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    Annyshay Resettles

    Tuesday w4d3 Cook - breakfast Walk - not really Reach Out - asked for deep feedback on one of my articles Grateful Wins - tried to be gentle with myself as I was feeling unmotivated and burned out - enjoyed Stranger Things 3
  3. annyshay

    Annyshay Resettles

    Thanks Snarky, I've been working on it for a loooooong time. It's a process.
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  5. jonfirestar

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    It was really good seeing you yesterday Yeti I really hope that sunburn isn’t too bad! Hopefully when I am back up your way that the weather is more appropriately Scottish!
  6. zenLara

    [Waanie] An hour a day keeps grumpiness at bay

    Let me tell you: you're going to die. I know, because we reached 42 yesterday and I'm dead. Why does this sound soooo lovely and nice when anybody talks about it, and when I go shopping it is a mixture of stress, boredom and frustration?
  7. zenLara

    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 23!
  8. Cool!! Yeah, that's tough. I guess the only advice is "give it time"? Which is not very helpful, I know. That's great. When you're in a lot of trouble, the best thing is to avoid the need to make decisions and go straight ahead to do something. I hope that you're having fun with it! Thanks for the explanation about the mat, I didn't know yoga mats needed any of that. Is that a thing? I'll take a look, thanks.
  9. Waanie

    [Waanie] An hour a day keeps grumpiness at bay

    Week 3 challenge summary Day Exercise Stretches Monday Biking 100’ Walking 57’ Total 157’ Yes Tuesday Walking 172’ Total 172’ Yes Wednesday Biking 64’ Yoga 12’ Total 64’ Yes Thursday Walking 20’ Biking 25’ Climbing 90’ Total 135’ Yes Friday Yoga 11’ Total 11’ Yes Saturday Walking 78’ Total 78’ Yes Sunday Climbing 120’ Walking 36’ Total 156’ No Note: climbing times are estimates (rounded down to a nice number) Exercise 60 minutes a day: 6/6 Stretches: 6/6 Success!
  10. Waanie

    [Waanie] An hour a day keeps grumpiness at bay

    Thanks! I agree that it is okay to have "nothing" days from time to time, as long as they don't occur too often, or are planned. I should have them more often, and listen better to that inner voice . And yeah, living next to the border is pretty neat. Some things (mainly booze and clothes) are much cheaper in Germany, so sometimes I go there for shopping. That's more like a 20 minute drive, it was this forest that was a bit farther away. In The Netherlands that is not so bad, especially in the part where I live (we're culturally ~10 years behind the west), but this might be the case in Germany. Germany is more extreme in their exercise culture anyway, where people either make it a big deal or don't do anything at all. Where I live, most people exercise moderately, from bike-commuting/walking to going to the gym a few times per week. There's people who exercise more or less, but most people fall in this category. I mean, at my first year at university we were going to camp by bike, which was 30km. Nobody had a problem with that. This weekend I visited my parents (and therefore did not update a lot). I went bouldering in a climbing centre close to them, which is much more modern compared to where I normally climb. It is easy to get to talk to people when alone, but I don't think I'd return there if I was not very close by already. It's lacking a bit of atmosphere somehow, not really the holiday feeling I was going for. It was still nice though. Temperatures will be tropical in The Netherlands during the next few days (38C is predicted tomorrow), and we don't have AC. Not sure if I will exercise at all, I forgive myself if I won't achieve my goals . This week, I went shopping on Monday (bought a cute dress, a new handbag and a few T-shirts), and a slow walk yesterday evening. The route that usually takes me 70 minutes, now took me 90 minutes in 30C+ weather (this might also be due to many gym-fights in PoGo though). I'm sweating like crazy, so we'll see what happens. Maybe it is also time to start thinking about goals for next challenge...
  11. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 58: Brick By Brick

