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  2. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    WEEEEEEEK 1 yasssssssss
  3. Endor

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    I'm still running.... doing the 5k on Sunday, should be ok as i have followed the program pretty well. Still turning over the odd kindle or kobo here and there. The big news....I'm taking a serious look at a return to crossfit. Been in touch with the local box, pricing is ok so I'm going in there next week to check it out. Exciting and scary at the same time. I need a kick up the behind to get my fitness back on track. Its just not been the same since i left crossfit and i think this box would be better suited to my style. Its only a 5 min drive from my place too. I dug out my old motorcycle gear from the shed. My kevlar lined jeans are a 36 so i have a target to hit before November.... need to be wearing those jeans on my planned Harley tour..... Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  4. Rookie

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    Oh no your poor zucchini! I hope you get that stuff figured out because I want you to eat your zucchini! Re: not jambalaya... when in doubt call it a casserole lol or stew or curry.
  5. Miaulin

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    I think everyone, regardless of their situation, can find something to envy about somebody else, so comparison rarely works out so well. Humans aren't meant to all fit one mold - we all have different dispositions and talents and personalities and this-and-that-and-that-and-this for a reason, i think. Religious beliefs or lack thereof aside, it still applies. If we were all the exact same, and inclined to the same things, the world could hardly run. So it seems to me, what do you want? It isn't too late to chase what you want - there is no objectively 'wrong' choice. What do you want from life, mon ami? Not even necessarily in a completely big-picture way but, what does your ideal situation look like, that would make you feel good? Nevermind what that looks like for anyone else - nobody else is Sal/Liz, and nobody's Life Well Lived is ever going to look the same. Also! What are some things you do like about yourself? Because i love how you keep getting back up and trying again, your creativity, your art, the way you put everything together organizing your gigs and BrokenGreyWires, your adventurous spirit with taking the leap to get the car and travel around, your kindness, your willingness and ability to self-reflect. Depression is a brutal beast to live with, but you do it every day and you still keep pushing for your goals. That's something to be proud of and hold onto, friend.
  6. chemgeek

    Chemgeek respawns

    15K yesterday on a hillier than expected course. My legs. They are ded. Owww. DOMS hurts.
  7. Rookie

    Dalish Clings to the Wagon

    I feel that lol because usually I will tell my friend and shes like "AGAIN?" or my boyfriend will be like "Really though? You need to be more careful!" Thanks! It was fun lol disappointed no one wanted a picture but I also accept that Attack on Titan has probably been overdone and its the easiest cosplay to pull off because you can literally just buy the jacket and cape lol.
  8. Oh you little weasel, you knew what this would do to my motivation...!! Also, decent time, well done! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  9. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    I did not study or deal with blog stuff today. I also did not OMAD today. I prepped lunches for the week this morning, but they're not calorically dense enough. I don't have exact knowledge of cutoffs, but I know there are serious metabolic differences between fasting (no calories) and calorie restriction below a certain threshold, and I don't want to poke that bear. The food I prepped somewhat resembles jambalaya I guess (with cauli-rice) but is different enough that I wouldn't want to appropriate that name. It's basically cauliflower, tomato, sausage, and okra, with a bunch of spices thrown in. I'm only eating about a packed cup of this stuff per lunch... probably wouldn't be able to eat more if I had to, since there's so much fiber in it. So this week I'll do IF 18:6 with lunch and dinner, and next week I'll think about my circumstances before I go chasing another harebrained (but delicious) idea for meal preps. I prepped hamburgers tonight, and while shopping also picked up some bell peppers, which I'll stuff with ground meat and cheese and bake, I guess. I also did a bunch of dishes tonight -- I was supposed to do them this morning, but I was busy cooking, so that didn't happen. A few hours late is better than a few days late? Maybe? Move goal didn't happen but I did go for a walk. Basically, it's been a below-average day from a goal standpoint. Mrrrrr. On top of all that, I've got powdery mildew on my zucchini again, so I'll trim the affected leaves and treat the rest tomorrow. Milk and soap seems to be the suggestion of choice, since I don't have any potassium bicarbonate handy. Ugh. The internet seems to think PM doesn't ruin your harvest, but last year the internet told me it can prevent flowers from blooming, which was definitely the problem I was having then. Hopefully I'll be ok this year. :< I wanna eat zucchini.
  10. I am vengeance, I am the night, I am the fatman who gives you a fright! Running has done mostly nothing for my weight loss but I'm a man of my word and ou've stuck to the program as such. I have 2 x c25k runs to do this week and then my 5k run for a children's cancer charity on Sunday will be my official 5k. i can now run the full 5k. When i look back 8 weeks ago i could hard run for 2 mins never mind 32 mins so i have improved a lot. Fingers crossed i can finish on Sunday, i just want to be able to run the whole thing at this stage... Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  11. Fonzico

