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  2. J3NN

    Tateman - Let's do all the Bowling!

    Can't wait to hear how the new you is received by your fellow bowlers!
  3. Sloth the Enduring

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    5/21/19 Tuesday Crap. I can’t remember what I did. I know I didn’t ride because it was raining all day. A substitute teacher sent me a FB message thanking me for my “encouraging words”. I can’t tell you how long I deliberated as to whether or not he was being sarcastic. A whole lot of teachers are leaving my building, including the rest of the science department. I hope the principals are doing exit interviews to figure out why we have such a huge turnover. I ate tacos. Perhaps I misnamed my challenge. 5/22/19 Wednesday Today. Once again I didn’t ride. I spent almost all of my free time at circus class. I think I’ll be able to ride tomorrow. They have this one class where the kids are attached to silks which are attached to a cable. They run in a circle, the cable gets retracted, and they soar through the air, sometimes while holding up another person. It looks pretty cool. I brought a laptop to catch up on some work, but their WiFi was down. I bought a Hawaiian print bike jersey. It’s kind of tight, not unwearably tight, but tight. I thought, the reviews said it fit true to size. Then it occurred that I’m just fat. I gotta ride more.
  4. Sciread77


    I love broccoli and spinach. I’m lucky enough to drive by a small grocery store where I can pick up a couple of pounds of broccoli at a time. Do you like like tuna or chicken? Canned versions without added sugar might go well on a slice of cucumber. Sounds better than putting it on a cracker anyway. Also, when it’s busy I often boil a couple dozen eggs on the weekend to take with me on the go. I always eat breakfast once I arrive at work and they’re pretty convenient to have available.
  5. J3NN

    Rookie Takes Aim

    OK, remind me what Con you're going to go again? I can't believe it's already time and I can't wait to see you all assembled. It's been so fun to watch the journey. Sorry about your hip, that's no bueno. I hope it's on it's way back to health after your back cracked. Good luck on your finishing touches!
  6. Sciread77

    [Keeper of the Flame] Merry & Pippin

    Packing for kids is rough even on relatively short 3-4 hour domestic flights. It does start to get better when they’re old enough to carry their own stuff, though. We usually pack a full carryon of books and load some of our digital movies on a small tablet. I can’t make myself think about a Transatlantic flight yet.
  7. J3NN

    Butternut fertilizes

    I have been working on affirmations, and then I quickly fall off the wagon of remembering to do them. I love the setup of your challenge, good luck with your intentions! My coworker is a Ju Jitsu teacher, it seems like a great way to stay active, have fun, and learn self defense. I wish her studio wasn't an hour away... Good luck!
  8. Sciread77

    WolfDreamer Returns to the People

    Another note: it’s perfectly reasonable and ok to forgive someone of their past transgressions while still remembering those actions and keeping yourself guarded. Not hating someone and treating them politely or even kindly is a far cry from trusting them.
  9. J3NN

    J3NN's got to move it, move it

    I've not heard of this one, I'll have to check it out and see what it does. Thanks for sharing. Thank you, that's a great idea! I hadn't even thought about sharing the pattern, I just want to be able to make beanies for my family and I. I guess I could post it on Ravelry. I'm sorry you know my pain, but thank you for letting me know I'm not alone! You're right...I'm right... maintenance is good! If I'd been not doing maintenance I'd probably weigh 50 pounds more than when I started NF. Thank you Rook! You are right, I hadn't considered that, moving to me is the strength training and workouts, not the stepping, but I know that counts.
  10. Butternut

