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    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    Well it's been nothing but terrible food choices since then... I took this whole week break between challenges thing a bit too far hah. Oh well, I'll get my next one hammered out soon here and get back on track. So my baby brother was SUPPOSED to be coming home for Easter, and maybe bringing his girlfriend with him. We only have a twin bed to spare, so if they both came they were going to stay at my sister's, but he was being really noncommittal. Anyways, I decided I'd better fix up the spare room in case he WAS going to stay with us... It has been window-cover-less since Annie destroyed the blinds. And she shredded the sheets... I'm glad we're done with that phase! Anyways I had a drink or two last night, was home alone, and decided to just totally rearrange the whole room! It was fun. And it's much better now. Although the windows are still uncovered. I have stuff though, I just need hubs to put the brackets up. But anyways, now my brother says he's not going to come until next weekend... My parents are not going to be happy. Especially since this isn't the first time recently that he's said he's coming and hasn't. I'm worried about him - I'm going to try calling him later today. At the very least, we're all booked in for disc golf tournaments - one in two weeks and another two weeks after that, so I'll get to see him in person then for sure.
  3. Cheetah

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    I'm definitely looking for recommendations. The students who are getting me into it have more to say about contemporary music than the classics. I'm listening to that album right now. I'll watch the movie if I get a chance, and I know there are several other films that are relevant that I want to check out eventually. Well, let me tell you where I am so far. I'm going album-by-album through it. I bounced around a little before I settled on going year-by-year. Here's what I've heard so far: Run DMC - "King of Rock" Big Daddy Kane - "Long Live the Kane" and "It's a Big Daddy Thing" Public Enemy - "Yo! Bum Rush the Show" and "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" LL Cool J - "Radio" and "Bigger and Deffer" Eric B and Rakim - "Paid in Full" Boogie Down Productions - "Criminal Minded" Ice T - "Rhyme Pays" Schoolly D - "Saturday Night! the Album" Ultramagnetic MCs - "Critical Beatdown" Slick Rick - "The Great Adventures of..." NWA - "Straight Outta Compton" I've got a few more from 87 and 88 that I know I need to listen to, like DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, and Too Short, and a handful of others. I'm using this website as a guide because it lists albums year by year and seems pretty comprehensive.
  4. JediNickD

    [JediNickD] World 4 Level 10: "Something to Fight For"

    On Wednesday, my karate class was issued a challenge by our instructors... 5600 side kicks before the next Advanced Test. That's 50 a day, which doesn't sound bad, so long as you don't miss a day. Unfortunately, anyone attending class for the first time that week was already two days behind. I have 100 kicks to make up while also doing my 50. I decided to pace myself and ease into catching up over the weekend. I practice plenty, but I rest my body taking a day off and exercise something else. 150.2 lbs this morning. Racquet ball for three matches in 60 min. It took me a while to get going with soreness in my elbow, so I was terrible in the first two games missing easy shots and returns, but played well and won the third game. I hustled hard all three games and my legs felt good. I needed stretching after, and I knocked out my 50 side kicks. I'm icing my back and elbow throughout the day.
  5. Rinna

    The Dude(ette) abides.....Rinna does things.

    Why does the weather not cooperate? Storms just have to roll in right when it’s time for walking......dammit. Been a rough week. Boy-o came down with some unspecified virus. Took to Dr, as he had some unusual symptoms. Been running 99.9-102.8 all week. Feels like shite. My poor baby. I hate it when there’s nothing you can do. Not to mention it’s exhausting taking care of a sick teenager. So basically this week is a bust. At least it’s zero week.
  6. Rusk

    The Battle Chef's Log

    Warmup Mobility Yes y KB Halo 2x6 6 6 Prying Squat 2x5 5 5 KB Armbar 2x6br 6 6 Glute Bridge 2x8 8 8 A1 Sandbag-Shoulder 4x8 6 6 x x A2 Broad Jump 4x3 3 3 x x B1 Deadlift 95 x5 5 117.5 x5 5 142.5 x5 5 165 x3 3 190 x3 3 212.5 x3+ 3 190 x3 x 165 x3+ x B2 Ab Roll Out 8x1 1 1 1 1 1 x x x Still frikin' sore from earlier. Humidity is at 100%, everything in the gym is damp. Friggin' gross. Took the dog for a long walk instead of finishing the day.
  7. Update for Apr. 18 Workout: It was a designated rest day. Eat Right: I went over my calorie goal for the day, I need to get right back on that for the weekend so that 1 day doesn't become 4. No Fast Food: None for me. Daily Cleanup: I got more late night cleaning the kitchen and toy area done.
  8. CourtnieMarie

    CM packs up her troubles

    we have been so bombarded and blinded with the idea that skinny = better i think bodies are meant to all look different! Unfortunately I know Friend 2/B loved the comment. she has been fighting with her body for a long time and believes she won't find a partner until her body changes 100% yes on the compliments on appearance. most of the time (beside a cool haircut or makeup or outfit) your body shape and eye color and ear size is not something you have any control over. I agree with harriet! maybe except for sexual interest. there are plenty of people out there who are sexually interested in fat bodies even if they pretend not to be in order to "conform" as you say! unfortunately people in marginalized bodies are treated very differently in our culture and there are definitely rewards for those who fulfill some or all of the following: white; able-bodied; straight sized; gender conforming... idk i'm sure there are more. but you're absolutely right, we have to get away from the idea that we need validation from these strangers who 100% are not thinking about our health (no matter how often they say that). i stand for more biscotti and marginalized bodies in the media
  9. Terah

    Terah's quest for cute animal gifs

    I lured you into my trap *evil laugh*
  10. saoithin

    captain's table log -304294.31

    post intergalactic musical affair log update: last night we crossed federation boundaries for a concert, my choices weren't excellent but calories for the day were reasonable Thursday evening: 3 slices medium ham & cheese pizza 2 whiskey & diet coke upon returning: 4 large crackers & 2 cheese slices today we dine Mexican and we all know the lure of nachos all too well...
  11. Guzzi

    TGP going the distance!

