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    Brogo Becomes a Snake Handler

    I spent yesterday evening and this morning attempting to start fiddling with python 3 and anaconda 3 as a sidequest from my coursera cert. Ubuntu 18.04 comes with python 3.6.7 installed. Anaconda 3 uses 3.7. It turns out that when you install py3.7, the damn gnome terminal (command line interface) stops working. If you're a linux guy/gal, and you want to do programming or any real computational work, you need the damn terminal. There are some less sexy alternatives, but I'm acquainted with and prefer gnome terminal. After trying a few options that go nowhere, I read that this happens when you update to py3.7. I uninstall py3 (because I'm thinking python2.6 was the default) then the whole gnome desktop environment goes down. So now my only option is to work from the old command line in tty (teletype, the old school command line). You can run basic web browsers in it, but here's what that looks like (if you're curious): ... minus the sidebar. It's like going back in time. Anywho, I reinstalled python 3 and everything returned to normal. But then I needed to reinstall anaconda. And then I couldn't run the software features in that package. So I had to fuck around finding the right file path for that. The instructions from the book I'm studying from, and their website, and all other websites say you just type in jupyter notebook and it should come right up. Nope. I had to navigate to a location where no one said it would be and run it there. Fuckin' 'ey. It's all working now. Except gnome terminal. If I'm using py3.7 I'm stuck until they create an update that fixes that. Or maybe I ought to try to roll back to py3.6.7, but until I know that all of anaconda works with it, I'm stuck if I want to learn this shit. So for now I can just use Xterm... another less 'sexy' terminal. Hence, the new challenge title. I'm going to be spending a lot of time with python and anaconda this challenge.
  3. deftona

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    A lot of days are bad boob days but no, I have a chest infection I think. And by that I mean bronchial, not mammarial (if that's even a word)
  4. NightWatcher13

    The Long Night I'm in! Or as Pippin so eloquently put it, "Right! ...where are we going?" Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  5. Leimanu


    A mini & public Morning Pages to get myself going after a really out-of-nowhere yesterday. I spent all day in bed yesterday just watching YouTube and binged ate. All day, and only YouTube. I need to sit with this and figure out why. Yes, I had gone to the beach the day before, but I didn't feel super tired. My thoughts kept running through all the things to do: unload car, those tasks on the desk, The Artist's Way, clean out my phone's photos, at least watch the videos on the "Watch Later" list, creative work, school work (late on something due last Thursday/midterm due on Sunday/project due on Sunday), but I just laid there, hour after hour. My kitty joined me half way through. By 1 pm I lighted some incense and opened a window to freshen the room and get up, but I napped instead. I decided up freshen up my goals. I know everyone says this, but...I really think I"m doing everything quite well and feel the changes, but the scale isn't moving. Yes, there's more to life than the number on the scale, but I'm obese so dropping some weight is important. So thinking through, I've made some awesome habits and perhaps taking them to the next level will help, just as more movement outside of gym classes and water. Also, I think I'm ready.....for measurements.....and photos..... Because I had so many "starts," I just gave up on the "starting weight/starting photo/starting measurements." Because of consistently going to Les Mills, I can tell my body comp has changed, so I should respect myself and track that and not base it all on the scale. Any little itty-bitty change is worth noting and celebrating.
  6. Whisper

    NightWatcher13 is back... Again, and a mite grumpy

    New (to me) people! I love new people! Sounds like things are coming to order in your life; congratulations on the job and the work you've been keeping at even if you weren't posting it here. Looks like you've got a good plan for going forward.
  7. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Which title don't you get, Jingo or Fifth Elephant?
  8. NightWatcher13

    Waanie's flexibility challenge

    Ouch, but good that you're doing work with a physio to get your body back to working order. And yay for trip! Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  9. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Guzzi gets her Yogi on

