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  2. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost is a Ninjary Waiting to Happen

    Week 3 Summary Strength - No leg workouts again this week Intelligence - I learned a proverb 6 of the seven days (+.18 INT) Wisdom - The only thing for this that earned points was the trip to the vet for Wraith (+.025) Dexterity - I only had one skill workout this week (+.05 DEX) Constitution - I had 9 (NINE!!!) freezer meals this week (+.36 CON) Charisma - Only one uke session this week (+.015 CHA) Cat Tax - Recently the humidifier in the living room has been turning off all the time and we thought it might be broken. Today I came home and discovered the real reason: Wraith will jump up on top of it and tap the power button over and over because she likes the beep it makes
  3. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost is a Ninjary Waiting to Happen

    Haha, that's great. And it is is addictive! Also, rebooting my system seems to have fixed the bug, so I'm back to my previous level! She seems to have gotten over it for now. We'll see how she reacts next time we bring her into the vet Week 3 Sunday We skipped church because we were invited to a wedding for one of Ghostess's employees. Ghostess was invited to be the witness so it was kind of fun to see her do that. The way weddings generally work in China is the couple will first go to the city registry and get registered. Once this is done, the couple is considered legally and lawfully wedded, but most couples like to have a formal wedding ceremony as well, which then becomes the date that is considered the actual marriage date for anniversary purposes. Because the couple is already married prior to the ceremony, what they do instead of having a priest pronounce them married, they have a witness look at the stamped papers from the registry and pronounce the wedding legit. After the wedding, a few of her coworkers came over to our house and they spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen cooking up a feast. I was great. While the ladies were in the kitchen cooking, I was with the kids who were alternating between playing with Wraith and trying to build a Lego Y-Wing. The Lego project didn't even get halfway completed, which tells you how much time was spent with the apprentice I spent most of the evening washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, but did manage to get in a bit of Skyrim as well Yesterday's proverb was 良药苦口 (Liang Yao Ku Kou) which translates as "Good medicine tastes bad", and means that the things which are good for you are rarely enjoyable. (+.03 INT)
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  5. Elastigirl

    Baby JackJack-little but POWERFUL/An Elastigirl challenge

    Jack Jack is adaptable Vitamin- 5 of 6 days done stretching 2 days a week done Laser Eyes plan for week contact sister make Christmas list Hotel reservations for trip have hubby make Christmas list buy him slippers for Christmas Got a lot done. Made Thanksgiving plans. Made hotel reservations,Bought hubby a Christmas gift. And we made a fun plan for Christmas. Since we are going to Disneyworld right before Christmas, we are going to buy a light saber for our Christmas present! There's this thing in Galaxy's Edge (new part of DW) where you buy a light saber, and you go through this special show and make it. It sounds really cool, but nothing we would ever buy. So we decided to do it for our Christmas present, and our son is getting one too (his money not Christmas gift). Which is fun, and also means the only thing left to buy for hubby is stocking stuffers. I am not going to do any more Marie Kondoing.We are having Thanksgiving at our house, and I want to finish all the Christmas prep before we leave so I don't want to worry about that. This is the last week of GMB's Vitamin, so I want to finish strong. Laser Eyes Christmas shop for son meal plan and grocery list for Thanksgiving meal plan for Christmas tree decorating party write Christmas list (was supposed to do last week) sew button on Hubby's pants list of things to buy for trip- snacks clothes etc. make Christmas cookies- this is an option if time- last priority
  6. fleaball

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    So that family member I’m assuming all that bullshit came from? I’m hereby declaring them a troll as well. They’re just as useless in your every day life as Blarg and Grog are, and while I know you can’t avoid that person entirely, you should definitely treat them just like you do the other two trolls. Because there are a lot more people here that will tell you you CAN do this shit and you CAN changer and we will genuinely believe it. We outnumber the trolls and I will yell louder than the trolls all by myself if necessary.
  7. Xena

    Scouts Camp 2019 : From jungle to the beach

    That sounds great, as long as you would also be willing to stop by and heckle at least once :-)
  8. Xena

    Nic Reorients and Finds a Goal

    I got way far behind on this thread, so I know these posts were a while back. I don't know if it was intended or not, but these two posts ^^^ actually go together pretty well, especially if you take a traditional read on two of swords. I think of wands as fire and swords as air. You? Sounds very positive!
  9. Love the application of highly transferable skills there! Huzzah!
  10. Completed this week's goals. I've noticed that my signing is improving.
  11. Elastigirl

