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  2. WhiteGhost

    Shello Attempts a Comeback

    How would you feel if someone called you a twatpancake???? Nothing but net!
  3. You may be surprised at what we wouldn't be disappointed about That sounds about as close as it gets to a perfect day
  4. WhiteGhost

    The Battle Chef's Log

    That gym is looking sweet.
  5. This book was fine until about 3/4 of the way through and since I had invested that much time I might as well give it the last 30 minutes to put it to bed once a for all. There hasn't been a book in my life I have put down and then not wondered what had happened and picked back up, so I might as well just do it now.
  6. I have never heard of melatonin supplements.. Did they give you funky dreams again?
  7. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    No worries, they are certainly good ideas to keep in my back pocket
  8. WhiteGhost

    Where did all the adamantium go?

    That MovNAt class sounds so fun! I really hope they will let you do some self practice on the side while the advanced class takes place. Also hope your neck feels better soon. Any guess what's causing it?
  9. Week 1 : Tuesday 1. Track Calories - Captured in MFP. Didn't eat like a dickhead. 2100 calories 2. Mobility - Spent some time while at gym on shoulder mobility. 3. Cardio - None 4. Lift - Front Squat 5x5x40kgs, Shoulder Press 5x3x20Kgs (pretty tough) 5. Learn - Did not do any learning. Listened to fantasy audiobooks and watched GoT 6. OPTIONAL - Early Start - Woke up at 4:30 and went to the gym. #fleks.
  10. I'm going to chime in here and say this is the "growing up puppy syndrome", meaning that when you get a little puppy you never see if get bigger, but when a friend comes over a few weeks later they say "wow your dog has grown". It may seem to you that you're not getting fitter, but I'm willing to put down some benjamin's that you're much much much fitter than you were 2.5 months ago. Also with cardio you're always at a near death stage, since that's the point of cardio, and in a group setting it's designed to make everyone (fit and unfit) tired and fatigued. In the CrossFit box I was at, when we do cardio type exercises at the end of it everyone (fit and unfit) are lying on the floor breathing for their life. My suggestion is get proof. Find a repeatable cardio workout and then redo it every 4 weeks (or whatever timeframe you think fits) and write down your times. A "good" one to pick is something like 100 Burpees for time (good is in quotes as it doesn't feel good!) Anyways, trust the process, I'm sure you're handling business. On a first post related note, can totally relate to the fortress, and good luck with the adventures beyond the wall. Also working on that quest here!
  11. Salinger

    RES: Here I go again

    Sending you lots of love RES .... the hair looks great xx
  12. Sounds to me it's a joke on obsessive readers really, the kind that won't put a book down no matter how big and/or bad it is until they've read through to the very end.
  13. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Is Happy to Be Here

    This is a busy week for me, i dont know how it got so busy, but I don’t like it. I worked out yesterday for twenty minutes. I danced a bit, which is more like muppet flailing to the music than dancing. But it was fun. Even though I am cooking dinner tomorrow, I am sneaking in little bits of preparation and cooking this week, which is funny because it feels like I’m getting away with cooking in my-not-planned day, when cooking more is the actual Goal. Apparently, I like being sneaky. Sneaky Sneakerson it’s 330am so back to bed. When I wake up, I am planning the rest of my week out so I can relax my brain and feel like I’m not getting sucked in the waves,
  14. DarK_RaideR

    Ye Ranger Guilde Halle in the North [General Chat]

    *tips the barman to slip some tequila into RES' coffee* "Sssshhh... she'll need it"
  15. Today
  16. Guzzi

