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  2. doctorake

    Doctorake, 3 simple things

    Monday, o man I was playing catch up with the house and pool. I ate 100% correct and pretty low calorie but failed to workout. Tuesday, I did squats and Bench, then some stretching. Ate correctly.
  3. Kishi

    Val Log

    Hey. I hope the stress is downgraded some and that you are doing better. That stuff will get into everything if you let it and you ain't got time for that. Hope it's a restful summer thus far and that everything is okay.
  4. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    For sure start and pin a thread over in the Teach Me about the Guilds subforum about the Rebels Guild. As for updating the Rebel Description, let me check on how much leeway we have to do that. Before that the Adventurers were the L1 guild. /oldman
  5. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl: Just keep plugging along

    Morning started off not so good. Today is the day my friends come over for prayer. The plan is to have the dishwasher emptied and counter cleaned before they get here. I did do my Bible reading, but then was on computer while I ate breakfast, and I let it suck my in with it's awful time warp powers, and didn't get to the kitchen. After they left though, first thing I did was the kitchen. Then I worked out. On Amazon Prime Day, I did buy the Air fryer. I'm excited to play with it and make some yummy food. I also bought a mortar and pestle. Mr. Incredible brought back some whole spices from India, so I bought the mortar and pestle , and will try cooking some Indian food. I finished my re-read of The Lord of the Ring trilogy. I still love it. Every time I read those books, I find more reason to love them. And now I am reading a Christian book, You Who, Why You Matter and How to Deal with it by Rachel Jankovic. It is really good reading. Talking about how and why we need to find our identity in God. I've been tracking with MFP, about at a 250 calorie deficit. Basically, going for a walk and not counting the calories. It's rainy today so it may not be as much of a deficit. And we have our family church camp this weekend, so it won't happen then either. I'd gained a small amount of weight the last couple weeks, and this is just to sort of get me warmed up to lose weight next week.
  6. Squats: 145lb x 5 135lb x 5 125lb x 5 115lb x 5 Bench: 75lb x 12/10/9/10 Seated Cable Row: 85lb x 14/12/12/12/10 Kettlebell Bottom Up Press: 13lb x 11/13/13/11 Slow kicks: 4 seconds, 4 sets Squats felt super hard today. It's getting to a point where it feels pretty intimidating getting under the bar and deciding to go down. I guess that's something you just have to gain mental strength in. One rep was very ugly but I think it's because I forgot to use my toes. Kinda scared about doing 150lb next time, but I guess I should anyway. Bench felt hard but in a good way. Everything else just felt tiring. Gotta have faith that it's making me stronger because it sure doesn't feel like it. Low motivation continues: no meditation, sketching, and not much reading or cleaning. Oh well. In my experience I have waves of motivation and demotivation that last a couple of weeks or so. It'll come round again sooner or later. The key thing to remember is that my low motivation days are much, much better than they used to be: I'm still grocery shopping (by foot, thrice per week), cooking, taekwondoing, writing, and lifting. Hell, my high motivation days used to involve a walk. A walk. I'm doing fine. Also, I'm using the low motivation weeks to catch up on knitting, so there's that. This is the back of a cardigan. The other pieces are knit, I just need to wet block and seam, then pick up and knit a button band.
  7. Tanktimus the Encourager

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

  8. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl: Just keep plugging along

  9. I think in reading it, it's 60's on one side. That's what I did. Well first I did 30 sec each side, but then I decided to go for the 60 sec and see what happened
  10. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human, Part 2

    Raaaaaaage. Going to dinner with my father. Ask if I can drive because I feel like the AC hasn’t been working properly and I want to know if I’m crazy. Pull out of the driveway, car is going slow and it’s lower on the passenger side. Ask him if he noticed it. “No it’s fine just keep driving before traffic gets worse.” Turn around the corner onto the main road and nope, that’s a flat tire. Fuck me. So now I have to deal with this before Fat Kitty’s appointment tomorrow afternoon. And I can’t even get a goddamn cider with dinner because of the fucking Zoloft ugh.
  11. MLowe

    Finally doing it!!