    The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

    So I ended up taking one heck of a mental health day yesterday It was finally warm and sunny out! The pups and I went to the *good* dog park (there's a fairly boring one very close to our house, where we usually go) and we wandered around for over an hour. It has beautiful treed trails and several ponds... One of which Hyzer availed himself of. He loves to swim, but I wasn't prepared for wet dog, so I made him stay out of the water after that so he would dry off a bit. Anyhow, it was great. Then I napped for a couple hours, then we went and played disc golf. Had supper, took the pups out again. I did manage to get some domestic rangering done in the evening, so things are semi-tidy. This evening I will finish up the couple things I meant to do yesterday that can be done before the shirts arrive. Okay, I do still have goals in the midst of this, and I need to remind myself of them! 1. Bring lunch to work. 2. Do stuff in the evening (no worries there) 3. Meal plan. I'm still preemptively good on the last one - there's several meals worth of chili left and lots of salad fixings. I didn't get around to the egg muffins, but frankly it would have been too much food. The pork I bought needed to be cooked, so I put it in the slow cooker yesterday and froze the results, so I have a couple meals worth of meat ready to go.
  12. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    elizevdmerwe - It's about nr.23 & Countdown...8

  13. Today
  14. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    elizevdmerwe - ElizeElivinFoxRyder >>> 7

    Becoming Elize, Elvin Fox Ryder In case some of you hadn't realised, it' just same old me, better/previously known as Elizevdmerwe. I changed my profile name to ElizeElvinFoxRyder. Why? Why not!? I think it was time. 1. Elize: my name, not going to change, and something to link me to my previous profile name. 2. Elvin: we are hoping to emigrate to "The Land of the Long White Cloud" or otherwise known as New Zealand, hopefully by the end of the year (>>> 7 months left). Lord of the Rings was made in NZ, and there are Elves in the story, and the blond character from the game I played (Epistory, explained below) is clever, agile, adventurous and animal crazy like most Elves. And no one would even blink seeing an elf riding a (huge) fox in Lord of the Rings. Also, the story takes place on one big piece of land, or island, while being transported to smaller areas, which might be other islands. 3. Fox Ryder: I started playing the game Epistory (again), where the character (a blond girl riding a three tailed fox) is the muse of an author who is stuck while trying to write his novel. As the muse faces challenges in the game (ugly insects to kill, and puzzles to solve), she develops abilities and saves the day, while always riding her fast, friendly fox. You beat the challenges by typing words that appear on screen. The level difficulty is set according to your typing speed. HEALTH I need to stay healthy to manage stress (immigration and daily life in a not so safe country). BIBLE STUDY - sometimes bible study, sometimes a video on YouTube, sometimes just quiet time with Father. Usually in the mornings, but quiet time at night is the greatest. WATER - water or rooibos during the day aiming for +-2Lt/day. SLEEP - go to bed by 21h30. DRY FIRE SHOOTING - this could be working through a safety related video, or actual dry fire practice with my fire arm, at least once a week. No bows and arrows, sorry. I'm a modern elf STAYING ACTIVE I'll stick to two days a week strength workout (Tuesdays and Fridays), and try for at least one day a week walking (Wednesday), but hoping for two as well (Thursdays too). I'll just take it slow with pull ups and push ups, as I've managed to pull a muscle or something in my right shoulder. It's been a real pain/nuisance since last week. Joint Circles (warm up) Rev.Pull Ups (try for 10x) Goblet Squat (10x15kg) Lunges (10x8kg) Full Push Ups (10x) Knee Push Ups (hands diamond for tricep focus - 10x) Scissors with legs (core - 30x) Leg lifts (core - 2x10) Stretches THE PLAN...COUNTDOWN - 8months to go - Things that need to get done this month: Finances (dailies and monthlies) - I'm a bit behind on monthlies again. Titre tests for pets - tests to see whether the pets' rabies vaccines took. Certified copies of documentation - needs to be certified by someone in authority, other than South African police or postal services. They don't have credibility in NZ any more. Pet CVs - just get it written up and done for when we need to apply for accommodation that side. Proof of Character - by police. To show you don't have a criminal record in your country of origin. Brandt hip exam - x-rays and letter from specialist. House repairs - paint bathroom, and varnish wooden furniture in kitchen. We'll also be visiting Sabie end of June. DEAR DIARY... When I need to get things off my chest (emotional upheaval), or give a longer explanation for something that happened.
  15. DoubleTrouble

    DoubleTrouble learns to recover

    Not that kind of recovery
  16. porkkchop

    Holding myself accountable

    2500 cal today, and that wasn’t the meticulous tracking I’d usually like to maintain so it is very possible it’s over that. Weighed in at 68.6kg, very high. Eating way way too much in the way of nut butters, yoghurt and high sugar fruit which have been far too high in calories, and too easy to consume quickly before they can combat cravings with that feeling of satiety. No exercise today which isn’t the best effort. Will definitely make sure I’m doing something tomorrow as well as lowering calories keeping 2000 as an absolute max. Very tempted to have a crazy carb binge like I usually would if I go over, but reigned it in, and I’m glad I didn’t give into the temptation, despite fantasising about a frantic supermarket run around the baked goods section. So at an absolute minimum I’m glad I wasn’t a complete fuck up and I can look forward to making positive steps tomorrow.
  17. porkkchop

