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  2. WhiteGhost

    Raptron Turns 50?!?! [Challenges]

    I really hope you guys are able to find a long term solution, hopefully something that doesn't require too much turning your life upside down to accommodate
  3. Maigs

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    Jon! I'm glad to see you back, I was wondering how you were doing. That sucks about the DNF but luckily it healed fast. I'm also glad you're getting help for your mental health. I'm mostly taking this challenge off while I seek help for my own issues (yay anxiety) but I'll be quietly lurking around and reading
  4. Snarkyfishguts

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    Those poor bunnies!
  5. TGP


    us, rangers, have a real thing with Huge goals and insummontable challenges. cuz' you know who knows what "insummontable" until you really try. and I mean I think some of us really, REALLY try! but sometimes things are Just too big for us! and just too much!! I was just thinking of "all or nothing" mentality with Salinger and I think it relates here. you're far from proposing to give up (ha! I know you well enough to know you Don't!!!) but, the downside of NOT pushing through it is that it fails like failure and might demotivate you. on the other hand, if you try something SO intensely your ruining life. I just can't see bucking down on it!!! its not a job or a Career instead the tactical retreat is called for. not a failure. not a "nothing", but not "All" either. reject the false choice. find some other thought or perspective that captures your passion and devote time and attention to it. ---- thats my advice. and just to add one little thing. I think you pretty much are already thinking it already. btw; "trail running" is totally my next THING. and I totally want to focus on hills and rugged terrain (such that we have). so, cool idea!
  6. Deckard Gainz

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    Zero Week - Monday & Tuesday Monday was my first day back after 10 days out of the country and out of the gym. The grass is 5 inches long, dirty laundry is piled up, we have no food, my partner has bronchitis, I have evening plans Mon-Wed, and I'm leaving home again for the holiday weekend Friday immediately after work. I have my work cut out for me this week. First off, I canceled my Monday plans so I could go pick up some food for my partner and be home to spend time with her and the dogs and to just be around if she needed me. I did make it out to the gym first right after work. I decided on a split so I could get 2 workouts in before being crushed by DOMS. Workout 1 looked like this: Squats @ 300lbs (70%) 1x10 RPE 9 3x8 RPE 8ish 1x5 RPE 8ish 2.5min rest I think I actually got quad pump. I didn't even know that was possible. At least I don't remember it happening much in other programs. RDLs @ 225 1x8 2x5 Sweaty hands + smooth bar made the RDLs worthless. I'll either need to bring my liquid chalk for these or find something where grip isn't as much of a concern. Usually I am a little better with it sans chalk but I was sweating hard after the squats. Leg curl machine 5x10 @ 80lbs BSS @ BW 2x10 - too tired for extra weight, just working on stabilization Lying leg-hip raise 2x15 - probably going to try the standing leg-hip raise next time After the gym I went and bought some groceries, then I mowed some grass, put away dishes, started some laundry, and unpacked. After all that I had about 1 hour to eat and relax before bed. Traveling home Sunday had worn us both out so we had ordered pizza to eat while catching up/finishing GoT, so I ate the leftovers from that. It caused me to finish out Monday around 2600 calories and 140g protein, which is maybe a little high on calories even for a workout day, and a little lower on protein than I'd have liked. 6.5 hours actual sleep according to Fitbit, which is around the amount my body seems to prefer. Tuesday was another busy day. After work, I mowed more grass at a lower setting and rode my bicycle ~4.25 miles to a local tech meetup, where I had some salad and little finger food sandwich things. 2000ish cals, 160g protein. I refrained from using my free drink tickets on beer, which is a huge win I think? I used one on a diet coke because I was so exhausted I felt like falling asleep during the presentations. I rode the bike back home and passed out shortly after 9pm. 7 hours 44 minutes of sleep! This is what I need to do with alcohol. The problem for me is, once I have one, everything feels special and I feel like having 30 more. I've gotten much better about this over the years and part of that is having this conversation in advance -- what is a beer going to do for me right now? I like trying new beers, and I like making beer, and I like relaxing with a whiskey or a really special/tasty beer now and then. Everything else doesn't really do much for me besides hamper my goals. @Blocky and @Defining - thanks for the suggestions. There's a lot of stuff here and I'm not sure how to best respond to it all. I don't plan on competing so specificity is not as important to me (this makes prioritization more difficult). I also don't have a great idea of weaknesses that are easy to remedy. My main limiter on DL is grip strength, and I know my bench suffers from a weak arch/leg position for leg drive, but I'm not sure that any bench variations can solve that. As for squat and OHP, I can't really identify any glaring weaknesses beyond "my shoulders suck." Anyway, for the moment, here's what I'm noodling on for new variations and accessories: Variations Squat: Overhead squat DL: Sumo Bench: Close-grip OHP: Arnold press Accessories hams (and in this case core and grip strength too): loaded carries / farmers walk quads: ??? not sure my quads need that much specific work atm shoulders/back: face pulls / reverse flyes chest: ??? Bigger chest is high on my list so I already do most of what I know - flyes, cable crossovers, decline pushups, dips core: ??? Maybe some kind of plank variation(s)
  7. raptron