    Monday, Tuesday Nutrition - Daily: Hit my macros: [1253, 943] - of 1200 Calories [71, 68] - of 91g Protein [105, 85] - of 119g Carbs [60, 38] - of 40g Fat - [x, x] Daily: Take vitamins/probiotic - [x, x ] Daily: Track symptoms on Cara - [x, x] Daily: Food collage - [ ] Weekly: Next week’s meal plan Breakfast: Overnight oats, tahini, blueberries & pumpkin seeds or the last of the granola both days Lunch: Rotisserie chicken & rice/quinoa blend Monday, Salmon fried rice Tuesday Dinner: Salmon fried rice Monday, Orange miso orange things with rotisserie chicken Tuesday Snacks: A basket of tortilla chips at the wings place Monday, some still kinda joyless oat cakes Tuesday Physical Fitness - [x] Weekly: Attend 2 yoga sessions - [ ] Weekly: Walk or row if I’m home all day - [ ] Weekly: Research exercise classes - [ ] Challenge: Attend 1 non-yoga class Went to yoga on Monday with my Monday yoga girlfriend. Tuesday walked the mall a bit before coming home to eat lunch before I damn died. Monday also featured a visit from maintenance re: our yearly mold drama. I don’t want to have it this year; was hoping everything we’ve done that’s water related in the apartment this year would fix it - it has not. It was 93% humidity in my living room Tuesday morning. And the dehumidifier we bought for the bedroom just isn’t cutting it. They’ve brought us a second one, and that’s knocked the humidity down to 70-80% in the living room, and back up to not ideal for some reason in the bedroom - which is still going to mold. This pic was taken while on a walk last night - we got 2 blocks, and my phone was literally wet when I pulled it out of my dog training treats bag. Like so wet it wouldn’t recognize my fingerprints. Supposedly, The maintenance manager is coming today to let me know what the plan for sealing the windows at least will be - and it may involve moving for awhile or permanently, depending upon what they can do. Which could work well for the dogs, or could be the worst thing ever. Locked their asses in the bedroom yesterday with the sheets stripped off the bed - one of them managed to pee on the 1 side of the mattress cover that is t covered by the waterproof sheet, Odin chomped into the side of the holiday decorations bag like a freaking shark, they raided the donations bag and strewed shoes and dog outfits all over, someone found the bag of tiny jingle bells is intended on teaching Freya to door signal with - and I came home to a musical bedroom party, aaaaaand there was a poo on one potty pad with a pee dead center on the other. At least they got 2 things right? Thankfreakinggoodness they didn’t find the glitter stash. I mean ... I’d be living my best life, but DH would be less than thrilled to explain what kind of night he had at work the next day. [emoji38] Moar Fulfillment - [x, x] Daily: Read finance article - [x, x] Daily: Dog training - [ ] Weekly: Apply for or bid on 1 job - [ ] Challenge: Start a class on Skillshare - [ ] Challenge: Pick budgeting app; fill in that and spreadsheet We got the more sensitive vibration collars and tried them out. Can’t remember if I told you guys about that - they aren’t working for us. Odin thinks the ground buzzed him, spins in circles, and works himself into a dead panic - Freya just hunkers down and shakes while all that insanity is going on, waiting for hers to go off. Our poor little man is kinda smart, but cause and effect 100% pass him by. Freya gets it; he’s just such an oblivious guy anyways that he does not - and it’s too distressing for all of us to see if he will get it moving forward. For now, we are trying ways to make the back bedroom work for all of us - tried the back bathroom 3x on Monday - mopped bodily fluids up 3x, the dogs had a bath, and washed ground-in poo out of my grout. Not a good time. In other news, I think the fan we bought for the bedroom has made it more comfortable for DH with the A/C off at night. I know having it off is much better for me, and with the fan hitting his side, I wake up chilly in the middle of the night - hopefully that means he isn’t over there sweaty. He hasn’t complained about it since getting back from Germany, at least. I think he remembered what life is like with no A/C - and that most of the world lives just fine without it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. KB Girl

    Sloth gets some miles in

    Oh boy, I feel for you
  13. Mortimer

    My way towards OCR

    Yeah you can't really do much about it except for arranging more detailed tests. And have fun at the beach- do build an enormous sandcastles or bury your kids in sand =)
  14. I tried but there was no way I could do the EC on wallsits. Some things you just can't willpower through x)
  15. KB Girl

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    Thanks for elaborating on the topic, very very interesting. I'd read that C-section rates are so much higher in the states partly because of either money or the doctors on shift simply wanting to get it over with and go home. I'd dismissed both as fear mongering- but now I'm not so sure. That probably has something to do with that higher C-section rate also then. Did they also explain when it is necessary?
  16. 1. Continue with 6-minute walks daily (Day 11) 2. Continue with my food logging ( Day 11) 3. Three times NF BW workout this week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) (Attempting the 2nd circuit tomorrow) 4. Continue making my bed every morning (Day 10) 5. 5 Minute dance party daily (Day 1 tomorrow, missed today) 6. Continue with water intake 7. No Excuse Stretches #2 8. No electronics first 30 minutes waking for 7 days (Day 2) 9. Try two new veggies 10. Come with final 3 S.O. decoys for Rising Heros 11. Do 2-mile walk on Friday or Saturday 12. Parkour mission later this week. 13. Customizing Bat Cave #1 (Almost done!) (I need to implent 2 of them tomorrow morning, and then it's done!) 14. Navigate a Grocery Store section of the Academy (Done and made a grocery list based off NF pantry! 15. Log Spending every day. (Day 1) Also, in other news, I can do knee push ups in good form for 5 reps. I didn't think I'd get there for another month. I'm not adding them in yet (want to get to three circuits with the wall push-ups first) but I'm proud.
  17. Tuesday Update Oh my gosh this heat. Given who was so undemocratically elected as a our new prime minister yesterday it's not beyond all realms of possibility the literal gates of hell have opened up. Those plans to sit in the garden? Those were the plans of a fool. In practice, it was way too hot to be in the garden so I spent the day in my house with all my blinds closed just in my pants. The only room in my house that doesn't have blinds is the rear conservatory and I am pretty sure my neighbours can't see in and if they can well it's their own stupid fault - they shouldn't be looking. They deserve all the eyefuls of pastey titties they get. I kept starting to do stuff then having to stop because I am pathetic when I am hot. I did half arsedly clean the bathroom, then I lay down on the bed in front of the fan for a hour to recover. I watched an episode of Killing Eve and Fleabag, then I napped whilst listening to Megadeth (surprisingly good to nap to). TH got home a little later than usual since he was coming back from Oop North but he was being driven back by a colleague and dropped somewhere where he planned to walk back. I wasn't having that, it was too hot for bras, it was definitely too hot to walk so I got in the car and picked him up. I bought him home, then took him out for a world food buffet since he's got an interview for yet another job. He's so in demand. I have almost finished writing out my next challenge but I think I am going to jump right in and start it now because I feel terrible after all that buffet food. Bleurgh.
  18. deftona

