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  2. Atrytone

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    The only hip hop I ever really listen to (it's not my thing although I do respect the importance of the genre) is A Tribe Called Red and they incorporate more styles than just hip hop. And I think they're pretty contemporary; I'd recommend them once you get to the more modern stuff.
  3. raptron

    Red1263 versus the two Dodecahedrons

    Welcome back! Fun format.
  4. raptron

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    IT IS MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE SONG ABOUT WEREWOLVES!! And also, yessss. I listen to Return to Cookie Mountain and the Young Liars EP on the regularrrr. Get after it!
  5. raptron

    Raptron Turns 50?!?! [Challenges]

    For those of you who don't know what you are getting into, this is a casual Saturday night:
  6. Elastigirl

    TGP going the distance!

    Thanks,That's my plan
  7. I'm really glad you didn't delete it. I think one of the things that makes this all really challenging, especially with regard to interaction in Social Media, is that you get to see the parts of other people's lives that they want to share, which is usually the exciting fun things and the crippling anxiety or other struggles. The result is you end up comparing the best part of other people's lives with the worst part of your own which makes you feel 100x worse. This is a good example of that. I post a lot of the positive things in my thread, but I leave out the parts of my life that are hard. I have been unemployed since August and it doesn't look like the job market will recover for me in the near future. I have really serious impostor syndrome and feel like even if I found a job I would be terrible at it because even with my years of experience I am still convinced that I have no idea what I'm doing or that I'm good enough. That is just on the employment side. I have similar anxiety in a lot of aspects of my life. We all struggle, but, at least for me, I don't really have the courage to lay it all out on the line like you have. I have only known you for the few years I have been at NF, but in that time I have seen that you are a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. Whether that is your self defense classes, working through the WHM, or facing your fears doing your lessons with the Big Guy. I feel bad for you that you are struggling with so much right now, but even if things just get worse we will still be here cheering you on. We don't only care and cheer for you when you win and life is peachy (although we always like to see things go well for you). We do it no matter what the circumstances are because that's what friends do.
  8. raptron

    Raptron: Season Finale

    Thanks you guys!
  9. I am not turning 50 year old (as some of you may remember, I just turned 30 in January), BUT... THIS IS MY 50TH CHALLENGE ON THE FORUMS. WHAT? HOW EVEN? AM I OKAY? Let's take a breath and relax for a minute. I think this calls for some reflection, but honestly, I just feel like I need to get a challenge up and running! Reflections to follow! I just wrapped up my 5th club gymnastics national-level competition as a competitor and 6th in general and ALL OF THEM have been while I have been on these forums. Wild. Wild. Wild. Wild. I don't have videos to share just yet, but I should have them later. What are we working on THIS TIME? (The same thing we do every night, Pinky...) 1. Lifting Pick a program to last at least 8 weeks Commit to alternating 3 days/week and 4 days/week [or realize that won't work for me] 2. Offseason shenanigans Film a dumb bodyweight or gymnastics challenge every week for fun 3. Eat in more Eat 4/5 weeknight meals at home Eat at least one real dinner or lunch at home on the weekend 4. Talk about the last 5.5 years of my journey and THINK AHEAD Post at least one update a week about something in the last 50 challenges Reflect on what's been working for me and why, share my thoughts with you guys
  10. I just got the rejection for NW.
  11. Severine

    Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback Part 2

    Haha, sadly, neighbourhood is full of easily alarmed suburbanites, and they would probably assume I was on drugs and call the police. Sometimes I miss living in the city proper, but we don't have the million-plus dollars it would take to buy a condo downtown, or a house in Cambridge. We're only a 15-20 minute drive from downtown (or like 30-40 with traffic) so it's not like we're far...but the atmosphere is just so different. Yeah, that's one nice thing. I'm still so grateful for simple stuff like that.
  12. Bean Sidhe

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    You are ahead of me. Its almost 10 Am adn I am on my second cup of Wake up Tea and I don't wanna brain. I need to. Good luck today. I would say "hopefully it is easy" but I think its more "Hopefully you only leave them at the store and they can't find their way home?
  13. RogueLibrarian

    RogueLibrarian enters the 36th Chamber
  14. RogueLibrarian

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    Hello, lovely Assassins. I dropped off the face of the forums a bit last challenge! I'll try to do better this time around. Some mental health stuff, some travel, some outright busy-ness. I seem to be deep in a patch of this kind of stuff, so I'm going to try to keep this another pretty simple month for goals. This month, I'll be sharing my favorite workout songs. This one never fails to get me pumping, and as a bonus is also one of my top two favorite songs about werewolves. (God damn, TV on the Radio are just consistently fantastic.) GOALS: 3 workouts per week. Two of those are karate classes so I can get my perfect attendance certificate. Pass green belt test. (3 weeks away, I think?) Cook a mostly green meal prep once per week. Block out four hours of long-term project work every Monday. If you're new to my whole deal: I'm a middle-aged librarian bi vegetarian Assassin who's multi-classing with some Monk levels, and I meditate and climb a little and write a little, and, man, there's like three years of threads if you really want to catch up but just hop on
  15. Bean Sidhe

    Tateman: One challenge left before Vegas!