    Enough: The Protector Rises

    Sorry you are struggling. I understand what you are saying. I've felt that way too. I think we talked about it with the anxiety , how you fell anxious, then bad because you are anxious, and that loop. I struggle with putting what I am learning into words, but I will try. What God is teaching me is that my feelings don't always match up with my beliefs and that is alright. I can acknowledge the feelings, and note them, and then just move on. When I am afraid, just telling God that I am afraid, acknowledging I need His help and asking for it. I then may still feel afraid, but I will read His word that encourages me, and then just do the next thing(what ever that may be) that He has asked me to do.Maybe even the anxiety can be a good thing in that it does remind me I need God and can't do it on my own. Also listening to Josh HIllis talk about food cravings using a bus analogy. You are the driver on the bus, everything is going along fine, then Mr. You will never make it gets on the bus. He tells you that you are going the wrong way. You know you are going the right way, but his voice is super loud. You can listen to him and change direction, or you can just think "Oh, it's him again, that crazy guy who always tells me I'm doing it wrong" So, it's really annoying, cause the dude is super obnoxious, and it may even get you down, but you know the route you are going, so you keep on going the route you are going. I think our feelings can be like this, they may tell us all sorts of things. We don't necessarily need to change them, or even say they are bad, what we need to do is just keep going the same route (obviously there may be times we do need to change direction, but generally speaking) And finally, you said something recently about how your friend reminded you of all the changes you've made in your. Moving across country.Living on your own. A new, very busy, job. So, talk to yourself like your friend talks to you, or how you would a friend. You have grown so much, taken on so may new things, of course it is scary.But you did it all anyway! Not to mention all the schooling it took to get to this point. I'd say you already do a very good job of knowing the route to take and just going there.
  12. Xena

    NeverThatBored: Never Gonna Give You Up

    I'm pretty excited for the holiday season and new year too. Do you really think you've been particularly unsuccessful? From an outside perspective, it seems like you do really well! Your shins keep nagging and you don't always do everything you hope (you often have very "Rangerly" challenges), but in general you seem to be winning for sure.
  13. Xena

    Wait, This is a Fitness Site, Isn't It? Tanktimus Gets Back to Work

    Do you have access to a gym these days? You have a good plan to do KBs, yoga, and baby-rucking, so I know you don't need to go to the gym. I just wondered if it might be fun or motivating for you to go to the gym even once a week. I was thinking that going to the gym might make you feel like more of an athlete. And if you feel like an athlete, it's easier to treat yourself like an athlete. Not suggesting a change right now, but maybe some time in 2020?
  14. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    So Saturday update The day overall went fairly well until the whole Youngest Agent incident. I was getting homework done, I got all the thank you cards for both my house and my moms, I got some house cleaning done... adn then the Youngest comments and I feel into the hole of "why bother". I need some control in my life. I need to know what all is getting done there. I even was under calories for the day. but a spiral hit and its back to "Geez Bean, you expect to actually change anything. It will never happen. Or you will be too old and too weak to do anything about it when you are finally thin." (yep, I have heard all of this from outside my head before it became a Troll). Anyway, boxes I should be proud of. I hit a new challenge high yesterday of 48 pts out of a max total of 72 (I only need 16 to get all the boxes). Strength 2 pts out of 1 Flexibility 5 pts out of 2 Life and Family 15 pts out of 4 Fight Chaos - Clean 5 pts out of 2 Fight Chaos - Purge 7 pts out of 2 Walking 2 pt out of 1 Fuel 12 pts out of 4 Total 48 pts out of 16 Number of boxes - 7 out of 7 One good thing: Thank you cards are totally done. Time with agents: Talking through allergy unfairness
  15. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's All's Fallow Eve Challenge

    Space garden update: 18 out of 28 germinations. Both cilantro seeds popped open today. Just. Not bad for a week. So all in all, the winter food supply is looking up. There should be more than chard.
  16. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    Abnd this is why I have always hated doing it in front of people. I want to be like "Hey I look good doing this" and I have said for years I would be okay being fat if I was strong and healthy, but maybe I am not. I want to be strong, healthy and thin, but really, I really doubt any of it will happen.
  17. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    This is the logical, realistic brain response. Why can't my brain think like this instead of "Well, more proof I suck" Thanks Flea. I appreciate it. *hugs* Now to convince myself it is working..
  18. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    Pretty much, I am hoping this is the "Hey, get back into it, but don't overwhelm thing". At the same time, I want to get moving and feel productive. Too tired of feeling like I so damn far behind and failing at things.
  19. NeverThatBored

    NeverThatBored: Never Gonna Give You Up

    Yeah, I don't fully understand her approach to final tests. There's some questions that test the grammar we learned, essential vocab, etc. and that's fine. But there are also a lot of parts based on things we never explicitly studied in class, but that were "in the book." Like - she'll include tricky questions about kanji arranged in ways we've never actually studied, or she'll use kanji for all the verbs she wants us to conjugate, even though we never actually studied those particular kanji. So then we can't read them even if we know how to do it. I have no idea what the point of doing that is - for her or for us. But the class overall is good and it's not a graded class or anything, so that final quiz doesn't matter too much.
  20. Sloth the Enduring

    Scouts Camp 2019 : From jungle to the beach

    I’d be willing to sign up and forget about it like I always do.
  21. Xena

    Scouts Camp 2019 : From jungle to the beach

    Anyone interested in doing a mini-challenge in the new year? Any ideas for either fun themes or actual challenge content? Are there things that would be good to work on as a group? I'm thinking maybe Aquaman? We're a small but fierce group over here in Scout-land. Happy to post a mini from time to time if it would be fun, but I don't want people to feel obligated...working on your own goals is the most important part.
  22. NeverThatBored