    Raptron Coasts

    1. Lift your lifts 3-4x per week. Not that I won't, but it's nice to check off the box when I do. 2. Shenanigans take two 1x per week. Actually find something fun/unconventional/goofy movement-wise to do every week. (Maybe @KB Girl and I can collab? :D) 3. Write 2x per week. It is outside drinking season again and my Guide to Daydrinking project is calling to me. Random creative writing or poetry prompts also count!
  8. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    To be fair, GRRM also has updates but recently they have all been "Uh, I am really struggling with his right now". I can understand the struggle with trying to produce art on demand, but I would still like to see it get finished eventually
  9. Guzzi

    Tacking Sleep

    Does anyone else track their sleep (using an activity tracker) and would you be willing to share your sleep data? I am really struggling with tiredness right now and I think it’s the volume of deep sleep vs restless sleep that’s the issue for me. I’m in bed by 10:15 - 10:30 each evening, which is the time that leads me to getting off to sleep quickly and easily, but my sleep data looks like a Tesco’s barcode. It would be really interesting to see how other people’s sleep compares. I will try to post some pics of my sleep record but Tapatalk has been playing up and refusing to upload my images for some reason....
  10. DJtrippyT

    Ranger Tavern, Inn and de facto Guild Hall [General Chat]

    Oh nooooo! That sucks!
  11. DJtrippyT

    Ranger Tavern, Inn and de facto Guild Hall [General Chat]

    Anyone who’s seen my challenges knows “thinking” is not my strong point...
  12. TGP

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    john good to see you again! I'll follow right along. well, If I can get around all these *(&1*(*!! obstacles
  13. Guzzi

    Virtual Gym, anyone?

    I disagree. You can get ripped and have some serious muscle mass with bodyweight exercises, just look at @Waldo if you want confirmation of that. It all comes down to progression. You might never build the kind of muscle mass that a strongman or powerlifter might have, but you definitely CAN build muscle.
  14. Ann of Vries

    [Keeper of the Flame] Merry & Pippin

    Dear Adventurers, packing for a toddler on an international long haul flight is an adventure all its own. Not only am I trying to get a full days' worth of supplies into a small carry on, but it's a full day + lots of boring bits + child with a common food allergy + no ability to get more supplies for most of the trip = I need to make sure that I am carrying for all scenarios, + enough food for him for the entire day in case I can't get anything he can eat on the flight. It's mostly granola bars, some hard cheese, and fruit. (He's been fussy about veg lately, and I need to have food I am confident he will eat since I can't be guaranteed of alternatives.) So I'm basically putting a toddler on a small pressurized tube flying through the sky and feeding him sugar. I'm not proud. ...Oh, and there's the stuff I need to pack for the rest of the trip. And me. His current clothing packing cube is larger than mine.
  15. TGP

