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  2. Miaulin

    Ranger Tavern, Inn and de facto Guild Hall [General Chat]

    You can make your own team, but it also says something about no matter what you at least get your entry money back.
  3. Endor

    Run along now

    Lol i look preggers at the moment! No, that's what the johova's say when they knock on your door Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  4. annyshay

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Hello Rebels. I'm back after my move to Albany. I've got a chair, an air mattress, and internet, so I'm pretty well set up while I'm waiting for my stuff to come this weekend. The move has gone as smoothly as possible this far, which is a blessing. There was a lot of driving, but I was able to break it up with a visit to a friend from fellowship who had graduated and a visit with my grandparents. Dragon is a bit more clingy than usual, but he's getting over the stress of it all. My new apartment is beautiful, and I'm excited to start exploring a bew part of the world! This challenge was mostly a maintenance one while I was working on moving, and I feel like I've maintained most of my good habits. My movement levels have fallen off again, but I'm hoping that I can get those going with my foot feeling a little bit better. I really liked the grateful wins category, so I think I will carry that forward with me in the future. All in all, I think this challenge was a success. DING! Level up!!!
  5. Unless you can pick people to form a team, it's a scam. If you are assigned to randoms, I'm sure there will be enough slackers to lower team's success rate enough to drain you from your money. Don't do that.
  6. annyshay

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Annyshay thought that her mission was clear, but Lady Impa had more to say. She told Annyshay that her Sheikah slate was not yet complete. She suggested going to Hateno village to find someone in the research lab to fix it further. She charged Annyshay to follow her heart and seek out her destiny.
  7. You are trying to kill me. I am dying.
  8. I'd go for Pearl Jam, but you already used that in a gif not long ago. Also, despite recent medication, apparently Hulkamania has yet to run wild on you* as you seem to STILL LACK THE CAPS LOCK ROID RAGE! *which is probably a good thing, as you're not likely to go Benoit on TH and the cat
  9. DarK_RaideR

    Run along now

    ERMAGHERD YOU'RE PREG..... I mean, no, absolutely no, I haven't... Please tell me...
  10. DarK_RaideR

    cn3wton, Dúnedain, Ranger of the North.

    Glad to read a lot of good news and progress on your post. Wishing your dog a speedy recovery!
  11. DarK_RaideR

    » captain's log [shaar: v. battle log]

    Life hack: Follow and message shaar on Instagram
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  13. DarK_RaideR

    Ranger Tavern, Inn and de facto Guild Hall [General Chat]

    A new one shall be set up, most likely by our brand new Guild Leader, @SkyGirl
  14. DarK_RaideR

    DarK_RaideR's BattlE_LoG

    Oh wow, been away from this for what, 7 months now? Interesting. Anyway, I've had a sloppy last few challenges and life has been hectic trying to survive work and a bunch of mental/emotional stuff, so I'm taking a break for as long as I'll require. I don't wanna half-ass challenges or set up goals I know I won't bother trying to achieve. I do however want to keep up the good habits and keep in touch with all you wonderful nerds here, so it's back to Battle Logging for me! I'm writing this fresh off seeing Alice in Chains last night, by far my favorite grunge band and the mix of excitement coupled with the emotion of their songs is an... interesting backdrop as I type out where I'm at. Speaking of which, therapy. I've been doing weekly sessions since January and things have been falling into place since. Self discovery is never an easy journey and it's extra hard for me as I was raised a single child in a way that taught me to suppress and bury all my emotions and desires. Digging stuff up is a copious process, but one that yields fruit in the long run. My relationship with my parents, which has been the main source of troubles, especially since I hooked up with my girlfriend some 3,5 years ago, has been getting better and this in turn brought some much needed peace of mind. Of course, that only means the dust settles so all the other issues can arise and be dealt with, which is where I'm kinda at right now. Mainly facing my (actual) self and some aspects of my relationship that were sidelined in order to deal with the major problem of defending it against my absolutely butthurt about it parents. Needless to say, the above procedure has been absolutely draining in terms of emotional endurance and mental willpower. I've been dealing with therapy sessions, my family, the gf and a backbreaking workload so most fitness-related things have taken a back seat. If there's one thing I had to face in my fitness journey lately, it's that you need a solid foundation before attempting to achieve any ambitious goals. My eating isn't bad, but I'm not even consciously trying to eat right either and tracking calories on my app hasn't been a thing for several months now. I stopped my Muay Thai training sessions around Easter due to a combination of practical issues (schedule clashes, summer heat, lining up my eating so I don't throw up during the training, spending my already limited money on something I'd only attend once or twice a month by that point) and mental issues. At first I felt like I lacked the mental and emotional integrity to push through training, let alone sparring. Not the "I can't do another rep" kind of vibe, more of the "I might actually burst into tears while punching a bag for completely unrelated reasons" kind of vibe. Then I had a minor epiphany when I realized I'd much rather stay home and do some laundry to help the gf and improve my living space instead of spending 2,5 hours training. I'm all for consistency over motivation, but pushing past this would be outright denial. So I took a break for the summer. It's a conscious decision and one I also made last year, although last year was me making the jump from Crossfit into Muay Thai. Also, last year I at least spent that extra focus on eating right throughout the summer. This year I just need it for other things, which means my eating hasn't been as on point. On top of that, smoking has been a thing for the last month or two, creeping up like these kind of things do. First a cigarette after a big argument with the gf. Then, after days of repeated arguments, I got a tobacco pouch and kept it at work for rough times, which was a single smoke once or twice a week. Then the gf got one after a rough patch of her own and we kept it in the house. So I started having maybe one cigarette per day, during a break at work or mornings after the gf left for her job. Then came the summer music festivals and I'd do a couple of cigarettes. Then that stuck around and I found myself smoking two or three per day. Disclaimer, I am perfectly aware of it all and consciously choosing to smoke, even if I'm trying to limit my cigarette consumption. I've quit it twice in the past, both times gone cold turkey, so I'm willing and able to do so again once I get my shit in line and sort out a bunch of issues to pile up some willpower to use in this. I'm also aware that picking up the fitness ball and running with it once more is going to be a huge boost as far as this cause in concerned because man did Crossfit kick my butt for my fitness sins and that helped me stay the course. So this is where I'm currently at. Recognizing the issue, admitting it and saying it out loud, first steps towards solving it, right? Like I said, I'm not looking to set any goals while Battle Logging, but there are a few things I'd like to keep in mind. Get a new scale to replace the broken old one, because tracking weight helps both me and the gf stay in line. Maybe start tracking my food once more on my app. Keep the smoking from settling in for good. Carry on with the therapist sessions. That kind of stuff. Well, that was a long and not necessarily pleasant read, so to end things on a high note, here's a photo of my cat and his new BFF, the neighbour's cat that keeps visiting our balcony to hang out.
  15. Endor