    Butternut fertilizes

    Ok... Fertilizer helps plants grow people! Give extra nutrients to plants. Anyways. Last goals kind of flew out the window. I kept up on my sauna, ju jitsu, and nature.. But I didn't really make any diet goals. Intention 1 - It is my intention to Avoid inflammatory foods to restore my energy *(Unless family makes me something) My kids are getting into cooking and my hubby tries to make dinner 2-3 times a week. I can't expect my 14 year old to make a steak salad with homemade avocado dressing. Plus My littlest one is learning to bake and it's extremely hard to say "No Thank you" to a cookie she had made. If I avoid it all other times, I can happily eat a grilled cheese sandwich that my son made (Or hubby ) Intention 2 - It is my intention to workout, meditate, and find my breath in Nature. It's getting warmer. Once my energy is restored, it'll be easier to come home and take a bike ride with the dogs. Intention 3 - It is my intention to absorb wisdom in Ju Jistu Ju Jitsu is teaching me to be vulnerable, have patience, and how to be uncomfortable. It's almost overwelming when I'm in class, listening to my hubby talk, and rolling with someone 60 lb heavier then me. But with time wisdom emerges. (Hopefully!!!) Intention 4 - It is my intention to let it be Every day is going to have twist and turns and I want to be able to sit with it and be with it while maintaining happiness. Goal for this Challenge - Every morning before leaving for work, I will repeat these intentions 3 time each. Every time I meditate I will repeat these intentions 3 times each. I wrote these Intentions in my journal, took a picture of them for my phone and put it in my background on my work laptop. Anyways, every challenge I fizzle out. I really don't want to fizzle out. That's why I will dedicate to this challenge.... Wish. Me. Luck.
  11. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Welp I was over calories today by 237. Not bad but I don't want this to be a backslide. I had 3 chocolate things (Swiss delice?) And a pepperette... And I should of had one or the other not both. I also really need to be using this week to figure out tracking macros and such. I mostly use the mobile app for MFP which of course doesn't tell you a macro breakdown per meal. If it does... I haven't figured that out yet. Annnnd even though move more is not one of my goals this time around... I would still like to do that on non riding days. I only got in 2800 steps today Cosplay progress.. I started on patch 2 (of 3) and mostly got the border done. I want to say I'm getting better at this embroidery thing but really.. having the outline is helping. I'm going to paint the grey parts. So they all match. And in the big one I just plan on painting that as of now. My mom happened to have a potato music shaker... Because why not.. so I no longer need to paper mache a potato. I might still do it after this thing because I was excited for the challenge.... I'm odd
  12. J3NN

    J3NN's got to move it, move it

    Week 0 Day 1 Nutrition tracking (Not sure how to do this in My Fitness Pal, Noom does it, but tracking is much harder) Update: It turns out Noom doesn't do this with home cooked meals (unless I enter every single ingredient and portion) or meals that have nutrition values provided, so I won't be able to do this. So I have a New goal: Track food daily and limit sweets to 1 piece of candy/chocolate/cookie after lunch/dinner and alcohol only on workout days (unless eating out, but then make a healthier choice of a lower calorie alcohol) Track Food (1/7) Sweets (1/14) Alcohol (0/2) Fitness Trainer led workout (0/1) Individual led workout (0/1) Strength training: Bicep curls (1/5) Steps: 5145/5000 Level Up Your Life Crochet: Picked the knit look hat as first project and downloaded the pattern; Finishing up current project first Tracking (1/7) Reporting (1/5) Week 0 Day 2 I was at home all day with a pain in my neck (no literally), a migraine (due to said pain in the neck) and 2 sick cats. I didn't do anything much Nutrition tracking Track Food (1/7) Sweets (4/14) Alcohol (0/2) Fitness Trainer led workout (0/1) Individual led workout (0/1) Strength training: None (1/5) Steps: 650/5000 Level Up Your Life Crochet: Finishing up current project first Tracking (1/7) Reporting (1/5) Week 0 Day 3 Nutrition tracking Track Food (2/7) Sweets (5/14) Alcohol (0/2) Fitness Trainer led workout (1/1) OMG we had a substitute tonight. She KICKED. OUR. BUTTS. Started with 8 minutes on the rowing machine as cardio. I think I did like 5 minutes of squats. We did a walking push up... That hurt my rest, so instead she had me do plank on me elbow, side stepping, all the way across the room... I'd never even heard of that. We used the big balance balls for arms and core, and OW. Individual led workout (0/1) Strength training: None (1/5) Steps: 3439/5000 (It's raining so I didn't get my outside walk with my coworkers in today, after that workout, I'm done. Level Up Your Life Crochet: Finishing up current project first Tracking (2/7) Reporting (2/5)
  13. Rookie

    I failed and now I’m trying to Level Up

    That also sounds like a great job. Which do you think would be a better fit to you? If that is something you want to do / think you should do you could always make that a mini quest. Also I'm going to apologize right now lol sometimes I'm over the top positive... Which I realize can be annoying or off-putting because of course it's easy to be positive when you aren't going through the same things. But I do care <3 and it is sincere.
  14. Rookie

