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  2. Tesseract

    I'm baaaaack!!!

    Alright! Starting line set. I got a new InBody scan today. I know they're not the most accurate but they can at least identify trends and have more info than just a regular scale. This scan was especially fun b/c I'd forgotten that I did a foot peel while watching Game of Thrones on Sunday and now my feet look like I have a disease of some kind. I tried to be subtle taking my socks off and putting them back on. Not sure if I was successful. Inbody results: Weight: 197.2 lbs Percent Body Fat: 38.5% Skeletal Muscle Muscle Mass: 67.0 lbs Visceral fat: 17 BMR: 1558 calories (Side note: The fun part about this is that I've had a few scans now. When I did the challenge at Orangetheory I was counting my calories and sticking to 1700-1800. I lost a good amount of weight but I also lost a little muscle. In the month since the challenge ended I have stopped tracking/counting but still trying to make more good choices than not (reference the chocolate and pizza from the other day), and have gained back the muscle I lost and then some, plus dropped more body fat than I did during the challenge. I also measured at 3.1 lbs more water than last time and lost a total of 1.8 lbs, in about 5 weeks. Just in case anybody needed a reminder that the scale doesn't tell the whole story.) (Side note the second: My Orangetheory location has invited a mobile dunk tank out on May 4 to do hydrostatic body composition. That will be interesting to compare!) Measurements (in inches): Bust: 43 Pants-waist: 38.5 Hips/bootay: 45.5 Right thigh: 22.5 Right bicep: 11.5 I have these absolutely insane printed pants that are going to be soooo comfy in the Texas summer when I need that airflow but I don't always love shorts. Right now, they fit, but not well. I'm hoping by the end of either this challenge or the next one that they'll be ready to go. So I'm going to track my food, with a target of about 1900 calories in the hopes of achieving results more akin to the last 5 weeks than the 7-8 before. I don't really give a shit what the scale says, but I do want to be a little smaller, especially in the waist area. Workouts will keep on keeping on, anywhere from 3-5 Orangetheory classes a week. My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks so I also want to make my home as inviting as possible for her. So that brings me to my non-fitness related goal: Do at least one 20/10 minute work session daily, with at least two days of two sessions. I think that will get me to where I need to be.
  3. Today's available food Cocktail sausage salad, snackbox biznatch and pie with peas and cheese, ham and onion mash with beer gravy. A dinner cooked by TH, a man of varied talents which don't include assessing a reasonable quantity of mash.
  4. tracer-actual


    Sun 21 Apr 19 - Stimulation Training Day Meant to be either rest or HPRT over the weekend, however rest yesterday and good HRV prompted me to run Stimulation. AM Tempo Intervals - Stimulation level - Assault Bike 20 sets of: - 12s work / 48s rest - Calories just over 190, to give a marker for effort. KB Work Simple & Sinister KB Swings Complete 100 swings in under 5 minutes. Every 30 seconds do 10 swings. Single Arm @ 28kg - 10R, 10L, 10R, 10L, 10R, 10L, 10R, 10L, 10R, 10L, Figure Eights 5 sets of 15 reps (a single rep is one complete figure eight) @ 32kg
  5. tracer-actual


    Sat 20 Apr 19 - Rest Day Daily Win? Absolutely. Rest day completely and spent some very quality time with family
  6. Tesseract

    I'm baaaaack!!!

    That sounds like quite a lot!
  7. tracer-actual


    Fri 19 Apr 19 - Development Training Day AM High Resistance Intervals 22 x 5s sprint sled push / 50s recovery - 100kg on the sled - Lowered volume and increased intensity. 100kg was a noticeable change! Tempo Intervals Every minute, on the minute, for 22 minutes - 10 x Double Arm KB Swings @ 32kg Daily Victory Win
  8. tracer-actual


    Thu 18 Apr 19 - Stimulation Training Day  GST Hollow Body Holds - 4 x 48s - Kaizan Set of 24s - Keep grinding Negative Hanging Leg Lifts - 5 x 3 - Hit an additional set of 3. Hard work, I'll probably stick at this scheme for a bit. Headstand Reverse Leg Lifts (against the wall) - 5 x 10 - Form getting better Band over feet V-Ups, superset with 10 x Jefferson Curls (30kg) - 4 sets of 5 Daily Victory Win
  9. tracer-actual


    Wed 17 Apr 19 - High Peformance Recovery Day Morning HRV Score - ?? - Readiness ? - Parasympathetic Tempo Intervals Using HR Monitor Assault Bike For 20 minutes: - 12 seconds work and recover to sub 120 BPM. Completed 19 sets within the time. Daily Victory Win
  10. tracer-actual


