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    Mon 22 Apr 19 - Stimulation Training Day AM C2 Rowing - 'Monah' For something different. My final day of holidays, so wanted a quick but good session. Didn't record distance, but pace instead 2:00 at pace/ 2:00r - 1:42.6 min/500m 2 x 1:00 at pace / 1:00r - 1:42.4min/500m - 1:42.4 min/500m 4 x 0:45 at pace / 0:45r - 1:43.3 min/500m - 1:43.8 min/500m - 1:43.8 min/500m - 1:42.3 min/500m 6 x 0:30 at pace / 0:30r - 1:43.6 min/500m - 1:42.9 min/500m - 1:42.9 min/500m - 1:42.2 min/500m - 1:42.2 min/500m - 1:40.8 min/500m Felt it, as always. Good little session before returning home for some painting time Daily Victory Win
  3. Curl Brogo

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    Look at the time stamp of this post. Fuck. That is all.
  4. Guzzi

    Turning back the clock

    Ok, so I’ve not posted on here for about 2 years, but I feel like I could do with having somewhere to keep track of progress over a longer period than the 4WCs so I’m picking it up and dusting it off. Progress pics will be added shortly.
  5. DarK_RaideR

    RES: Here I go again

    Diggin' the new hair, especially if that red shirt is some kind of every day work outfit, they really match. Plus, you know, Red Eagle Spirit and all...
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    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Me too! Actually hope to finish it today A small sneak peak:
  8. Arkania

    Work hard, play hard

    Work hard: Self employment: Havent't done anything the last days. Fitness: Still no sport. Education: I started and finished the Crossfit Judge course yesterday. Was really fun. Play hard: Garden/Field: We went to get the seeds from the farmer on Saturday. Really nice guy. And we talked about the piece of land. Today is still a public holiday (Easter Monday) so I think we will start planting the seeds tomorrow. Mini habits: I thought about 2 habits and may add a drinking habit: Meditate for one minute, Do 10 jumping jacks Food: I looooove bread. But I think, all the "bad" carbs (like flour etc) are not that good for me. Have to check that.
  9. Arkania

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Oh, for that I have something in mind. My personal pvp for this week: Sell something you don't use anymore (again )
  10. Week One Overview Overall, last week went great. I got all my workouts done and I did do something other than just elliptical even if it was just some booty training. It all counts. Calories-wise things have been really good again. I was under 1800 calories every day but two (this is what I want for every week - undereating 5 days a week and exceeding it 2 days to alternate intake) and I averaged out at 1812 calories per day which is pretty much bang on. My weight has been down for most of the week although I got an upswing at the end bringing me to pretty much where I was at the beginning of the week but this always happens to me. I will start seeing downward movement soon enough. No increase in hotness but I can live with this too.
  11. Sunday Update We got up quite late and exchanged Easter eggs. I got a lot more than TH because I do easter eggs with the girls at work too so we decided to just share them all between us because like I said, we're cute af. We did some remedial chores (laundry, beewasp checks - they haven't got into the house for a while now, I think we're all good but I don't want to speak too soon) then we played video games all afternoon. I did a workout but I didn't exactly bring the power again, mostly because I had let TH seduce me again and that always saps my energy but I did my best. I did some basic booty moves beforehand which again, wasn't in the spirit of the "do something more than just elliptical" but technically it's a pass and like I said, I was working against the circumstances. I did my weekly hotness check and we both agreed there is no difference which is fine, we would't expect there to be in just a week. TH did tell me he has never found me so attractive and we did have a conversation about why that must be, since I reckon I looked better this time last year. He said it was a confidence thing. Then he started singing Fit But You Know It at me. We went to my mom's for dinner and we sat in their garden chatting, then when we came home we read in the garden with cups of herbal tea before watching Beastmaster. Then we came to bed but neither of us could sleep for a while because it was too hot. I'm tired again today.
  12. deftona

    Shello Attempts a Comeback

    I think if you didn't realise it was a coverup then nobody else will either. I was in exactly the same situation with a work dress I had a year or two ago and nobody ever noticed.
  13. ReturnOfTheDad