    Bookish Badger Reboots

    I'm going to have to try these! You are very good at describing them... So it should be no problem. I'm not expecting my knees to last at all at this rate. Haha I love that! I often find people trouble can be solved with some good ol'horsemanship. I ride a BelgianxQH! She of a beauty.
  15. LovelyBouncer

    Leveled up in my adult life, lost a few health points

    Adding in the real foods! Less calorie sense foods. Such as fruit or veggies with your cheese. Or even halfing a sandwich with carrots or oranges. I myself am super sensitive to too quickly changing foods where I have the hard time focus when I change my foods too rapidly to just real foods. But finding a vegetable or a fruit cut up in my lunch bag makes it easier to eat calories, it works really well for the jobs where you have breaks.
  16. Today
  17. Miaulin

    Miau Spangles Her Stars

    Heyoo! Nice to see you here! The more the merrier for Chris Evans Appreciation (There' much to appreciate...) And thank you for the offer on the French! I got through the whole Level 1 course on Memrise, once, and part of Level Two, but have gotten pretty rusty myself and am trying to climb back up! Thank you thank you! Day One did indeed go very well! Day Two was a bit of a freeze, but that's okay! Hellooo! And agreed! I got to the end of the movie and was genuinely surprised by how good it was, not just as a good superhero movie but a good movie in general. There's something special in it for sure. omg the Honest Trailer, PERFECT! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Day Two: Food: maaaaaaybe drank enough water? took my vitamin (i think), food was one round of pasta and broccoli with a bit of a roasted garlic sauce, and then later i had a blondie and didn't get hungry again after, so no more foods were had. Exercise: i did half of my workout, being sore from wrangling furniture the day before. Study: nope! internet connection deemed many things insupportable Attitude: had a bit of an all-day anxiety attack actually! mostly just the physical side of one but it was distracting. i'm hazy on the particulars of the day but don't recall getting too terribly mopey about it all. Day Three: food: uhhhhhhhhh....leftover blondie in the morning and then at around 7PM some graham crackers and tea....#Yikes exercise: similarly, #YIKES none whatsoever...except perhaps fighting with the kittens' collapsible kennel, which is something of a Task by itself study: noop attitude: not gonna lie i don't even know about today actually except that i've found myself weirdly defensive and a touch bristly but nothing too too bad. so yah the plan for tomorrow is to actually do things! i did read a lot today
  18. Teirin

    Teirin's standards have never been lower.....

    Thanks! It was a long slog, but I got there. Should be so! There was more sleep last night and that helps.
  19. Teirin

    Teirin's standards have never been lower.....

    Got the workout done. Got some chores done but not really feeling like that quite counts for doing something else before hitting the internet. Will try to read before bed.
  20. Yeah it's been going well for a little while luckily, having a bit of a break this weekend and then back at it for the challenge.
  21. Aye. Should be sorted now.
  22. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    The kids cast our family (including their aunts, uncles, cousins, and godparents) in most movies. BUT. We all go by our Toy Story names on a day-to-day basis. Rex: the 4-year-old (who loves dinosaurs) Woody: the (almost) 6-year-old (who loves Woody and The Law) P’tato Head: the 19-month-Old (we’re not entirely sure except that I guess she looked lumpy as a newborn?) My wife: Jessie Me: Zerf (Zurg, except Rex can’t say that so it's Zerf) It changes if we watch Zootopia or the Cars movies or Moana or Big Hero 6 or Despicable Me or The Secret Life of Pets... but Rex goes by Rex day-to-day and can get pretty worked up over it lol. They’re amazing kids and usually pretty good at casting. Especially their- well, I just about said their “Electrically Engineer godfather” except that BOTH their godfathers are electrical engineers. Their unmarried godfather. He’s my best friend and hilariously awkward, and he IS Wasabi from Big Hero 6.
  23. Teirin

    RES: Keep on Going

  24. Teirin


    I remain fond of the classic:
  25. fleaball

    Flea Hates Everything

    I really want to say something along the lines of “lol nah” but I can’t actually come up with an argument. Damn. So thanks, even though I hate when you’re right.
  26. Snarkyfishguts

    Teros 54: Phoenix Begins

    We got a dumpster when we cleaned out my grandfathers house. Equally satisfying.
  27. Snarkyfishguts

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    The names of the character just sunk in.....
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