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  2. TGP

    Annual NF Virtual Run!

    I just caught up or... caught on or something! basically, the idea is a single day where a bunch of us run. they did it in Sept 2016. sounds interesting! we still need a date; or perhaps we just go with Sept again?
  3. Rusk

    The Battle Chef's Log

    Warmup Mobility Yes y KB Halo 2x6 6 6 Prying Squat 2x5 5 5 KB Armbar 2x6br 6 6 Glute Bridge 2x8 8 8 A1 Cardio Rowing 4x300m y y y A2 High Toss 4x3 3 3 3 B1 Press 47.5 x5 5 60 x5 5 72.5 x5 5 77.5 x5 5 90 x5 5 100 x5+ 6 90 x5 5 77.5 x5+ 5 B2 DB Row 8x5 52.5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Not a whole lot of go in me today.
  4. jcmgm

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Ohh! Hope you feel better soon. Don't worry about the weather! As a photographer teacher always said (I think he took it from somewhere else actually) (A quick search threw up so many variations of this quote) Cliched or not! You'll have a great time either way. That place looks awesome (just saw the photos of Snowdonia) Hope the tire isn't punctured... had to deal with 3 of them last month. The worst! You come tired from work to the car and there it is... leaning to the street, wanting a hug ! Seems like a full day but hey! You got to see a sexy kiwi!
  5. jcmgm

    Chapter 8: Simplify and Move On

    Oh! a KISS challenge! (not offending eh!) Best of luck on your challenge! Sometimes we just overcomplicate everything! The mind can be like a kite on a hurricane sometimes. All over the place!. But I guess that with your outdoor time you'll see how it ends up calmer... hope it does! Happy Shakespeare day! To be or not to be!
  6. TGP

    NF Blog posts as Podcasts

    if you have a blogish mp3 that you would like to post (to stimulate conversation) I don't see why you can't post that Anywhere what would make it , distinctly, a podcast? :curious
  7. TGP

    TGP going the distance!

    they are Not my own pics But... there is nothing Better that can be done on a hike than to look for flowers! it is the essence of a good hike! which is to find subtle beauty in athletic circumstances... Camping is SO. FUN! it keeps you in beautiful places & assuming you can set up camp in a comfortable place and stay warm! it how human beings are "meant' to sleep. 1000 years ago they didn't call this even camping. they called it normal life and it was prolly 100 times better for your mind, body and spirit. Please DO go on a camping Trip! if you can build a fire and roast something delicious. they key to raining is being on the go. we humans are evolved into doing that, too! I'm sure of it. just keep walking until you get to a sunny spot. truth be told, if these birds get any louder I wonder if me and Jeff will stay have the chance to talk? lol. with alll that birdsong. it getting more and more frequent and intense. the bird are getting twitterpated (to use the bambi terminology); and they need to yell at each other to all sort it out.
  8. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Lives to Eat

    Tuesday was a challenge. It was my first day back at work after nearly a whole week off, which is always a comedown, plus there's not much to do at work these days so the boredom cravings were very active. Also I had a slice of carrot cake I was saving until after lunch that was just sitting there on my desk tempting me all morning. But I managed to wait! Got a laksa for lunch, and then had my cake and some easter chocolate. Then I had ravioli for dinner, all safely within my eating window. I did do some quick exercises before bed last night! Might yet manage some tonight as well, or I'll fall asleep on the couch watching Infinity War, only time will tell.
  9. jcmgm

    Yrsadur is gonna kick some ass!

    Great challenge there! Congrats on graduation! Best luck in this month! And how was your ran an swim? Hope you had a great time!
  10. The Shadow

    The first day of the rest of my life

    That's awesome! Good luck with your 5K. How much progress have you made with endurance?
  11. m rips

    mom2sjm Spring Cleaning

    i love the headspace app! it definitely helps, i need to download it again as well. yoga also REALLY helps, ive been practicing only a couple years but fell in love & currently teach. if you have any questions about it let me know!
  12. Aaand we're on the final stretch to Oblivion:
  13. m rips

