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  2. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit - Counterintuitive?

    Mon-Wed 1) Eat breakfast: with proteins i it - yesx3 2) Eat lunch at 1ish even at weekends - yesx3 3) Eat dinner: with proteins and/or veggies and/or fruit - dinner yes, can't remember what 4) Sleep more - yesx3 5) Do less (say no, take your time) - yesx3
  3. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    June 26th: Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - chicken stew, grilled veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrot frozen mix) - 696kcal, 98g protein Dinner - fried fish and eggs, cucumber and tomato salad, sugarless churros - 435kcal, 32g protein Supper -quark with white mulberries - 651kcal, 29g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 100ml whole milk - 60kcal, 3g protein Total 1842kcal, 162g protein. Yeah, I forgot to get my after-workout shake... Workout (strength): warmup - 5min elliptical 8 | 10 | 6 body rows from ground level (no incline anymore, YAY) 20 | 15 | 20 | 16 | 20 | 17 squats/push-ups circuit streching - bit of dynamic strech, bit of yoga poses I need to put on more resistance for squats, as they tend to be too easy, and I don't feel like doing more of them. I will try weighted backpack again, or maybe sandbag.
  4. DarK_RaideR

    DarK_RaideR's BattlE_LoG

    Dziękuję I do what I can. Tuesday's session was making up for the one I missed while out of town for the local elections, today's the regular one so two in one week, go me! Aye, that's one side of the coin. The other is getting praised for sub-par performance, which tends to breed complacency and selling one's self short. Life, why's it got to be so hard like that, amirite? Soon as I read this I was like Because indeed, like we've noticed several times and you brought up again: If I remember correctly, I'm INTP so we're pretty close, even though you seem to pay a lot more attention to that whole personality types thing (which is such an INTJ thing to do, I guess?) I am well aware of that, hence me suggesting we live together at my place after something like 3 months together, hence the thoughts of marriage, kids and a life together coming up in my mind and not freaking me out. Funny enough, last night she asked me if I intend to get back into Muay Thai on July Both my parents are 100% like that. Even when called out on it, their usual motto is something along the lines of "let bygones be bygones, focus on loving each other and let's move on" which is essentially just sweeping the issue under the rug. Growing up in such an environment messed up my concepts of arguing and handling off-track emotions, which is something I'm only starting to realize through therapy. Seriously tho, we need to join forces and bring back some RP motivation. It just hasn't been the same since the RPG Fanatics ended and challenges no longer involve raising imaginary attributes.
  5. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit - Counterintuitive?

    Yeah, a friend of mine said she was worried about me last week, I thought she was referring to depression, but she was referring to exhaustion. I know too many people in my profession (software engineering) that had a breakdown. I have been burning the candle from both ends lately (emotional end and to-do end). So, slowing down and enjoy the trip is the way to go
  6. Endor

    Show up and do the work

    Is that the proverbial gauntlet across the cheek?! Do you think you Spaniards have superior raw onion eating powers to Australians? Surely you haven't meet our ex-prime minister Mr Tony Abbott! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  7. DarK_RaideR

    Simplicity: DJTrippy T

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this,right @RES? Yes you do. Also, dibs on the green/red one
  8. aramis

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    When sport is fun is way better than competition level in my book. Given enough time, people tend to optimize fun out of everything. Enjoy the fun
  9. aramis

    Ye Not-Quite-Olde Ranger Guildhall [General Chat]

    "Oh Chaplain, you ask if I heard of him? He's one of the greatest inventors of all time, just ask anyone who saw Mail Sorter and lived long enough to tell the tale. The idea to round up Pi to three while calculating it's gearbox is purely amazing." aramis reaches into his frock-coat inner pocket and pulls out matchbox containing a small figurine. "I even have exact replica of his Colossus of Ankh-Morpork. In exact scale!" he grins in enthusiasm. While aramis is distracted by conversation, the gaslamp extends six spider-like legs and tires to sneak off the table.
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  11. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 6

    Introvert days among these lot is impossible. Woensdag 1. No running 2. No push-ups 3. We will not talk about the Lays or the Pizza slices. Or the scale. 4. It was a bad day. Looking online for a support group helpline is never a good thing. It is just a waste of time talking to people.
  12. @mu

