
  23. Xena

    Xena's Triumphant (?) Return from Sea

    Thanks Tank! So...I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be moving over to the Scouts as a GL starting next challenge. I plan to be a very rangerly scout :-) I hope that some of you will drop by and visit, or even consider trying out a challenge over there. I think we all have a little bit of each guild in us. In terms of the scouts, remember that we are each on our own long road of life. You could use a challenge over there to think long term. More traditionally the guild is geared toward endurance training. You don't have to be an ultra-distance athlete...being interested in improving endurance makes you an excellent candidate.
  24. Lightning

    elizevdmerwe - ElizeElvinFoxRyder >>> 7

    Ha! I keep doing that myself. But I am bumping my head less often So scary about the food reaction! I’m glad you kept your wits about you and were able to treat it quickly. I hope you feel 100% soon.
  25. Xena

    Chris-Tien in the Goblin Cave

    Sorry about the cold, but really happy to see you back!
  26. Xena

    H3r0 finds himself in the North Palace

    Have a great trip! I'm impressed that you have stuck to your routine so well. Just do what you can while traveling, Keeping up any kind of exercise routine would be a big win. Also, I've been loving the pictures!
  27. RES

    Let's a go!

    Always an amazing feeling!
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