    Turning back the clock

    I weighed myself the start of the last challenge (just for reference) and the numbers were: Weight - 70.8kg BF - 27.7% So, no change over the last 5 weeks, at least not according to the scale, but as I said to Colin the other day, I feel different. I’m happier with my body and I feel as if it’s less jiggly, even though I hadn’t been eating less or doing any real workouts - just aerobics for senior citizens and yoga. But on Monday I was at the gym for a class and the instructor said to me “I see a difference in you, you’ve lost weight.” So obviously there has been some kind of change, which I’m delighted with! I’ve started 5:2 intermittent fasting as part of my 4 week challenge so that should deliver some results, but I’m going home for 10 days and my M-in-law will no doubt try to fatten me up while I’m there. I have also spoken to Norma (my old personal trainer) about doing a sort of intensive skills course with her while I’m there to try and improve my form on a few lifts so that I have more confidence to lift on my own. I have had a couple of 1-to-1 sessions with The Dude who works at the leisure centre but I’m not convinced he’s any good. He had me working on deadlift last week and I had to pull the pin when we got to 70kg and say “I can’t lift that” because my form had gone to shit. He also had me doing a lot of isolation exercises when I’d already told him I wanted to work on compound lifts. I’m thinking that instead of trying to work on Olympic lifts I should just settle down with a basic program like Stronglifts 5x5 and work on increasing my strength that way and just do some very light work on the Olympic lifts to get better form. I don’t think there is anyone here who would coach Olympic, apart from The Dude who supposedly can (but I think he knows fuck-all tbh). Today is a fast day, so I will be drinking lots of coffee!
  17. DarK_RaideR

    May the Force be with [DarK_RaideR]

    GUYS! GUISE!!! (gals too) I went to train yesterday! Ang guess what, I barely broke a sweat! That's on top of having to train since the first days of April, having smoked once or twice and even getting picked by the coach himself for a round of sparring HASBROWN OUCH! Plus this morning I weighed in at 82kg! So I kinda tricked myself into it, because last week I booked a hairdresser appointment for Tuesday at 16:00 instead of my usual 9-9:30 ones. This meant it wasn't going to interfere with my training, in theory, plus even if I didn't train, again in theory, there was no point getting back to work either. So since I was home around 16:30-17:00, might as well get ready for the 18:00-20:00 training session. My mind tried to trick me out of it, first by scaring me into how unfit I'd be (but hey, that doesn't change by not going and it only gets worse the more you delay your return) then by making me thing it would be a waste of money; I could go next week and start things fresh in May. To which I thought, I've paid 60 a month for Crossfit, which ideally breaks down to 3 one hour sessions a week, 12 per month, so 60/12=5 Euros per hour. Hell, I've paid 10 for one-off visits. With Muay Thai training sessions lasting 2 hours, if you add the one round the start of April, yesterday's one and assuming I train on Thursday too, that's 3x2=6 hours this month for 40 Euros, so 40/6=6,6eternal per hour. HASBROWN MATH, HASHBROWN NUMBERS DON'T LIE HASHBROWN NERD. Now if you'll excuse me, I ache all over today and work has been hell so far. I've just had my first coffee of the day and it's just 10:30.
  18. Tuesday Update The weather is not quite as sunny as it has been and my temperament has followed suit a little. I always feel better in the sunshine. I read my book on the train and I was hoping to finish it but no such luck. It's a slog right now. I am only 50 pages from the end but it's really getting on my nerves now. It's The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch and I strongly suspect there is still a big twist to come but I don't actually care what it is which is disappointing after 450 pages of slog. It's a story about obsession and there is, like, zero crywanking in it so there can't be that much in the way of obsession. Obsession without crywanking isn't obsession at all, in my opinion. It's just a passing fancy to somebody. I fasted until 3 when I ate my sardine salad and a yoghurt. TH had warmed up some homemade baked KFC I made and froze a few weeks ago with some chips and beans-and-sausages. He has booked an appointment with a pest controller on Thursday which means he isn't off today with me, he is working from home which he was very disappointed about but if I am honest, and as much as I love spending time with him, all I really want to do today is play Tomb Raider so it's kinda worked out perfectly for me We spent the evening watching trailers for video games and I want all of them. We came to bed pretty early and fell asleep pretty early too. Today, I am going to give it 116% in the gym and then fall into a video game coma and it's gonna be sweeeeeet. Calories - 1468
  19. DarK_RaideR