    At one point, I put little fairy pictures next to the things I wanted to remember to do. It was the mental "Hey we are working on this" so I couldn't just "meh" it. It was like she was saying "hey make the bed." or "Stay out of the snack cabinet" or "brush your teeth" Now I have the boxes. I had a bullet journal that was my boxes for a bit, and I will go back to that eventually. But the journal took too much work to update and do the math on. Maybe it will evolve into something else. Oh and I did the phone list and reminders. That was much more convenient when I had stuff to do outside the house or at certain times. Hopefully yesterday went better
  16. Urgan


    Food was perfect AND you got a lot of stuff done! Worth it even if you have to double-dip a bit in the gym to compensate.
  17. Bean Sidhe

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    Congrats My new mental image of you and your new baby
  18. Urgan

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    Seconding. I say that when my alarm rings at 5AM, although it has limited bearing on what actually happens next it's still the thought that counts, right?? It seems like, per the insights gained last challenge, there are more valuable head-space related things to unpack than worrying about what you eat right now, especially while acclimating to 4AM life.
  19. Bean Sidhe

    Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback Part 2

    Please tell me you walked like that down the street. Glad you got a walk in. I know getting out there and walking is very freeing right now.
  20. Bean Sidhe

    Diadhuit's level up

    This is wonderfully said. The scariest thing for us was putting ourselves on the line for so much money. But its been so worth it and to know it is yours so you can do whatever you want is very freeing. You got this. Just remember to breathe and start thinking of all the things you want to do at your new house
  21. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    4/18/2019 Foreign relations: a hypothetical 武士道 Justice/Rectitude Within: Samurai Don't Complain (in class) - Without: Giri Floss - 17/35 Scrub walls/cabinets Clean kitchen table Clean toilet Clean shower Clean sinks Clean kitchen counters Mop floor Courage Within: Crying in the Dojo Aikido - 7/10 Without: Keep heizen and carry on Gun research - 2/3 Audit Grocery Bill - 740 (880), 276 (388) Audit Power Bill - 116, Benevolence Within and Without: Love Learn first-aid - 61% Donate Check up on people - 8/10 Dad Training - 3/5 9:00 Dinner - 6/10 Cat food/water - 9/15 Cat grooming - 1/5  Politeness Within: Rēsetsu Curse Count - 3 Concentration Under the Bar - 7/19 Without: Do 道 Shodo Research - 2/2 Drawing Japanese Characters - 3/2 Watch an Anime Instead of Napping Maybe Nutrition  2450 Calories. 2371 : 2251  Thursday was a very hum-drum day for me. My husband had to day-trip it to Baton Rouge to return a car to a client that had had the vehicle flooded out in Houston not once, but twice. If you know anything about eastern North American weather this week, you know there's a wall of water with bonus tornadoes headed our way during this time. Lost a trailer tire on the way there due to a combination of bad roads and heavy, heavy load, as is common with trailers and large vehicles. So that was interesting. Goals-wise, I worked on first aid training and gun research, glanced at the cat bowls before leaving for work to make sure they had enough stuff for the day...and that's about it. Made dinner late, but I started on time by the power of alarm clocks. Dad's on track to complete another week by himself with no one to physically meet up with and hold him accountable. Amazing. The latest challenge: Easter is on Sunday, Easter is a holiday aka the gym is closed, and that's when he seems to be wanting to lift on weekends. JOIN US NEXT TIME FOR THE EXCITING CONCLUSION. Friday gym session was strange. Of course the strangeness had nothing to do with the purpose anyone should have to go to a gym--to do a fitness-related thing. Cue your shocked faces. No, it's the dang people again. This time it wasn't the typical PFM greeting the world, he somehow seems to have gotten the message I don't want none. It was the Eastern European Old Man who always has something to say that could only be categorized as annoying or poking fun, everyone's favorite thing especially first thing in the morning, right--it's his idea of joking and it turns out in a shocking twist his sense of humor is the actual worst. Well he's coming up to me and saying something, thanks to God's gift of Loud Music I can't hear what exactly it is, but I have never had a verbal exchange that wasn't some flavor of Torment, so I don't take my earbuds out, I keep right on walking toward the weight tree, and sigh loudly while deciding what if anything I am going to say/do next. The guy starts popping the nearby hanging punching bag like he's waiting for me to come back over from my weight-exchange mission when PFM intercepts him and starts talking (they're good buddies, naturally). So I think he saved me from having to actually engage the guy. You can't just not make eye contact and keep to yourself. No, you have to make a decision, in the sage words of Outasight, "if it's worth the fight or letting it slide." I realize this is in fact my fault, I have been doing what it takes to let it slide for years, except it's not sliding out of my head and it's not stopping. I'm going to have to face the worst offenders square on and ask them to PLEASE STOP. If that doesn't work and they persist, then it will get ugly for real. I'm a conflict avoider and it's not for any more noble a reason than I don't want unpleasantness hanging in the air from now on, I don't want anyone to hate me because who wants that, but there's a huge misapprehension of the situation that isn't helping anybody and I have to make myself clear. Sigh.
  22. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Just Survive