    Heeey BooBOO!
  10. Sloth the Enduring

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    That’s why I was confused.
  11. Excellent. Stick at it. You need to finish this story. You need the whole experience, from conceiving an idea to writing out the first draft and then revising to your satisfaction, in order to level up at writing stories (as opposed to getting really good at starting stories). I'm currently slogging through the mid-to-end part of a story, and I'm not hugely inspired. I don't even like looking at what I wrote. But I'm doing a tiny bit more each day. I think I'll feel relief when I reach the end, because then I'll be able to think about ways to make it better. But it needs its skeleton first, and that means writing out the story (not to be mistaken for writing plans and outlines of how the story will go). I did the bare minimum--six minutes--today. Other days I do more.
  12. Tanktimus the Encourager

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    I think at this point Deffy is the definitive Doctor of Braology.
  13. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Friday was a good day (mostly) Eat: A bagel I think for breakfast. Lunch was a frozen lasagna I heated in the oven. Dinner was at the cafeteria at work. I had indigestion all afternoon and evening, it was uncomfortable. Move: No, see rest. Rest: Spent all morning and early afternoon watching Star Trek TNG on Netflix (with an original series episode thrown in there). It was very refreshing.
  14. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Thank you very much. A tag on the thread might work... Ach, ye dinnae ken tha' in tha' wurds a' Mark Twain we be tae different peapples sep'rated by a common language?
  15. NightWatcher13

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    Am back, and following! How has everything gone since the move? (Have been out of the loop for a bit, I only half joke when I say I've been living under a rock [emoji28]) Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  16. Yup, it's me. On the plus side, the new career trajectory is going really well... On the other hand, I've been working a lot and trying to get things sorted, so time has been an illusion for a few months. Actual progress (outside of work) - over the last few months I've signed up for the local Y and a yoga class there, and while I haven't been minding my diet as much as I'd like to be I haven't gained more weight so that's a plus. But I've settled into the new apartment, am extremely happy at the new job and actually feel like I'm making some progress in life in general... Which I haven't really been able to say for a long time. Goals? Main goal - reclaiming my time (and still my health as well) SG1 - getting up earlier. (4 points/week) I'm glad my job is flexible and I'm basically allowed to get in anytime between 6am and 8am (and I haven't been yelled at for being later than that on occasion), but my base shift when I don't have overtime is 4 10-hr shifts, so getting in at 8am means I'm there till 6pm. So I need to get better at getting up in the morning when my alarm goes off instead of snoozing. Which means I need to get better at going to bed on time. SG2 - food (5 points/week) So dieting doesn't sound fun. At all. But my knees are also getting more painful and my fat is actually limiting my flexibility more than my actual muscles are in Yoga right now, so I do need to get my food under control before I wind up with damage, either from all the sugar (family history of diabetes that I need to watch out for) or mechanically to my knees. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably always be heavy and I'm good with that, but I don't feel happy or comfortable in my body currently and it's making physical activity harder, so I need to get the diet under control so my body can get back to a more comfortable setpoint. I'm at 250-260 right now, ultimately I'd like to get back to 150ish - that being said if I get to 180 and my body's happy, I'm happy. So for now, my actual goal on this will be to track my food 5 days a week at minimum, and post it for accountability. SG3 - Physical activity (5 points/week) As mentioned, I opted to take a yoga class at the local Y that meets twice a week and now have a membership there as well. For this goal, it's not a specific activity I'm after - gardening, yoga, Zombies, Run! as a power walk (did I mention the knee pain? Yeah I can't run... But I do love Z,R!), swimming - they all count long as they get done for long enough to actually be a physical activity. So on top of yoga, I'd like to work on getting off work on time and going swimming or for a long walk Life Goal - soooo this one is 2 things, but one is already well underway so I feel less bad - I just want the extra accountability. Part 1 - Japanese. (5 points/week) I've been re-learning Japanese for work purposes - my company is Japanese owned, and besides that I've always loved Japanese culture. So I've been working on that with things like Duolingo and Learn Japanese Podcast, I do need actual verbal practice as well but that's been harder to find. Part 2 - guitar (2 points) This one's the one I keep meaning to get to and not getting to. I'm starting out with just 2 practices a week for this (I have gotten slightly more consistent the last couple of months so it's about once a week rather than once a month that I remember to grab my guitar) So, sorry for the repeat respawns this winter and disappearances... I will try to be consistent this round, and keep you entertained with pics of the grumpiest grump ever to grump (I guarantee this will happen at least once... Probably on a D&D night lol) Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  17. Sloth the Enduring