    NeverThatBored: Never Gonna Give You Up

    Ok, my trip is over and I've landed in California for 2 weeks. The trip was cool! We did a road trip from Joshua Tree to Death Valley to Vegas. Joshua Tree is probably my new favorite national park. It was so pretty and I want to go back~ I'm doing a weird thing were I'm here for 2 weeks, flying back to Virginia for 2 weeks, and then returning to CA around Christmas. Our trip ended in Vegas, which is a short/cheap flight to CA. It feels ridiculous to go back and forth so much (and pay to do it), but I just didn't feel ready to drop everything and spend a straight 6 weeks in CA. It was eating at me for months before I decided to do this. So even though it seems ridiculous, it also felt like my best option. I'm back to work tomorrow, which is a tiring thought. I've got a bunch of stuff to get done before the end of the year that I'm a bit behind on. Work in general also has felt kind of lonely and unsatisfying lately. I'm hoping my sort-of boredom during my time in CA will actually help me to be super productive and get ahead on everything. I'm starting to get into holiday mode - Christmas shopping and thinking about goals for the new year and all that. I've got some ideas for a different way to approach challenges instead of doing the same unsuccessful thing over and over.
  23. Xena

    As good as Dancing Queen (Xena)

    Well last week was the marathon, and this week has been recovering and regrouping from the marathon. I've done a lot of housecleaning and stuff like that, but not so much on the exercise front. I'll get back into it this coming week. Mileage won't be very high, but I'll be more consistent. Only 10 miles this week, bringing me to 73.2. Should be able to finish it over the next two weeks, but it's not 100% guaranteed. Everything in green is done. Just a couple more things. And I want to really scrub the sink. Only twice this week, bringing me to 5/12. The coming week should be better. Taco Tuesday might be a wash, but I should be able to manage M, W, Thurs for starters. So bad. Zero again this week (though I did go to yoga twice, and I'm still planning to do it tonight). Two weeks of "zero" in a row. I want to change this. Now that I'm in my off season I really have a chance to work on all the things that are a little out of whack. Good progress on this. Stuff in green is done. Stuff in blue at least started.
  24. I's more of making a plan and sticking to it, rather than tracking. I hold no illusions it works for everyone or fits into everybodys goals. I hope you enjoy week 4!
  25. wolfhound665

    Bringing it all back into alignment

    Well <hangs head in shame> It's been a rough week. Almost no exercise (got a few lunch time walks in), diet was fine up until Thursday night then it nosedived. Ate too much, drank more than I should have... I'd blame the goings on of the week but really if I'd held fast I could have. Might have been too grumpy if I had held fast so I don't know. Bright sides...I did walk. Even though I over ate several meals and drank a few too many drinks I was good about the food overall. My weight is still down so I didn't throw the balance off too much. Goal for this week is to get back to the garage gym and eat properly. Fingers crossed I can do it all week. Have a good week everyone. Wolfhound
  26. kcaleece

    KCAleece Begins Her Uphill Climb

    Today has been both more and substantially less productive than I was hoping... Challenge Update: Quest One: Running Third run was this morning. I ran the full 1.2 miles!! I've mapped out a slight addition to my route so I can get all the way up to 1.77 miles but a) I'm not sure I want to continue pushing myself so hard, it might be smart to run this distance a few times before I continue trying to extend my runs and b) I think it might have a giant hill in the addition, hahaha. I'm honestly not sure but the street running parallel right next to it is pretty steep so I'm thinking this one is at least a decent incline. Quest Two: Diet Fresh week, fresh mac allowance. Still need to get going on veggie recipes though. Quest Three: Spanish no progress yet - videos: up to 5 watched (out of a goal of 42) writing posts: up to 4 (out of a goal of 21) Quest Four: Grad School Module 11 is due on Thursday and includes: 2 readings (1 done) 1 super long video (done) 4 discussion posts 5 more articles for Language Features Research Bibliograpy Final summary of said Language Features Research Bibliography Quest Five: Misc. Odds and Ends I sat down last night to continue on my hem only to realize my needle had gone missing and I can't find my other hand sewing needles. Sigh. But I need to buy a giant pile of them anyway because I am mulling over a Glorious Passion Project for 2020 in my mind that will require a LOT of hand stitching...
  27. Chris Tarly

    Brogo tackles NaNoWriMo, wins, and doesn't die.

    Word Count: 31164 / 50000 I have a feeling that if I win this thing, it's going to be from a big push at the end. This week I'm aiming for 1000 words a day M-F. I doubt I could do the 1667 all those days, but 1000 a day then catching up on weekends will keep me nipping at the word counts heals for a not too overwhelming sprint to the finish line. I got some good work in yesterday and today though. I moved a scene forward and wrapped it up... the one that I was struggling with this week. Then I started another and I'm digging into another character's backstory via a vivid flashback. Not dying: I baked a bunch of eggs, sausage, spinach and mushrooms in a skillet, and now I have a bunch of protein and veggie squares to through on English muffins. Quick breakfast. Yay. That should help this week. Now I need to try to pull in 9-10 hours at work each day and get 1000 words done at night.
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