    The first day of the rest of my life

    those are great goals! I never had a trampoline growing up so im def afraid of doing those flips too, no worries! i signed up to do a 5k i think in august. I've never run more than a mile in my life. i made excuses so i didn't have to do the mile run in elementary school. but i'm trying to work on my endurance, so i'll be cheering you on!
  14. This year the first of my major goals is Nuclear Oblivion, a 12km lapped obstacle course where I'm hoping to do 4 laps (~48km/~30 miles) and qualify for the Obstacle Course Racing World championships. Nuclear Oblivion takes place on 19th May, which is the last day of this challenge. On the Saturday of week 3 I'm running Rat Race Dirty Weekend, a 20 mile obstacle course, just for a bit of fun. The end of week 2 will be a taper run at 10 miles. The end of week 1 will be my last long run before the events at 19 miles. I ran 17 miles yesterday. So that sets the stage of where we are for the next 4 weeks, Now for some goals; Track Your Workouts - 10XP My usual plan of a minimum of 7 workouts per week, but this time with a twist - if I didn't write about it it didn't happen. I've fallen out of the habit recently of writing out my Crossfit workouts, and I'd like to get back to that and have a full picture of my running and climbing too. Plan Your Food - 10XP I read a great Nerd Fitness e-mail yesterday about knowing what you're going to eat tomorrow, and how that planning helps you avoid making bad choices. It sounds interesting and I want to give it a go. And to start, here's what I'll eat tomorrow: 1st thing - Glass of whole milk Breakfast - 3 eggs, banana, protein shake Snack - Apple Lunch - chicken, veg and rice Snack - WW's homemade lemon cake Dinner - Tomato-y sausage pasta Snack - Easter chocolate Last thing - glass of whole milk Sort Those Finances - 10XP I got a promotion (and payrise) at work this month, and next month I should get my annual bonus, so it's a good time to think about where I'm putting my money. I'll have weekly goals for this: Week 1 - do family budget Week 2 - do personal budget Week 3 - investigate help to buy ISAs Week 4 - Reduce some bills, get pet insurance Check In - 5XP I'm terrible at keeping up on here, so I'm making it a goal to check in daily, even if it's only for 5 minutes.
  15. jcmgm

    Tova is feasting on life

    Ah! Va bene... piano piano si va lontano! I'm a biologist... it's hard for us in Argentina to translate our degrees to english sometimes..I guess it's a Bachelor of Science in Biology. We spend 5 years, give or take, at the University. Now I'm undertaking a PhD in Biology also, as you said, with penguins. 'Metabolic effects of oiling in Magellanic penguins'. It's much more fun than it sounds!
  16. m rips

    finding my niche

    yesterday was a meh day...last challenge I stopped counting calories about halfway through cause 1) its exhausting, 2) its triggering. so then a new challenge starts and i'm all 'let me do it again' (imagine a cross eyed dog here with its tongue sticking out). with that being said, instead of calorie counting, i'm going to work on eating at least one serving of vegetables at every meal. i generally eat pretty healthy, but then binge about once/twice a week because i restrict so much during the week. also, i notice i like to eat sweet things for breakfast (imagine protein shake but with almond butter, coconut, salted caramel protein) & then crave more sweet things for the rest of the day. im trying to finish up what protein powder i do have so i can work on just mostly eating real foods, & want to work on decreasing my meat intake for 1) health reasons, 2)its cheaper, 3) i feel better when i eat more plants. i was feeling crummy yesterday inside & out (women know the feeling ). i didn't eat past 8 pm! i did get up by 6 & meditated, but that was about it. but that's totally ok!
  17. The Shadow

    The first day of the rest of my life

    Hi there! I wasn't aware there were such things as parkour classes. I will most certainly look into those. Can you give me a ballpark estimate as to how much they cost?
  18. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Just Survive

    They got back to me, but didn't have all the answers. I am hoping for today. Pretty much. I am so over a number of things right now.
  19. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Just Survive

    This is very true. Severine is a wise wise person. Thanks for reminding me Countess
  20. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Just Survive

    I love you started with this. I Know I am super hard on myself and I never hold anyone to the same standard, so thank you for calling me out on it. See, where I just kept telling myself to get off the couch and just do it. But I just didn't. I was mad at myself then for not doing it, but I just couldn't convince myself it was worth it. I just wanted to not anymore, which isn't a good thing. I am trying. I have never known not being hard on myself, and aside from Hubby and chosen family (and Agents) and you all, almost everyone I ever knew was hard on me. In some cases, hard on me than me. I just am so afraid I am letting someone down. Its hard. I got Youngest's head out of it, and I helped her learn to skateboard some (BTW, thing I did on Sunday was run down the hill holding on to Youngest hand while she skateboarded) but my head is still in the not great place. There were a few jabs about how I am not good enough, and I am ungrateful and I don't listen. Mostly it was the "Your making school harder than it needs to be" and "Its only 13 pages, you can get that done in no time" except I average about 3 pages an hour with that book because it is detail heavy with info we need to know (and formulas) that keeps rattling around I have been doing homework in the car in the parking lot to pick people up,when I get off early but can't leave, I did some last night while helping Youngest Study. I know some is burn out, but some its hard when looking at the assignments and knowing the instructor actually posted "I will have it available at some point this week" but she has no idea when since she hasn't created it yet. I am just tired and worried that I am not studying enough, but I have no idea where my grade is (One class only has 45 pts out of 100 graded). I really just want this semester done. Thank you, this I needed. I will ask if I can come up with anything. And thank you Severine. Your support means the world, and I honestly grew up thinking how I sounded was normal since that is what I heard all the time. I forget that for most people, its not.
  21. Mae45