    So yesterday was a long day. I got out of work late after the 40 cases of gloves showed up and at most of my day. I ended up staying late to do the other weightlifting at work (see my reply above with the spoiler, remember I work in a lab). But I was mostly caught up I came home and dinner didn't get prepped. I also didn't take plants out since the high was 52, but I did get some of the tomatoes transplanted until I ran out of dirt. We got more so I can finish them today, but I may have a seedling problem (for the record, call it 2 - 72 cell seed starts 90% survived, a 12 cell seed start 11 survived, and I still have another 36 and maybe one more 12 cell to transplant). The 6 ft bakers rack we put by the back door has developed a small issue. Agent Black has decided the top shelf of this rack is his and his alone. As such, he has started trying to push plants around that are up there. or eating the leaves. Agent white just pulls the Popsicle sticks we use as markers out of the pots to play with. I may have to invest in a taller cat tree for Agent Black once the bakers rack goes away. I did get some homework done (I may still be dancing a bit) and my boxes got done, I didn't get a good walk in, but I did make a point to walk laps of the downstairs last night until I hit my 10,500 steps which means I have hit that step count every day since Monday. I am hoping it helps since the weigh in yesterday showed a 2 lb gain. I would love to think it is muscle, but I know better My point total Thurs was 56 which is better than the 54 the day before. Strength - 6 out of 6 Flexibility - 8 out of 8 Life and chaos - 14 out of 11 Fight Chaos - Clean- 6 out of 5 Fight Chaos Purge- 6 out of 5  Walking - 3 out of 2  Fuel - 13 out of 10 Total 54 out of 47
  23. elizevdmerwe

    elizevdmerwe - It's about nr.23 & Countdown...8

    I always feel like it is a message from above when I see birds that you don't see everyday. I've seen a couple of herons on previous Lego days, and some hawks are quite common. But to hear a pair 'talking' and to hear a Fish Eagle, are rare. I have a soft spot for birds. Don't know why. I hope it does. I'm sure it does. Mmm yeah, it does help. I know what are behind the cupboard doors, not exactly what are in the baskets on top, but have a good idea. Don't have a clue what all are pressed into every nook and cranny in the pantry space! I'm trying to sort out in my head what is really necessary and needs to be kept, and what not. Just how many mugs do you really need? How many sets of plates and bowls... do I really need those empty ice cream containers? Am I going to use those plastic containers? Oh and then the fact that plastic containers are expensive! in NZ. The one top cupboard in the kitchen, above the pantry has an old skydiving parashute of Brandt's. Let's not even start to discuss whether he is going to take it over, or sell it here... also not going to broach the topic of his scuba diving gear... Why I'm thinking rather than doing this week. Week 0 - Thursday HEALTH BIBLE STUDY - Quiet time and video. WATER - One full bottle and TWO mugs of rooibos. SLEEP - Late, but slept late on Friday morning. FOOD WILLPOWER - Yip, I had chocolate. STAYING ACTIVE Walked with the dogs while Rocco practiced soccer. THE PLAN...COUNTDOWN - 8months to go - Same as before. I'll write when something happens/changes. We played Monopoly with the boys today. Brandt wiped us out. I made a couple comments which had him in stitches, and luckily the boys didn't understand. We had a great time.
  24. squeakyvalkyrie

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    Yes, there are three roses across the top.
  25. squeakyvalkyrie

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    Good morning! No meditation yesterday, but I did spend some relaxing time watering the garden. Kermit and I also ate dinner outside, which was nice. I spent most of the evening working on the shield. It is coming along nicely. I'm not in love with how the stained glass lines turned out, but I am also very into symmetry and the randomness bothers me. But Kerm likes it, so I'm sticking with it. Background colors painted Stained glass lines drawn in Workout this morning went well. My hip is still bothering me, so I'm going to drop leg lowers from my routine and switch it out for donkey kicks. I'm so excited for my tattoo consultation today! It is also our anniversary weekend, so we are spending Sunday in Santa Cruz, where we went for our first real date. It should be a good time!
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