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  2. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    June 24th: Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - chicken stew, grilled veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrot frozen mix) - 696kcal, 98g protein Dinner - stir-fried veggie mix, rice, fried eggs - 452kcal, 25g protein Supper - cottage cheese blended with protein powder, sunflower kernels and strawberries, scoop of ice cream - 719kcal, 65g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 100ml whole milk - 60kcal, 3g protein Total 1927kcal, 191g protein. Proteins slightly over target, but still in safe area. Workout (strength): warmup - 5min elliptical 8 | 8 | 7 assisted pull-ups 1x10 negative pull-ups 3x circuit (20 squats with exercise band, 15 push-ups) streching - bit of dynamic strech, bit of yoga poses As pull-ups and chin-ups are closer to 3x8, I will switch to thinner exercise band to give myself less assistance. I also think on getting a sandbag (I don't want a barbell, as it takes too much space) for weighted squats, as the band isn't comfortable, and it gives most resistance only in upper part of move.
  3. Morag

    Salinger's twenty third challenge!

    I am an hour ahead of you and they play the weirdest shit right now. Some 90ies hits... I think... or is that... I can't tell, sorry. Earlier they had the maccarena. I think there was andreas gaballier (?) My mum would have been able to tell. The ships keep blowing their fog horns. It's a party alright. But far enough away I struggle to recognise things, so it's all good. send from my new phone, bear with me.
  4. Salinger

    The next step

    Hey!!! Great goals! You do ALOT of exercise thats brilliant ! WIll be cheering you on xx
  5. Sorry I missed round two. I kept seeing the thing about enzymes and was so curious, but life had me by the throat for quite a bit this last little while. Glad I am here now to cheer and stalk. send from my new phone, bear with me.
  6. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty third challenge!

    Thank you, hopefully im mega tired so will sleep well Oh that sounds perfect! How lovely...what time is it there? Its 9.50pm here. My window is also open, as its pretty warm out. The sky is pink and lovely. Jackson is sleeping on my bed. I have turned my music off, as my housemate has gone to bed, but silence is nice right now. I might read a bit. I have THREE books on the go, i should really just choose one hahahaha x Oh yes! Every film he has made is confusing and very very strange. I guess the point is that its another reality, it delves into the subconscious and picks apart your thoughts. Genius.
  7. Rinna

    Salinger's twenty third challenge!

    I remember that movie. It confused the hell out of me.
  8. aramis

    The next step

    Hello Rangers, aramis the tinkerer reporting for duty I'm new to the Guild, and to be honest to The Rebellion as a whole as well. I did my first challenge in Level 1 group, some of you found me there and got to know me a bit, but I think some introduction would be proper. I'm a 38 y.o. guy from Poland, husband and father of two hellspawns (5 and 9). I work rather sedentary job 5 days a week 7am-3pm. Once or twice a month I go for an airsoft shootout. I love all things hand made - big like wooden buildings or small like jewelry. I'm steampunk engineer at heart and I love the thrill the process of creation gives me. My long term fitness goal is participation in OCR (I plan to test myself next year). In preparation, I do strength training based on "natural" moves - push-ups, squats, pull-ups etc and running. To be specific - I do push-ups and squats, and learn to do a pull-up (by NF guide) and to run ("None to Run" program). I exercise 6 days a week alternating strength training with running, with Sunday being rest day. My nutrition is mostly sorted out - I keep my caloric limit (this needs adjusting), prioritize protein intake, eat vegetables and don't drink soda My target weight is 80-82kg, so I need to gain 4-6 kg. At 0,35kg a week (to minimize fat gain) it will take me 12-17 weeks. Long term goal no. 2. I don't have a fancy nerdy theme for my challenge, but all things gnomish, steampunk or plain engineer-y make my heart happy. Oh, wait, now I have a theme. For this challenge, my goals will be: - Keep the engine running My workouts works (duh) for me, so I don't feel the need of changing things (only adjusting). I just slowly push myself harder as I get stronger. * Just don't stop. Track workouts in sake of accountability, and track reps to see the progress. - We're losing pressure I found my weight still slowly drops. I need to adjust my nutrition to stop this, and even add a bit of weight (preferably in form of muscle). * Slow increments in caloric intake, observation of weight and body composition. For now, target is no additional weight loss, with no or minimal gain. - Beware the material fatigue I need to sleep better and fall asleep faster. Last challenge I tracked my sleep habits, now I need to kick it up a notch and take some actions. * No screen for half an hour before bed. Books are fine. Bedtime no later than 11pm. Alarm at 6am - NO SNOOZE. (just-in-case alarm at 6:05, with penalty if used). Research on relaxing techniques. - This thing needs to move I need to be more energetic to spend actively time with family, but now I tend to avoid my kids in the afternoon. * Find the reason why am I so lazy and apathetic after work, and fight this. Do some research on energy levels through the day? Ask my doc maybe? I could use some advice here.
  9. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl :The Joy Continues