    Tue 16 Apr 19 - Development Training Day Morning HRV Score - ?? - Readiness ? - Parasympathetic AM GST - Dip Complex. 5 Sets of the following (with each iM integrated): - 6 Straight Bar Dips - 6 Reverse Straight Bar Dips - 6 Korean Dips - 6 Reverse Korean Dips - RC PE 2 - 12, 12, 12, 12, 9 - Felt it on the last two sets again, but better than last time. Keep going and remember80% consistantly is king (Elite Minds). - Planche Leans - 4x30s and an additional set of 12 seconds (bringing back my old Kaizan principle) - KB Clean and Press - 5 sets of 5 each arm @ 20kg Daily Victory Win
  11. DJtrippyT

    Reset, Recenter, Rebuild

    good luck! As a fellow bullet journaler I like your habit tracker idea.
  12. No, I asked him how he wanted me to refer to him on here and gave him carte blanche and after a good long think, he settled on The Heron. For whatever reason. *Shrug*
  13. shaar

    Lightbearer: Present

    You better BELIEVE I'm here for this!! ❤️
  14. DJtrippyT

    I'm baaaaack!!!

    Cheetah has a trans-dimentional hat that does magic and Sloth's promising to wear a Speedo. I think that's all you missed.
  15. DJtrippyT

    Atrytone Tackles the Life Wheel

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel down. You are always very supportive on my thread and I appreciate it.
  16. Okay this is where I out myself and admit I always thought "TH" stood for "The Husband"
  17. Today
  18. DJtrippyT

    Ye Ranger Guilde Halle in the North [General Chat]

    I knew my summer wardrobe was missing something!
  19. Treva

    ATLA: Treva vs the Fire Nation/Ozai

    Good point! I am doing some research on the physical toll of performing, and I haven't gotten totally into the literature but it looks like at the least, heart rate reaches 52% of maximum during performance, which is just under the requirements for cardio. so I have been skipping cardio at the gym given I'm doing so much practicing and performing on a daily basis, and don't want to wear myself down. I need to get more stretches, for sure. I'm starting to get a little crampy, and my books have some stretches I've been neglecting. Wrapup for week 3! Per usual, still bad at sword and meditating. Practicing, sleep, healthy eating, and hydrating are going extremely well. I am bribing myself with no calorie flavored waters, but I'm hydrating and at least right now it's building the habit of doing it. Getting back into the gym is good--I've been not doing cardio this week under the assumption that my playing for many hours is enough for this week. Next week, i'll go back to regular running or something. Yoga is happening. I need to remind myself to stretch before tonight and before tomorrow morning. I have almost completed all my tasks; I'll be sure to get them done before next week. If I bring my sword with me next week, I can expect to do well for completion. I think even if I don't, I should be okay if I really focus on meditating. So right now, check marks for Sleep: 88.9% completion Practicing: 76% completion Eating healthy: pretty good Hydrating: pretty good. Strength training: we are a little short this week on one leg day, but I'm doing lots of organ. Cardio: definitely doing 5x/day KB: picked up to almost every day this week Yoga: picked up to almost every day this week Nearly there with Knocking off all tasks Not doing well with Sword Meditating I'm still waiting to see how I did on my last two rotations, which is a little unusual. We have less than a month before graduation, and I'm a little nervous that my teachers won't have my grades in for graduation. Haven't gotten any emails yet to that effect
  20. Okay this basically what I do, except that you put more than you think you'll eat in there so you have options when the time comes. I like that. I think just the name is fun too, even though it's all in the same place. Somewhat related, I've been wanting a new lunch bag. Mine is somewhat cute but is old and has had ickiness spilled inside enough that I really want to start fresh. This thing is way more intense than anything I'd need in my day to day life but would certainly accomplish the "snack box" effect!
  21. @mu

    Raptron Turns 50?!?! [Challenges]

    Love this! Raaaowww that video it looks like an Attenborough documentary (on LSD or something )
  22. Butternut

    Diadhuit's level up

    OOOOOOOHHHHH MAN! New house! Congrats! Beautiful goals. Following!
  23. Emma

    Emma sweats

    Friday: Exercise: DVD Eat: Not on plan. Music:Nope More later.
  24. Butternut

    Butternut decomposes

    Oh and if I do that awesome shit in 2 weeks, I get to go buy a new sports bra!
  25. Butternut

    Butternut decomposes

    Yo everyone! Ok. I am the dog who caught the car. If you want to know the deep part of what the hell I am talking about, read the spoiler! I finally have everything I dreamed of as a little girl. Someone to save me from chaos, a home that I bought, and happy healthy kids. I have all 3 of those things! 2 months ago I didn't know what to do with this realization, but now I do. I am moving forward with my life to be different then who I have been. This is a new beginning. So with these goals. I'm facing these goals with simple things like Steve Kamp always encourages. How we go!!! 1. Wake up at 6am- Every morning 2. Hit the Gym, Sauna, and/or ju jitsu 3 times a week 3. High fat, high protein breakfast. (Breakfast also means "Break Fast" ) 4. Read 8 minutes every Night. Now these 4 goals I'm going to try to do just for the first 2 weeks. I may change them half way through. Anyways ladys and gents, I am excited! Please follow, encourage, inspire, and comment!
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