    Press to HS summer battle part #1

    I missed backbends yesterday, I'm not sure what's up with backends. I might need to revamp that session a little bit to make it more attractive. Let's see if I can have it on Friday. I'm going to a tech conf today and tomorrow. I find this more tiring than a day of work usually but let's see. Oh I'm back on my own bike, and indeed it is a bit heavier but I've progressed it seems, commute is getting easier! I'm also starting to feel some change in leg activation during training! Today was custom P2 and I changed a few things. I swapped pike PU for HS to crow. And I used my BALL on some elements (just using a flexed foot hold for now)! It was tough but a LOT OF FUN. On crow (1-leg and knee swaps), it made me realize that I don't lift the butt that much, I tend to open the hips and get the leg out to the side like a dog about to take a pee... I need to work on that... And then I did HS consistency with a straddle kick. It looks like the best entry to "debug" my ribs / piking because it forces me to have very active legs (floppy being another issue I need to work on) + if my ribs start sticking out I will go banana. It's much more obvious than from a tuck jump. I find it also much more tiring, by rep 3, it's getting quite challenging. 5+s consistency score: 19/25 (5x5 sets) Then I did HS lowers and HS to crow, but I was pooped. Not a good idea, I will have them before consistency again next time. Here is a video log of ball stuff and HS rib-related struggles:
  13. @mu

    I guess I'm unchallenging?

    Stacked and still is a nice feature I'd like to have Mine are often in disco mode, rotating in out, going up and down, and it's tough! I also followed the HS factory announcement and I was very tempted but I have a limited budget these days (circus classes payment coming up). Haaaa
  14. Morag

    Ye Not-Quite-Olde Ranger Guildhall [General Chat]

    Walking in wearing her old yet beautiful hufflepuff scarf (I sorted the hallway walk-in and found the missing winter gear, yay), enchanted with a cooling spell appropriate for the weather here of course, parking her broom behind the door, where it will behave! Morag walks up to the bar with a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye. A quiet exchange with the barkeep, a gift for the host, as is her custom. And he offers a fruity cocktail and a small plate of cheeses and crackers with a raised eyebrow, as if to say: "I know exactly what you would like best for food and beverage at any given time, and I would never ever judge, but this is unusual for you." "I don't even know why I want these things, but as unusual as they are, the things you placed in front of me are Exactly what I would like, and I am well aware that it's not my usual fare. Join me in laughing over myself, it is good fun, and healthy too, laughter.", Morag conveys with a shrug of her shoulders and a face of wry mirth. She walks over to where Terra and Cheetah have found places to read and people watch. While walking over Cheetah and his window of gardens get company from a second window viewing into the dark, cool, green of a deep forest, one of the wooden chairs stretches and popps, quietly, until it is a fluffy chaiselounge of dark brown cloth, the café style table, dances and turns until it is a small white sidetable just the right size for a plate of cheese and crackers and a glass of some sort and maybe a book or three. Placing gently the barkeep's treats on the table and sliding her beautiful blue bag (bigger on the inside) off her shoulder (I have to get one of those for real sometime), Morag sighs deeply and plopps herself down to enjoy a hat free moment. Watching aramis be aramis. Life could indeed be worse. send from my new phone, bear with me.
  15. Endor

    Sloth gets some miles in

    If you flicked it onto the lens and got boogerview all over gmaps is have given you $267! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  16. Sciread77

    Annyshay Resettles

    It’s clearly a dangerous business.
  17. scalyfreak

    The Long Night

    Also, I did try out a new recipe, even though it's not very adventurous. I made a dry rub, and applied it to a rack of baby back ribs, that I wrapped loosely in aluminum foil and put into a 300F/150C oven for five hours. After the five hours, I brushed barbecue sauce over the ribs and increased the temperature to 350F/175C, and uncovered the ribs (also removed foil as needed). Oven baked for another 15-20 minutes. Ate with garlic bread and much enjoyment. Dry rub spice mix: 4 tablespoons brown sugar 1 tablespoon kosher salt 1/4-1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1/2 tablespoon onion powder 1 tablespoon dried oregano 1/2 tablespoon or less of cayenne pepper (unless you like it HOT) 1-2 tablespoons chili powder The dry rub: A corner of the finished product:
  18. Sciread77

    Snarky is habit forming

    Nice custom flavored ice juice.
  19. Sciread77

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    #truth #anothertruth
  20. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale II

    TIL This is a real thing and not just the weirdest pronunciation of Nintendo Switch in the world by my son Woody.
  21. Morag

    Morag's unexpected journey.