    Hey!!!! I was following on your last challenge but I think the forum must have disliked that idea and kicked you off my notification list. Booo!
  12. Guzzi

    Tzippi Tastes the Vinegar

    Got to follow, because I love Winnie the Pooh! Oh yeah, and hello!
  13. Guzzi

    Terah's quest for cute animal gifs

    Following for animal gifs! Oh yeah, and seeing Terah kick ass!
  14. Guzzi

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

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  16. DarK_RaideR

    May the Force be with [DarK_RaideR]

    Indeed, thanks for bringing it up, went back to fix it. Nope, it was more of a week-long deal. Some minor injuries only penalize performance or in some cases workers are available for angles alone and not matches. Still, I gave Lister a week off anyway and used your lack of information to get a reaction out of my dear readers.
  17. You see, the two bolded parts clash. Here are a few alternatives: We have a Money in the Bank style match and the winner gets to marry TH. For that extra spin, the marriage, just like the MitB title shot, can happen anywhere, anytime, as long as an official is present. We have a standard Ladder match, only instead of a briefcase, it's TH hanging from the rafters and whoever manages to release him also gets to marry him. We have a Royal Rumble match and the winner gets to marry TH, who in the meantime will be tied to a forlkift by the ring as a tribute to one of pro wrestling's worst match stipulations ever. Think of it as an exaggerated version of eating nuts whose shell hasn't been removed before. Some people enjoy the struggle more than the actual thing they get to eat, be it seeds, wings, crabs, shellfish or the tricky parts off the chicken leftovers, they're all for it. Then there's the real gross ones, the types who'll crack bones to suck off the marrow and skulls to eat the insides.
  18. This is literally what I'm doing now - I have an Excel spreadsheet where I track actions, and the spreadsheet calculates the score for the day, averages and a couple of other metrics for gamification. I was going to prepare something about it to share at some point actually. Nice to see I'm not the only one haha WHM breathing: 1 point per round cold shower: 1 point per round fitness activity: 1/3/6/10/15 points depending on whether it's just stretching or a full-on intense gym workout 2 points per fruit/vegetable portion 1 point for 15 minutes of work "agile"-style story points for to-do list points for sleeping earlier etc. Right now I have 33.3 points per day since 10th April and want to push the average up to 40 points before my next travel **does random push-ups** @zenLara: that's actually quite a lot of activity if you think about it per week! You're on the right path
  19. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Thursday - w0d5 Mindful Moments - ate most of my meals with other people today, which makes it hard for me to be mindful PT Exercises - traced the alphabet - one legged stands Self Care - nap - Maundy Thursday service at church
  20. For me, it is the first and second day of my period that I lose the weight again (around 5lbs), even on a Mirena. The number of toilet-visits during those days are super-annoying, so it is easy to see that it really is water-weight. Considering tracking, are you using something that shows a long-term graph? I heard that it is much easier to see the big picture if you actually plot a few months' data instead of just looking at the numbers.
  21. Xena

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    White girl who knows nothing about hip hop giving advice about hip hop (so take this for what it's worth) Consider watching "Straight Outta Compton." It was really surprising to me. I lived through that time, but really had no sense of that story.
  22. You currently have more than 8 actions per day, on top of gym and walking. I think you would go crazy if you try to measure each action individually, and the prospect of having to track might or might not put you off. You are already doing so much! I agree with WhiteGhost that you are going forward when doing this amount, no matter what your brain says. If you want to go to another system than the current actions, you could consider a "point" system where e.g. one stretch is 1 point, half an hour of yoga is 15 points, etc. Points could either represent importance or time-investment. My boyfriend and I did this for a while for the household-chores: in principle 1 point stood for 15 minutes, but small important tasks also got a point (taking out the trash, vacuuming the bedroom, etc.). However, I also really like your current system of just counting actions. No matter what you decide, we will be here to support you .
  23. WhiteGhost

    May the Force be with [DarK_RaideR]

    I'm guessing that was supposed to be Sebastian Koller? I was really confused until I got to the actual match. Even knowing they will be facing off against each other soon, it was good to see they were able to stay above that and keep things together for this match. More than that, though, I am glad Lister's Bruised Spleen doesn't seem to be slowing him down. I was worried he would be out for a few.
  24. All that over 3 weeks? Seems to me that you don't need to know how much time you spent on these to see you are moving forward Nice bat!
  25. Guzzi

    Hey everyone

    Ah, on the west coast! It’s about 2hrs drive from my home town of Fort William. Nice to have a Lady as a neighbour!
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