    Goal wise, this weekend wasn't good. Just in one of those I don't care modes. Saturday I decided not to track food because I didn't want to, and I was working out in the yard. NOt heavy work, but not light weeding either, so I have no idea how to track. Our raspberries were threatening a world take over, so I pruned them back into shape. It would be fine not to track, but then I jst wanted to eat all the things. And then at game night, I had more food. I didn't feel overstuffed , but close to it. Sunday I didn't track either. I did go for a walk. But I ate a bunch of our snacky high calorie food (granola corn chips) and did feel a bit over stuffed. Well, moving on. Today is a new day. Challenge wrap up; Goals; Prayer before meals Eat slow, think about how the food tastes, finish chewing before I take another bite, if I'm eating with others enjoy the conversation Use MFP as a tool to help my goals Eat foods that nourish me and make me feel good Treats I have, enjoy them let them bring me joy Pay attention to my hunger cues When Eating out, keep within my goals ( exception my birthday!)  I will of course keep working out. I am finishing up my kettlebell program, still working on my crow, going geocaching, lots of walks. Not sure what I'm doing after I finish the Kbs. Maybe rings. I did really well. Had my birthday this challenge. Enjoyed it, went off track a little for a couple of days, then back on track. Big picture I did really well, staying on course for the majority of time. Interesting note; I can get just as burned out paying attention to my hunger cues ( sometimes I feel a bit neurotic on this- Am I really hungry- how do I know) as I do of tracking. I think that even those days where I say I don't care, I still do alright. Maybe a bit over maintenance but not bad. I maintained my weight., so that is good. And gained in strength. I'm trying to decide if I will eat at a deficit for the challenge or not. Mulling it over this week.
  10. Morag

    Salinger's twenty third challenge!

    Let me wish you kinder sleepy timez tonight, to sooth both things that bug you physically right now. Oxo I'm listening to music too, kind of. It's Kiel week here, big deal locally, and it's a really warm summer night, so all the windows are open, and the live music wafts in. It's low enough (we're far enough away) that I'll be able to sleep when I choose to, but it's nice. send from my new phone, bear with me.
  11. Harriet

    RedStone Sparks Something

    Yay for writing! Do you want us to post sad dog pictures if you don't write every day? Just for accountability?
  12. Harriet


    Heya, how did the keto go over the last couple of weeks?
  13. Harriet

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    Greetings!!! Nae king! Nae quin! Nae laird! Nae master! Just lots of independent adventurers slaying various monsters. Speaking of which, I'm impressed with the all-class character you're building. Also, backflips. So impressed with backflips. And these: That's a nice deadlift!
  14. Elastigirl

    I guess I'm unchallenging?

    Very awesome that you are still enjoying the swims!
  15. Harriet

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    This is... perturbing yet mesmerising... I can't look away... Anyway, excellent decision to go hard on some things and go minimum effective dose on others. I like this. Very zen. Very wise. Totally adequate.
  16. Sloth the Enduring

    I guess I'm unchallenging?