    Weight: 226.3 lbs (4lbs Lost) Sleep: 7 hrs Water: 4/8 Gallon Protein: 80 grams Meals: 8:30am - Protein bar, vitamins, coffee 11:00am - Eggs, bread, cheese, fruit, tea 2:00pm - SF Monster 4:45pm - Chicken sandwich & salad 9:30pm - Chicken Caesar Salad Fitness: Rest Day Notes: Yesterday and today were an absolute blur. Did recovery service work most of the day yesterday, did an Easter lunch with the family, movie with my son, then more recovery service work. The volunteering definitely helps me keep on an even keel, but need to work on balancing that with enough sleep and food. Kind of burning the candle at both ends right now. Today started bright and early with a scramble to Easter church service, scrambling back to get ready for a big family lunch and egg hunt and juggling kids and family members for the next couple of hours. After everyone left did a quick pack for this weeks trip then it was off to the airport again for a day in Phoenix then headed to LA tomorrow. Air travel was delayed again, really just trying to roll with things. Wanted to go for a run this evening, but due to flight and baggage delays that was out. Just going to settle for a healthy-ish dinner and early bed time. Hopefully a bit of personal inventory and a good nights sleep will change my current grumbly state.
  14. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    Sondag 1. No running 2. Meditation? 3. 3 hour afternoon nap Lights at midnight Awake long before 5. 4. My brother found the missing cat. He was lying dead under a bush in the front yard. Sunday morning on the pond, the K1 kayak skills are improving. I rowed around the entire pond. Kittens are beginning to crawl into strange places. 3 weeks and 1 day.
  15. Elennare

    Elennare's Adventures in Eating

    End of zero week. I tried to jump back on the push up challenge wagon and missed, so I have a bit more catching up to do than hoped for. Gotta chase down the wagon before I can jump back on again. Eating the last few days has been either great or terrible. I haven't been able to do "ok." Not stellar, but at least there's been some good meals to balance out the bad. I had way too much chocolate today, but it's Easter, so I feel like you're doing it wrong if you don't. We had a lovely day today, though. Started with an Easter egg hunt for the boys. They had an egg with one candy in it in their baskets and a note that they had to hunt for the rest. The original plan was to put the candy in the eggs in their baskets but they both were super excited about the idea of an egg hunt so that's what we did. Then we played Star Munchkin, and then off to church. After church we went out to lunch, came home and changed out of our fancy clothes, and then Little Bug asked if he could practice sword fighting. That happened for a little bit, then one of the neighbor kids came over and Husband and I ended up showing off a little. Then the boys played outside. And then we went tide pooling and saw lots of cool stuff. Many hermit crabs, including one that Husband picked up and let the boys hold. Well, offered anyway. Little One decided he didn't want to hold the crab. Also saw some pelicans. Ended the outing at Cold Stone. In not great news, Husband's car is in the shop and there's a good chance we'll end up facing a decision on whether it's worth repairing or not. But I'm glad it's getting looked at and they're not taking it on the road trip to Northern California tomorrow. But they are renting a car, which means getting up early to get it before I go to work, so I think I'm going to go to bed so I can start week one not horribly sleep deprived. At least I have coffee again!
  16. So, I'm still in the unconditional permission to eat phase, and I'm trying to eat without screens. It's hard. I like combining tv and eating. Or reading and eating. So relaxing. But it's also quite relaxing eating whatever I want without worrying about health or weight. So far I've not gotten fat, sick, or otherwise broken by eating whatever I like. I guess I was sort of worried I would immediately become exhausted and start gaining weight and generally turn back into my weak, sick, sad, pre-lifting self again, but that hasn't been the case so far. Fingers crossed the extra calories will go to my lifts and make me stronger. This pie is for you, overhead press. (Yes. I made a blackberry and blueberry pie. I like baking, but haven't been doing it because the sugar and calories seemed inexcusable.)
  17. DAY 1 Exercise Bike 17 min. at tension setting #3 33 min. at tension setting #4 Break-Fast 2 scrambled eggs 10 oz (cooked weight) chicken breast 5 oz (dry weight) Irish oatmeal 3 grams (capsules) of fish oil Strength Training Incline bench press x12,x10,x8,x6 Paused bench press 4x12 Incline hammer grip DB press (alt. arms) 4x12 DB flys (alt. arms) 4x12 Cable crossovers (alt. arms) 3x15 Dips - pyramid to fatigue Wide arm pushups - sets of 10 to fatigue Lunch 8 oz (cooked weight) chicken breast 1 cup california blend vegetables 1.5 cups white rice a banana a mandarin orange Dinner 10 oz (cooked weight) eye of round steak 1 cup california blend vegetables a telera roll 4 blocks of hershey bar Supper 10 egg white omelette mixed with 1 cup of bell peppers & onion Bedtime 30 grams protein powder
  18. Elennare

    Assassin's Den

    Slightly later in the day then I meant to post, but I've still got 2.5 hours in my time zone. Happy Easter everyone! And if you celebrate Passover, happy slightly late Passover! If you celebrate some other spring holiday I don't know about, I hope you have/had a great one of those as well!
  19. Shotokan

    Shotokan turns it around

    Week zero day seven: 15 more katas, one Iaido kata and the core workout ends the week. I'm a little bit behind on the Iaido katas but I guess the challenge really hasn't started yet.
  20. Elastigirl