    RES: Here I go again

    A happy life contributes way more to it than a clean life. Just saying.
  20. Infinity.Creates

    Akari keeps moving forward

    Ngl that's basically my Korean level It's sort of frustrating? BUt I'm glad I know more than nothing! I'm glad you managed to get inside your home at last, and as for the anxiety, that is also slow progress, but it is progress and I believe that you'll continue gaining ground and you'll be wonderful, both as a single woman and as a mother. <3
  21. ReturnOfTheDad


    Weight: Traveling, no scale Sleep: 6 hrs Water: 1 Gallon Protein: 150 grams Meals: 9:00am - Egg white & veggie Omelette, oatmeal, almonds, craisins, oj, coffee, vitamins. 12:30pm - Gyro & quinoa bowl, iced tea 3:00pm - Protein bar & green tea 6:00pm - Banana (pre-workout snack) 10:30pm - Chicken, veggie dog, broccoli Fitness: Weights - Shoulders/Legs/Arms/Obliques Notes: Been quite the couple of days of travel. Yesterday woke up near the mountains in Phoenix and finished the day with some friends on the Coast: I sometimes forget to be grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. Very thankful to be able to pause every once in a while and even though I miss my family and am struggling to acclimate to a new job, there are profound experiences to enjoy if I just take a moment to breath them in. All settled in at the Candlewood Suites. Actually taking advantage of the kitchen and did some grocery shopping and meal prep today. So nice to have healthy home cooked meals when traveling this much. Also got to a 24 Hour Fitness Ultra (only a couple in the country) and got good workout in. More pics to come this week, but any gym with a fountain in front is pretty dang fancy in my book: Reheated one of the meals I prepped for dinner watched a few episodes of Superstore. BTW, SUPER psyched that the TV here has an HDMI outlet to I can watch Hulu on a bigger screen. It’s the little things. On a more frustrating note, I finally binged My Hero Academia (AMAZING) and right at the 3rd season, but they only have the sub version, rather than the dub version. I mostly have anime’s playing in the background while I’m working, so subtitles are out for me for the most part. Any Hulu anime recommendations welcome. On to another day in OC.
  22. deftona

    Take it Outside ll: Electric Boogaloo (djtrippyT)

    I'd really like to hang out with you.
  23. deftona

    Shello Attempts a Comeback

    Being British, I feel like I was born to help in situations like this. Cuntybollocks Arsebadger gets my vote.
  24. It probably shouldn't be on my arse, that's still pretty disappointing. Thankyou! This succinctly sums up exactly what I am looking for!
  25. Salinger

    Cheetah revels in a small measure of success!

  26. There are two reasons why distractions while eating is "bad". It might potentially make you eat more and it might make you enjoy the food less. You might eat more because you aren't paying attention to your body's signals as regards to fullness/satisfaction while reading or watching TV. You might also eat faster, not giving the body enough time to process (in mind, and in body) how much food, and what food, you've just ingested. This in turn might mean you eat more than your body needs because it can't send the fullness signals/hormones in time. Paying attention to a TV show, or a magazine while eating means you're not paying as much attention to the attributes of the food you're eating. What does it taste like in different parts of the mouth? What's the temperature of the food like? Too hot? Too cold? What about the texture? Etc... If you're eating a really delicious meal I bet you want to really savor it! Now, if you just grabbed a frozen meal, nuked it for a few minutes, and then sat down in front of the TV to eat it all the above points are pretty moot. I mean, you're not going to go for seconds because you're not feeling the fullness signals, because there are no seconds! What you have in front of you is what you're going to eat regardless of any potential distractions... And to be honest, most frozen meals aren't exactly culinary pinnacles... So maybe it doesn't matter if you're not paying 100% attention to the taste So go ahead and do what works best for you! The "impact" of eating with or without distractions is going to vary from person to person, and from situation to situation!
  27. Salinger

    Lightbearer: Present

    Hey Sky, hope you have a wonderful day, sending you love xx
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