    Friend invite sent. Mine is 9646 4280 8495 and thanks Cheetah, fingers crossed. send from my new phone, bear with me.
  22. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale II

    Bring It On was a great show altogether. The singing was great, the athletic feats were amazing, and apparently a kid broke her leg and finished performing. BUT. The lights were so bad it ruined the show. Triggered a migraine for me and made it almost impossible to watch or enjoy. They had LED lights dialed all the way up and pointed at the audience and fired them a lot. Unfortunately, this made it hard or impossible to see the performers. It was sad indeed because they were incredible.
  23. scalyfreak

    The Long Night

    Because you are awesome. Duh. Seriously, congratulations. Well earned reward for hard work!
  24. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 58: Brick By Brick

    Wednesday Nutrition - Daily: Hit my macros: [ 1329] - of 1200 Calories [ 86] - of 91g Protein [ 103] - of 119g Carbs [ 60] - of 40g Fat - [ ] Daily: Take vitamins/probiotic - [ x] Daily: Track symptoms on Cara - [ x] Daily: Food collage - [ ] Weekly: Next week’s meal plan Pre-Breakfast: 3 strawberries since I’d been up forever and was literally about to starve to death Breakfast: Steak & eggs with a side of fruit when my Wednesday Group finally convened at 9 Lunch: Skipped because I was out being an actual successful human at finding sandals Dinner: The last of the potatoes I made Monday with more Kewpie, a poached chicken breast, and a little soy sauce Snack: Was still starving from the whole :45 I made myself sit in hunger before eating an early(ish) dinner, so I consciously opted for quantity and had the last bag of my hippie popcorn with almost a Tablespoon of butter & nutritional yeast tbh, I was tired of the noise of the popcorn and the pruniness of my fingers to get any nutritional yeast about halfway through the bowl, but there was no freakin way I was going to waste any of my usual happy place food. Physical Fitness - [ x] Weekly: Attend 2 yoga sessions - [ ] Weekly: Walk or row if I’m home all day - [ ] Weekly: Research exercise classes - [ ] Challenge: Attend 1 non-yoga class No work here, except I think I hit my step count. Moar Fulfillment - [ x] Daily: Read finance article - [x ] Daily: Dog training - [ ] Weekly: Apply for or bid on 1 job - [ ] Challenge: Start a class on Skillshare - [ ] Challenge: Pick budgeting app; fill in that and spreadsheet Only worked on waiting for food - did not go on a walk today. Probably should have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. darkfoxx

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    Fridge Water!!!!!!!!! [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Valkyrie21

    Valkyrie's Crusade

    Gym - started Level 4 B workout today plus Kettlebell swings 5x10x10kg, 10x10x12kg, worked up a decent sweat and indulged in the happy hormones. Resumed my remote viewing practise and have levelled up there too - am more persistent and patient now and it results in even greater accuracy. Found a new website with over 100 targets so that is going to keep me busy for a while Diet - after that 'incident' with the turkey legs (opened the packet and they were so off that I nearly threw up, still within 3 days of expiry date, got a refund at least) my appetite for meat has taken a hammering and I am now pescatarian (I have been on and off Vegetarian all my life, purely based on preference and appetite) and will be embracing the 'survivor diet' (beans and rice) with vegies again, plus protein shakes.
  27. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human, Part 2

    Also general FYI: for the next 6-7 weeks there’s a chance I’ll either be a lot quieter than usual or make more random bullshit posts. July 2nd was the day my mother went to the ER and started the whole downward spiral. Last year it caught me off guard and I spent July and August reliving all of the shitty memories and my perceived failures during the whole thing, because my brain is weird and I remember random dates so I super helpfully kept remembering “today last year was when she had that surgery,” “a year ago today she went to the nursing home,” “this is the day I did X and fucked it up.” This year I’m obviously aware of all that and hoping it won’t affect me as much. But of course I have no way of knowing until/unless it happens. And I know by now that I didn’t fuck up. There are things I wish I’d done differently, mostly for my own sake, but I did the best I could under the circumstances. I spent 6 weeks doing fucking everything I could in a shithole of a house, with my lifelong abusers, to take care of a woman who refused to accept that she was dying. And let’s be real, no matter what I did she was always going to find fault with me anyway. She can choke on her fucking ham and cheese sandwich in hell.
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