    Guzzi gets her Yogi on

    Here for the pic-a-nic.
  18. Leimanu


    THANK YOU! A little step every day really does get you closer. Thank you! I've been working on my Masters for a year, and it's constantly a challenge to fit in homework. Gosh dang, the week goes fast, and I hate Hate HATE leaving it all for the weekend. The online, 8wk classes really need 15hr/week devoted to them, and life would be easier if I could just convince myself that a little during the week will alleviate a lot on the weekend. OMG HAMILTON!
  19. Fonzico

    The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

    Okay. Panic softly subsiding. (I tried to say "slightly" but I like softly ever so much better). I have grocery shopped, and today will make chili and egg muffins. And I have the stuff for a big ass pork stir-fry and bulk salad ingredients. I can't do much about the bajillion shirts until they arrive (probably Tuesday or Wednesday) but I can get caught up on everything else so I can focus on just that when they arrive. I've got what I need to do for this weekend planned out. Hubs is going to a bachelor party today (he's one of the groomsmen) so I'm not expected help at this juncture. Which is fine! I'm also taking Annie (the newer pup - although we've had her for over 6 months now!) for a meet and greet at my friends' kennel. I don't really want to leave her with my parents, because they can't walk her... I know her leash manners still need work, but I walk both dogs by myself every day. I can't figure out if she's behaving much worse for them, or if their standards are just really high! I got my sister to walk her though, and she was behaving normally, so I don't know. Anyways. She's going to stay with my sister next time, and just Hyzer will go to my parents. We'll see how it goes, but I feel like I need to have the kennel option locked and loaded just in case. Annie gets along great with my sister's dog though, and I'm pretty sure they'll just play themselves exhausted, so it might actually be an ideal solution. They're not always around though. Okay, tangent over. My mantra today is just to stay calm and break things down into little steps. (A tactic that I actually executed amazing well at work yesterday - one of my coworkers is teaching me to do one of our more complicated tasks, and she's been putting off dealing with one aspect of it, as it's a big mess. She was joking around that I should just deal with it, and I was like, well, let me tackle it and see how far I can get? Long story short, I solved the mess, mostly by not looking too far ahead in the process and just tackling the little steps first, and eventually it all came together. So I know it works.)
  20. Leimanu

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    Re: Libraries are Awesome If you haven't been to one since a kid, the resources they now offer are unbelievable. There are so many apps to use, too, if you have a library card: OverDrive, Hoopla, Libby, etc. EBooks, audiobooks, music, movies - streaming services galore. It'll basically transfer your digital addiction over to something that supports the library. Also, Librarians are superheroes. They readily accept any new form of technology, they're so creative with their outreach, and they're super helpful with showing off how to use their resources. Bless the people who get a Masters in Library Sciences to do this.
  21. Guzzi

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    I think all you folks are wrong, you’re clearly talking about cheese toasties. Grilled cheese is bread, toasted on one side, with melted cheese on the other. And it’s cooked under a grill (or “broiler” for you yanks).
  22. Today
  23. Guzzi