    This is a new world for me

    Welcome! On your question, what if I pick the wrong one. Well, good news: we've now removed the penalty of being thrown in a cave with an angry dragon you don't accomplish your goal! I like your idea of finding fun things to do. Experiment, have fun. Sometimes the challenges where I've picked the wrong goal have been the most helpful. I think I really want to work on something, and then discover, nah, it isn't really what I want. But knowing what doesn't work for me has helped me figure out what works for me. For a goal set up, you could choose one fitness goal, one social goal and one fun goal.
  21. Welcome to my challenge thread. I'm not new to Nerd Fitness. If you're a Level 1, then I'm your Guild Leader. My 4-week challenge thread is posted in this Level 1 subforum as an example, in the hope that you seeing how I format and organize my challenge might help give you ideas for your own. About Me My Muggle name is Chris. I'm a 41 yr old semi-retired guy happily at home being the primary caregiver for my almost-3 yrs old daughter. Which is the Best. Job. Ever. The pay is non-existent, but the benefit package is fantastic and calls me "Daddy." For the past few months my main fitness drive has been weightloss. I dropped 19+ lbs in January's challenge. I dropped another 7+ lbs in the February-March challenge. Then illness struck during the March-April challenge. After it passed, I ended up kind of spinning my wheels. I'm not the type of person who likes getting stuck. I recognized that I simply don't feel like being hungry right now. So dieting down via low calories is out the window for the time being. Instead, I'm going to shift gears and spend some time eating well and working hard. My Main Quest presently is to... Eat and Train like "The Rock" My Support Quests for this challenge are to... Cardio like The Rock. 45 minutes to 1 hour a day on my treadmill and/or exercise bike. Lift like The Rock. Info for his typical workout routines is all over the internet. I'll post my daily training anyway, for public accountability, so you'll see the exercises in my daily updates. Eat like The Rock. A couple of provisos here. DJ is 6'5" and 260 lbs. I'm significantly smaller at 5'9" and under 200. I'll be eating like the Rock, but not identical to him. I'll have big meals like he does, but I won't eat after a meal until I'm hungry again. I'm not going to force-feed myself if I'm not hungry. That would just lead to me being uncomfortable and pukey. So while my meals may be big, I'll probably eat fewer meals per day than he does. I'm not setting a number on that. I'll be listening to my body. When it's hungry, I'll eat. When it isn't, I won't. Secondly, I'm not rich. I'm substituting a few things in the Rock's diet to bring the cost of his food down into my affordability range. Instead of pricey fish, I'll be relying on good ol' cheap chicken breast. And when I have steak, I'll be using cheaper cuts like Eye of Round. And with regard to exercise, I don't have access to all the equipment that he has. But I want to keep the overall work volume in the gym the same as he does. So when he's got exercises that require equipment that I don't have, I'll be doing my best to sub in similar exercises. If you got this far, thank you very much for reading. I'd be delighted if you continued to visit my challenge thread, and kept me company throughout this month as I continue along my journey. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them. Your comments are appreciated, and your questions are welcome.
  22. DaemonCorax

    TGP going the distance!

    Dutchman breeches = upside down pantaloons!
  23. fleaball

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Today did not go as planned. But didn’t go as badly as expected given the failed plan part. So I’ll take the win, I guess. Things certainly could have worse. The strike is over so I get to go grocery shopping again! I mean I got stuff when I took my brother out but I got really anxious and couldn’t think about what I wanted or needed. Currently watching The Magicians season finale for the 3rd time. I don’t have a problem. lots of people on the interwebs are pissed about several different parts of it, which makes me feel bad because I loved it and don’t see those issues. Oh well. Today’s performance: Goal SP: 0/1. Didn’t plan well enough for it in the first place, then things going off the rails made it more or less impossible. Goal M: 1/1. Goal EC: 1/1. Goal EN: 1/1. Off to a good start.
  24. TGP

    TGP going the distance!