    I guess I have been looking at exercises I don't like as kind of like eating your veggies as a kid. Not your favorite but it's good for you lol. I walk at work everyday and I use our stationary bike at home and I have a treadmill I need to dust off to start my C25K program. I also do "stairs and squats" once a week at work. Sometimes I add in arm exercises with 5lb weights while I am on the bike. I just HATE planks and push ups...and lunges are super hard lol. I guess I just need to do what I like right now and branch out when I have fully built the habit.
  12. Today
  13. Pecs

    My way towards OCR

    I get being frustrated with not getting to run but I wouldn't call life happening excuses. You had different sort of workout just by being in the war games, right? It's still not the same as running but you've basically just skipped one day of being active. I don't know about you but I think that is still pretty awesome
  14. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    I'm alive! I'm back! I'm hopefully back on track! (I understand why Breath of the Wild got so many good reviews now. I got sucked in) But today decided to get my life back under control! Well I thought about doing it tomorrow since it's 11pm but found out it was just a bit of yoga. So no disturbing neighbors and got it done, yay! Too lazy to type stuff out so screenshot can do the talking to me My reclining hero was not like the pose above but I did my best as always (Tomorrow I need to leave the house early and I'm sleeping at friends overnight. Let's hope tomorrow won't be too bad.) Also no habit today! Because I thought I wasn't doing anything today and didn't look at what I was supposed to be doing
  15. Whisper

    Wobbegong Gets Creative

    Caulirice is an abomination unto Nuggan! Cauliflower is a perfectly fine food; why not have sashimi with a side of veggies?
  16. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky is habit forming

    The nephew went home yesterday. I missed him today. He’ll be back. They don't live far. Moving forward from setback week, I’m thinking about the next challenge, and since it will be five weeks, I’m thinking about doing this squat challenge! It might be fun....for the buns... bun fun. Hehehe....buns.
  17. Kishi

    Ladylydia: Still Breathing

    Well, it sucks to fin something that doesn't work, but it's better to have and remember than it is to carry on in ignorance. If we can help back here, let us know!
  18. I think EC is one side for 60 seconds? I would assume if it was 60s for each leg they would've broken it out separately. I did 60s each leg because I can't read small print at 6am lol
  19. I did 60s per side to be sure *shrugs*
  20. bdwilson

    BD's in for Round Two

    I should have done that *lol* I'll see if I can get some done today, but I did managed to squeak in a walk both yesterday and the day before, so I got in something! Tomorrow and Friday will also be off for scheduling reasons, and then I'll sort the rest out as it comes.
  21. Raxie

    DaemonCorax reassembles

    Hope all is going well
  22. Raxie

    Darkfoxx 58: Brick By Brick

    Those strawberry milk oats make me want to make overnight oats with Nesquik strawberry milk XD I know that's definitely not what you made, but now it's all I can think about hahah. All your food looks so good! Re: older pets. We adopted older cats for the longest time for these reasons (already trained, all the calmness, etc) but we've lost so many cats after only a few years doing this that getting a kitten might be in our future. I'm sure I look forward to similar frustrations as your puppies give you. My feet under covers will likely never find sleep.
  23. Raxie

    Starpuck: Journey through the Mire

    This is pretty much what I was going to say. Why do you want to own a house? Do you feel like it's just the "right" thing to do? I am in a similar spot where housing is completely and totally insanely unaffordable where I'm at (almost NYC price range, and gets closer and closer every year), but I love my neighborhood and my city and my life where I am. I've kind of decided that maybe owning something isn't worth it if it means I have to sacrifice all of that. And that doesn't make me less of an adult or someone who has less of her sh*t together, it's just my chosen path in life. BUT if owning something really calls to you, then sacrifices in that part of your life (ie location) are worth making or it wouldn't be so important to you.
  24. SheriffWolfpool

    [Wolfpool] The Unchained Predator

    Thank you, thank you . It's been a HUGE boost in confidence. I've always had trouble with deadlifts because my form sucked ass, but now that I've nailed that down, it may be my favorite lift right now. Of course I'll share . You guys are my favorite audience to share with and I know I'll always get some good feedback to help make the story better. I'm gonna finish chapter 1 and then post it on my challenge! It's looking like my Toasmasters goal is gonna be complete before the challenge ends. WOOT WOOT! I'm giving my next speech next week and then I have to evaluate someone the following week to complete my level 1. I should also be bringing in someone as a new member next week, too. I'm pretty pumped about that! Wolf
  25. You're probably right actually. It's incredulous, really, that so many people in this country are not only willing to get rejected for a date on live TV, they are also willing to do it with all their knicks and knackers hanging out.
  26. I think wanting to breathe clearly is not really an outrageous desire. I'm sorry that the coughing hasn't cleared up yet I think all of us are here because we actually want to train and get better, so again, not shallow. That TV show seems made for trauma, but that's just me. Shrug.
  27. I was kind of confused about the EC. Is it one go 30sec each side, or one side for 60 sec?
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