    Guzzi gets her Yogi on

    It's Ranger Time!* *Except that I'm closed to Park Ranger Smith than anything else! Doh! This challenge I'm taking my inspiration from Yogi bear Goal 1. Be smarter than the av-er-age bear. I managed to scrape through the first module on my uni course but I'm now drastically behind on my second module. This isn't through lack of ability, but simply that I've really struggled to make time for studying. In order to get back on track then I'm going to have to make this a real priority over everything else. Realistically I need to dedicate 5-6 hours a day to achieve this one of my biggest obstacles has been thinking "there's no point starting studying now because I only have an hour...." For the purposes of this challenge I just need to do something every day, even if it's only 30 minutes, that should help me psychologically. Goal 2. What's in those pic-a-nic baskets? I need to shed some of the extra poundage I added at the start of the year so that my clothes fit me again. I am going to continue with 5:2 fasting and work on getting my nutrition back on track. For me this means not eating bread (at least not leavened bread) and focusing on eating a wider variety of foods. I will be taking part in a plant-based PvP which should (hopefully) cover that aspect so I will be focusing on tracking my fasts in here (but possible with food pics). Goal 3. Hurry up Boo Boo, time's a-wasting! I've spent too long in hibernation and now it's time to get my Grizzly on! I have lots of brilliant ideas I want to achieve but I'm making little progress towards them right now. I need some more structure to get some gainz! I want to work on push-ups, because I suck at them, and I'm going for a daily dose to grease the groove. Right now I need to do incline (or even wall) push-ups but I'm hoping that by the end of this challenge to be able to do at least 10 proper knee push-ups. I'm going for a similar goal with squats to try and get the movement pattern for low bar back squats. These are being done with a broomstick, not any weight, just to get the movement. Both exercises can be broken down into small numbers of reps throughout the day so it's not actually as much as it sounds. Strength train 3x per week Yoga 3x per week 100 push-ups daily 50 squats daily
  24. Mortimer

    Hi everyone!

    I did try to do front/goblet squat on 60 lbs. Tried to clean it and couldn't, so that was that>< I found the squat rack unused and decided to do a little experimentation with it and I guess I can use the squat rack now, assuming it's not used. It's a lot easier then hauling that barbell over my head. The Smith machine isn't that good for loading squats either, the bar feels odd on my shoulders. Again today I ran about 3.8km in the morning, did weights, did vinyasa yoga for 1.5h, then ran another 5k for charity(timing was 26:44 when I self timed using fitbit, but distance was only 4.07k according to fitbit). GPS tracking was off since I didn't feel like carrying my hand phone through a run of unfamiliar area. It was harder then the usual park runs I do, but again it was afternoon and I didn't do it with a full tank so to speak. Also more gradient. I am so glad I made myself run on trails, run uphill for training before the charity run. Some people were having trouble when it was uphill. I could do uphill, just needed to slow down. Pretty knackered now, I'd say =)
  25. Whisper

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    Friday: Whisper Grows Up Checked off all habits and finished separating worry about now/later stuff at home. Cut the Crap! 2,365 cals, 66% fat, 18% pro, 16% carbs. Talked with Dianne a little bit about my food logging and she was understanding. Learn to Sleep Perfect execution of night routine! Sleep was 8:04 to 3:47, 6hr 57min asleep, 46min awake. I did wake up again around 1, but just went to the restroom and weighed myself while I was in there and went back to sleep. I have to wake up around 11:30 to take the 2nd dose of my sleep meds, so I'll try to remember to use the restroom then and see if that helps with the 1/1:30 wake up, but I'm kind of dumb at that time, so don't know if that'll happen...
  26. Cardinal_22

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    It all depends on how you do it. Typical Murph times range from 35 min to well over an hour. Its faster if you don't wear a vest and/or partition part 2.
  27. Last night went well. Throughly steam free as it's all been blown off. Week 0 day 6 is going to be a rest day. I've been reading more of saulos jj University and watching some bjj clips. Going to watch polaris later on for a bit of inspiration. Weighed in 247.8 today. Not surprised by the water weight, I drank my bodyweight in cider/gin and followed it with a pizza.
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