    Holding myself accountable

    Definitely trying to weight myself at roughly the same time every day, but being aware that I’m changing my eating habits so regularly, the scales have been very up and down and I’m trying as best I can to stay consistent. At the moment I’ve changed my diet to lower carb, basically just reintroducing fruit, veg and yoghurts, which will put me ‘over’ my carb intake some days. While I’m finding myself super impatient I’m definitely trying to focus on consistently feeling good and sticking to good habits, or at least trying to challenge those negative feelings every day.
  18. Dalish

    Dalish Clings to the Wagon

    Thankyou Honestly, it's such a constant for me I don't realise until I start actually vocalising just how often I injure or mess something up. Glad to be back! Loved your cosplay!
  19. Dalish

    Dalish Clings to the Wagon

    Last two weeks of class, and nothing is ever smooth running. I got lunch in today, but still skipping breakfast. Eating lunch is something though! I'd give a full indepth update but honestly I'm so tired Mon-Thur that it's a wonder I don't just get in and fall asleep.
  20. Whisper

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    I tried keto at the start of this year and it was WAY too much for me. Tried it for a week, lost all interest in food, couldn't move, couldn't sleep, and was still in bad enough shape two days after reintroducing carbs that when I called my doctor's office, I was told to just come down and they would find a way to squeeze me in. That said, I have found that high fat / low carb works really well for me. Breakfast is coffee with heavy cream and four stips of microwaved baccon at my first break. Lunch is bulked cooked "keto" and full fat yogurt w/ berries. Dinner is normally whatever the lady I'm renting from made, with an eye for keeping carbs down and my own salad dressing for a fat boost. I'm not keto, so I don't have to worry about breaking ketosis, but being keto-ish has made it much easier for me to pass on things I am highly prone to over eat. I'm happy to see that your sanity boosted over the weekend. Good luck with the house!
  21. SjardisDead


    Since I started on Sunday, I'm already one day in and it is already clear that the diet change will be the hardest part. I thought about getting some peanuts every weekend if I stuck to the plan during the week before, to get some more fats and variety without sugar. The "worst" part of my morning routine is definitely the jump rope, but once I find my rhythm it should be more enjoyable. What I noticed is that if one foot is like an inch in front of the other it becomes easier. On the L-Sit my abs started to cramp in under 5 seconds, must be a record.
  22. Jean

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 5

    I'm with you, there. Glad to have you onboard.
  23. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    I've been super strict with myself today. It's a long weekend and it was horrible outside so we pretty much spent the whole day staying warm on the couch. But, knowing that was the plan for the day, I did sneak in a bunch of knee pushups this morning so I could say I did something. I actually did quite a lot for someone who hasn't tried a pushup of any kind in months! And because it was a day off we had a really late lunch. I did get peckish waiting for Fiancé to get up and I had two chocolates beforehand (just freeing up space in the fridge, that box has been nearly empty for ages) but that's all the snacking I've done today, so that's a win. Dinner's going to be late again, but since lunch was late too that's fine for IF. So that's day 1 sewn up nicely, just need 27 more of those, how hard can it be?
  24. Mortimer

    Introduction and Questions

    Personally at least I found running involved quite a bit of mental fortitude - but I've always had pretty strong will power in getting my arse moving. Not eating unhealthy things offered to me, not so much. For me I found happiness celebrating small victories, like one more push up per set, increasing the weight 10 lbs more etc. I've also seen people plug in to their own music in the gym, I sing "We will rock you" by Queens to myself mentally when I run to sync my breathing to its proper pattern. Some weeks will be rougher then others (like if you haven't slept well the night before), you will need to just give yourself a break on those. And about muscle building - you need to get enough protein and sleep enough(I've been bad about the sleep part due to running around too much).
  25. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    I usually manage OK with the timing of dinner, but Fiancé and I take turns to make dinner and he was late once or twice last week. I know that can just be fixed by talking to the man, but I have this weird mindset of diet stuff being a private kind of thing, if that makes sense. I know it's silly. I could always try pushing lunch back by half an hour on his days just in case. I foolishly bought a whole lot of yummy mandarins last week and completely forgot about them, but they'll still be good tomorrow. These days at work I think it's more like boredom-hunger than hunger-hunger. We're in a quiet period and there's very probably going to be no real work for us to do for several more weeks, and I've really struggled to get myself pumped for my side project. That's something else I really need to work on in this challenge or I might just lose my mind! Sadly I'm getting into winter so today was just cold and windy and rainy and yuck; perfect for lazing about under a blanket, so that's what I did But I definitely know the kind of weather you mean and I'm not afraid of getting a bit wet! Might just have to wait a while though
  26. WhiteGhost

    Mad Hatter navigates the event horizon

    Following along again
  27. WhiteGhost

    Press to handstand cont.

    Ugh, that headache sounds terrible. Glad you are feeling better now (and also glad your keyboard is back)
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