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    I'm not sure I understand you correctly. are you saying that sometimes you FEEL like if you are planning to do drink alcohol you Should NOT exercise? well.... that feeling seems OFF to me. Understandable! but as you say it could make it VERY difficult to make things better. you need exercise to feel good, build strength and work towards losing weight. ... we all have a tendency towards "all or nothing" behavior that is IMHO very bad. Either " I will be VERY healthy, not eat one chocolate bar, have a craving, go to the gym, and make a very healthy (elaborate) salmon dinner, and def telling your friends that you will NOT drink at the bar" then opps! a chocolate bar gets eaten (OR whatever). :self hate! now you are eating pizza, not working out, and drink till your dizzy. IMHO; Resist this thought!! first of all, we ALL get cravings; sometimes eat a chocolate bar, occasionally eat pizza and drink a few*. you can do this AND workout at the gym! The key to ALL this (and more ) is Moderation. if you get caught with a craving. Think. ooops! I need to make today BETTER by spending the rest of day being healthy. a LITTLE pizza really isn't the end of the world and Non-stop salmon dinner's-- Who could afford that anyways? ---- *ok. well, truth be told I don't drink. so I'm not being ENTIRELY honest when I say that "we all"....if you want to talk about that - we can. but its not really relevant to what I'm trying to say. PPS. and the OTHER problem with morning workouts (that I've seen) is that By mid-day you are DONE trying to workout, cuz' ... its too late now! its never too late to work on being healthy! its cool to try to go, but if you miss, I would urge to KEEP trying!! you have a flexible lifestyle where you CAN workout in the afternoon, you even have a CAR now!! thats awesome. as you workout you'll be stronger and stronger and soon it will be a habit. THAT is when you can start getting strong and losing weight. ---------- ofc not saying that planning to go tomarrow morning is Bad. Not at all. but I've struggled some with early morning workouts, myself and I would urge you NOT to allow that desire to ruin your workouts.
  16. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    We're not really into nightlife stuff either but otherwise all of the above. Won't be driving because I don't trust myself not to accidentally end up on the wrong side of the road We've already booked tours of Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, Penn & Teller and Cirque du Soleil in Vegas, and days at Universal and Disney in LA. Planning to also check out Alcatraz and La Brea tar pits, so I think that covers most of the obvious touristy things to do but I'm always open to suggestions!
  17. CourtnieMarie

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    Closing is 6/28 so a week after this challenge cycle ends. We’ve packed up 5 boxes so far, mostly books. I have a 5K on 6/1 and a tough mudder on 6/29 My dad is still in hospital and we’re trying to figure out which insurance he qualifies for so that he can move to a rehab facility. if none, then how to make him qualified. Sleep is going to be important so I’m going to try and instill a midnight curfew for the weekends. except for Iceland of course which is going to be sunny basically ALL THE TIME. oh yeah I’m going to Iceland during this challenge! Challenge goals: one full body workout per week: weights at the gym or tough mudder circuit one 30 min running sesh per week bring weekly sleep average to 7h40m. TV off by 8pm for Mon-Thurs. Fri -Sun in bed by midnight. food – 3 weekend vegetables track yoga – 30mins/week; include bridges and clamshells once/week. Obtain dad’s health insurance Talk with ABI folks Talk with commonhealth folks Get him signed up for one or the other get him moved to a rehab facility hire a financial advisor, schedule first meeting survive closing obtain home insurance pack up 10 more boxes, 2 per week a lot of the same stuff with a sprinkling of new. that's how i roll!
  18. Haven't been very good at posting here so let's try to catch up! Monday Ran 8km slow pace about 5:30 minutes per km. Stiff but was nice to be out in great weather. Logged about 2,700 cals Tuesday Should have hit the gym, overslept and didn't have time in the evening. Became a rest day. Ate about 2,000 cals to compensate for lack of exercise Wednesday Lift day Ran 3km (1,5 to gym and 1,5 back) Press 45kg 6-6-6-7 DL 95kg 3 reps, 95kg 4 reps, 100kg 3 reps, 105kg 2 reps, 110kg 1 rep - didn't feel good first set and I didn't do enough reps. Will deload to 85kg next time and work my way up Lat pulldowns 57kg 6-6-6-7 One arm db row 18kg 2x16 Weigthed dips 10kg 8-8-8-8 Will update with calories this evening. Ran my first fast yesterday, didn't get around to prepping before now. So fasted about 18 hours. Now I've eaten all my 2,600 cals today (from 06:30 am to 12:30pm) and will fast til tomorrow breakfast. was no problem yesterday at all. Fun to see if it keeps being so easy.
  19. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    I won't lie, the reason why I bought it was that the time spending trying a bunch of free apps vs just forking out a few bucks just wasn't worth it to me. It'd definitely be better if she could suggest free options! That is so badass.
  20. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Oh that too. My friends have moved away from me... mind you only 1-2 hrs drive away haha but still. And they are starting to all have babies now or are always working. BOO lol Oh yes that would be fun! At least when you move back I guess haha I just love costuming and making props soooo much. Its so much fun. I will probably only end up wearing my cosplay for our first walk through the con lol then go change into shorts and a tshirt or something haha. We are doing the butler cafe thing this year which should be interesting and I feel way too old to actually enjoy that lol BUT I know my sister will love it so theres that lol. Shes the only reason I still go to this con.
  21. NicTheRugger