    Mae for May! (And a little bit of April)

    Day 1: - Shower first thing in the morning. Done. I did it before my proclamation yesterday morning. Let me say, early morning showers are so much easier when you're not freezing. Lovely spring. 1/28 - Bed *before* 10:30 pm That's a big Nope. Although, I got to bed before midnight I have a theory that my inability to go to bed on time is due to my distain of facing the next day. There is nothing bad/stressful in my life right now but we are wrapping a busy season at work. I think I'm reaching the end of my endurance. I have vacation at the end of May, but it seems so far away. 0/28 - No “rabbit holes” for the next four weeks. Speaking of avoidance... Rabbit holes (youtube and fanfiction, especially) are my escape. Sometimes it's fine, but other times it impedes on other aspects of my life- for example, getting to bed on time. It did work in some ways. I barely checked Facebook because, looking at my phone screen, I realized I didn't *want* to check Facebook. Really, really didn't. YouTube is easy to avoid when I'm not on the computer, so I had no problem yesterday. Fanfic however...I got lost in a story and didn't finish until late. How is it 99% of the time I can never find one that presses all my Joy Buttons, but the one time I vowed to taper off, I suddenly find a nice long one? I'm not counting day 1. Darn. 0/28
  22. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Hey all....i must confess something. Not taken my meds for maybe 3/4 days. I took them this morning but im feeling out of sorts, a little woozy...head zaps too. Bleeurrgh. MUST. DO. BETTER. Been a busy morning. (it is 12.30 in the afternoon right now) Ste put the single bed in the little spare room, up on gumtree and someone came to look this morning, ended up taking it. He was quite a sexy New Zealander haha, and i had just woken up, in my joggers, sleep in eyes, hair not brushed HAHAHA oh well. Then had to take Franz the car to the garage. My back tyre had gone pretty flat. I dont know how to use the air machine HAHA so i rang to see if i could pop over. He pumped the tyre up, and gave the other back one a bit of air too....said to pop round later this eve and he will check the pressure. If its gone down, i have a puncture eeeek. *fingers crossed its not though* Then i nipped to the shops. spent bloody £50 for fuck sake HOW. ?? I only wanted milk and eggs. Came out with a leg of lamb, mint sauce, cous cous, salad, bananas, a cooked chicken, juice, garlic.....etc i shouldnt shop when hungry. I want to do better with eating - i know i say that every day but im doing awful, my face is getting fatter by the minute. Even if i dont eat anything bar cereal in the day, i am putting on weight. (booze may have something to do with that too ) Healthy cooked meals. Maybe i need to cook new things? Get a bit of a spark back in the kitchen? I have therapy (over the phone) at 2pm. so just sort of hanging about waiting for that. Then im thinking of going to the gym. Even though i do feel kinda funny due to missed meds. But is that an excuse? im such an idiot. Sun is out again today, but from tomorrow temperatures will drop a bit, and rain is on its way just in time for me to go to Wales booooooo. xx
  23. Hiroro

    Hiroro Climbs the Hill

    Ugh I know I'm behind on everybody's threads but I wanted to check in really quick and say, my salary negotiation did not work out. But I don't regret asking. And it sounds like the official start date might be flexible (aka I could start getting paid a bit more a bit earlier, and picking up on my new job). BUT my current manager isn't willing to commit to that so blurgh. I hate all the corporate runaround. But I'm realizing that all of the pain around the unexpectedly-late date and failed attempt to negotiate salary buried the fact that I GOT A NEW JOB YAY. Also my insane paranoid self is like OMG I think I might be pregnant but that seems statistically unlikely and so I'm still drinking wine thinking, maybe I shouldn't be doing this but maybe I'm also being oversensitive when it will likely take some months. Knowing that tons of women don't change behavior in the first month because of not knowing. So possibly not even pregnant yet and already feeling guilty but defensive about my actions. It's a good start.
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  25. annyshay

    WolfDreamer Returns to the People

    Well that just makes me really curious. Hehe. Glad you're enjoying it! Adding to the list.
  26. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Thanks Shaar, my love. xx haaaa x
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