    I love unchallenges.
  17. Harriet

    Gemma can be flexible when she has to be.

    Ah. Very good that you can escape. All you need now is to give yourself permission to do so. Was that a really grim pun? But seriously, I hope everything goes smoothly as possible. General anaesthesia is not fun. Especially if you have an existential fear of discontinuity of mind. Yay writing habit!!! This is great.
  18. Harriet

    JustCallMeAmber and the brain

    We must dissect the unicorn... for science. But seriously, it sounds like you had some wins as well as some draws this challenge. Good work!
  19. Today
  20. Rookie

    J3NN's got to move it, move it

    Lollllllll I dont wannnnnna. He said he would buy both of us new chairs lol but I don't really use mine unless we are playing games together lol. I just think its funny because hes brought up playing games together 2 times over the weekend and I just stared at him blankly. I am not sitting on a kitchen chair sir lol you can sit on a kitchen chair. FFXIV is coming out with a new expansion next week or something and 2 new jobs... soooooo Ima make him use a kitchen chair when I am playing. Then maybe he will get on the whole ordering a new chair thing. Hm I have a decent amount of interactions with outside people (because of the barn) but I would like to do more things (art group/classes, more horse things, etc) but then that takes a lot of time away from being home. And I am already not getting home until 8pm 3 days a week. Sooooo lol I feel I can't really unless I horseback rode less. But in general... even sometimes with my friends and family. Everything is changing and people are changing... and I don't feel super close with most people. BF is probably person I am most close to, then my Mom and maybe my sister. We had a lovely Friday and Saturday together and starting this weekend bass season is open so we are going to the cottage almost every weekend it seems. And hes gotten better about going off on his own to fish when I don't feel like fishing anymore. In theory that would work but its kind of unbalanced for us. He talks to me about fishing stuff when he gets excited but I am not as interested in fishing. I listen and ask questions but I can honestly only talk about fishing so much lol which he knows and understands so he will mainly talk to his brother about it. And he has a very small tolerance for hearing about horse stuff. So I pretty much only bring it up in small doses or if he asks. I am hoping this summer we can do more home reno stuff together though. And maybe we can watch another survival show..We love that stuff.
  21. Harriet

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

  22. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Tests her “If I could”s

  23. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky is habit forming

    It's a NEW challenge! Gosh it goes by so fast. For this challenge, I want to maintain the new habits from the last challenge: Exercise (Fitness) No Snacking After Dinner (Nutrition) Take one hour unplugged for myself (Stress-Relief) It's time to add more to it. Add strength training to my exercise routine. Cook Ten meals Take 1 hour a day for work EXPLAIN YOURSELF, SNARKY (spoilered for wordiness.)
  24. Mike Wazowski

    Gemma can be flexible when she has to be.

    OBVIOUSLY I'm gonna pull hard for Minerva McGonagall - especially if you happen to have the skill of learning an accent and a couple catchphrases, because she's one of my absolute favorite characters in the series, maybe even all of literature (and not just because she's probably the type of teacher I try to be most - no-nonsense, demanding, and even-handed). But I'll still fully support other choices, and LOVE that you made a new nerd intergenerational friend!
  25. Manarelle

    Akura collects XP in Orsterra

    Aw.... family can definitely throw a wrench in the diet goal. For me, a polite firm "no, thank you," and not explaining further worked eventually, but my family isn't terribly persistent about forcing food on people. Good luck with the numbers crunching.
  26. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty third challenge!

    Hey there! It has just gone 8.30pm.... Had a lovely dinner, drank lots of water, listened to music (i still am!) sat on my bed with Jackson sleeping next to me BUT i have twinged my lower back.... i did my fist set of deadlifts incorrectly, i had to be shown how to do them properly, but my form must not have been perfect cos it hurts! Trying to sit/lie so it doesnt hurt too much. OWWWW Also i keep getting acid reflux, not a lot, just every now and again. Not nice. Im tired. I might read in bed for a bit soon x
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