    Happy Easter! guys... without getting too religious lets all just affirm in the power of second chances! --- it feels like things are changing (finally)... while not done or ending; Hiking will be I think a bit more spaced out and more reasonable. I have one major hike in the next 2.5weeks... but not like last week that saw 3 major hikes in less than a week. Green is coming up EVerywhere outside! I see new leaves on the trees and while there's still a few spring flowers I haven't seen (hey Trilliums of PA; why aren't you up yet!?) - most of them are out. so Get OUT. Really What are you Waiting for!! (ha!) still reading? oh. ok. well I had the feeling like I wanted to try to do One more HIKE REPORT. but I'm WARNING you! I got NO photos at All! sorry! first it rained and secondly I camped in the middle and my wife didn't want me to drag a camera with the tents and all.... so No pretty Picture of sitting Near a fire (we never even made a fire, actually). no nothing. the only photo going forward is a last google shot of a flower; cuz I like flowers and I think this is a cool one... -------- FRIDAY APRIL 19th. (8pm, the Beginning of a dark and (almost) stormy night) ... from the Far South reaches of the Trail on Wednesday (that my hiking partner hasn't seen)-- this is the Far NORTH part of the Trail that I haven't seen for quite a few years. anyways, cue the rain. cue the "peepers". ? . do you know what those are? those little high pitched shrill sound in the bogs/swamps? they are frogs! tiny little frogs. I was overcome with curiousity once to find one. SO. DARN. TOUGH! they know just when to be quiet! but ... with persistence once I did it. anyways. yep. lots of them. the trail starts right in a big bottom lands with lots of em. for a while not much was said. it was still yet warm; but very damp. the kind of humidity that sticks to you. the whiff of mist; blurring out our headlamps. Oh how muddy the Trail was In spots! this wouldn't be a good one for my partner and I think he fell like 5 times or so... even WITH hiking poles constant attention was needed to prevent slipping in the thick and gooey mud. as the trail started gaining elevation gently in long strait sections and gentle loops- we had new companions once we got beyond the Peepers.... we started seeing Toads,Everywhere! toads on top of rocks and sitting near logs. Toads sleeping; squirming and well... making new toads (paired up obviously). this was the NIGHT of toads! and we saw probably A ton of Toads! who says you can't "see" wildlife on a night hike? the terrain get more physical as the night drew on. I was warned there was One big stream crossing... and yep! it was Pretty bad. now, I don't mean that it was a broad river or anything. but they say one year (of the A100) there was flooding rain and they had to put up rope to prevent people from being swept away in the heavy currents. ... Hmm that WOULD be a hard Year for sure! imagine getting wet at mile 12 and having 87 miles to go with wet feet and pants!? anyways; the Big Hill. Oddly enough I was Just telling Jeff that all the hills felt small... NEVER. SAY. SOMETHING. LIKE. THAT!. ha! what a hill! so tired and passing out , later, we got to the top. funny, how much foggier it was up there! the headlights were reduced to just a white ball and nearly left no glow for our strained legs. it was so much colder out. it felt like the Mists of the night were stealing the warmth of everything away. we were happily after the climb pretty warm- but it dwindled! I bundled up the raincoat; which was really not so needed (it drizzled and nothing more...). very slow pace despite the easyness of the way- thick "pea soup" fog. this might seem a odd point to draw attention to. so very unvisual. but ALL hiking is mental. when your lucky you can distract yourself with the outside world. at this moment, though, you were Locked in your head! straining to see the dimmest hint of what was around you, just to stay on trail. your thoughts ARE everything. tell you feet to quit complaining about your wet feet. No, fingers and toes we are NOT going to die of cold. and then. we are done! we come down the heights and walk along the road among the toads. Poor toads! do not try to have kids err tadpoles on a highway!! ---- and it is Morning! in the woods, it seems that No matter who little sleep you have - its Really good Sleep! we had a whopping 3.5hours but it was warm (heavy sleeping bags) & dry ! (the virtue of setting up camp BEFORE the drizzle). as we wake up to the light we note the lightness of the sky. drizzle , it seems, has passed. daybreak is not entirely sunlight; but the sun pops out momentarily out of the clouds then goes back. Everything is really, really, REALLY green. all flowers are closed; but their small little leaves shine! during a brief break; I see a fun sight! "Leeks!" what are leeks? well WILD leeks... aka "Ramps/ Wild onions". a really really BIG patch. I dig a few up for a tasty treat another day. Everything goes from rather chilly to pretty warm and rather stuffy. we come up the Ridge and I have My little celebration- Now I HAVE walked all 97miles of the trail. down the other side the trail does a lot of Water crossing; which is Really inconvenient. It did drizzle all night; and with rains in previous days water is high. I don't think my shoes even sort of dried from the night before. oh well, more water? Bring it on. said I. yeah.... NEVER. SAY. SOMETHING. LIKE. THAT!. we were 1 hour from the end. yep 1 hour. think Constant, Drenching Rains for 1 hour. yes, we had raincoats. but we were hiking like mad and sweating like, a lot. and "breathable" is a relative thing. but again- what do saw about heavy rain? its not as bad as you first think it is. your wet. but its got its own beautiful sounds and flow. without rain- there wouldn't be green plants and they were absolutely loving it! keep slow and pretend your waterproof. ... and Thats my Hike! I think I Did run out of words. I worried that would happen. now if you have any further inclination to read; here is the flower; these are called "dutchman Breeches" no idea were the name comes from -- properly its name is dicentra cucullaria. but who can say that. anyways its pretty & I found a particularly pretty bunch near some big boulders. what could be prettier than that!?
  25. Elastigirl

    jstanlick vs. The Hydra

    Great plan. I love how thoughtful you are about each of your kid's interests.
  26. Elastigirl

    Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I especially like it when it's the sheets that are still in the wash. I am better at it now though. Our washing machine plays a little song when it is done, which gives me a better shot at remembering to move stuff to the dryer
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