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    Thanks Lara, I appreciate your kind words. I am feeling about 70% better, still a bit fragile in the face of criticism. Everything I am doing is positive at the moment, I'm avoiding things I know or suspect will bring me down. It's amazing how quickly I identified what some of the triggers are, I guess I have known for a long time already really and just not wanted to admit to myself that some of the things I "enjoy" are not good for me. I'm also re-reading a book I have had for a long time and not looked at for years. It's really helped me. Too soon old, too late smart I've been going back over some old designs from previous projects to refresh my memory about my resume, there's some good work there that I had forgotten I've done! It's been good to review things to get some confidence back. I am not drinking still, over 2 weeks now not that I'm even counting, I just don't want to have it. I'm enjoying feeling fresh, getting up early after some good zzz's and my mental sharpness is returning. Every day i do some exercise, either a 5 or 6k walk or a run now I have started the 5k to 10k program. I don't have high expectations for the job interview, I don't really think it's the right role for me but it will be good to get some interview practice anyway and I will try to keep an open mind. There's some really interesting stuff in the spec that I would like to learn so who knows...
  16. Endor

    jedi_mind becomes a scout

    I just finished my first one 2 weeks ago, I used this app and thought it was really good. I don't usually pay for apps so paying for this one helped motivate me. I also made sure i booked and paid up front for an organised 5k event and got a friend to do it with me. Now that's accountability! It worked really well. The C25K sucked about half way through then got better so stick with it!
  17. Mad Hatter

    I guess I'm unchallenging?

    Me too! Yeah just picked them up again! Much needed this time of year too. Yay! Hah I'm less type A and more But I do love this list - it makes me feel like I'm at least trying. Yas!
  18. DarK_RaideR

    [DarK_RaideR #36] Balance is rarely a static case

    WHAT A NIGHT Also, gonna skip this challenge round and Battle Log for a bit. Gonna add the link on my signature for anyone wishing to keep up.
  19. Inazea

    Dear Diary

    I actually like these temperatures but they make me very lazy, been doing core and back workouts most evenings though. Getting up early, putting phone, etc. aside has really helped with productivity + jotting down how long a task actually takes makes planning more realistic. How did I never think of that myself? I managed to fight my sweet tooth but I have yet to go back to tracking my intake, maybe I should participate in the next challenge and get myself back on track with the more basic things again and put some focus on not fat loss related goals. But I've been doing very well with my writing lately since doing that first thing in the morning and I've been reading more again since finishing the Battlefront II single player mode.
  20. Mad Hatter

    Press to HS summer battle part #1

    Here of course!
  21. DarK_RaideR

    Strickland5 gets back on the wagon

    Main reason why I stopped gaming/DMing with a bunch of unknown people at hobby stores. Also, good luck on your challenge. Keep dat D&d info coming, please
  22. Diadhuit

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    Great job!! this is a lot of progress! Can you explain what you mean with this? Small steps help and make it more manageable. Yet if you have, as I have, insulin resistance, for example, cravings can be huge and cutting crap might be really tough if you don't add huge amounts of proteins. Over-indulging might be your body thinking there is a famen and protecting yourself. How do you track your food? Do you have a food diary? Can you check if you can add mood/tiredness in that?
  23. DarK_RaideR

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

  24. DarK_RaideR

    Atrytone Embraces the Masquerade

    Ah, the 90s... when edgy goth kids finally got a chance to nerd out without having to sacrifice their cool to hippy elves and loinclothed barbarians... Good luck on your challenge!
  25. DarK_RaideR

    The next step

    Welcome to the Rangers, ol' chap!
  26. DarK_RaideR

    Starpuck: Journey through the Mire

    Discord accountability, standing by
  27. Grocery shop - The Lucozade is TH's and I have no idea why he included the toothpaste in the display. I wonder if he thinks I am making a minty fresh jus. The Indian feast - mixed vegetable curry, mixed lentil daal, butter chicken breast and pilau rice. We had A LOT of leftovers. I did clean my cooker after this, that mess was just from this cooking session
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