    Simplicity: DJTrippy T

    Don't dress for the job you've applied for, dress for the job you want. Erm, Bond villain?
  19. deftona

    Snarky is habit forming

    I'm about to jump back on the calorie counting train! Let's do this together <4
  20. Big_Show

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    Glad to hear you're doing better mate. I know just what you mean about having to put effort in to meeting up with friends, we keep somehow running out of time too despite best intentions. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  21. Big_Show

    Big_Show in #OperationWeddingSuit

    Monday was a really nice evening - we headed straight over after work to see the Welshman's family, and I even took a sensible amount of the barbecue instead of ALL of it. Unfortunately my intention to not drink got scuppered when I was handed a glass of wine that kept getting magically refilled... Yesterday I had an appalling day at work. Everything I picked up to code was complicated, and I was left stressed and exhausted at the end of it. Ended up skipping the gym and going to the pub to sit in the sun instead. Not the best choice, but it really did help. Tonight the family are staying over at ours so no exercise is being done, but tomorrow has been freed up so I'm going to stick in a heavy leg day to make up for it. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  22. LovelyBouncer

    Air Fryer?

    Oh thanks all for sharing this! I had a coworker who was willing to sell me hers for $30, but was questioning on space if it wasn't any different than an oven. Knowing it changes things up has me thinking good things.
  23. aramis

    The next step

    I'll just pretend this didn't happen... Bottling up emotions isn't maybe the healthiest thing to do, but I'm good at it so that's what I'm gonna do now. Just push this crap aside and deal with it later. For now, I have plans ahead - today me and wife go to Rammstein concert, and at weekend we take kids and head off to vacations at the seaside. It's no place for dark thoughts and worries. Anyways, report on yesterday: W4 D2 - Keep the engine running Workout (running) ✔ - We're losing pressure 2506 kcal, 127.5 g protein 7 day average weight: 74.07kg Daily weight - 74.3kg - Beware the material fatigue No problem waking up at alarm. No screen in the evening, went to bed before just after 9:30pm. I was mentally too tired to do anything. Just went to sleep. - This thing needs to move Kept myself busy till supper, after that crashed on the couch for an hour (overthinking and agonizing over this crap in my head) and went to bed. Not the nicest evening ever.
  24. LovelyBouncer

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize, Elvin Toboggan Ryder

    Ugh, so sorry you had to deal with that event. Helped that you were alerted by your senses to keep an eye on them. Hope you never have to deal with that again!
  25. LovelyBouncer

    Hani Gets Back On The Health Choo-Choo Train

    Heyo! Also 25 female who loves NF (and some geekdoms... Tend to pick whatever grabs my attention at the moment). But feeling you on the carb heavy diet! You have so much fight in you, with being here you will win against the odds!
  26. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Hey @MrUgly72! Didn't see you lately. How's your mood? Better, or depression hit you again? I hope you aren't posting because you are busy, not because of poor condition. About mine "Not cool" - I'll just bottle this up and pretend nothing happened. Not much else I can do tbh. Today me and wife are going to Rammstein concert, I plan on having fun there. And at night from Sunday on Monday we 're off to seaside for our family vacation. I won't let medical stuff ruin this time. July 22nd: Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - chicken with spinach, rye bread - 796kcal, 62.5g protein Dinner - pork chop with potatos and cucumber salad, homemade raspberry and banana icecream with two chocolate squares - 950kcal, 36.5g protein Supper - toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches with italian herb mix - 640kcal, 22.5g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 200ml whole milk - 120kcal, 6g protein Total 2506 kcal, 127.5 g protein. Workout (running): 33min - 3min marching warmup, 11x (2min jog, 30sec walk), 2.5min cooldown. Stretching afterwards.
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