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    Your resolve is strong-- good job resisting the temptation!
  22. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    I love you Tank! That is obviously what it should have been all along! I've missed being around. Forgive me I never meant to imply that you were responsible for the mistake only that that you currently have the power to fix it! Honestly I only noticed myself a couple of months ago but since I did notice I've been unable to unsee it! You'd have been very proud of @Rhovaniel. She literally fixed me with a glare until I made the phonecall. It is good to have friends who can help each over with their mental issues. It is great to be back!
  23. NicTheRugger

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    Nic found herself in a glen near a small village, about two days' journey from the Ranger's Headquarters. This village was allied with the Rebellion, and would often give members of the rebellion food and shelter, as well as a place to train, for a short period of time, before the rebel would move on to continue with the mission. She had been here before, and happily walked into the village, waving at someone she recognized. Her first goal was to find a place to stay for the night. Then, she grinned, eyeing the unusual training apparatus that the villagers had constructed as a thank you for the Rebellion, she would train for a bit. Tuesday: "Freebie" run! Did a little under 3 miles doing a c25k run. (Hence the me arriving at a village-- I had to run to get there!) Practiced Polish Stretched before bed! Did a significant amount of apartment hunting -- I've found 3 possible options that I'm looking into: one summer lease, one apartment building where I'd have the option of terminating my lease early if I get military orders, and one room share in a house. Today (Wednesday): Crossfit workout this morning. We did climbing sets of "broken down clean and jerks" (3 hang pulls and shrugs, 1 clean into a front squats, 2 jerks) until we got to our heaviest sets. I got to 73 lbs, which isn't much, but I'm considering it a success as I've never actually done a clean-and-jerk before. When I mentioned that my wrists were really sore from Monday still to my coach, one of my classmates loaned me her wrist wraps that way they had some extra support. The wraps helped a lot. I may have to invest in a pair of my own! On the downside, my hips and lower back are extremely tight. Like, radiating pain down my legs kind of tight, sitting is actually really not fun kind of pain. Maybe I pinched a nerve in my lower back...? Not sure how I'm supposed to address this at work now, especially as I'm in a dress! Can't do the stretches I'd normally do with trousers or jeans on. I did get in a set of 2 pull-ups this morning after the workout. Maybe I'll try to do another set tonight... Today is a half-day at work, as I need to go to the future job and have an interview with one of the staties (state police) assigned to the office. I was hoping to check out the options today, but I just got the email that the woman who would lease me a room in her house isn't free today. I may do a drive-by of the apartment building just so I can see it. Still left to do today: Practice Polish Stretch Journal Make progress with the housing situation Start identifying gyms and crossfit boxes in the area I'm hoping to live in. 2 of the three options I'm looking at are in the same town, so I'm gonna research based on that.
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  25. WhiteGhost

    Show up and do the work

    Not necessarily true. In addition to the parkour Hatter mentioned, running very small mountain trails can be loads of fun, especially when they get eroded a bit and have banked walls at the corners so you pretend to be a race car as you turn. Surely I'm not the only one who does this? I loved everything about this update!!! Yay for progress, and double yay for enjoying the fruits of that progress! Happy is good!
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